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A weekly podcast consisting of anecdotes and interviews from everyday mothers and experts alike, highlighting real motherhood and questioning what we think we know about parenting and motherhood.

A weekly podcast consisting of anecdotes and interviews from everyday mothers and experts alike, highlighting real motherhood and questioning what we think we know about parenting and motherhood.


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A weekly podcast consisting of anecdotes and interviews from everyday mothers and experts alike, highlighting real motherhood and questioning what we think we know about parenting and motherhood.






When the Brown Kids Grow Up White

Pakistani writer and editor, Abbi Wood, sits down with me to talk about what it's like to grow up brown in White neighborhoods, and how it's affected our communication and world view as adults. Abbi's website: Abbi's multiracial voice amplification community: JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP Our website Facebook Instagram Twitter


This Mom is an Activist

Mom, speaker, and activist Libra Forde stops by to talk about the things she's seen at Black Lives Matter rallies, how she handles talking race with her children, and the importance of coming together for the future. Libra's Facebook Libra's Instagram JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP Order your tickets for MOBCON (enter code BRADFORD1 to get 15% off!)


Single Motherhood, Protecting Your Peace, and Being a Black Mom Now

I sit down with blogger and speaker Darcel White, as we talk about how she's navigated single motherhood and homeschooling during the pandemic; how she takes care of herself and her needs, and the thoughts running through her head as a Black mom in our present society. Darcel's website: Her FB: Her IG: JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP Website: FB: IG:...


SHAME ON YOU: Big Truths From a Bad Mom

I released a book! In celebration, I talk about how I did it while raising two children, how that translates to motherhood, and I read a long excerpt from my first chapter. To purchase the book on Amazon, go here:


The Father's Day Episode

I sit down with an awesome and funny panel of three dads to talk about what it's like for them to handle this whole parenting thing. Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there. Follow the guys: Dean: Crockett: Roy: JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP Find us: Website: Facebook Instagram Twitter


To All the Moms of One and Done

Amanda of the Instagram account Mom of 1 and Done stops by to talk with us about the comments she receives and the opinions she hears of parents with one child. Her insta: Her Twitter: Join our Facebook group Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:


Thoughts from a Black Mom

My experience after the most recent deaths of people of color. Before we come together, we need to realize how far apart we are. Website: Facebook. Twitter: Instagram: Want to donate to the brutalized? Here’s a great link to some funds to start with.


Parenting: Let's Make a Game of It

Karen Thurm Safran, author of the book Parenting: Let's Make a Game of It, stops in to talk about her book, and about how her Mary Poppins-style parenting helped her through her times as a single mom, and even through her life as an adult. Keep up with Karen: Website: Facebook: JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP: Keep up with us: Website: Facebook:...


7 Days of Self-Care for Mom: Social Distancing Edition

Former nanny and life balance coach, Alissa Lopez, stops by to give us a run-down of her recent article: a daily, real-life self-care plan for moms that serves to help us keep it together during some pretty trying times. Alissa's article Keep up with Alissa: Her website: Her instagram: Her Facebook: Her Twitter: JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP: Website:...


What in the Fresh Hell is This?

Margaret Ables and Amy Wilson of the What Fresh Hell Podcast stop by to talk about expectations and worries in parenthood, and how they're often so much different from what's actually needed of us. Tweet, tweet. In other news, NYAM now has a Facebook community group! Follow the link below to get there and join: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: NYAM Facebook Community:...


Some Help From a Tiny Teacher

Tasha of Confessions of a Tiny Teacher stops by to share some great ideas for how to keep little ones busy and learning while at home. She also shares her outlook on what's most important for stability at home. To receive the free 85+ at home ideas: Tasha's website: Tasha's Instagram: Our website: Facebook: Instagram:...


How to Get Through Isolation

Based on my recent article on NYAM's website, I talk a bit about the methods that have been helping me get through this whole isolation thing a bit easier. Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:


No YOU Enjoy Every Moment

In this solo episode, I talk about how being told to "enjoy every moment" is harmful, and why we should stop saying it to parents. I also talk about why my book has been postponed til July 7th. To sign up for the book list for more info, go to, or go here:


Is Mom an Imposter?

Therapist Kara LCSW, CADC I sits down to talk with us about Imposter Syndrome as it affects us in work and in parenting, and how we can beat it and prevent it. Kara's article is here: Reach Kara on her website: Facebook: Instagram: Find out more about us: Facebook: Instagram:...


Sexy Time Two: Electric Boogaloo

Professional dominatrix Natasha Strange joins us to discuss sex and sexuality after kids, the need for honesty when discovering each other's sexual interests, and appreciating your body for how amazing it is right now. Natasha's website: Her Instagram: Her Twitter: Her playspace: To check out more about NYAM: Website: Instagram: Facebook:...


It's OK Not to Know

In this solo episode, I rant a bit about our fear of not knowing everything, and why it's not realistic or fair to expect yourself to relate to every person's story. The Mimosas with Moms Episode mentioned: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:


Some of My Best Friends are Parents

NYAM alum, Andrea, visits to have a great talk with Arianna about friends, finding your people, and accepting necessary loneliness. Andrea's NYAM article: Our website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:


Your Shit: Stop Losing It

In our first episode of the new season, we sit down with Carla Naumburg, PhD, licensed social worker and author of HOW TO STOP LOSING YOUR SH*T WITH YOUR KIDS. She talks to us about her personal struggles with shit-losing, BuRPs and FARTS, and the importance of self compassion. Carla's website: Carla's Instagram: Our website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:...


Mama Just Wants Some Sleep

For the final episode of 2019, we sit down with Bonnie, one of NYAM's earliest moms and contributors, to discuss her struggles with sleep deprivation, having one child, and how doing your best is the best you can do. Bonnie's article is here: Our website: Social media:


That Ol' Supermom Myth

We sit down with therapist and "mom coach," Dr. Raquel Muller, to talk about how supermoms don't really exist, and how we can take steps to allow ourselves to be the human beings we've always been. Dr. Mueller's website: Facebook: Find out more about NYAM: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: