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Welcome to the Mother’s Empowerment Podcast where we help you build an empowering lifestyle from the inside out by keeping it simple, inspiring, and doable. Look for a new episode every Tuesday.


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Welcome to the Mother’s Empowerment Podcast where we help you build an empowering lifestyle from the inside out by keeping it simple, inspiring, and doable. Look for a new episode every Tuesday.




Befriending Self-Care and Balance with Lauren Foster

🤔 It can be hard for moms of neurodivergent kiddos to prioritize self-care and balance. We've got you covered! Tune into this week's episode of The Mother's Empowerment Podcast for tips on how to make time for yourself. 💪 Our guest, Lauren Foster, shares her own experiences and strategies that have helped her find moments to relax, recharge, and take care of herself. You don't want to miss it!🤗. You can learn about Mom-ME Circle at


Home Systems to Create More Ease and Joy with Jessica Eastman Stewart

Jessica Eastman Stewart helps working mamas get organized at both work and at home. Through her online and in-person workshops and courses, she helps you create professional and personal systems that allow for more productivity, joy, and ease in all aspects of their lives. She’s been featured in Forbes,, and in over a dozen popular podcasts. Get daily tips at @joyfullymanagedfamily on Instagram, @jessicaestewart on LinkedIn, and find all of Jessica’s free and paid resources at Link to Discounted Guide to Weekly Family Meetings (50% with code MEP): Editing by Brendan Linzi and music by Matthew Randolph


Christopher Hills

This was such a lovely interview. Here are some of the resources we talked about today... One of Christopher's articles: His grandfather: “His book are now becoming somewhat rare and out of print, will need to republish at some point.” Tide of Change by Hossca Harrison The Teachings of Jonah by Constance Luciano Some free and paid downloadable teachings. One in particular is titled “Parent Child Relationships”. Nine Faces of Christ by Eugene Whitworth “This is a book not to be judged by its cover, ones who do may miss out on extraordinary and life changing true story.” Journey of Souls by Michael Newton Anastasia (“The Ringing Cedars Of Russia Series”) by Vladimir Megre Robes ("A Book of Coming Changes") by Penny Kelly Editing by Brendan Linzi and music by Matthew Randolph


Finding Your Voice. It’s Time! with Tabby Biddle

What you’ll learn: - what was in place before the patriarchy took hold. - tangible morning practices that will help you show up more empowered in your day to day life. - why a mother’s voice is SO important!


Get Your Finances In Order

Do you know what compund interest is? Do you feel like you have "control" of your finances? Do you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of learning more about finances? If so, you are not alone. In this episode I interview Dayna Hernandez. Her main objective is to help people financially so they can alleviate stress and have more fun and flexibility in life. She wants to reach as many people as she can with her podcast called "Get Smart With Money Podcast" and her upcoming book called "Trust Your Gut | Get Smart With Money, My Stories About Toxic Roommates, Ex-Boyfriends and What I Learned" so she can help prevent many of the things that happened to her, to them. ENJOY! Her Instagram is @dayna.hernandez.agent and her website is


Strategies For When You Are Totally Overloaded with Rebecca Branstetter

This week we return to another oldie, but goodie. 2 years ago I did a summit called "The Awakened Mother Show" and I wanted to bring this one back because it is still so relevant! What you’ll learn: - when we feel stressed out our children feel stressed. - Tangible ways to move from lizard brain to wizard brain. - How to repair when you loose your cool (this is a super amazing tool). We don’t need to do this perfectly to teach our kids emotional self-regulation. You can learn more about Rebecca at And remember, I want to hear from you! Ask me your burning empowerment questions or share stories about how CHOOSING empowerment has impacted your life. Find me at, email me at to leave a question or comment for a chance to be featured on next week’s show. Join us on Facebook and Instagram via @IsabelleBridgesBoesch.


Embracing Your Next Initiation with Alicia Love

Happy Lion's Gate Portal, Friends! AND SO MUCH MORE...In this episode Alicia Love and I go live on Facebook to talk about Embracing initiations. Alicia is trained as a Soul Coach®, Intuitive Shamanic Astrologer and Meditation Guide. She has been a coach for almost 20 years starting with Wellness Coaching as an Herbalist and growing into Feminine Empowerment Coaching as she learned to trust her intuition as her guide. She hosts an online Moon Circle Community, offering Ceremony, Astrology & Guided Meditation Journeys. She is the founder of Circle of Love in Portland, Oregon and it has grown to Europe and will be supporting others to create Circle of Love meditation circles in their local area! She is inspired by the Moon & Venus and ultimately the Divine Feminine using Reiki & various other healing modalities to help clients recenter, clear away disempowering beliefs, release internal blocks, calm fears, and trust the guidance from within. Alicia coaches 1:1 world wide, facilitates workshops, and offers guided meditations online via her YouTube channel @alicialovecircles & on Insight Timer. Learn more on her website Socials: IG FB YouTube Website: Program Info /Workshop sign up: You should also know that on August 13th- the Day of the Venus in Leo Star Point, Alicia is hosting an amazing workshop. It it you will learn how to follow the Heroine’s Journey through the wisdom of the Ancient Sumerian Myth of the Goddess Inanna and her journey to the underworld. This powerful blueprint is a way to walk the path of the Divine Feminine aligned with heart and soul. This ancient mythic story was written down as a poem to help us relate to the feminine. It was the first Goddess Story ever written down. This Ancient Culture used this story to explain the visible cycle the planet Venus made in the sky. Venus rises as the Morning Star and conjuncts the Moon each month brining the energy within our bodies deeper into the feminine energy of each chakra. Then she disappears out of the sky and travels into the “underworld” of your soul. When she emerges as the 1st Star in the Night Sky as the Evening Star she reclaims her power as the Divine Feminine, having surrendered and died to her old ego to be reborn into new light. This workshop will be interactive webinar Zoom Call with the circle format Alicia uses in her in person circles~ Including potent questions to help you journey within and feel the transformational story working its magic within you. Breakout rooms to participate with each other to learn your own story medicine Astrology Sky Magic Wisdom you can follow all year BONUS GIFT ~ you will receive a FREE Venus Star Point Astrology 30 minute Session with Alicia Love A Replay will be recorded. If you cannot attend you will still get the bonus 30 minute Venus Star Point Astrology Session


Befriending Time with Jaimee Campanella

QUICK LINKS: Purchase Time Power Family Calendar: FREE resources:


You’ll get through this phase (even when it feels like it will never end!)

Crystal Lacy What You'll Learn: - You'll get through this phase (even when it feels like it will never end!) - Research has shown that female animals seek support from other females more than male animals. - Reassess! If you don't like the way things are going do something different.


Sacred Communication

Sacred communication in our partnerships helps us build understanding and closeness, and it is often the first step towards a deep intimate connection. For many humans though, communication often seems to be a challenge and the reason why we feel disconnected and annoyed with each other. In this episode, Shauna and I are going to share 3 specific tips on… 💫 how to break unhealthy patterns and communication habits 💫 how to create a safe space for open communication and vulnerability to take place 💫 how to make your partner feel really seen and heard 💫 how to improve the chances of your own needs and wishes being met If you want to dig deeper into the topic of communication, I invite you to check out Shauna's website: You can also tune into the replay of a workshop Shauna and I just did at And if you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to the Mother's Empowerment podcast and leave us a review on iTunes. Thank you so much. Love, Isabelle


Self-care and Self-compassion

Elizabeth Sautter, MA, CCC-Speech Language Pathologist has specialized in social communication, emotional regulation and executive functioning for over 25 years in the schools and her private center. She strives to provide neurodiverse affirming therapy, training, resources and an online course for parents with a passion to make it simple and sprinkled into everyday life as an “add IN, not add ON” to everyday routines and activities. Elizabeth is the author of Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick! Practical Activities to Manage Emotional, Navigate Social Situations and Reduce Anxiety and other resources to support parents and families infuse social-emotional well-being into everyday routines and activities ( She resides in California, with her husband, two sons, and fur babies. Links mentioned: https://www.elizabethsautter.com


Embrace Your Inner Diva with Peta Bastian

In this episode you will LEARN HOW YOU CAN EMBODY & AMPLIFY YOUR ENERGETIC SIGNATURE. I’m so excited to introduce to you my mentor and dear friend, Peta Bastian. Learn more about her at


Refuel Your Energy Through Tapping

In this episode of The Mother's Empowerment Podcast you can experience the emotional benefits of Tapping as Leah Recor leads you through a tapping experience inviting you to release anxiety and overwhelm. With certifications as a practitioner of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Neurolinguistic Programming, Leah knows how to use psychology as her go-to for life and business success. Not only has applying neurology to her business models expedited her success in building her own brands, but it converted networks into authentic connections, fast-tracked strategy for increasing product sales and client conversion, and created lasting employee satisfaction. Please enjoy Leah's workshop at You can also find her at her Facebook Business Page and on instagram at


Reset Your Meal Plan

Have you ever heard the words “meal prep” only to imagine tupperwares full of plain chicken, rice, and green beans? Maybe you genuinely want to eat healthier and plan ahead, but you find yourself overwhelmed by the process, and well, you don’t have six hours to prep food every Sunday. (Who does?) In this episode, Michel Fox shares with us some practical ways you can plan your meals ahead and be intentional about nourishing your body throughout the week - without having to spend hours prepping or eating the same meal every day. So grab a snack and tune in. And if you want to dive into more ways to make meal planning really simple, check out Michele's website: You'll learn how to develop weekly rhythms, time block your week to be more productive, and meal prep healthy meals using a quick and simple system.


Fall More In Love with Money, Your Partner and Your Life

Katherine is a money mentor, accountant, and team leader at the Bookkeeping Artist (BKA). Her Money Storytelling framework helps you bridge the gap between getting great financial advice and actually using it to support your business. This was such an inspiring conversation. If you believe creative fulfillment is important, but so is financial stability- this is the episide for you!!! My mission with this podcast is to guide and inspire you on your empowerment journey, and Katherine is one empowered mama!!! To learn more about here check out


Mastery Your Creative Flow

Astara Jane Ashley is the CEO and Publisher of Flower of Life Press, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Art Therapist and Priestess. Astara is the founder of the best-selling New Feminine Evolutionary book series, which consists of six collaborative books and hundreds of authors. Through these potent and Divinely Feminine writing collaborations, she holds a sacred container for women to claim their power and their voice. In this episode, we discuss why it's so important for us to own our stories by writing about them. She describes for us how to create a place of sovereignty and purpose. Access Astara’s newest offering, “Divine Writing Journey” available at Join Astara’s free online private Writer’s Group: Learn more at


All Things Pleasure, Passion and Play with Madison Young

As a mom, do you recall the last time you experienced pleasure, passion and play? Well in this episode you'll gain some tips to reclaim "the three Ps" after kids. My guest in this week’s episode of the Mother's Empowerment Podcast, Madison Young, is here to share her experience and her tips. Madison is an American filmmaker, author, performance artist, feminist activist, and former adult film performer and award-winning erotic filmmaker. She is a prominent figure in the feminist porn movement and is known for their work as a queer and kink-focused educator and an advocate of sex workers’ rights.


Why Would You Ever Say ”No” to Pleasure? With Suzi Zobrist

There is a lot of talk about the mental load and physical load of running being a mom. What about the PLEASURE OF BEING A MOM? - we NEED to be talking about this. In this episode, Suzi brings her extensive knowledge of yoga, bodywork, sexuality, ritual, & ceremony into the conversation. You can find Suzi on Instagram @suzizobrist, and leading inside her Pussy School and Taboo Mastermind. What You’ll Learn about from this Episode:


How Embodiment Can Change your Life

Embodiment has been a HUGE part of what made motherhood doable. But many of us don't learn how to embody what we want. In this episode, Natalie Neckyfarow gleams some insight on what it looks like when you embody your future self, so you have the energy to live the life you dream of. Why is embodiment so important? When we think of self-care, we think of it as outside of the messy chaos of our daily lives, but self-care is all about finding the time within the chaos to reclaim those moments in order to have the energy to live the life we desire. THIS IS EMBODIMENT. What We Discuss with Natalie Neckyfarow: If you’re ready to experience empowered embodiment in real time you can join Natalie and I on May 16th (not the 15th, like I say in the episode!) you can join in at: Please join Natalie's Self Love Party at


Cultivate Sustainable Village with Sacha Sterling

Listen up! Class is in session!!! In this week's episode, I chat with Sacha Sterling (my sister AND business coach!) about cultivating sustainable village. She gives some tips and advice on what to do when you're feeling down, that I use on a daily basis. If you're feeling like you'd like to have more "village" in your life, this episode is for you! Don't forget to give yourself grace and take care of yourself when you're feeling low. You can learn more about Sacha at