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Sincere and candid confessions alongside essential and real-life business how-to’s from biz-boss-moms whose passions include motherhood AND entrepreneurship.


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Sincere and candid confessions alongside essential and real-life business how-to’s from biz-boss-moms whose passions include motherhood AND entrepreneurship.




Episode 028: Mompreneur: The Course

This episode, Nicole is taking a deep dive into the different seasons of her Mompreneur journey and how she has adapted over time. She shares her experiences with daycare, working from home, and everything in between. She also talks about what she’s learned, how she knows when a change needs to happen, and how to balance motherhood and work well. Nicole also shares her resources and some opportunities for how you can learn how to be a rockstar mama and entrepreneur.


Episode 027: Grief

This week we share about our recent journeys with grief. Though different, Rachel and Nicole have been going through seasons of grief and as we emerge from the fog, we will be sharing our stories, our recovery process and what’s next.


Episode 026 : We're Back!

We’ve been a little MIA over the last few months, and we are so excited to announce that we are back to weekly episodes and lots of new things coming your way!


Episode 025: Building A Community, with Co Hodges

We are excited to welcome Co Hodges onto The Mompreneur Podcast! Co is a mother of two, partner and friend and is a photographer and has co-founded an online photographer academy, called the Unravelled Academy.


Episode 024: Juggling the Entrepreneur Life + Launching, with Jasmine Womack

We are delighted to welcome Jasmine Womack onto The Mompreneur Podcast! Jasmine and the duo talk all about juggling two children, going through a divorce, studying for her Master’s degree, and writing a book.


Episode 023: Triplet Mompreneur and Badass Biz Boss, Marta Spirk

We are delighted to welcome Marta Spirk onto The Mompreneur Podcast! Marta and Nicole talk all about Marta’s family, and how she balances her three toddlers and their personalities with her business. Marta shares about her own passions as a business owner and as a momma, and drops some major truth on how to juggle it all with so much heart.


Episode 022: Friendship and Community

On today’s episode, Rachel and Nicole approach a topic that’s been on their heart and something they currently struggle with: friendship. They talk about their current routine with community and friendship and what’s been hard for them.


Episode 021 : Kitchen Chat in a Self Employed Marriage with Adam and Nicole

It’s a simple episode this week, folks! Adam and Nicole sit in the kitchen and chat candidly about their life as a self-employed, married couple.

Episode 020: Marriage and Mompreneurship with Joel and Rachel Heckmann

Once again, we welcome Rachel’s husband, Joel, to the podcast. They are talking about marriage and mompreneurship. You’ll get a little sneak peek into their current schedule, Joel’s work, and why they are somewhat struggling to balance all the things right now.


Episode 019: If you really knew our businesses…

This week we are talking all about the ins and outs of our business and what it’s REALLY like to be in our heads. Spoiler alert: we are a lot less organized than you might expect. We get honest and candid and share about our biggest “failures” and the moments when we were devastated in business.


Episode 018: Intentional Living: A Conversation with Shay Cochrane

We are delighted to welcome Shay Cochrane onto The Mompreneur Podcast! This conversation is full of tangible tips to live an intentional life as a Mama and Entrepreneur. Shay is wise and so good at setting boundaries! We know you will be challenged to make changes in your life; just like we were!


Episode 017: Divorce and Single Parenting: A Conversation with Kelsey Baldwin

Today, Rachel and Nicole are lucky enough to welcome the strong and amazing, Kelsey Baldwin onto the Mompreneur podcast. We talk about how one day she woke up happily married, and by dinner time she was pregnant and her husband wanted a divorce.


Week-off Announcements

We’ve got a short little update today with what’s been keeping Nicole and Rachel busy lately!


Episode 016: Welcoming Knox and Joey to the world | Birth Stories

Today, we share our birth stories and all about the days and moments we each welcomed our baby boys into the world.


Episode 015: Fertility Journeys Are Not All the Same | Nicole’s Journey Into Mommyhood

This week, Nicole is simply storytelling, with a raw and honest story about her health journey into motherhood.


Episode 014: Social Media Checkup + FAQ with Rachel

Rachel begins the episode chatting about something she sees on social media and wants to challenge and question the way we sometimes approach comparison. If you often find yourself comparing your life or success to someone in Instagram, you should take a listen.


Episode 013: Positivity + Gratitude: An Interview with Heather Crabtree

We are wildly excited to welcome Heather Crabtree to The Mompreneur Podcast this week! If you’ve come in contact with Heather in real life or online, you know that she exudes positivity, grace, and kindness. She is humble, kind, honest, and oh so smart.


Episode 012: A candid conversation about health and wellness

There’s so much we could say about this episode. We attempted to have an episode dedicated to solely to practical tips and helpful insight about a certain topic. Which, we did. However, it was not without deep dives into our backgrounds and our own individual health journey’s; which is not simple.


Episode 011: Shame, guilt and all things vulnerable | A conversation about isolating feelings in parenthood

Wow. This candid, super raw episode is a doozy for anyone going through a time of self-reflection, self-doubt or just plain hard momma times.


Episode 010: Patio Date with Laura Foote : A Conversation About a Not-so-traditional Motherhood Journey

If you’ve ever come in contact with Laura in person or online, you know that she’s a special person. She’s kind, wise, generous, and always in pursuit of deep connections. It’s something we adore about her!