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046: Sweet Simplicity during the Holidays

They’re here. The holidays! It’s the season of overabundance. It’s the season of joy, sure, but it can also very easily become the season of over-the-moon stress + anxiety. On this week’s episode, we discuss action-oriented steps to infuse our holidays with simplicity. We get into minimalism as it applies to: gift giving traditions, + that enormous, extended family dinner. My guest this week is Laura Brassie of Ivory + Pine. Laura’s a therapist + blogger who proves that minimalism... Read...


045: Self-Care + Successful Mornings

What do mornings look like in your home? Is it a rushed affair overflowing with stressors, like getting breakfast on the table, dressing the kids + pushing everyone out the door on time? If so, chances are good you’re fried by 8:00 am. Here’s the good news: There’s a better way. On this week’s episode we’re outlining an utterly hedonistic, just-for-you morning routine that has nothing to do with kids, spouses or household management. We’re divulging the 4 pillars of... Read More Read...


044: Meat-Free Motivation

Been listening to this podcast for awhile? If so, you probably: Rely on reusable shopping bags like a pro. Brew your morning coffee at home. Turn off lights in rooms you’re not physically in. You’re doing everything you can to preserve our planet. That’s wonderful. (Really!) But are you vegan? I know eating habits are a touchy subject. This week, I’m going there anyway. It’s as simple as this: We aren’t doing all we can in the name of sustainability if we... Read More Read More The post...


043: Slow Fashion in a Fast Fashion World

Since when did our wardrobes become disposable? Think about it. These days, we buy new outfits for new occasions, wearing them just a few times before donating or discarding. We also add inexpensive, trendy items to our closets without a second’s thought; because these items cost almost nothing, we aren’t surprised when they last for just a few wears. Let’s face it: Clothing is cheap. So cheap, in fact, that puny price tags contribute to the notion that clothes are... Read More Read...


042: Green Cleaning Made Easy

“It’s a common misconception that the government is very carefully regulating everything that’s out there. They really aren’t.” It’s high-time we safeguard our families from harmful products assumed to be safe. As a bonus? Doing so declutters the spaces under our sinks + rids our homes of excess plastic, too. My guest this week is Micaela Preston. She’s a concerned mom + author who has spent the last 12 years researching the risks associated with common household items. When it...


041: Secrets of a Professional Organizer

A. Curious about what a Professional Organizer does, exactly? B. Want to hire a Professional Organizer but concerned about the financial investment? C. Ready to declutter on your own, but don’t know where/how/when to start? If any of the above statements are true, then this episode’s for you. This week, I’m chatting with Janine Adams. She’s a certified Professional Organizer with over a decade of experience helping overwhelmed clients find peace of mind within their living spaces. An...


040: Mindfulness for Modern Families

“As I began meditating + getting more grounded, I wasn’t reacting as much to the kids’ upsets. I was being a bit more present for their questions + concerns, too.” If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times: When it comes to intentional living, adopting a mindfulness practice is the singlemost powerful habit we can foster. This week, I’m thrilled to offer two unique perspectives on the link between intention + mindfulness: – First, Buddhist + meditation... Read More Read...


039: Finding Time for your ‘Why’

“I was tired. Often I felt like I was barely getting by. I kept thinking to myself, ‘Why am I spending my precious time + remaining energy doing things that don’t add value to my life?” For most of us, life is busy. Too busy, in fact, to do the things we love with the people who matter most. This week, we’re adding by subtracting. We identify 5 specific time-suckers in modern life, then we outline strategies to mindfully let go... Read More Read More The post 039: Finding Time for your...


038: What’s for Dinner?

“So, what’s for dinner?” I *hate* this question; maybe you do, too.Another thing I hate? Food waste. I find myself composting past-its-prime produce more often than I’d like to admit. While these dueling conundrums may seem mutually exclusive, they actually have an easy, common solution. That easy solution is meal planning. This week’s guest – Staci Ducharme – started meal planning + failed. Miserably. But she tried again + got it right: * Meal planning got her family out of... Read More...


037: When Sustainability + Imagination Collide

Design shimmering mosaics from old CDs. Create rag rugs from used clothes. Got yourself an abundance of plastic bags? Get weaving. *Creative Reuse a THING!* If you’ve been to a contemporary art museum lately, chances are good you’ve viewed at least one exhibit that boasts garbage as its sole medium. While critics argue that trash creations look … well, … trashy, today’s guest swiftly debunks this assumption by offering truly beautiful reuse ideas for our trash + recyclables. Carla...


036: Minimalism for Home, Head + Heart

Like clean countertops? Me too. While many associate minimalism with clean homes, it’s a little-known secret that the practice is easily applicable to our heads + hearts, too. That’s because minimalism grants breathing room in *all areas* of our lives. My guest this week is Ashley Logsdon. She’s a blogger + fellow podcaster who’s here to help us clear the clutter so that we may have the mental + emotional “space” for whatever comes our ways. Enjoy! * Access this... Read More Read More The...


035: How To Preserve Food Like a Pro

If you’re serious about sustainability, I’m willing to bet you’re also serious about reducing food waste. Preserving food at home is the epitome of sustainability. That’s because canning eliminates the need for pesky supermarket packaging or plastic + relies instead on (reusable + awesome) mason jars. A little-known secret? Preserving food at home also saves serious cash. That’s where today’s guest comes in. She’s a homesteader + canning expert who has gotten quite creative in the kitchen as...


034: 9 Things You’re Recycling Wrong

Are you an Aspirational Recycler? You know you’re an Aspirational Recycler if: – You wish EVERYTHING was recyclable. – You place nearly every item in the recycling bin, cross your fingers + hope for the best. But there are *big* problems with Aspirational Recycling. Nonrecyclable items contaminate the recycling stream + cause clog the facility’s equipment. Aspirational Recycling raises the overall cost of recycling + demands additional manpower, too. On today’s episode I take you from...


033: Thrifting 101

Modern thrift stores AREN’T overflowing with Grandma’s mothball-y hand-me-downs. That’s because 21st Century thrifting has become *quite* sophisticated. Consumerism tells us need the newest + the shiniest. Today’s episode invites you to challenge that assumption by shopping secondhand, instead. My guest this week is Amanda Lindner. She furnished her ENTIRE Brooklyn apartment with items purchased secondhand (+ for under $500 total!). She asserts that thrifting isn’t just frugal +...


032: How to Recreate the ‘Vacation Sensation’

On vacation, time slows + senses heighten. Slowly but surely, we find ourselves utterly relaxed. I call this the Vacation Sensation. But there’s a major glitch, + it’s this: Upon returning home, the stresses we ran from inevitably catch us yet again. Is it possible to keep vacation mode alive well after returning home? If so, how? I’ve done the research for you. This week, I’m thrilled to offer 13 empirically-based strategies to bring the Vacation Sensation into our daily... Read More Read...


031: The Art of Saying ‘No’

“Live less out of habit + more out of intent.” If you follow me on social media, you already know this is my personal mantra. I recite it over + over when choices are hard; it’s this mantra we’re discussing today. My guest today is Jen Panaro. She’s the founder of Honestly Modern, an online brand that focuses on sustainable living for modern families. She’s a mom with a full-time 9 to 5 who has gotten quite skilled at rethinking... Read More Read More The post 031: The Art of Saying ‘No’...


030: Pet Parenting Done Right

Is your home overrun with hardly-used dog + cat toys, like mine? Do you find yourself wondering whether there’s an eco-friendly alternative to those plastic poo bags? When it comes to pet parenting, it’s easy to buy All. The. Toys. It’s easy to forget about sustainability, too. That’s where today’s episode comes in. My guest is Kim Almon. She’s a blogger, animal-lover + expert on sustainability + minimalism as they apply to our furry friends. On today’s episode, we: –... Read More Read...


029: Is Sustainability Unmanly?

Men are less likely to buy eco-friendly products. They’re hesitant to carry reusable bags + drive hybrid cars, too. That’s because environmentalism is for women + crossing gender boundaries makes men uncomfortable. Sustainability has long been associated with femininity. On today’s episode we examine why this stereotype exists; we offer research-based methods to engage reluctant men in the eco-friendly movement, too. My guest today is Dr. James Wilkie. He’s a consumer psychologist, professor...


028: The Low-Waste Parenting Rulebook

Cloth diaper. Breastfeed. Minimize plastic. …… Duh. It’s sad but true: Most low-waste parenting strategies read like obvious platitudes. Worse, such practices are recycled ad nauseam on the eco-friendly inter web. Did you know? There are HEAPS of zero-waste parenting tips that aren’t QUITE so apparent: It’s THESE 10 strategies we’re discussing today. On this week’s episode, I’m thrilled to divulge the not-so-obvious, often overlooked sustainable parenting rules. They’re Kid-Tested,...


027: 5 Super Easy Clothing Repairs (No sewing machine required!)

Ever scrutinize old photos + pick apart your outfits of decades past? I do. My first thought: “Ugh what was I thinking wearing THAT?” My second thought: “Where’s that outfit now?” *Spoiler Alert* : ALL your outfits of decades-past are SOMEwhere. (The landfill, probably.) These days, we’re in the habit of tossing clothes at the first sign of wear + tear. That’s because timeless skills like mending + darning are thrown to the wayside in favor of convenience. This episode changes... Read More...