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We've Got The Plague

Being ill is horrible. But being ill with children is the absolute living worst. Robyn and Stuart know this because they are both ill, and this episode they are going to discuss that at length. They're also talking about the book What The Ladybird Heard On Holiday by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks, plus how to manage your child's stupid expectations. Also there is an amazing Minion impression. But mainly they're just ill. So very ill.


We hate Bing

Back from their Easter break, Robyn and Stuart take on the biggest current threat to parents: the CBeebies cartoon Bing. Why is he such a turd? Why is Flop such a sap? Shouldn't one of them be in prison? Also: kids say the funniest things. ALSO: What do you buy kids when you don't have kids? Please love us.


Sharenting & A Squash & A Squeeze

Today Robyn and Stuart start to worry if they're sharing too many pictures of their kids on social media. There is also a discussion of A Squash and a Squeeze by the Gruffalo people, where Robyn comes up with a MUCH BETTER VERSION. Plus: Where do baddies come from? Is Stuart really this obnoxious? Can an Amazon reviewer dismantle the patriarchy? Find out here.


Going Away With Kids (plus Terrifying Geese-Men)

Having just returned from a partially successful weekend away, Robyn and Stuart are here to reveal the secrets of going away with children. Then! A discussion about Badanamu, a YouTube channel that successfully walks the line between 'catchy' and 'genuinely the most harrowing thing you will ever see'. PLUS! Other peoples' kids: awful or not awful? Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @naughtysteppod and rate and subscribe and tell your friends etc etc etc etc.


Separation Anxiety / Old MacDonald Heard a Parp

Separation anxiety has kicked in again, meaning that Stu has been kicked to the sidelines while Robyn is crowned Favourite Parent Number One. Also, we discuss a book about farting animals. SUBSCRIBE.


Mother's Day special / Wolves with guns

With an especially weird Mother's Day coming up this weekend, Stuart forlornly tries to work out what Robyn actually wants. This is followed by a discussion of the unexpectedly violent Russian YouTube channel Sunny Bunnies PLUS do babies even care if you look after them well? Don't forget to subscribe and rate and all that guff.


The Ballad of Mr Giraffe / Poo Bum

Tragedy struck this week, as Stuart and Robyn mislaid their son's favourite toy. We tell you how it all went down, detail by agonising detail. Then, in this week's Bedtime Book Club, we tackle the flawed logic of Poo Bum by Stephanie Blake. Finally, Stu's brother Pete gets in touch to go deep on In The Night Garden. Please enjoy and subscribe and all that jazz.


Our Crippling Guilt

Robyn and Stuart discuss parental shame, and all the many many many things they've been made to feel guilty about lately. But that's not all, because we also discuss the worst advice we've ever been given AND YouTube sensation Blippi, who you should hopefully already be sick of


Our Terrible Valentine's Day

This week, Robyn and Stuart commiserate on yet another botched Valentine's Day, their third of many as parents. Where are they going wrong? What would they like? Most importantly, isn't Pancake Day better? Bedtime Book Club this week is about I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen, a story so scary that our toddler has shielded himself from its ugly truth. Also, we solve advertising forever, so that's nice.


Our Worst Episode

Everything has gone wrong. Childcare has fallen through, so Stuart and Robyn struggle to record an episode with a baby in the background. It is late, they are both very tired and someone starts crying at one point. None of it is pretty and we can only apologise. In this episode we discuss childcare, the YouTube channel DreamEnglish and answer a question about a naughty boy. And we yawn quite a lot. Do not judge us on the basis of this episode, because it is deeply shoddy.


Kate Middleton and Oi Dog

Hello magazine has published a parenting guide by Wills and Kate, but is it as awful as it sounds? Then, in the inaugural Bedtime Book Club, we discuss the modern classic that is Oi Dog by Kes and Claire Gray and Jim Field. Finally, we wonder if we should have a third child. PLUS! How posh is Robyn? AND! Is it OK to eat doughnuts on the toilet?


Weaning and Bounce Patrol

In the first ever episode of The Naughty Step, Robyn Wilder and Stuart Heritage discuss weaning, and whether it's good or stupid. Then they reveal their secret and only slightly mucky love for Australian nursery rhyme YouTube sensations Bounce Patrol. ALSO! Robyn talks about the full body anxiety of realising that your toddler has probably been drinking detergent. Fun! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @naughtysteppod


The Naughty Step trailer

Welcome to The Naughty Step; a parenting podcast for parenting people, presented by married journalists Robyn Wilder and Stuart Heritage. Each week we will discuss the big parenting topics of the day while trying to distract ourselves from the inevitability of divorce. This is the trailer! Subscribe now to never miss an episode!


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