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You're listening to This Is Our Life podcast. A story of our family adventures over 20 years in the making. The highs and the lows and everything in between.

You're listening to This Is Our Life podcast. A story of our family adventures over 20 years in the making. The highs and the lows and everything in between.
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You're listening to This Is Our Life podcast. A story of our family adventures over 20 years in the making. The highs and the lows and everything in between.






Foraging for nuts

Like most episodes, this is just Rachelle and I talking about whatever comes to mind. I believe I was a hipster before it was a thing growing up in small town Illinois. Of course, Canadian politics, weather, and driving places with our kids.


Getting mad about hummus

Rachelle and I discover a breakthrough while talking about the hummus issue.


Pop Culture & Parenting

Rachelle keeps me up to date in what is happening in pop culture, especially the relationships among the royals. While sitting at a funeral of a young father, I reflected on what is most important in being a father. Rachelle tries to paint me as a technology nerd, but we clear that up. Yet, we do discuss how people change in marriage.


The odds of being 7 feet tall

I don't know if you can believe everything you read on the internet, but read some crazy stats. Carter is on a fast track to reach 7 feet tall. How we are going to be the start of our family digitally. We don't have too many videos and barely any pictures of our grandparents, but our great great grandkids will be able to watch the videos of our daily lives. We might want to rethink what we are capturing digitally for our grandkids in 50 years from now.


Why can't everywhere be like Hawaii

Even with scandals in politics, Canadian politics are still boring. The weather continues with it's Mar's like conditions here in Saskatoon. But we did go to Calgary and Edmonton (both in Alberta) for some basketball and good eating. And like most conversations, we land on why Hawaii is so special.


The kids become USA citizens

Like every episode, we complain about the weather. But when it is - 50 outside, you have a right to complain. The kids are finally getting the paper work completed for USA citizenship. As well we question the validity of my Canadian citizenship.


I'm a 3, she's a 2: Enneagram episode

We talk about what numbers we are according to the personality type Enneagram. We also find it interesting what our kids would do with a lot of money and makes sense according to their own Enneagram numbers. Also, I now have something in common with Ariana Granda. Like always, we talk about Japan again and say something inappropriate about my dad.


When you are too old to say LIT

What happens when the weather takes a turn for the worse and hits 40 below 0. Somehow we end up talking about my issues again before we debate words we shouldn't be saying.


Focused for 2019

After a family road trip to Disneyland, we are back home and ready for 2019. Like many others, time to move on and leave a lot of stuff behind from 2018.


My heart stopped one time: Episode 40

Rachelle’s feelings on Seinfeld New pyjamas Kid’s Christmas program Planting a church with ARC Negative comments on YouTube Why people are mean online Building bikes at age 7 Breaking bones and losing teeth My heart stopped one time Rachelle getting really mad at me Learning how to compromise as a couple How men and women are different Same goal in marriage


Controversial views on Elf on the Shelf: Episode 39

Getting sick at Christmas time Loving the new neighbourhood Cleaning up after the kids Controversial views on lip fillers and fake eyelashes Offensive attitude toward Elf on the Shelf When inappropriateness is acceptable What to buy each other for Christmas Big Christmas surprise coming for the kids Starting the VLOG back up (December 25) People watching you all the time Does voting really matter Next podcast: do unions matter in Canada


Unfollowing family members: Episode 38

Why all tea taste the same Data free cell phones People that don’t respond to text messages Social media the same as alcohol Unfollowing family members Value of knowing about Turkey (the country) Why Americans don’t learn about Canada The War of 1812 debate Distracted driving in Saskatoon Doing the dishes arrangement Staying married until I die


When is the right time for Christmas music: Episode 37

Rachelle’s feelings on southern accents Picture perfect mothers Travelling to Ottawa Christmas tree strategy When does Christmas start Changing Canadian holidays Canadian politics Being fancy on instagram Problem of being a people pleaser Being awkward Falling down the stairs (again) Hardest season for parents


The problem of Canadian artists: Episode 36

Hallmark Christmas moviesRealistic romanceCanadian national basketball assessmentsPlant based restaurant Kanu in Edmonton, AlbertaProblem with artistBigger problem with Canadian artistExposure in basketballPrep academy Hockey Culture in SaskatoonBeing awkward at 14Changing my perspective on Way-Mart


Why Rachelle can’t die: Episode 35

Is drinking tea an old person thing? Winter has hit SaskatoonNew neighbours from TurkeyAlmost killed a kid (nut allergy) Basketball coaches stretching the truthBeing an immigrant of CanadaBeing slightly disappointed with my cultureMaking friends while selling on the marketplaceProblem of giving kids 8th place trophiesGetting picked last in elementary schoolBra shoppingWhy Rachelle can’t die (pony tails & sport bras)DisneyplusAdvertising on the podcastOur favourite listenersOur favourite kids


Awkward Conversations: Episode 34

Rachelle wants to podcast without a list of topics again. Our kids go out trick and treating, but don’t get to eat any candy. We talk about the one thing that makes me nervous which leads to how Rachelle and I are different when it comes to pain medication. This leads to growth and a compromise. We stick to our principles when it comes to change as we switch schools again for most of the kids. We chat again about regret and why it helps us not make decisions to try things even if it might be...


Fear of being stabbed: Episode 33

Am I going to get stabbed Excitement of sharpening kitchen knives Selling more of Rachelle’s things on Facebook marketplace Girls vs boys basketball Stock market analysis One Saskatoon house I wouldn’t mind owning Becoming an inventor Giving away a gift card - our first winner Rachelle being unprofessional Rob being awkward The AirBnB of … Trying to get another guest on the show


What happens when Rachelle calls me boring: Episode 32

Our second time in Winnipeg and we still don’t like the city Worse city in Canada to drive in Upcoming trip in Ottawa Geography lessons for Americans Our good looking prime minister Pot is now legal in Canada Tormenting our kids MC Hammer Calling into the radio station The podcast’s first give away Saying nice things to people before they die Rachelle finds me boring right now A new podcast that we love Gimlet Media Without Fail Our failures How we are better than a great podcast


Don't peak too early: Episode 31

What Rachelle can’t stand What went wrong on the last podcast We debate lists (bullet points) again Body pains when you turn 40 All the things we did before we had kids Don’t want to peak too early Popular high school kids Walking with old people Why do we exaggerate Decisions made while roofing How much do we need math anyway All the guys that wanted to date Rachelle Motivational moment


Canadian Thanksgiving Special: Episode 30

Canadian Thanksgiving Special Canadian vs. USA Thanksgiving I might be colour blind Why do men remarry so fast Figuring out Rachelle’s life Famous jam sessions Are we doing the same thing and expect different results How does the church need to change Would Jesus be on Twitter Partnering together with churches Optimistic or unrealistic Rachelle talks about my major issues (again) Being my mom’s favourite kid Fargo Chipotle employees