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Women encouraging women to uniquely and universally serve Christ in their domestic churches.

Women encouraging women to uniquely and universally serve Christ in their domestic churches.
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Women encouraging women to uniquely and universally serve Christ in their domestic churches.




Episode 42: Mentorship/Discipleship - Thriving in the Trenches a Catholic Podcast

We are created for relationships: parents and children, siblings, best friends, spousal relationships, work place friendships, and neighborhood communities. We are fed and encouraged and supported through others. Christians refer to this beauty as the mystical Body of Christ; we are His hands and feet. Have you ever been intentional with another woman in matters of spiritual growth or just day to day life? Has another woman ever poured this life giving energy into you? Megan and Becky have...


Episode 41: Our Inheritance as a Daughter of God with Megan Hjelmstad - Thriving in the Trenches a Catholic Podcast

HAPPY EASTER FRIENDS! "See what love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are." -1John 3:1a Listener: "Hi! I just started listening to your podcast and am so excited to listen thru them all! I was wondering if you could have an episode about what it means to be a "daughter of God" or "child of God" and how you know that and recognize that yourself. This topic of defining myself and my value with just being a "child of God" - not my work, my...


Episode 40: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! - Thriving in the Trenches a Catholic Podcast

Thriving in the Trenches Podcast turns ONE!!! Megan and Becky end up spending the time laughing about the past year, the goof ups, the bloopers, and the behind the scenes unexpected fun. Looking back and also looking forward at all the growth and blessings that God has bestowed and will bestow upon us all; we are happy to share this journey with you in the trenches of life. Thank you so much for supporting and encouraging and listening this past year. Let us continue to pilgrimage together...


Episode 39: Sin - Thriving in the Trenches a Catholic Podcast

God loves us with a reckless love and He call us to be holy and to be perfect as the father in heaven is perfect. The commands are repeated in Scripture, old and new. How do we balance all these Truths? "Therefore, if any one is in Christ, he is a new creation;[a] the old has passed away, behold, the new has come. 18 All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation;" (2 Cor 5: 17-18a). Last week we shared about the Church's...


Episode 38: Confession and a Lenten Check In - Thriving in the Trenches Podcast

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just, and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (1Jn 1:9) This week Megan and Becky explore the beauty and necessity of the Sacrament of Healing we call, Confession. With a heavy emphasis on the Catechism, the gals discuss many of the reasons why we need the Sacrament while also sharing personal experiences and reader questions and comments. Reconciliation seems be one of the most misunderstood and the least sought out...


Episode 37: Christopher West – Part 2 - Thriving in the Trenches Podcast

This sin of objectification is truly hurting us all, men and women alike. Women have been taught they can use their body to manipulate others and men have been sold the lie that they are just naturally lustful and are hopeless to change. But, the Christ - centered, good news message St. John Paul II delivered during his Wednesday addresses tells us something very different. In Part 2 of our conversation with Christopher West, we go deeper into the meaning of Theology of the Body and how...


Episode 36: Christopher West – Part 1: The Cor of the Gospel - Thriving in the Trenches Podcast

So we know that you have likely heard about Theology of the Body through many sources, including us. You are also likely familiar with world renowned speaker, Christopher West. In this episode of our podcast, Christopher really just preaches the Gospel of Grace, Mercy, and Love. The Gospel of God's love for each and everyone of us. Our goal in this interview was to speak life into the soul of anyone listening and share in the hope that comes from the love of Abba Father. Our world has been...


Episode 35: Lenten Fasting - Thriving in the Trenches Podcast

"Think about not just the virtues that you will get for yourselves, but also the graces from fasting that will go into your home and family, your domestic churches. These graces will be there for your spouse and children. We are ultimately that vessel overflowing with God's Graces and blessings onto others. While we may grow in virtue, our loved ones benefit also." -Megan Schrieber With Lent fast (get what I did there??) approaching, Becky gives Megan a shot in the arm and a kick in the...


Episode 34: Lenten Lectio Divina with Sarah Christmyer - Thriving in the Trenches Podcast

Have you ever heard of this term, Lectio Divina, and wondered what in the world it meant? Have you ever thought you'd like to learn how to get into the Scriptures in a deeper way? God speaks to us through the Word of God and we are richly blessed in this country to have the freedom to have Bibles, read Bibles, live out our Catholic Christian faith, and to come together for times to worship and praise our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As a Catholic, we are steeped in the traditions of...


Episode 33: Graciously Defending Life - Thriving in the Trenches Podcast

"Compassion does not kill, compassion suffers alongside or along with." -Trent Horn On this installment of Thriving in the Trenches, we make some fun announcements to go along with a very informative and helpful conversation with Catholic Answers apologist, Trent Horn. Have you ever shied away from trying to defend your pro-life position because you were just not comfortable doing so? As important as this issue is in today's culture, we have an opportunity to grow in our knowledge and how...


Episode 32: Women Encouraging Others - Thriving in the Trenches Podcast

In today's episode, Megan and Becky continue to have the conversation about what it looks like to encourage one another but also what it actually feels like to be encouraged. They both share with the listeners how the Lord used other women to encourage each of them individually this past week. The power of this message has been well received and many other women are signing on to this movement of #womenencouragingwomen. By nature of the word encouragement, Megan and Becky also wanted to...


Episode 31: Season 3 is Here! - Thriving in the Trenches Podcast

In the Season 3 opener, Megan and Becky share about their Saints of the year and word of the year. They also share how the Lord is prompting them to switch up things and shift the focus of the podcast ever so slightly. Through plenty of laughter and Scripture, we are focusing on glorifying God, #womenencouragingwomen, and keeping in step with the Spirit. Happy New Year! Show Notes: Saints name generator by Jennifer Fulwiler Word of the year generator by...


Episode 30: Modesty, The Full Story – Damon Owens - Thriving in the Trenches Podcast

"Every virtue, every firm habit to do good is far more powerful than any vice that pulls us away from the true joy of God. Mercy is giving people more love than they deserve which is exactly what God does for us" -Damon Owens Episode 13 - Modesty As an Act of Charity with mom of 7 boys, Susan Husband, definitely stirred up some chatter on facebook when it released back in the Spring. Several comments really struck a chord with us in the way that stirred our hearts to keep the conversation...


Episode 29: LTC – Emily Stimpson Chapman - Thriving in the Trenches Podcast

This is the portion of the podcast where we follow up with what YOU, our listeners, have given us to talk about. We are following up on our conversation with Emily Stimpson Chapman from episode 28. We continue to talk about the female body imange and how really all issues must lead us back to the wonderful counselor, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Though some struggle with a negative view of their bodies, others may see how they can manipulate others with their beauty. We talk about...


Special Episode: In-Laws - Thriving in the Trenches Podcast

In-law jokes and in-law bashing seems to be en vogue among the married population. When Megan and Becky were asked to do an interview by best-selling author and speaker, Carrie Gress, about the role of in-laws in our lives, we realized how much this topic is not covered in the media and decided to do an extra podcast on the topic. With the holidays coming and more time with family, the topic seems even more timely. You can read the original article here and then listen to us expound on the...


Episode 28: The Feminine Body Image – Emily Stimpson Chapman - Thriving in the Trenches Podcast

Many of us are likely very familiar with this week's guest, but you may not know all of her story. Emily Stimpson Chapman shares with us how she went from being terrified to eat at all to one who throws the best of parties with the best of foods and the best of beverages. Emily's view on the role and nature of woman, whether single or married, is so beautifully woven through the truths our Church teaches. If you have not checked out her new book, The Catholic Table, we suggest you do! So...


Episode 27: LTC – The Church - Thriving in the Trenches Podcast

"The Lord says to Peter: ‘I say to you,’ He says, ‘that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church’…On him He builds the Church, and to him He gives the command to feed the sheep; and although He assigns a like power to all the Apostles, yet He founded a single chair, and He established by His own authority a source and an intrinsic reason for that unity. Indeed, the others were that also which Peter was; but a primacy is given to Peter, whereby it is made clear that there is...


Episode 26: The Church – Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers - Thriving in the Trenches Podcast

Why is the Catholic Church who She says She is? When Paul wrote to Timothy in Chapter 3 of 1 Timothy, why did he tell him that "the church" was the pillar and foundation of truth and it would tell how one ought to behave in the household of God? Who is this church? Who leads it? Who protects the teachings? How can we trust it? On the 500th anniversary of the protestant revolution, we knew Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers was the man for the job to answer these questions. As Catholic women...


Episode 25: LTC – Healing the Father Wound with Candice Ruttner-Duryear - Thriving in the Trenches Podcast

This is our final episode of peeling back the onion of the father wound. If you've listened to the previous episodes, a father wound can really relate to any wound from many different types of trauma. Since this is the Lead the Conversation piece of our podcast series, this is where we address questions and comments from our treasured listeners. And because neither Megan nor Becky are licensed professionals, they decided to bring in a little bit of back-up. Well, alot of back-up. Candice...


Episode 24: Healing the Father Wound – Sonja Corbitt - Thriving in the Trenches Podcast

Last week we introduced you all to the topic of what is called a father wound. John Finch talked about this father effect and shared how his absent father caused a wound that led to very unhealthy coping mechanisms. This week, we are so thankful to have Sonja Corbitt with us to start the journey of healing the father wound. Sonja is currently running a radio series (also available via podcast) about healing the father wound. Ladies, this part of the conversation is what will help us to...


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