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Where Has All the Courtesy Gone? | Ep. 137

Once upon a time, not so long ago, people were courteous. They held doors open for each other, said “Please” and “Thank you,” and apologized if they bumped into someone. Nowadays, a lot of the courtesy is gone. It’s especially true between friends. The people you should expect to be nicest to you frequently treat you with very little care anymore. It’s as if they think that being someone’s friend means you don’t need to be nice. This week’s letter is from a woman who’s wondering what she can...


My Obese Son is Being Bullied | Ep. 136

When kids are overweight, they become an easy target for bullies. Not only can the stress of being victimized cause them to eat more, but the continual abuse can lead kids to develop long-term psychological problems. Ultimately, the solution, for both the child’s’ mental and physical health, is to help him or her lose weight. But that’s not easy. This week, we heard from a mom who is wondering how she can best help her obese son.


Bullies Need Help, Too | Ep. 135

If your child is a bully, you may not know that unless or until someone tells you. Bullies don’t come with labels and they don’t have a certain look. If you are told that your kid is bullying others, you may be tempted to fall back on the parent’s favorite defensive phrase: Not MY kid. But if he or she really is a bully, there are things you can do to change that. This week, one surprised mom wrote us asking what to do about her daughter’s bullying behavior.


Is CBD Oil the Same as Marijuana? | Ep.134

If you’ve heard of CBD, you probably have questions. It’s being touted as a cure for dozens of health problems, from anxiety and depression, to Parkinson ’s disease symptoms. Whether it actually works is still in question to many medical professionals. But is CBD the same as marijuana? That’s the question this week from a woman whose husband is using CBD but seems to be experiencing side effects.


Don't Engage with Bullies | Ep. 133

Children who are victims of bullies often don’t want their parents to know. They also may not want their parents to help fix the problem. You can see why they may not think adults get it. Some of their solutions just aren’t realistic. Today’s letter is from a mom whose daughter has been given some of that bad advice. Now the girl isn’t sure what to do, and Mom’s out of ideas, too.


Dealing with Political Hate | Ep. 132

Kids are a lot more observant than some adults realize, and they learn more of their behaviors from adults than we’d like to admit. When adults are uncivil, it gives permission to kids to act the same way. This week’s letter is from a man who is concerned about the name-calling in politics today and the effect it may be having on kids.


Why Are Many Malls Miserable? | Ep. 131

Have you been to a mall lately? Odds are, you haven’t. They used to be a lot more popular than they are today. Every day, you can find a news story about one closing down. The malls that are still open are often not very exciting. They may be occupied by stores that –once upon a time—wouldn’t even have been accepted in them. Our letter this week is from a woman who wants to know why the mall owners don’t uphold the standards they used to—and if anything will ever change back.


Bully Fatigue | Ep. 130

Bullying is on the rise, and rising along with it is suicide among its victims. But something else seems to be going up, too: Bully fatigue. Like so many other widespread problems, it seems that people are getting tired of hearing about bullying. They’ve become apathetic. That’s dangerous. This week, we heard from a teen whose cousin committed suicide after relentless bullying. She went to school officials with a parent, but nothing was done. What might have saved her?


When Hopeful Turns to Hopeless | Ep. 129

When people start a relationship, they go into it with great expectations. Things are going to be fantastic, and you’ll live happily ever after. But what about if the situation changes? People do change, and when they do, if you feel you’re growing apart, it can be a problem. You can’t change anyone else. That’s a given. Our letter this week is from a guy who is experiencing this right now. He wants the woman he fell in love with back. Let’s see what he might do.


Liar, Liar | Ep. 128

Have you told a lie today? Be honest. Odds are, you have. It’s tough to live in a civilized culture without fibbing a bit, if only to protect others’ feelings. But on the deep end of the spectrum, there are the chronic liars. These are people who just can’t seem to tell the truth. They lie about random things, big and small. It’s like a bad habit. This week, we heard from a woman whose husband’s pants are practically on fire. He just won’t tell the truth. About anything.


Don't Worry, Be Happy | Ep. 127

These days, it seems like people are less happy than they used to be. We have a whole generation of young adults who base their own self-image on how they compare to others. And they always come up short. That’s because the other people they’re looking at have carefully built an image on social media. But it’s always enhanced…it isn’t real. And you can never measure up to their made-up image. This week’s letter is from a woman who has started to feel hopeless about her own life. Let’s see...


Reverse Racism? | Ep. 126

Today, we’re going to discuss a touchy subject. Racism. Our letter this week is from a white woman who feels she’s being unfairly accused of being a racist by her black co-workers. She doesn’t understand why. Maybe color isn’t the root of the problem. Certainly, if she wants to fix it, she can’t do anything about skin color. She’ll need a different solution. Let’s explore that.


What is Bullying and What To Do? | Ep. 125

We talk a lot about bullying on this show. But sometimes, it’s good to go back to the basics. A mom wrote us this week asking what defines bullying. That’s a question I’m always happy to answer because it’s a reminder that bullying isn’t simply a rite of passage. It can quickly become a very big deal and can lead to serious consequences. So this week, we’ll talk about what bullying is and is not.


How Many Children Should Parents Have? | Ep. 124

Have you ever been told you have too many children? If not, consider yourself lucky, because people who will tell you that you have too many kids generally won’t listen to you explain why you have the number you do. It’s really none of their business, but as with so many other things these days, that doesn’t stop some people from lecturing parents. This week’s letter is from a mom of seven who doesn’t feel she needs to justify herself.


Fraternal grandparents: Rights or not? | Ep. 123

When a parent becomes violent, it can destroy a family. Children always suffer. And sometimes, grandparents become involved, too. Today’s letter is from a woman whose husband was convicted of domestic violence. They’re no longer together. Now, his parents want to see their grandchildren. But what will Grandma and Grandpa tell them about their father? Will they try to turn the kids away from their mother?


My Husband is an Emotional Bully | Ep. 122

Bullies come in lots of forms, and one that doesn’t get a lot of attention is the adult emotional bully. This is the person who bullies their wife or husband, not with physical violence, but by using anger, criticism or shaming to get their way. This week, we heard from a woman who has been dealing with a bullying husband and wants to know what she can do to stop it and bring some intimacy into their lives.


Good Manners are the Golden Ticket | Ep. 121

Good manners are the key to a civil society.But manners aren’t just about saying “please” and “thank you.” How you present yourself also demonstrates manners. This week, we heard from a husband who is embarrassed by his wife’s lack of decorum in public. He’s unhappy that she doesn’t exhibit good manners. What can he do?


Service, Therapy, and Emotional Support Animals | Ep. 120

Once upon a time, the only service dogs were well-trained seeing-eye dogs for the blind. Then came emotional support dogs and therapy dogs. Now, people are claiming all sorts of animals are there to help them get through life. Like the woman who tried to bring a support peacock on board an airline flight. How far will this go? This week, a woman who runs a restaurant wrote us. She doesn’t think just any animal should be allowed to come in because it’s called a service animal. What are her...


Fear Is Not a Managemenr Style | Ep. 119

Have you ever worked for someone who confused leadership with fear? A good leader doesn’t need to motivate people by intimidating them. What can you do when a supervisor who bullies subordinates has the support of top management?That’s what a woman wrote to us asking about this week.


What's a Lawnmower Parent? | Ep. 118

Experts love to categorize things -- like behavior. They group parents under titles such as Helicopter parent, or Tiger parent, or Snowplow parent. The latest is the Lawnmower parent. This week, we got a letter from a woman who encountered that term and doesn’t really recognize it.