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Jayson and Abby dive into the areas of school-based Occupational Therapy most frequently discussed by OTs and other special education professionals. Join them as they discuss the difficult questions and host interviews with other special education stakeholders.

Jayson and Abby dive into the areas of school-based Occupational Therapy most frequently discussed by OTs and other special education professionals. Join them as they discuss the difficult questions and host interviews with other special education stakeholders.
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Jayson and Abby dive into the areas of school-based Occupational Therapy most frequently discussed by OTs and other special education professionals. Join them as they discuss the difficult questions and host interviews with other special education stakeholders.




OTSH 014: A Discussion On School-Based Report Writing

In this episode, Jayson interviews Jason Gonzales of (Affiliate link for your convenience) about some of the Laws, regulations and state guidelines that help OTs understand what should be in (or omitted from) our reports. Also discussed is when you should use standardized assessments, how to choose what assessment to use, and how to decrease the amount of time it takes to complete an OT evaluation report. Get your free 7-day trial to DTD and use promo code FALL18 for 20%...


OTSH 013: Reviewing the Research: Handwriting

Do you run a handwriting group? Do you use a specific program? In this episode, Jayson is diving into the recent literature on handwriting to help you with your decision making when it comes to supporting your students' handwriting goals. We'll discuss everything from which programs work in what setting, to who can benefit from handwriting instruction and more. Specifically, we will be looking at 4 articles that support the instruction of handwriting in the classroom through a collaborative...


OTSH 012: How to Pay It Forward by Being a Fieldwork Educator

In this episode, Jayson interviews fellow occupational therapist, Akemi McNeil (formerly Davies). Akemi is currently the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator at Stanbridge University's Master's of Science in Occupational Therapy program where she works with hospitals, clinics, schools and other employers in order to place upwards of 120 students in an appropriate fieldwork setting. In this podcast, Jayson and Akemi talk over what it means to be a fieldwork educator and what every school-based OT...


OTSH 011: How To Be An Evidence-Based OT In Public Schools Ft. Dr. Amy Sadek

In this episode, Jayson Interviews Dr. Amy Sadek about how every school-based occupational therapist should be using evidence-based practices and how to find the research that guides what they are doing. Dr. Sadek's background in nutrition and occupational therapy led her to earn a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences. Dr. Sadek's research focused on linking nutrition with behavioral changes in children with Autism. While completing her research she quickly learned how difficult it can be to be an...


OTSH 010: Exploring Assistive Technology & Sensory Integration With Hopemarie Hower, OTR/L

In this episode, Jayson chats with Hopemarie Hower, OTR/L, the winner of the OT School House School's Out Giveaway conducted in June of 2018. Together, Jayson and Hopemarie discuss the similarities and differences between practicing OT in California and Florida. Hopemarie also shares how she collaborates with her school team to conduct assistive technology assessments and how she garners buy-in from her teachers when implementing sensory strategies. Don't want to miss out on future...


OTSH 009: Diving Into RTI With a School-Based OT Consultant: An Interview With Leah Hiller, OTR/L

In this episode, guest Leah Hiller, OTR/L, and Jayson dive into Response to Intervention (RTI) a bit and discuss several ways occupational therapists can have an impact on students without ever completing an evaluation. RTI is a growing model in schools and as OTs, it opens the door for us helping more students in less time. It also provides opportunities for OTs to provide in-services for teachers and recommend curriculums that will benefit the social and motor aspects of student...


OTSH 008: Everything You Need to Know About Professional Development & A Special Announcement!

In this episode, Jayson and Abby look at the many ways to earn professional development per NBCOT guidelines and share 9 specific places where you can earn your needed Professional Development Units (PDUs) or Competency Assessment Units (CAUs) as NBCOT calls them. There is also a special announcement at the end of this episode, so stay tuned. Have a listen to have these three questions answered: 1. Who needs continuing education and how many units do you need? 2. What counts as...


OTSH 007: Mental Health & Mindfulness in the classroom: An Interview with Dr. Rachelle Murphy

In this episode, Jayson interviews occupational therapist and Doctor of Health Sciences, Dr. Rachelle Murphy. Dr. Murphy is currently an instructor at the American Career College in Anaheim, California and she is currently in the process of researching the effects of using a mindfulness program in small charter school. During this episode, Dr. Murphy reviews recent research related to the mental health status of school-aged children and shares how she is using mindfulness and meditation to...


OTSH 006: BOT-2 v. M-FUN; A Comparison of Two Commonly Used School-Based OT Assessment Tools

In this episode, we look at two commonly used school-based Occupational therapy assessment tools. Both the Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency, or BOT-2, and the Miller Function & Participation Scales (M-FUN) are standardized testing tools that occupational therapist use to assess fine motor and visual motor skills in children. While they are similar in what they assess, they are very different in how they get their results. Today's Objectives: 1. What skills do both the BOT-2...


OTSH 005: How OTs and Teachers Collaborate with BCBAs: An Interview with Steven Troyer, Med, BCBA, LBA

In this episode, host Abby Parana has a discussion with Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA), Steven Troyer. Steven and Abby have previously worked together and collaborated to help many of the same students meet their IEP goals. Listen in to hear Abby and Steven discuss behavior from both OT and BCBA perspectives.


OTSH 004: Interview with Kerry Mellin, Creator of the EazyHold

In this episode, we talk to Kerry Mellin who is a motion picture and television costume designer by day, and a creator of the EazyHold by night. The EazyHold is a universal cuff she and her sisters designed that is allowing children to access occupations they never thought were possible. Hear how this idea of a modern universal cuff came to be and why we prefer it over any other cuff we have seen available.


OTSH 003: SMART-E Goals and Level of Service

In this episode, Abby returns to discuss SMART-E goals and how these goals should drive a service providers decision on how frequently to see a student.


OTSH 002: An interview with Tricia Gomez, Global Director at Rhythm Works Integrative Dance

In this session, Jayson interviews Tricia Gomez who shares her program that is gaining a lot of attention from OTs and special education teachers across the nation. Learn how dancing can be used to teach ADLs and improve other skills.


OT School House Podcast 001: The Steps to Writing a Defensible Occupational Therapy Assessment

In this very first episode of the OTSH Podcast, Jayson and Abby introduce themselves and jump right into the steps required to develop an assessment that you can defend in an IEP and beyond.