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276: Katie Krimitsos: Reframing Mom Guilt and Other Mommy Myths

Katie Krimitsos is a Shameless Mom, wife, adventurer, podcaster, business strategist, seeker and change maker. She's committed to brightening the light of women around the world - through her Biz Women Rock community, which supports Women Entrepreneurs - and now through Meditation for Women, guided meditations that are specifically created with the special journey of women in mind. These meditations are tools to help women reconnect with the divine wisdom already inside of each us so we may...


275: 4 Ways To Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Like most women, I spent a lot of my life trying to blend in. I wanted to be the same as all the people around me. In fact, I hated that I had red hair and freckles for my entire childhood. I didn’t like looking different. However, today, as a 42-year-old woman, mom, wife, entrepreneur, I LOVE standing out. I love being my own unique person. I love being recognized for what makes me different. I love my red hair and freckles (and I get super offended with certain skin care companies say...


274: Marina Pearson: The Joy of Being

Marina Pearson is a Shameless Mom to 3-year-old Leo, host on The Joy of Being Podcast, bestselling author and investor. Aside from being featured on/in ITV This Morning (in Europe), Marie Claire, The Guardian and The Daily Mail she lives her life working on projects that light her up. When she isn't spending time with her son at the beach in Javea Spain (where she lives) she is running exclusive Joyriding Retreats in Spain for women/mums in business who want to ditch the overwhelm or...


273: How to Do it ALL FOR YOU

I’m guessing someone at some point told you something like, “If you take good care of yourself, you’ll be so much more able to take good care of others.” Can we just call BS on this?!? First of all, you are allowed to take good care of yourself because you damn well deserve it, not because you need to serve others better. AND… When is the last time anyone ever told a dude to take good care of himself so he could better serve others? Ummmm, never. You wear a million hats and...


272: Colleen Hauk: How To Live The "And" Life

Colleen Hauk is a public speaker, co-author of the bestselling book, Women Who Ignite, a Certified Professional Success Coach and creator of YOU SO NEW ™, a program designed for successful professionals who fail to take care of their personal life. All of this coupled with over 15 years of corporate leadership, training, and consultative selling, Colleen shares her skills, personal experiences and research in a unique way to authentically connect and empower high-performers to ‘have it all’...


271: How To Not Raise A Rapist

There are so many things I want to scream out of rage and disillusionment right now. But that is not what is most productive. What is most productive is being an intentional part of the solution. The solution is to dismantle rape culture. And it starts HERE. It starts with how we are raising our boys. Now. Today. It starts with the conversations you’re having with your sons and the behavior you’re modeling. Is it a big undertaking? Yes. Can we do it? Yes. In this episode, I explain...


270: Nichole Sylvester: Surviving Addiction, Abuse, And Murder

Nichole Sylvester is International Bestselling Author of OH SHIFT: A Journey from Chaos to Consciousness and host of the OH SHIFT Show. She is a Shameless single mother to her 13-year-old daughter, a Spiritual Success Coach and a transformational speaker on a mission to guide people home, to themselves, to discover their innate power. She supports thousands of people per year through her online programs, private coaching, and retreats. I heard Nichole in an interview on another podcast...


269: Abortion And The Murky Undercurrents Of Your Past

Every now and then I get an email from a Shameless Mom that just blows me away. A couple weeks ago I got one such email – detailing a mama’s struggle with her current relationship with an addict and her past decision to terminate a pregnancy. What was so overwhelmingly touching about this email was that a lot of the email was about how HAPPY this mama is. That 96.34% of the time she is extremely happy, caring, empathetic, and grateful. But then there was the admission that, “the murky...


268: Erika Tebbens: Roller Derby To MLMs To Political Office

Erika Tebbens is a Sales Strategist for female entrepreneurs. She teaches women to sell in a way that feels good, instead of "pushy." She's also a leader who encourages women to play bigger and show up more boldly in business, and in life. She runs a vibrant and dynamic group for women in business and does public speaking for passionate, female entrepreneurs. When she isn't working, you can find her sipping black coffee on her couch with her husband, 13-year-old son, and two very spoiled...


267: 5 Tips To Set And Meet Every Deadline

There is a saying that goes something like, “A goal without a deadline is just a dream.” I couldn’t agree more. Don’t get me wrong - dreams are nice. But a goal with a deadline is much more likely to dramatically change your life. An early mentor of mine used to always say, “Cut your deadlines in half.” His purpose in giving this advice is that if you could accomplish something in half the time you thought possible, you’ll constantly be raising the bar for yourself. You recognize quickly...


266: Jessica Turner: Stretched Too Thin

Jessica Turner is here to share her new book, Stretched Too Thin. She is also the author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book The Fringe Hours and the founder of the popular lifestyle blog The Mom Creative. Additionally, she is an award-winning marketing professional, speaker, and freelance writer. She has been featured in numerous media outlets including The Today Show, O Magazine, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, and She and her husband, Matthew, live...


265: How To Reset And Reframe Your Fall

Last week I tore my heart out and left in a kindergarten classroom in the pocket of my sweet Vinnie. It was a journey to get to that day, and just when I thought I had won the day by not having a monumental meltdown, Vinnie had a monumental meltdown on the way home from school and I was reminded that my work here will never be done. Which is a relief in this time of transition… Even if you aren’t like me and didn’t have to tear your heart out and leave it in a kindergarten classroom last...


264: Jessica Butts: Front Seat Life

Jessica Butts is CEO and Founder of Front Seat where she helps inspire, motivate and educate people to live their life from the front seat using their innate abilities. She is also the author of the popular books, “Live Your Life from the Front Seat” and “Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At”. Jessica is a retired psychotherapist. Today she is a life and business coach, and Myers-Briggs expert whose mission is to inspire others to accomplish magnificent things by embracing their innateness....


263: Action Alleviates Anxiety

I only recently realized anxiety has been a part of my life for almost my entire life. When worry has been your gift for as long as you can remember, you don’t really think about it being anything other than normal. A few years ago a sleep doctor asked me for how much of my life I had been hyper-vigilant. Me? Hyper-vigilant? Huh…. I had never thought about myself or my worry this way. I sat quietly and thought for a moment and then clearly and immediately knew the exact age. I was 8 was...


262: Janna Denton-Howes: Redefining Sex And Intimacy

Janna Denton-Howes is a Shameless Mom to 2 daughters and marriage coach who is pioneering a movement for women to free themselves from sexual expectations and redefine intimacy in their marriages. Affectionately called, "Chief Libido Officer" and "Husband Whisperer" by her participants and coaching clients, Janna not only helps married women take sex off their to-do lists but shows couples how to transform conflict into connection in 5 seconds or less! One of her greatest accomplishments...


261: 5 Things I No Longer Say Yes To

I’ll be honest, boundaries are tricky for me. I’m a people pleaser for sure. But I’m also acutely aware of my (shamelessly selfish) needs. Over the last few years, I have gotten so much better at practicing what I preach and now I really embrace certain boundaries and 100% OWN them. Getting clarity around boundaries is so freeing. It has allowed me to have an immediate go-to responses to things that used to make me feel guilty and take up waaaay too much mental energy. As a result of all...


260: Jill Angie: Rebel Runner

Jill Angie of Not Your Average Runner is an RRCA certified running coach and Master certified life coach who wants to live in a world where everyone is free to feel fit and fabulous at any size. She started the Not Your Average Runner movement in 2013 to show that runners come in all shapes, sizes, and speeds, and since then has assembled a global community of revolutionaries that are taking the running world by storm. Jill and I dig into all things running and body positivity here. We both...


259: The Power Of Positive Thinking

One of the things I am most convinced of in life is our ability to control our outcomes by controlling our thoughts. If you think positive and powerful thoughts, you will do positive and powerful things. If your thoughts are filled with self-doubt and harsh judgment of your abilities, you will likely find yourself stuck in a place you don’t know how to move out of. This isn’t to say changing your thoughts comes easily. It doesn’t. But it comes steadily with small investments in critical...


258: Maria Hunt: Unicorn Mom

In 2015, Maria Hunt, Shameless Mom to two sons, joined yet another local FB mom group to meet fun moms in her area, but her open and honest personality was polarizing in the group. She said what most women were thinking. A lot of moms openly criticized her for it, but many of them loved it. So she started her own group, the Unicorn Moms, to meet like-minded, cool, fun moms, who occasionally let their kids eat Lunchables, watch too much TV and like to go out and have a good time... and the...


257: 6 Ways To Build A Champion Mindset

Mindset is everything. It can make you and it can break you. When it comes to winning at life, you have to do a lot of mindset work. It’s the only way to see your gifts, appreciate your gifts, and fully utilize your gifts. A mindset reset can help you find joy and success in the most difficult of situations. A champion mindset keeps you resilient and powerful at all times. If you think about the people around you who are winning at life – you can probably see that they do indeed have a...