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Parenthood is an adventure! The joys, the frustration, the laughter, and the tears- we all find unique and universal challenges as parents. When one issue resolves, another is waiting in the wings. Our jobs as parents are truly never done. It really is the toughest job you will ever love. The Whinypaluza Podcast is all about inspiring adventures in parenting! Rebecca Greene, LCSW-R and Top 100 Mommy Blogger puts her experience and education in psychology and social work to the test while she shares insightful thoughts on marriage, stay-at-home life, and keeping three energetic kids safe and happy. On the show, you will hear from bloggers, parenting experts, marriage experts and more as they shed light on tips and tricks to make life with your family better than ever! Find solutions to questions you have and questions you never thought to ask. Whether you are a parenting novice or parenting pro, you are sure to find a valuable source of information and support in the Whinypaluza community. Follow Rebecca Greene Blog: Book: Book 2: Facebook: Instagram:


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Parenthood is an adventure! The joys, the frustration, the laughter, and the tears- we all find unique and universal challenges as parents. When one issue resolves, another is waiting in the wings. Our jobs as parents are truly never done. It really is the toughest job you will ever love. The Whinypaluza Podcast is all about inspiring adventures in parenting! Rebecca Greene, LCSW-R and Top 100 Mommy Blogger puts her experience and education in psychology and social work to the test while she shares insightful thoughts on marriage, stay-at-home life, and keeping three energetic kids safe and happy. On the show, you will hear from bloggers, parenting experts, marriage experts and more as they shed light on tips and tricks to make life with your family better than ever! Find solutions to questions you have and questions you never thought to ask. Whether you are a parenting novice or parenting pro, you are sure to find a valuable source of information and support in the Whinypaluza community. Follow Rebecca Greene Blog: Book: Book 2: Facebook: Instagram:




Episode 318: Behind the Scenes of The Whinypaluza Podcast

In a special episode of Whinypaluza, host Rebecca Greene sits down with Tetan Brennon, the powerhouse behind the podcast's production for its first 300 episodes. As Tetan prepares to transition out of her role, this episode serves as both a retrospective and a celebration of their shared journey. From Stay-at-Home Mom to Podcast Prodigy: Tetan Brennon's journey in podcasting began in 2017, marking a significant shift from her twelve-year tenure as a stay-at-home mom to a leading voice in the podcasting world. With over 300 episodes under her belt, Tetan has been instrumental in shaping Whinypaluza into a platform that transcends mere entertainment to foster deep connections and community among its listeners. The Essence of Whinypaluza: Whinypaluza's mission has always been about more than just sharing parenting tips and marital advice. It's a forum where real-life challenges, growth, and the complexities of relationships are discussed openly, making it a source of comfort and camaraderie for many. Tetan's role in selecting diverse guests and topics has enriched the podcast's content, making each episode a unique learning opportunity. Key Challenges and Triumphs: Producing a podcast is no small feat. Tetan and Rebecca delve into the behind-the-scenes work that goes into each episode—from managing schedules and conducting research to the intricate guest selection process. Despite the challenges, including navigating social media pitfalls and adapting to listeners' evolving interests, the duo has consistently delivered content that resonates deeply with their audience. Key Takeaways 🎙️ The transformative power of podcasting in building networks and fostering connections. 📅 Importance of organization and lists in managing busy schedules and podcast production. 🧠 Highlighting the "Red Car Effect" and its relevance to focused awareness and perception. 📈 Emphasis on personal growth through learning from stories and guest experiences. 🚫 Navigating challenges with banned words on social media platforms. 💡 Advice for new podcasters: Be open to change and receptive to feedback. Looking Ahead: As Tetan passes the torch to a new producer, the episode reflects on the growth and changes in the podcasting landscape. The discussion underscores the importance of adaptability, open-mindedness, and the continuous pursuit of personal growth, both for those behind the mic and their listeners. Final Thoughts: Rebecca and Tetan's conversation is a testament to the power of podcasting as a medium for storytelling, learning, and connection. As Whinypaluza embarks on its next chapter, the legacy of its first 300 episodes—a blend of authenticity, resilience, and community—sets a strong foundation for the future. Quote from Tetan: (00:06:14) "Sometimes people that you don't think are an obvious fit end up being, like, the best guest you've ever had." - Tetan BrennonTetan Brennon This episode not only celebrates a significant milestone but also highlights the journey of transformation and the impact of podcasting as a dynamic platform for meaningful discourse.


Episode 317: Love Languages for Valentine's Day

How can understanding and expressing love languages transform relationships? In this heartfelt episode of Whinypaluza, Rebecca and Seth Greene dive into the world of love languages just in time for Valentine's Day. Drawing from their personal experiences and insights from the book "The Five Love Languages," they explore how understanding your partner's preferred method of receiving love can significantly enhance relationship communication and emotional connection. The episode is packed with personal anecdotes, practical advice, and the announcement of Valentine prizes for listeners who engaged with a love languages question on their platform. Key Takeaways: 💖 Understanding your partner's love language is crucial for effective communication and relationship satisfaction. 💬 Acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, and gifts are explored as the five love languages that people use to express and receive love. 🤔 It's essential not to assume but to ask your partner how they prefer to receive love. 💌 Simple gestures of love, such as a heartfelt note, can be just as significant as grand gestures.🎁 The importance of expressing love in the way your partner desires, not just the way you prefer to give love. Connect with Rebecca: 📘 Blog: 📗 Book 1: 📙 Book 2: 🔵 Facebook: 📷 Instagram: @becgreene5 🎥 TikTok: @whinypaluzamom 📺 YouTube:


Episode 316: Unlocking the Power of Forgiveness

🤔💭 How often do we hold onto the weight of past grievances, unaware of the freedom in forgiveness? 🎙️ Join us for this enlightening episode of Whinypaluza with host Rebecca Greene and guest Katharine Giovanni. Katharine, an acclaimed author and speaker, shares her insights on personal development, focusing on the transformative power of forgiveness. With years of experience guiding individuals toward emotional healing, she brings a wealth of knowledge on how to release the chains of the past. 🌈 Discover the emotional freedom of letting go of resentment and how to embark on self-discovery and empowerment. Katharine shares practical strategies for embracing forgiveness, illustrating its role as an act towards others and as a gift to oneself. Key takeaways: 🌟 Transformative Healing: How forgiveness catalyzes profound emotional and psychological healing. ❤️ Self-Love and Forgiveness: Forgiving as an act of self-love and self-care. 🌍 The Ripple Effect of Forgiveness: Forgiving others transforms relationships and cultivates a compassionate world. 🚧 Overcoming Obstacles to Forgiveness: Insights into navigating the challenges of forgiveness. 💪 Empowerment and Release: Letting go of grudges to embrace the present and build a joyful future. Connect with Katharine: Website LinkedIn URL Facebook URL YouTube URL Instagram ✅Follow Rebecca Greene 💻Blog 🎧Podcast 📙Book 1 📘Book 2 👤Facebook 📸Instagram @becgreene5 📱TikTok @whinypaluzamom 📺YouTube


Episode 315: The Bat Mitzvah Journey

In this episode, Rebecca and Seth Greene share their experiences and challenges in planning their children's bar/bat mitzvahs, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. They emphasize the importance of communication, teamwork, and setting clear expectations in parenting. They reflect on their personal growth and the valuable lessons they've learned from these experiences. They also discuss the significance of continuing traditions, even if they may not personally enjoy them. The conversation highlights the need for unity in parenting to prevent children from manipulating their parents. Additionally, the hosts stress the importance of expressing feelings and avoiding assumptions in a marriage. 🔑 Key Takeaways: 1️⃣ Effective communication and teamwork are crucial in parenting. 2️⃣ Upholding traditions can be important for family unity, even if personal preferences differ. 3️⃣ Unity in parenting prevents children from manipulating their parents. 4️⃣ Expressing feelings and avoiding assumptions is vital for a healthy marriage. Remember, success is made in the messy kitchen of parenting. Tune in, laugh, and relate with Rebecca and Seth as they navigate the joys and challenges of marriage and parenting. Share this episode with a friend who can relate! ✅Follow Rebecca Greene 💻Blog 🎧Podcast 📙Book 1 📘Book 2 👤Facebook 📸Instagram @becgreene5 📱TikTok @whinypaluzamom 📺YouTube #WhinypaluzaPodcast #MarriageAndParenting #ParentingTips #FamilyTraditions #ParentingUnity #MarriageAdvice


Episode 314: Social Media Safety for Kids

How can we, as parents, effectively monitor and protect our children's online presence while fostering healthy brain development? In this enlightening episode of the Whinypaluza podcast with host Rebecca Greene, guest, Ronna Glickman shares her extensive experience and insights into the adverse effects of social media, gaming, and excessive screen usage on children and teenagers. With 25 years of teaching, Ronna emphasizes the importance of parental guidance and the dangers of early technology exposure. She offers practical tools and strategies for creating a safer digital environment for our kids. Key Takeaways: 🧠 The importance of limiting children's access to social media to prevent addiction and exposure to inappropriate content. 📱 Recommendations for safe phone options for children, like the Gab phone and apps like Bark for monitoring online activity. 🕹️ The impact of violent video games on brain development and behavior, with suggestions for non-violent gaming alternatives. 🚫 Strategies for preventing cyberbullying and fostering open communication between parents and children about online safety. 🌐 Understanding the digital footprint and its long-term implications on privacy and opportunities. 🛡️ Techniques for creating a balanced digital life, emphasizing screen-free time and outdoor activities. 🤝 The role of community in supporting children and parents through shared experiences and resources. 💡 Encouraging critical thinking and media literacy to navigate online information responsibly. 🎓 Importance of ongoing education for parents and children on evolving digital trends and safety measures. How to Reach Ronna: Ronna is dedicated to educating parents, teachers, and children on navigating the complexities of social media and technology use. Note: Ronna Glickman is available for house visits to discuss these critical issues with the entire family, ensuring a comprehensive approach to creating a safer online environment for children. ✅Follow Rebecca Greene 💻Blog 🎧Podcast 📙Book 1 📘Book 2 👤Facebook 📸Instagram @becgreene5 📱TikTok @whinypaluzamom 📺YouTube


Episode 313: Building Self Confidence in Our Children

Building self-confidence in children is a pivotal aspect of their development, and there are numerous strategies to foster this essential trait. Join Rebecca, Whinypaluza's Blog podcast host, and her husband, Seth Greene, CEO of Market Domination LLC, as they share their perspective, underscore the importance of encouraging children to explore new things, discover their passions, and focus on their personal goals. They caution against the detrimental effects of comparison, particularly with siblings or friends, and instead advocate for teaching children resilience and a growth mindset. The Greenes also emphasize the role of supportive adults in a child's life, such as teachers and coaches, in building their confidence. They believe in open communication, celebrating achievements, and recognizing a child's uniqueness, while also warning against setting unrealistic expectations. Join Rebecca and Seth Greene on this episode of the Whinypaluza podcast as they delve deeper into these strategies for building self-confidence in children's development . Key Takeaways: 💪The Power of Constructive Feedback in Building Kids' Confidence 🌿 Fostering Confidence Through Independent Exploration 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The Impact of Birth Order on Children's Experiences 🌱 Fostering Growth Mindset through Self-Comparison and Empowerment 🤝 Building Confidence Through Self-Comparison and Support 🎉 Supportive Environment for Children's Confidence and Success Join the Whinypaluza community for more insights on teen parenting! 🎙️ Subscribe, share your thoughts, and stay connected. #WhinypaluzaPodcast ✅Follow Rebecca Greene 💻Blog 🎧Podcast 📙Book 1 📘Book 2 👤Facebook 📸Instagram @becgreene5 📱TikTok @whinypaluzamom 📺YouTube


Episode 312: Bridge the Teen Communication Gap

How can we bridge the communication gap with our teenagers? Join Whinypaluza host Rebecca Greene as she explores the art of effective communication with teenagers with guest Claudette Osborne, a certified life coach. Discover Claudette's unique approach to building open, non-judgmental communication channels that foster trust and understanding between parents and teenagers. Key Takeaways: 🌟 Fostering Open Dialogue: Encouraging teens to express themselves in a safe environment. 🌟 Non-Judgmental Parenting: Creating a supportive home atmosphere. 🌟 Understanding Teenage Behavior: Differentiating moodiness from clinical conditions. 🌟 Embracing Patience: Understanding the importance of patience in conversations with teens. 🌟 Active Listening Skills: Highlight the value of hearing what teens say. 🌟 Empathy and Support: Demonstrating empathy to strengthen emotional connections. 🌟 Encouraging Self-Expression: Assisting teens in finding and expressing their voice. 🌟 Addressing Sensitive Topics: Navigating difficult conversations with sensitivity. 🌟 Building Mutual Respect: Building respect as a parent-teen relationship foundation. Featured Quote: "Before you say anything, ask yourself: is that my voice of judgment?" - Claudette Osborne Connect with Claudette: Email - Website - LinkedIn - Facebook - ✅Follow Rebecca Greene 💻Blog 🎧Podcast 📙Book 1 📘Book 2 👤Facebook 📸Instagram @becgreene5 📱TikTok @whinypaluzamom 📺YouTube


Episode 311: Seventeen and Soaring

How do you navigate the challenging yet rewarding journey of parenting a teenager? Join Rebecca, Whinypaluza's Blog podcast host, and her husband, Seth Greene, CEO of Market Domination LLC, as they delve into the joys and challenges of parenting their 17-year-old son, Max. This episode covers the delicate balance of independence and guidance, preparing for college, and fostering strong family bonds. Listen for insights on adapting parenting styles, open communication, and celebrating your child's milestones. Key Takeaways: 🌱 Fostering independence and setting boundaries 📘 Navigating college admissions and financial aid 👪 Adapting parenting styles to evolving needs 🤝 Modeling healthy relationships 🚗 Teaching life skills like driving and finance management 📚 Tailoring strategies for each child 🗣️ Emphasizing open, respectful communication 🎓 Guiding through college preparation 🛠️ Encouraging independent problem-solving ⚖️ Balancing strictness and flexibility 🌿 Adapting to evolving parent-child dynamics 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Focusing on family relationship modeling 🧘‍♀️ Promoting constructive coping mechanisms 🎉 Celebrating growth and achievements Join the Whinypaluza community for more insights on teen parenting! 🎙️ Subscribe, share your thoughts, and stay connected. #WhinypaluzaPodcast ✅Follow Rebecca Greene 💻Blog 🎧Podcast 📙Book 1 📘Book 2 👤Facebook 📸Instagram @becgreene5 📱TikTok @whinypaluzamom 📺YouTube


Episode 310: Help Me Save My Broken Marriage

How can personal challenges and experiences shape how we empower others, especially women, in their relationships and life journeys? This episode of the Whinypaluza podcast features host Rebecca Greene in conversation with guest Claire Afua Jorgensen, a Ghanaian life coach and therapist. Claire shares her life experiences, including dealing with interracial marriage, infertility, and divorce, and how these have fueled her mission to empower women. Her work includes founding an NGO, aiding women in abusive relationships, and supporting young girls' education. 🌟 Key Takeaways 🏠 Empowerment through NGO Initiatives: Claire's NGO focuses on building safe homes and helping women in their careers and education. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Co-Parenting and Reconciliation: Claire's unique journey through divorce and remarriage, highlighting the importance of co-parenting. 🤝 Overcoming Ego in Relationships: Recognizing the role of ego in conflicts and the path to healthier communication. 💔 Rebuilding Marriage: The complexities of reconciling and rebuilding a marriage, emphasizing the role of therapy and support. 🌱 Impact of Personal Growth: How personal experiences and growth can positively influence relationships and counseling work. ❤️ Choosing Positive Interactions: Focusing on healthy self-development to improve relationships. 🤰 Navigating Infertility Challenges: Claire's struggle with infertility and its impact on relationships. 🔗 Connect with Claire Afua Jorgensen Website: Facebook: Instagram: ✅Follow Rebecca Greene 💻Blog 🎧Podcast 📙Book 1 📘Book 2 👤Facebook 📸Instagram @becgreene5 📱TikTok @whinypaluzamom 📺YouTube


Episode 309: Planning for 2024

How do you balance personal growth, family commitments, and self-care while preparing for a year of significant changes? 📝 Summary: In this episode of Whinypaluza, host Rebecca Greene and her husband, Seth Greene, discuss their strategies for planning a successful 2024. They delve into the importance of celebrating accomplishments, setting SMART goals, and prioritizing self-care. Rebecca shares her goal of reading four books monthly, and Seth talks about his support in household projects. From the joys of snow days in Buffalo to the anticipation of planning a family vacation, this episode covers various topics showcasing how this couple navigates life's challenges and opportunities together. 🗝️ Key Takeaways: 🌟 Celebrate Successes: Emphasizing the importance of celebrating big and small achievements within the family. 💖 Emotional Wellness: Highlighting the significance of addressing emotional health through approaches like NET therapy. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Shared Goals: Discussing the value of setting and working towards common family goals for stronger bonding and memorable experiences. 📚 Reading as Growth: Encouraging regular reading habits, like Rebecca's goal of four monthly books, for personal and intellectual development. 📈 Collaborative Planning: Advocating for the involvement of all family members in setting and updating goals to ensure collective growth and achievement. Read the blog today for insights on Planning for 2024 with host Rebecca Greene. Follow Rebecca: 📘 Blog: 📗 Book 1: 📙 Book 2: 🔵 Facebook: 📷 Instagram: @becgreene5 🎥 TikTok: @whinypaluzamom 📺 YouTube:


Episode 308: From Overwhelmed to Empowered

❓How can new moms manage the overwhelming responsibilities of motherhood while finding time for self-care and personal growth? In this episode of Whinypaluza, host Rebecca Greene speaks with guest Brea Davis, wellness coach for new moms balancing work and motherhood, Brea offers valuable insights and strategies for navigating the challenges of motherhood. By simplifying healthy eating, addressing mom guilt, encouraging self-care, and redefining the super mom concept, Brea empowers moms to find balance, live healthy, and pursue their passions. 🎧Tune in to learn: 🥗 Simplifying Nutrition: Tips on choosing whole foods and managing portions easily. ❤️ Addressing Mom Guilt: Strategies for shifting mindset to prioritize self-care and well-being. 🌟 Rekindling Personal Passions: Encouraging all moms to explore and integrate their interests into daily life. 📈 The "Urgent Important Matrix": A tool for prioritizing tasks, helping moms focus on what truly matters. 🤝 Learning to Delegate: Emphasizing the importance of asking for help and outsourcing tasks, even at home. 🦸‍♀️ New Definition of 'Super Mom': Moving beyond traditional roles to embrace a balanced, nurturing, and self-caring approach to motherhood. Brea’s coaching provides a holistic approach that considers the well-being of both moms and their families, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and balanced life. ➡️ (00:33:40) "Supermom does not equal I can do all things. That's not what that equals. It equals making sure we're taking care of ourselves. It equals making sure we're making precious moments with our family. It means we are the nurturers and we love cuddling our little ones, even if they have bad attitudes when they're sick. I mean, there's so many things that we can define it as, but it does not mean that we are doing everything around, in and out of the house. It does not mean that." - Brea Davis Connect with Brea: 📸 Instagram: @ThriveWithBrea 📧 Email: 🌐 Website: ✅Follow Rebecca Greene 💻Blog 🎧Podcast 📙Book 1 📘Book 2 👤Facebook 📸Instagram @becgreene5 📱TikTok @whinypaluzamom 📺YouTube


Episode 307: Ask Me Anything

Dive into parenting challenges and maintaining a harmonious marriage with Rebecca Greene, a seasoned parenting expert. Rebecca Greene dives into the nuanced challenges of modern parenting and maintaining a harmonious marriage. She shares her expertise on balancing screen time for teenagers, fostering calmness at home, and the art of communication in relationships. Key takeaways include:  Parenting in the Digital Age 🌐 Setting Limits on Teenagers' Screen Time: Rebecca explains the reasons behind screen time limits to teenagers, focusing on concerns about sleep, face-to-face interactions, physical and mental health, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. 🔆 Leading by Example: Parents are encouraged to model the behavior they expect from their children, including setting their limitations on social media usage. 🤝 Dealing with Differences in Parenting Styles: Rebecca discusses the importance of setting clear expectations and being flexible, advising parents to focus on themselves to impact the family dynamic positively. Creating a Calm and Peaceful Home Environment 🌿 Being a Beacon of Calmness: Rebecca acknowledges the need for parents to be calm and composed, as children often feed off their parents' energy. She highlights relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga to help maintain this calmness. Marriage and Relationships 💬 Importance of Communication: Open and constructive communication is critical to a successful marriage. Rebecca discusses the importance of expressing feelings, listening, and respecting each other. ❤️ Building Intimacy: Small moments of connection and affection are highlighted as crucial for nurturing intimacy in a marriage. The significance of commitment and supporting each other is also discussed. 🔄 Dealing with Marital Challenges: Rebecca talks about managing differences through effective communication, finding win-win solutions, and focusing on personal behavior to effect positive changes in the relationship. Cultural Involvement in Parenting 🌍 Addressing Regrets: Rebecca advises parents to communicate with their children about any regrets they might have, such as not involving them enough in their own culture, and to take proactive steps to rectify these missed opportunities. Miscellaneous Topics 🔚 Divorce: Rebecca states that while she is pro-marriage, there are situations where divorce is the only healthy answer, such as in cases of abuse, severe addiction, or continuous infidelity. 🔄 Dealing with Differences: The importance of focusing on oneself and making changes that can positively impact a relationship is emphasized, especially in cases where one partner is reluctant to seek counseling. Key Takeaways: 🔆 Be a beacon of calmness and balance in parenting and marital relationships. 💬 Open, constructive communication is crucial in nurturing and maintaining healthy relationships. ❤️ Small moments of connection are vital in building and maintaining intimacy in marriage. 🌍 Addressing and rectifying parenting regrets can positively impact family dynamics. Rebecca Greene's insights offer a comprehensive perspective on various aspects of parenting and marriage, providing practical advice and strategies for dealing with the complexities of modern family life. Visit the blog for more information: 📘 Blog: 📗 Book 1: 📙 Book 2: 🔵 Facebook: 📷 Instagram: @becgreene5 🎥 TikTok: @whinypaluzamom 📺 YouTube:


Episode 306: Family Dynamics: Identity and Belonging

🤔 How does the search for birth parents impact the adoptee's sense of self and belonging? In this heartfelt episode of the Winypalooza podcast, host Rebecca Greene sits down with author Julie Ryan McGue to delve into her adoption journey. Julie, an identical twin, shares her experiences of being adopted alongside her sister and the lifelong curiosity that fueled her search for her birth family. Join us as Julie takes us on a five-year quest that initially faced rejection but ultimately led to a heartwarming reunion. 🔑 Key Takeaways: 1️⃣ Embrace the Power of Support: Julie emphasizes the importance of having a strong support system during the emotional rollercoaster of searching for one's birth family. 🤝 2️⃣ The Curiosity of Identity: As an adopted child, Julie always wondered about her birth family and longed to understand her roots. 🌱 3️⃣ The Journey of Rejection: Julie shares the initial challenges she faced when her birth mother rejected her, highlighting the resilience and determination required to continue the search. 💔 4️⃣ A Reunion Worth Waiting For: After years of persistence, Julie's search for her birth family finally led to a heartwarming reunion that brought closure and a sense of belonging. 🏡 5️⃣ A Unique Family Dynamic: Julie discusses the significance of having both biological and adopted siblings, emphasizing the importance of understanding and supporting all parties involved in adoption. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 6️⃣ The Power of Connection: Julie's story reminds us of the profound impact that connecting with our roots can have on our sense of self and belonging. 🌍 More about Julie: Julie Ryan McGue is a multifaceted writer known for her captivating memoirs, insightful blog posts, and thought-provoking columns that explore the themes of self-discovery, belonging, and the intricacies of life. With a background in psychology and a Masters in Management from Northwestern University, she brings a unique blend of personal and academic insights to her work, including her debut memoir "Twice A Daughter" and her recent book "Belonging Matters: Conversations on Adoption, Family & Kinship. 📞 Connect with Julie: If you have any questions or want to learn more about Julie Ryan McGue's adoption journey, visit her website at 🌟 Amazing Quote: "Adoption is not about finding someone who is perfect, but about finding someone who is perfect for you." - Julie Ryan McGill ✅Follow Rebecca Greene 💻Blog 🎧Podcast 📙Book 1 📘Book 2 👤Facebook 📸Instagram @becgreene5 📱TikTok @whinypaluzamom 📺YouTube


Episode 305: Top 10 Lessons From My 300 Guests

Ever wondered how deep insights can transform everyday life? 💭 Join host Rebecca Greene with husband Seth on the Whinypaluza Podcast for a journey through life's complex tapestry. They delve into the importance of embracing imperfection, the necessity of adult play for balance, holistic approaches to health and wellness, and the crucial role of consistency in parenting. The episode also highlights the transformative power of female support networks and the significance of emotional and behavioral management in children while emphasizing the ongoing journey of self-awareness and growth in parenting. This compilation of wisdom from previous discussions offers listeners a valuable perspective on life's complexities. Rebecca highlights past guests from the past year, including: 💞 Irene Fehr - Episode 220, Rebuilding Intimacy: Exploring the intricate dance of relationships with intimacy coach Irene Fehr, delving into the nuanced differences between men and women. 🌱 Kerry Trepedino - Episode 228, Key Tips for Mindful Parenting: Kerry shares her wisdom on mindful parenting, teaching the value of embracing life's imperfections and their role in growth. 🎉 Shirin Etessam - Episode 240, Free to Be: A lively discussion with Shirin on the critical importance of play and enjoyment in adult life, a key to avoiding burnout and finding fulfillment. 🍵 Tamara Castelo - Episode 246, The Root of Anxiety, Migraines, and Intestinal Issues: Tamara Costello, a Chinese medicine expert, emphasizes the importance of health and self-care in our hectic lives. 🌟 Vanessa Kahlon - Episode 255, Powerful Parenting Tools. Rebecca loves her R words, and Vanessa Kahlon talks about the 3 R Methods: redo, rewind, and repair. 🧠 Allana Robinson - Episode 257, The Role Stress Plays in children’s challenging behaviors: Insights from Allana Robinson on the neuroscience of children's behaviors, highlighting the need for consistency in parenting. 🌟 Dr. Laura Froyen - Episode 265: Parenting Triggers are often invitations for more profound healing and growth: Dr. Laura discusses the crucial role of self-understanding in parenting and personal growth. 🌱Becky Fife, Katie Parker, and Allie Callister - Episode 266: Helping girls believe in themselves: Founders of I Believe in Me, Becky, Katie, and Allie’s program focuses on helping our tween girls. Their garden theme engages the tweens in remembering keep concepts such as ANTS and watering your garden. 👭 Chris Belin - Episode 274: The Beauty Boost, Wellness for Women: Tune in to hear Chris talk about the power and necessity of female community and support networks. 🧩 Jessica Sinarski - Episode 280: Teach your kids how to be the boss of their brain: Learn about managing children's behaviors with Jessica through the concepts of the 'upstairs' and 'downstairs' brain. Dive into this episode for a unique blend of expert perspectives and relatable stories, guaranteed to enlighten and inspire. Connect with Rebecca, and be sure to subscribe to each channel. 📘 Blog: 📗 Book 1: 📙 Book 2: 🔵 Facebook: 📷 Instagram: @becgreene5 🎥 TikTok: @whinypaluzamom 📺 YouTube:


Episode 304: Creating the Life you Wish For

🎙️ Have you ever wondered how to manifest the life you desire? In this episode of the Whinypaluza podcast, host Rebecca Greene sits down with Susan Balogh, a law of attraction coach, author, and speaker, to discuss the transformative power of meditation, reiki, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Tune in as Susan shares her journey and provides valuable insights on mindfulness, manifestation, and overcoming daily struggles. 🗝 Key Takeaways: 🌞 Meditation, reiki, and EFT can profoundly impact physical and mental well-being, helping individuals overcome challenges and find inner peace. 🌞 Mindfulness is a powerful tool for staying present and cultivating gratitude, allowing us to appreciate the beauty of each moment. 🌞 The law of attraction teaches us that our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality, and by focusing on positive intentions, we can manifest the life we desire. 🌞 Overcoming daily struggles requires self-acceptance, self-love, and the willingness to let go of limiting beliefs that hold us back. 🌞 Susan's YouTube channel, "Wish More Wellness," her website, and her book, "My 100 Day Book," offer valuable resources and guidance for those seeking to create a more fulfilling life. To learn more about Susan Balogh and her teachings, visit her website at and check out her YouTube channel, "Wish More Wellness." Don't forget to grab a copy of her "My 100 Day Book" book for practical tools and exercises to help you manifest your dreams. Visit Susan’s author’s page on Amazon: 🌟 ✅Follow Rebecca Greene 💻Blog 🎧Podcast 📙Book 1 📘Book 2 👤Facebook 📸Instagram @becgreene5 📱TikTok @whinypaluzamom 📺YouTube


Happy New Year Message

In her heartfelt New Year message for 2024, 🎙️ Rebecca Greene, the host of the Whinypaluza podcast, extends her profound gratitude to her audience for their unwavering support. With over 300 podcasts and guests interviewed, 🌟 Rebecca reflects on the extraordinary journey of the past year, filled with inspiring guests and diverse topics, and eagerly anticipates the exciting adventures ahead. 🚀 With a genuine and caring spirit, 🌼 Rebecca encourages listeners to embrace self-care, chase their dreams, and assures them that they are never alone on this journey. She poses a pivotal question, "What do you want in the new year?" 🤔 and expresses her deepest thanks for the privilege of serving her community. Rebecca pledges to continue pouring love, laughter, learning, and insights into their lives. 💕🌈 Rebecca also warmly invites engagement with her listeners, encouraging them to feel comfortable making guest suggestions and sharing their thoughts, ensuring that Whinypaluza remains a platform for the community to connect and grow together. 🤗 Find Whinypaluza Mom on Facebook to join the free private group.


Episode 302: Navigating the Teenage Years

Embarking on the journey of teenage parenting? Tune into the 'Whinypaluza' podcast with host Rebecca Greene and guest Dr. Liz Nissim Matheis, where they unravel the intricacies of guiding teens through their formative years. 🌸 In this enlightening episode, Rebecca and Dr. Liz, both mothers and psychology experts, dive deep into the art of nurturing independence in teenagers, understanding and managing parental emotions, and preparing kids for college life. They stress the significance of maintaining open communication on sensitive topics and underscore the importance of self-care for parents. 🌸 Guiding Teen Independence 🌸 Emotional Management for Parents 🌸 Navigating College Preparations 🌸 The Power of Open Communication 🌸 Emphasizing Parental Self-Care 🌸 Dr. Liz's Wisdom on Ego in Parenting Join them for a candid, informative, and absolutely necessary conversation every parent navigating the teenage years should hear! Tune in: Dr. Liz is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified school psychologist with experience in public schools, serving as a Child Study Team member and coordinator. She has also worked in private schools, leading teams to support teachers, paraprofessionals, and students through counseling and behavior management. In addition to her school roles, she maintained a part-time private practice until 2012. Since then, she has grown her practice to include a team specializing in child, adolescent, and young adult therapy, offering services like play therapy, parent coaching, and family therapy. Connect with Liz Psychological & Educational Consulting LLC Follow Rebecca Greene 📚 Blog: 📖 Book 1: 📖 Book 2: 📷 Facebook: 📸 Instagram: @becgreene5 🎵 TikTok: @whinypaluzamom 📺 YouTube:


Episode 301: Top Ten Lessons Recording 300 Podcasts

Did you know the secret to an outstanding podcast lies in more than good content? Discover the top 10 lessons for podcasting success with host Rebecca and her husband, Seth Greene! On this Whinypaluza Wednesday Edition, Rebecca shares valuable insight in this episode: "The more authentic I am, the more interested I am, the better the podcast does. So if I'm me, and I'm true to me, and I'm true to my passions, then it comes out. It oozes out. And then you like the show better." They cover everything from guest selection and authenticity to the power of listening and beyond. Here is what to expect on this week’s show: 🎤 Guest Selection: Carefully choosing guests ensures engaging and relevant conversations. 💡 Be Authentic: Staying true to oneself resonates with the audience. 👂 Listening Skills: Active listening elevates the quality of every episode. 🌟 Engage Passionately: Passion in podcasting creates a magnetic attraction for listeners. 🕒 Time Management: Efficient scheduling is key in managing diverse guests. 🤝 Flexibility: Being adaptable to guests' needs enhances the podcast experience. 🚀 Growth Through Challenges: Facing and overcoming challenges is part of the podcasting journey. 🌱 Personal Development: Podcasting can be a tool for self-improvement and learning. 🗣️ Diverse Perspectives: Embracing different viewpoints adds depth to the content. 🎧 Audience Connection: Building a rapport with listeners is essential for long-term success. Join Rebecca and Seth for a fun, engaging, and educational look at creating a podcast that entertains, informs, and inspires. 🌈✨ Follow Rebecca Greene 📚 Blog: 📖 Book 1: 📖 Book 2: 📷 Facebook: 📸 Instagram: @becgreene5 🎵 TikTok: @whinypaluzamom 📺 YouTube:


Episode 300: 300th Episode Special

In this "super-duper" celebratory 300th episode of The Whinypaluza Podcast, Rebecca reflects on the transformative journey she has embarked on over the past 100 episodes, having hosted many experts, family members, and friends. Highlighting personal growth, she emphasizes the pivotal lessons learned, particularly the importance of giving oneself grace and its ripple effect on interpersonal interactions. From hosting her inaugural summit to interviewing cherished guests like Rabbi Alex and her family members, the podcast became a catalyst for self-growth, improved communication, and deeper connections. Grateful for the platform, Rebecca looks forward to more enriching conversations and continued learning experiences. Here is what to expect on this week’s show: ❤️ Celebrating the 300th episode milestone of The Whinypaluza Podcast. ❤️ Reflection on personal growth and transformation through engaging conversations. ❤️ Hosting an inaugural summit, inviting esteemed guests like Rabbi Alex, and interviewing family members marked significant podcast moments. ❤️ The value of interviewing your family members - children, parents, etc. You will learn things you never knew. ❤️ Emphasizing the significance of giving oneself grace and its impact on interpersonal relationships. ❤️ Insights shared by Rebecca's husband, Seth, on the importance of recording family interviews for a lasting legacy. ❤️ Rebecca's revelation about her favorite guests being family members and close friends. ❤️ Each guest expert has taught her something new and beneficial. ❤️ Reflecting upon the big goals that the Greene family accomplished this year. ❤️ Valuing your time more and giving yourself permission to put your money where your values are. ❤️ The impact of giving yourself and others grace. ❤️ Wishful hindsight about the invaluable support of a community during early motherhood. ❤️ Gratitude expressed for the transformative journey and anticipation for more engaging episodes ahead. Episodes Mentioned: ➡️ Ep 202 Words of Wisdom from Rabbi Alex ➡️ Ep 216 Healthy Relationships with Your Partner, Children, and Yourself with Dr. Liz Nissam Mattheis ➡️ Ep 222 Ella Turns 14 with Ella Greene ➡️ Ep 242 Mother’s Day Special with my MIL ➡️ Ep 251 Father’s Day Special with Seth Greene ➡️ Ep 270 Seth & Rebecca’s 18th Anniversary Special ➡️ Ep 285 Lessons From Taylor Swift ➡️ Ep 293 Adjusting to High School with Ella Greene ➡️ Ep 298 Flip Your Switch to a Higher Consciousness with Dr. Teri Baydar Follow Rebecca Greene 📝 Blog: 📖 Book 1: 📖 Book 2: 📘 Facebook: 📸 Instagram: - @becgreene5 🎵 TikTok: - @whinypaluzamom 📺 YouTube: Feel free to use these emojis and links as needed!


Episode 299: From Dreidels to Deadlines

Listen to this Whinypaluza Wednesday Live vlog episode with The Greene Family! An extension of the weekly blog, join Rebecca and her family on the live vlog, brought to you here in case you missed it last week! Here is what to expect on this week’s show: Rebecca and Seth discuss celebrating Hanukkah amidst their busy lives and the challenges of fitting in Hanukkah celebrations alongside work, kids' activities, and deadlines. The frustration with Hanukkah falling during a hectic school week and the challenges of managing family traditions alongside deadlines and homework. The difficulties of meeting expectations during Hanukkah while juggling work and family commitments. The importance of adjusting expectations, realizing there's no specific time requirement for celebrations, and acknowledging that what they're doing is "good enough." Anecdotes about the gift-giving process and managing expectations around the holiday. The significance of creating lasting family traditions and making memories during the holiday season. Plans for involving their kids in charitable giving, teaching them the importance of giving back during the holiday. Follow Rebecca Greene Blog Book 1 Book 2 Facebook Instagram @becgreene5 TikTok @whinypaluzamom YouTube