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Women encouraging women to uniquely and universally serve Christ in their domestic churches.

Women encouraging women to uniquely and universally serve Christ in their domestic churches.
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Women encouraging women to uniquely and universally serve Christ in their domestic churches.




The Heart of Perfection with Colleen Campbell EP063

Do you ever feel like you are never good enough? You strive and strive. You make the tough choices. You practice virtue but can't find the joy of obedience you have been promised? What have we been missing all along? I have got a podcast for you! Sometimes there are books that just pierce the heart. Sometimes there are authors that instantly connect to readers. For myself, this is the book and this is the author. I could not wait to interview Colleen and dig, all the more, into what it...


Season 6 is Here with Leah Darrow EP062

We are starting this new season off with the fire of evangelization. Leah is a lover of Jesus and has a gift and a love for sharing the truths of our Catholic faith. With God's grace, that sure is a powerful combination. Leah also shares with us how you can get involved with her Lux U community (which is open for a limited time this month for new registrants). After this episode, you may just feel compelled to go out and share the good news! GUEST – Leah Darrow, a former...


Closing Our Homeschool: What God Taught Me this Past Year Ep061

I love homeschooling. I have been so thankful for all the years we had together, as a family, in that particular way. We had many successes and also many bumps along the way. It was such a blessing until it wasn't anymore. Our family needed to close up shop and pursue other avenues of education. In this episode, I am NOT preaching school choice -- that choice is a specific privilege for each family. Rather, I do share that what God has shown me, how he has consoled me, and the ways he has...


Living The Vows: The Vows Project Ministry - Ep060

Download "Why does The Vows Project exist? Because marriage matters. Your marriage matters. The world needs your marriage to thrive, and yet it often feels like the world is stacked against marriage, against lasting fidelity, and against authentic happiness." On this episode, we talk many things marriage during an interview with Cassie Kent and Megan Hjelmstad, two of the founders of The Vows Project. Please consider financially supporting the...


God Is Always There Waiting: Guest Kellie Sheehan, Ep059

Download A story of many loves, yet only one love that would finally fill this woman's heart after her father's death. When Kellie Sheehan moved across the country to work at the New York City Ballet, she found herself wandering and unknowingly looking for God's love while on the wrong path. This is a love story of a woman, pursued by her Heavenly Father. A Heavenly Mother, a twin sister, and an earthly mother that all persevered in love and prayer - until this prodigal daughter found her...


Struggling on to Freedom with Virtue - Guest Susan Husband Ep058

Download This week I welcome back previous guest, Susan Husband-wife, mom of seven boys, and a woman after God's own heart. Susan's conversation does focus on training up children in virtue, but all that we speak of is applicable to all of us as we struggle on to freedom in Christ through the virtues that God graces us with. Take a listen, share with a friend, and let us persevere as we carry our crosses in life and finish out this Lenten season. Come on Easter! Please consider...


Kessie Thomas of the Abide Conference Ep057

God has created in each one of us uniqueness and beauty that reflects his goodness and calling -- our creator's fingerprint on our souls. From a young age, Kessie Thomas was gathering people into communities with the purpose to grow others in faith. Hear how this south Louisiana woman said, "yes", gathered other willing co-founders, and allowed God to grow it all into a women's conference that reached the hearts of 700 women. Please consider financially supporting this...


Relaunch: Time to Arise TNT056

Welcome Back! Host, Becky Carter, relaunches the podcast by sharing how God led her back to the microphone and how she plans to continue on with the original mission of encouraging women to serve Christ in their feminine vocation. Check out the new look and the new sound!


Episode 55: Discussing Tough Moral Issues with Leila Miller

Do you wrestle with the hot topic issues in our culture? Do have a hard time wrapping your own mind around them? Are you looking for ways to start having these conversations with your children of any age? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is an episode we hope you will find very helpful. Leila Miller, our guest, considers this day and time an age of unreason. Far too many issues of the day are looked at and judged using human feelings in the name of mercy. We need to use...


Episode 54: How Parenting Brings Us Closer to God with Lindsay Schlegel

Becoming a parent typically takes one on a bit of a roller coaster ride. This journey of being a parent has many ups and downs and even some sharp turns and stomach losing drops that can really take us off guard. Motherhood has brought innumerable lessons to many of us including a few surprising twists. Raising our children is not just about them growing in faith but also our sanctification. Lindsay Schlegel shares some of the points from her new book that have begun to shape her as a mother...


Episode 53: Good Enough Is Good Enough with Colleen Duggan

Do you ever wonder why you are so quick to anger? Do you ever stop and listen to what you are telling yourself in the way of self-talk? Colleen Duggan, wife and mother of 6, shares with all of us how she has worked to overcome this notion that she is supposed to be perfect, have a perfect spouse, perfect children, and be in control of everything in her life. Our life journey is our calling to walk out this path of sanctification while realizing that God loves us right where we are and that...


Episode 52: The Sexual Revolution Movie with Alana Newman

Living the lifestyle of an Atheist for many years on the west coast, then moving to New York and meeting a few joyfully married Catholics, Alana and her husband fell head over heels for the Catholic faith. The Catholic teachings on the human person, specifically, NFP, was a powerful driving force in their conversion. As a donor-conceived child, Alana knows first hand the implications of third-party reproduction. Through this episode, Alana shares more about The Sexual Revolution Movie, the...


Episode 51: Summer Series: Heather Khym of the Abiding Together Podcast

We ladies at Thriving in the Trenches love to be able to inspire and encourage others in their Catholic faith. But even as much as we love to encourage others, we always appreciate being encouraged ourselves. The ladies over at the Abiding Together Podcast are a faithful Catholic voice full of encouragement and wisdom for all of us in the trenches. On this week’s episode we get to interview one of the three hosts, Heather Khym. It was such an uplifting conversation hearing the way the Lord...


Reparation. I Just Can’t – A Special Episode

We have gone through many emotions, likely similar to many of you. In this episode, we just want to connect with you and share with you what has been on our hearts and in our minds during this most horrific time in our Church. This is by far not an exhaustive expression of our feelings, but we wanted to answer those who had reached out to hear from us. Maybe, hopefully, we can also share some words of encouragement during these very difficult times through this episode. Lord Jesus Christ,...


Episode 50: Unprotected – The Untold Story of the Sexual Revolution with Don Johnson

Don Johnson, our guest for our 50th episode of the podcast, also coincides with the month of the 50th anniversary of the culture – shocking papal encyclical titled, Humanae Vitae. This Catholic convert, author, and filmaker sees his calling to evangelize as a gift but also admits the struggle to always walk in faith. Don not only shares pieces of his conversion story with us but he also takes us behind the scenes of the film which further exposes the lies behind the sexual revolution,...


Episode 49: Summer Series with Kristine Franklin of the Hello and Welcome Podcast

We are continuing our fun summer series with a fellow podcaster, Kristine Franklin of the Hello and Welcome Podcast. We had a most delightful time with this brilliant storyteller who is full of wit, wisdom, and a wealth of knowledge. Kristine is a woman after God’s own heart and she not only shares her journey to Catholicism but also shares about her 20 plus years in Catholic media ministry. You don’t want to miss this episode. #womenencouragingwomen Please consider financially...


Episode 48: Summer Series with Noelle Mering

Please consider supporting our Podcast One thing we have come to love to do around here is get to know other women that have a postive online presence and/or are also giving of their time and talents for a Catholic ministry focused on encouraging women. This week we get to do just that with a lighthearted conversation with Noelle Mering. Noelle is a wife and mother, writer, and editor/social media manager for Helena Daily. Noelle shares her journey of faith to this point in her life. We...


Episode 47: Humanae Vitae with Mallory Smyth

“Humanae Vitae made me embrace the Church again”. These words spoken by our guest, Mallory Smyth of ENDOW, are both gripping and also echo the hearts of many women whose hearts have been touched by the profound words of Pope Paul VI in Humanae Vitae. Fifty years ago, July 25, The Church and the world received this church document and the words are just as important today: “The transmission of human life is a most serious role in which married people collaborate freely and responsibly with...


Episode 46: Evangelization Through Geo-Location with Catholic Connect

Want to be inspired by the younger generation of Catholics? Would you like to be encouraged in your own journey and how you can connect with other Catholics in your own neck of the woods? This type of evangelization is far beyond what social media platforms can do. Richy Orozco of Catholic Connect has embarked on this remarkable journey of taking online connections and making them happen in real life. His passion to build community within our local communities is a huge task but he is using...


Episode 45: Unbound Ministries – Matt Lozano

Happy Mother’s Day to all those who have built up and nurtured others as either physical mothers or spiritual mothers. On the heels of our 2 episodes about the occult and New Age, we decided that it was a good idea to go ahead and release this episode a week early. (We may take the whole month of June off, haha :)) We heard from so many of you telling us how those previous episodes had helped you and are now looking for the next step. Of course, as we have said so many times, Confession is...