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Moms know a lot of things, and when we start talking, ideas form, energy builds, and we take action. This Mom Knows is a place for moms to mompreneurs to find encouragement, connection, and maybe even collaboration but most importantly community with moms who know. So, grab a cup of coffee, maybe a paper and pencil to jot down an idea or two, and let's discover what This Mom Knows.


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Moms know a lot of things, and when we start talking, ideas form, energy builds, and we take action. This Mom Knows is a place for moms to mompreneurs to find encouragement, connection, and maybe even collaboration but most importantly community with moms who know. So, grab a cup of coffee, maybe a paper and pencil to jot down an idea or two, and let's discover what This Mom Knows.




Heather Greco on More Than a Mom

Heather Greco hails from Texas, is mom of 3, and as the founder of Chaos 'n Cookies an entrepreneur and a podcaster. Keeping moms from crumbling is her main objective. Through her example and experience, she shows how managing your time wisely, delegating tasks, creating systems at home, and seeking support from others, can help any mom find success as an entrepreneur while still balancing family life. With over 10 years as a director of marketing helping build multiple six and seven figure...


Christine Fisher on Seeing God in the Ordinary

In the midst of busy, fast-paced lives, how do we find God in the ordinary things? Christine Fisher, author of 3 books, is known for looking for God in the mundane things of the everyday. Christine appreciates everything around her that she keeps her eyes and heart open to see God and His goodness in everything even in the simplest things and actions. Listen as she shares to us how she sees, lives and shares God’s love and presence in her life, surroundings, her family and in the community...


Anastasia Corbin on Becoming an Intentional Family

What would it look like for you to be intentional as a mom and family? Anastasia Corbin wrote the book on it! She's the author of Becoming an Intentional Family and co-author of When the Bases are Loaded: Encouragement for Moms to Hit a Grand Slam in Life. Join us as we talk about becoming an intentional family and how intentionality is a cornerstone in building confidence in your kids. Meet Anastasia Anastasia Corbin is an encourager, and she loves Jesus. Anastasia manages her home and...


Janell Rottier on Being the Solution to the Problem

"One of the reasons that I'm doing this now while my kids are at home is so that when they're grown and off to college, I will still have a meaningful purpose." Janelle Rottier is the executive director of a nonprofit called ANew Ministries. In this episode, she shares this idea that you're more than a mom -- you're a person created with a purpose. She will also talk about how she ‘accidentally’ found herself in ministry work, and what motivated and inspired her to help teen moms. TOPICS...


Whitney Chaffin on Profit, Passion, and Second Chances

Whitney Chaffin, is a powerhouse real estate expert, who has learned how to use her passions to generate profit so she can give others a second chance at a meaningful life. MEET OUR GUEST Whitney, originally from Ohio and now a resident of South Florida, is a real estate expert who speaks and teaches people across the country how to invest in real estate. Having experienced personal challenges and loss, she turned to volunteering and discovered the joy of helping others succeed. Today, she...


Giving is More Than a Gift: An Encore Episode

In this podcast episode, Carolyn Dun discusses her simple approach to generosity and how it has made a deep impact. Carolyn Dun is a connector extraordinaire and saw a gap between small, locally focused nonprofits and the abundance of resources in the communities around her. She founded Community Purse, a giving circle that has donated nearly half a million dollars to community organizations. In this episode we talk about the benefits of generosity, both for the individual and for the...


Emily Guy Birken: Simple Money

Do you have a financial decision you've been avoiding? Perhaps you have debt you need a strategy for eliminating or simply want resources on helping your kids manage their allowance. Today my guest is Emily Guy Birken. She is a finance expert, author, coach and speaker. In this episode we talk about helping people understand that a lot of the stress and pressure we feel about money is unnecessary, how she handles being a stay home parent at the same time being a mompreneur who's had...


Kelley Higney on The Bug Bite Thing

When Kelley moved to South Florida to learn the family business, she had no idea that solving the problem of her daughter severe reaction to mosquito bites would lead her into an even bigger business. Kelley found a suction tool solution and has branded it and now sells it worldwide as a simple, chemical free way to reduce the impact of summers biggest pain - bug bites. The Bug Bite Thing was seen on Shark Tank where Kelley was given offers from all 5 sharks! Join us as we talk about her...


Claire McGarry on The Tension Between Doing and Being

"Do more for your family" and "Be present in the moment" are conflicting messages that moms hear everyday. You may have heard it described as being a Mary or a Martha. Claire McGarry felt that tension and began to look deeper at that Bible story about those famous sisters. Along the way she discovered a gift from that story. In this episode Claire shares her G-I-F-T method. It's a process where we G-Gauge what our stress is, I-Invite it in, F-Filter through it with God's loving eyes and...


Jenn Collins on Mama Needs Self-Care

Self-care. We know we need it, but we don't always know how to do it in a way that doesn't feel selfish. Jenn Collins from Mama Needs Box joins us to help us solve that problem and make it a natural part of our mom life. Download your copy of How to Organize Anything in Your Mompreneur Life: Show notes: FB: IG: #mompreneur...


Mary Snyder on Taking Your Message to the Stage

You know things. Maybe it's a life experience that shaped you, a topic you have a lot of experience with, or a situation you want to help people avoid. You have a message to share! Mary Snyder is all about helping women take the message they have in their heart and turn it into a speaking career. Listen in as she talks about the importance of your message. Recipe for a Perfect System: Shownotes: FB:...


Heather Jonsson on Jesus On Your Mom Team

Who's on your Mom Team? We have lots of conversations about how people, systems, and even gadgets can nicely fill spots, but we don't often talk about the most important member - Jesus. Heather Jonsson shares her experience of digging out of overwhelm and giving Jesus a leading role on her Mom Team. How to Organize Anything in Your Mompreneur Life: Shownotes: FB: IG:...


Andrea Sager on Why You Need to Protect Your Business

You're a mompreneur and your business is on it's way. But are your protecting your hard work? Andrea Sager from Legalpreneur joins us to share why every business needs to have the right protections in place. Sponsored by Podcast VA Association Recipe for a Perfect System: hownotes: FB: IG:...


Kim Caifano on Middle School Mompreneur

Remember when your kids were little and you and your kids got together with all the other moms and their kids? When you had support and community? And then they became middle schoolers, and you found yourself a little bit more on the fringes with less mom community. Kim Caifano from is with us today to talk about being a mom in these middle years as well as starting a business during and for the middle school years. Recipe for a Perfect System:...


Jenn Uren on Designing Your Workspace

Do you spend more time preparing to work or actually working? Today we talk about the key components that you need when designing your workspace. Recipe for a Perfect System: Shownotes: FB: IG:


Riley Whitson on Plan to Eat (or the Solution to All Your Dinner Woes)

It's 4:00 and you're about to hear those 4 dreaded words. "Mom, what's for dinner?" You panic wondering how it jumped from lunch just being done to dinner looming on the horizon. Sound familiar? It's an all too common scene that plays out for mompreneurs everywhere. Meal planning is one of the 3 key systems that will let you put your energy into more important things. And the meal planning app Plan to Eat is exactly what you need for a meal planning system that works for you! 45-Day Free...


10 Episodes You Loved This Year

We're celebrating and it's all thanks to you! Did you know most podcasts don't make it past 10 episodes? (True story!) But thanks to you, This Mom Knows is 1-year old! To celebrate we're highlighting your favorite episodes of this past year. Recipe for a Perfect System: Shownotes: FB: IG:


Kate Kordsmeier on Scaling Your Income (Without Burning Out)

Being a mompreneur means that we have to wear many hats. But just because we are responsible for something doesn't mean that we have to trade our time to get it done. Kate Kordsmeier is a mompreneur who understands the power of systems. In fact, she has leveraged systems so effectively, that a significant portion of her income is passive allowing her to invest her energy into the things that matter to her -- especially her growing family. Check out the conversation with Kate on This Mom...


Jenn Uren on What is a Mompreneur?

Mompreneur! We talk about it a lot here, but just who (or what) exactly is a mompreneur? Today we're clearing that up and defining the mompreneur. Recipe for a Perfect System: Shownotes: FB: IG:


Jenn Uren on 3 Essential Systems for Your Business

Sometimes as mompreneurs it feels easier to make things work better at home, but can be harder to know where to start on the business side. I believe there are 3 essential business systems when it comes to supporting growth. And like with any good system, making just one change is enough to move you forward enough that it begins to feel more manageable. Today's episode of This Mom Knows will tell you exactly what these are so you can decide where to start with supporting your business for...