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Second Born Children Eat The Lead Paint

USE CODE 'GLORIOUS' FOR $20 OFF YOUR ORDER AT THE ICONIC (T&Cs apply) We tackle a dilemma from a listener whose mother-in-law doesn't seem to be bothered about getting her baby sick. And how does a public school maths teacher end up with 20 million views on YouTube? We speak to maths superstar Eddie Woo to find out. CONTACT US Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo Thanks to special guest Eddie Woo. Buy his new book, Woo's Wonderful World Of Maths. Share your nail or fail by...


Who Needs Grandma When There's Google

USE CODE 'GLORIOUS' FOR $20 OFF YOUR ORDER AT THE ICONIC (T&Cs apply) We all know everyday tasks take longer once we’ve had kids, but how much longer exactly? Plus, there's a 3.85 metre-wide bed for co-sleeping families and Andrew's excited. And former editor of Good Weekend Amelia Lester joins us to unpack millennials' changing attitudes toward breastfeeding. CHECK OUT AMELIA LESTER'S OTHER PODCAST, TELL ME IT'S GOING TO BE OK:...


‘Is Hell Real?’ And Other Unanswerable Questions

LISTEN TO MIA'S NO FILTER WITH LUCY PEACH How does your role as a parent change once you effectively have a third adult living under your roof? We’re speaking to psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg about the parenting tightrope that is raising a teenager. Plus, a listener dilemma from a mum whose daughter thinks she’s going to hell. Literally. And why do schools get so worked up when you pull your kids out mid-term for a holiday? CONTACT US Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew...


When Your Mother-In-Law Wants To Borrow Your Baby

WHERE TO DONATE YOUR SECOND-HAND BABY GEAR Once your kids have outgrown their high chairs and car seats, what can you do aside from selling them for a pittance on Gumtree, or leaving them out on the street for the universe to deal with? A Melbourne mum tells us how to donate them in a truly useful way. Plus, should we all stop worrying about swearing in front of our kids, and a dilemma from a listener whose mother-in-law has some strong thoughts about her unborn baby. READ MORE "I swear...


Triggered At Book Week

As Book Week begins, we tackle a dilemma from a listener who thinks her daughter's costume might be cultural appropriation. Plus, Australia's greatest children's book author Andy Griffiths ('The Day My Bum Went Psycho', 'Zombie Bums From Uranus') shares why he writes such wacky fiction. And there's a new theme park where kids can... join the workforce? CHECK OUT OUR SEALED SECTION PODCAST (make sure the kiddies are in bed). CONTACT US Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew...


Out Of The Tractor, Off To School

What did your 10-year-old do before school this morning? For Trish Scott's daughters, the day starts at 4am and driving a ute through the pre-dawn, desperately trying to keep the family farm going in the worst drought for decades. It's the conversation that will make you want to help. Plus, a dilemma from a listener whose parents feel entitled to drop-in on her and her husband unannounced. And what exactly is the 'Hot Water Challenge'? DONATE TO OUR AUSSIE FARMERS. CHECK OUT BEC...


Bad Smells From The Back Seat

There's a new nappy-related product that new parents need to get their hands on (literally) at once. Plus, is it alright to ramp up the prices of formal tickets to profit off your schoolmates And we speak to a family of five who packed their lives into a suitcase and are travelling from country-to-country with no plans to return. LISTEN TO MIA FREEDMAN INTERVIEW PEGGY ORENSTEIN ON HOOKUP CULTURE AND OUR DAUGHTER'S. CONTACT US Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo. We want...


There's Charred Kale In The Party Bag

A popular birthday party venue has gone sugar-free with their party packages. Is it better that our kids are running around without such a sugar high, or is there something a little bit special about the classic fairy bread and jaffa balls? Plus, one of the world's greatest athletes is beating herself up about missing a major milestone. And is there any way to justify public-shaming as an acceptable way to make your kid step in line? LISTEN TO MIA FREEDMAN INTERVIEW DADDO. CONTACT...


We Really Need Some Boundaries

You'd be hard-pressed to find a kid not glued to a device at the moment. So we speak to a psychologist about how to negotiate it out of their sticky little fingers, and put in place some boundaries. Plus, are you disadvantaging your child if you don't get them a tutor? And what's the first thing you should do if you turn around and your toddler's disappeared while you're out and about? Check out our podcast for NEW parents, Year One. READ MORE What to do if your child goes missing Does...


What's Gran Doing In The Delivery Room?

A website released the Top 20 phrases that annoy Dads so Holly puts a few to the test on Andrew. Plus, we're speaking to former psychologist Steve Biddulph about why he's chosen to update his groundbreaking book, Raising Boys. And what happens when a nosey mother-in-law insists on being in the delivery suite during birth? CONTACT US Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo. Thank you to special guest Steve Biddulph. Buy the updated edition of his book Raising Boys at...


Get Your Paws Off My Belly

One of our listeners is pregnant and concerned about a mother-in-law who has very little respect for personal space. So naturally Andrew and Holly come up with a plan of action. Plus, we speak to a school teacher about the 'school refuser' phenomenon and why these kids are different from those who just chuck the occasional sickie. And how do you figure out when it's the right time to bring a furry friend into the family home? CONTACT US Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew...


Shazam The Baby

We take a peek behind the closed doors of a 'dads only' playgroup with founder, Leigh Whitten. Plus, there's a new app taking the guesswork out of what it is our babies really want when they're wailing. We give it a road test to see what all the fuss is about. And (unsurprisingly) Gen Y parents have tipped themselves as more 'fun' than Gen Xers or Baby Boomers. So, we invited one into the studio to see if it's true. CONTACT US Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo. With...


One In Business Class, All In Business Class

If you've saved up for a flight up the pointy end of the plane, chances are you don't have the cash to splash on a First Class seat for your nine-year-old. So is it okay to let them wing it in Economy solo? Plus, what's a childcare worker to do if your child starts asking awkward questions? And we speak to Author Rebecca Sparrow about why she wants her daughter to fail at netball trials. MORE Check out Bec's podcast Ask Me Anything, where she answers anonymous questions from tween...


Phones Down Kids, We're Going To A Music Festival

If your kids are running wild at the minute and you need them out of the house, we've got just the fix: an under 12's music festival. Plus, are pram spots sacred? And would you call out a parent who pulls up in one without a pram? And what on Earth does it mean to be a 'bogan mum'... READ MORE "I was parking in a pram spot and what I saw left me annoyed..." CONTACT US Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo. With special thank to Meshel Laurie. You can buy Meshel's books at...


There's A Man-Child In The Basement

It might seem far, far away, but don't pretend you haven't thought about it when they're driving you nuts... what age should your beloved baby be kicked out of the nest? We talk to a still-at-home adult to find out. Also, a school teacher asked her primary students to write about something they wished had never been invented, and one particular answer has us sniffling away guilty tears. Plus, is it standard for mothers and daughters to bond over leg-waxing now? Whatever happened to...


My Kid Pushed Yours And Now I'm In Prison

A new law threatening jail time has us debating whether or not parents should be locked up for their kids' bad behaviour. Plus, we speak to an expert about just how parents know when their kid is ready for school. And also... what do you do when your "racist uncle" gives your kid an inappropriate present? READ MORE What's the best age to start school? We ask an expert. CONTACT US Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo. With special thanks to Educator Karen Seinor. Buy any...


'Birth Feels Great' And Other Lies

What if birth wasn't painful but actually intensely pleasurable? We're speaking to a woman who specialises in orgasmic birthing... but is it too good to be true? Plus, a well-known book series every parent reads to their children has been labelled 'sexist'. And we spitball some ideas about how to get your teen home and in bed before midnight. READ MORE "The birth of my fourth child was like a g-spot orgasm." CONTACT US Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo. With special...


My Nappy, My Choice

A parenting expert's caused a fuss by saying we should be asking our babies for consent before changing their nappies. Some parents are angry, but Holly's on board with the idea. Plus, is asking party guests to give your toddlers cash in lieu of a gift uncool or genius? And we speak to psychologist Jocelyn Brewer about how to deal with video-game-obsessed tweens. READ MORE The question parents should ask before changing their baby's nappy Psychologist Jocelyn Brewer, on Digital...


Just Make A Thank You Video And Go To Bed

We're calling on TV presenter and pregnancy guru Rebecca Judd to help tackle a tricky question from a listener who isn’t a parent at all. Plus the sci-fi character with a cult following, Doctor Who, is being played by a woman for the very first time. It’s a win for feminism, but parents of young boys aren’t happy. And how much effort do you really need to put into the obligatory 'thanking' post-birthday party? READ MORE Send Thank You Videos After Your Kids Birthday Party CONTACT...


You've Never Heard A Birth Story Like This

You might’ve heard this week about the woman who delivered her own baby in a hotel room with nothing but YouTube videos. We get the low-down on what it was like first-hand. And teaching your kids about sex is a well-documented part of parenthood. But talking to them about body odour, not so much. Is there a ‘right’ way to tell your tween it’s about time they start wearing deodorant? Plus, has your child ever threatened to run away? Did they make it to Bali MORE... Tia describes her own...