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A twice-weekly look at parenting as it truly is: confusing, exhausting, inspiring, funny, and full of surprises. Join Tegan Natoli and Leigh Campell for This Glorious Mess Little Kids on Monday's. And Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainwright for This Glorious Mess Big Kids on Friday's. It's all the disasters and delights of parenting with a healthy dose of advice from our trusted experts.

A twice-weekly look at parenting as it truly is: confusing, exhausting, inspiring, funny, and full of surprises. Join Tegan Natoli and Leigh Campell for This Glorious Mess Little Kids on Monday's. And Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainwright for This Glorious Mess Big Kids on Friday's. It's all the disasters and delights of parenting with a healthy dose of advice from our trusted experts.




A twice-weekly look at parenting as it truly is: confusing, exhausting, inspiring, funny, and full of surprises. Join Tegan Natoli and Leigh Campell for This Glorious Mess Little Kids on Monday's. And Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainwright for This Glorious Mess Big Kids on Friday's. It's all the disasters and delights of parenting with a healthy dose of advice from our trusted experts.








Big Kids: ‘I’m Telling The Kids We’re Still In Isolation’

Remember when your weekends were filled with the kids Saturday sports and birthday parties… Then along came COVID and you were FREE again! Well, Holly wants to hold onto that freedom, so she’s decided to tell the kids there’s still restrictions. Whether they’ll fall for it or not is an entirely different story. And, parents are throwing parties for their kids because they made it through isolation… One parent even hired a little Shetland pony! Yay or NAY? See what we did there? Plus, Daddo...


Little Kids: How To Get Your Toddler To Eat Everything

Are kids BORN to be fussy eaters or is it just a phase? Do you sometimes feel like your kid won’t eat something just to spite you? Or maybe you panic when your toddler doesn’t want to eat? Well, you’re not the only one. Leigh and Tegan talk to paediatric dietitian, Dr. Kyla about how to try to get them to eat anything. Plus, Tegan’s WTF was when she took Leigh’s advice and finally used the correct setting on her dishwasher… it’s as though she bought a whole new set of dishes. It’s the little...


Big Kids: What The Heck Is A Coronavirus Party?

We’ve all heard of dad jokes… but why do we hear a lot less about mum jokes? Is it because mums aren’t FUNNY, or are they just not as LAME? We think you know the answer. Plus Holly and Daddo discuss the (American) phenomenon of teenagers having Covid parties where they specifically WANT to give each other the virus. Look, we know those years are for rebellion, but… really? And Holly's discovered another downside to being an “old” mum. And it’s to do with nits. Parents Feedback Survey: Take...


Little Kids: Isolation's Almost Over And We’re Dreading It

On this episode of This Glorious Mess Little Kids, Leigh chats about being a “one and done” kind of gal… but people are still asking her if she’s going to have another baby. Is it ever okay to ask that? And, Tegan’s so used to isolation now that she’s not coping with the thought of going back into the big wide world. Plus, her WTF moment is that she still can’t get over her toddler’s “nonsense” temper tantrum. This week Indi threw a fit because she couldn’t wear her jeans OVER her PJs. We...


Big Kids: The Kids Have Found Us Out

For most of their little lives, your kids probably thought you knew everything, and that you could do anything. Then home-schooling happened and POOF... they discovered the truth. It’s a moment that comes for us all. When the kids cross over from thinking you’re wonderful to thinking you’re… an idiot. Plus, school’s back, Holly’s stick insects are in trouble and Andrew had an epic fail when he called his family a “non-hand washing family”. Bad timing. Take our 5 minute survey for a chance to...


Big Kids BONUS: TikTok, House Party & What’s Safe On Social

We bet that in these last couple of months you’ve had to learn all about a whole load of new apps. Zoom, TikTok, House Party… and those are just the ones we’ve heard of. If your child is suddenly using apps you've never heard of and you’re worried about who they’re talking to and how the hell you can keep track of it all, then you’ve come to the right place. On this special episode of This Glorious Mess, Holly and Daddo chat to cybersafety expert Kirra Pendergast. Kirra is the founder and...


Little Kids: How To Keep Parenting When Your Heart Is Broken

Leigh is grieving the loss of her beloved dad. Today she shares her beautiful last moments with her father and the reality of having to keep parenting her gorgeous baby boy while she grieves. Plus Leigh and Tegan talk about how they came up with their babies' names. And Tegan’s WTF is a non-parent related issue this week. She refuses to park in a car spot that’s far away from where she needs to be… even if it’s only six cars away. Let’s be honest, we’re all a little like that. LINKS: “Little...


Big Kids: The Parents Who Will Never Miss Isolation

So… how was your Mother’s Day? Andrew reckons he nailed it, while Holly got an… interesting gift. And this week’s parenting mess is about the extra stress on families of kids with additional needs. Holly's finally facing that she’s in one of those families. Plus Daddo’s nail this week was when his kids found out he interviewed Vanilla Ice back in the day! We’re all impressed with that to be honest. LINK 'Parents like me will never, ever miss isolation’...


Little Kids: I’m Not The Parent I Thought I Was Going To Be

Leigh’s away and her seat’s being filled by the excellent Sean Szeps. Tegan and Sean have one thing in common… well, actually two. They’re both the parents of twins. Plus, did you think you’d be a certain type of parent before the kids came along… and then BAM, you turned out to be the total opposite? Sean certainly did. And Tegan’s WTF moment of the week was when one of her toddler’s said she’s “too busy” to clean up after herself. So much sass! CREDITS Hosts:Tegan Natoli & Sean Szeps...


Big Kids: Help! My Baby Is Suddenly A Tween

As Mother’s Day draws near… so does Daddo’s anxiety. Does he have to take care of his wife, as the mother of his kids... or does he just have to do something for his own mum? Plus, reality sucker-punched Holly in the face when she realised her daughter doesn’t want to spend as much time with her anymore. The moment has come, people… Matilda’s morphing into a tween! Plus Nailed and Failed and an iso check-in. Take our 5 minute survey for a chance to win a $50 EFTPOS gift card...


Little Kids: When Your Toddler Thinks You’ve Let Yourself Go

Having a baby shower is something most expectant mums look forward to… but what does that look like in iso? Would you have a virtual baby shower or just ask for the presents instead? And Leigh shares her frustrations about the free Australian daycare scheme. Are you for or against it? Plus we’re all letting ourselves go a little during isolation, and thankfully a lot of people won’t notice… well, not if you have a toddler like Tegan’s. Little Indi was quick to point out Tegan’s “chooney” was...


Big Kids: Who’s Your Kid's Favourite Parent?

Isolation rules are beginning to relax in different parts of Australia, but are you going to get separation anxiety once it’s all over? And even though you don’t want to admit it… you most likely have a favourite child. But have you ever wondered if your child has a favourite parent? Daddo asked his kids the same question, and his advice is... “Don’t ask them.” Plus Holly is super confused about the new school rules, but what she ISN’T confused about, is wanting the kids to go back! LINK:...


Little Kids: The Truth About Having A Favourite Child

With Maternal Mental Health Month just around the corner, Leigh and Tegan open up about their own post baby mental health experiences. And do you remember what life was like before kids? The girls do. Number one on their list was *drum roll please*... having a hangover! Plus Tegan admits to having a favourite child, and it’s not always the same one every time. She likes to change it up depending on whether they’re acting up or not. CREDITS Hosts:Leigh Campbell & Tegan Natoli Producer: Pariya...


Big Kids: Is It Time To Close The Home School Yet?

WARNING! Yelling at the kids can result in physical injury… to yourself. Don’t believe us? Just ask Holly and her broken finger. Yes, it’s definitely time for the kids to go back to school. And people all over the world are starting to name their kids in tribute to the pandemic. Quaran-Tina, anyone? Plus Daddo’s actually settling into isolation. He’s even picked up a new skill. Bet you can’t guess what it is. No, you literally won’t be able to guess... It's catching slimy, grimy, sand worms!...


Little Kids: Let Mummy Have A Cry In The Car

How much better do you feel after a big, ugly cry? Our little humans shouldn’t get all the teary fun. Leigh and Tegan discuss the virtues of a big parent sob. Plus, how have your spending habits changed during COVID-19? Tegan had her mind blown after finding out how Australian people are changing how they spend their money while we’re all at home. While things like travel and gym have experienced a nose dive, things like online gambling and home improvement spending have skyrocketed. So how...


Big Kids: Daddo’s Mystery Isolation Poo Dogger

Ah, isolation with kids. It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times. There are moments of simple joy in togetherness and hours of frustrating meltdowns… This week Andrew and Holly explore the pluses and minuses of families stuck at home. For a start, Andrew gets to solve the mystery of who’s pooing on his lawn, and Holly’s son sometimes abandons the iPad to make a paper plane. But some parents are absolutely nailing it, like the Mum who let her eight-year-old dress her for a week....


Little Kids: Isolation Is No Time For ‘Mum Guilt’

Feeling “mum guilt” for wanting to be away from the kids? Well, you’re not the only one. Leigh and Tegan open up about the struggles of being at home mums, something neither of them are used to. Plus, they both think they’ve dropped their parental standards during isolation, and they aren’t afraid to admit it! And Leigh’s WTF of the week was when she realised people fold their teeny tiny baby clothes.... which is the total opposite of what she does. CREDITS Hosts:Leigh Campbell & Tegan...


Big Kids: Isolation Holidays Don’t Have To Suck

From Easter egg expeditions to writing “books”, there’s a tonne of creative ideas that Holly and Andrew share on how to survive the inside blues. Plus after telling their kids off for the 100th time, Holly and her partner have run out of ways to discipline their kids, so what else is there to do but laugh, right? And Andrew thinks it's the perfect time to write a musical, an isolation musical to be precise. He gave us a little taste of what it would sound like, and trust us when we say you...


Your Incredible, Kid-Friendly Family Quiz

Looking for family distractions this long weekend? Holly and Andrew are here with a quiz. Make it adults against kids or pit the siblings against each other for a general knowledge round, a ‘guess the sound’ quiz and a whole lot of questions about chocolate. And make sure to tell us how you did! We always want to hear from you on the pod phone 02 8999 9386. CREDITS Hosts:Holly Wainwright & Andrew Daddo Producer: Pariya Taherzadeh CONTACT US Send us an email at Looking for...


Little Kids: Baby’s First Haircut Is An Isolation Trim

Easter isn’t going to be the same this year. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. In this week’s episode the girls come up with a couple of ideas to stretch out the Easter experience for the kids... more so for your own sanity than theirs. And Tegan’s husband is sick! Don’t worry, it’s not Corona, but now she’s stuck with three kids on the weekends, while hubby is child-free and chilling. Plus, how important is your littles one's first haircut? Leigh needs to give her 9 month old a snip,...