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Series 2: Episode 6 - On Personal Development

Sonja Lewis chats with rapid transformational therapist, nutritionist and lifestyle coach Robyn Spens about what personal development has to do with developing your full potential. More than meets the eye, Robyn confirms and points out that developing personal skills such as self-confidence can be the difference in coping and faltering in a difficult situation. Full of information on how to achieve your personal best, On Personal Development looks at the importance of nutrition, exercise,...


Series 2: Episode 5 – On Being A Teen Girl Now

In this exclusive episode, Sonja Lewis gets first-hand insight into what it is like to be a teen girl in today’s world. Special guests 15-year-old Divaina from Kent, an aspiring creator, and 16-year-old Leah from Hertfordshire, a budding barrister, give the inside scoop. Growing up is an exciting time with much to look forward to. Nonetheless, teen girls face endless challenges, too. Sonja and her guests have an honest and open discussion about how to find opportunities in the challenges....


Series 2: Episode 4 – On Dating Inside Out

Sonja Lewis catches up with relationship counsellor Cat Williams to talk about the complex topic of dating, as applicable today as it has ever been. Getting to the heart of the matter, the two have an uplifting and insightful conversation about the importance of avoiding fear based decisions and the significance of learning about yourself. Cat gives inside information on why uncertainty is okay and why bullying and abandoning responsibility are not. She offers hot tips on how to have loads...


Series 2: Episode 3 - Rising Above Odds

Rising Above Odds offers practical advice and tips on how to overcome insurmountable challenges. In an intriguing conversation with Sonja Lewis, entrepreneur and barrister Hannilee Fish shares her personal story of struggling with dyslexia and post-traumatic stress disorder and how she changed the course of her journey through engaging in sports and practicing mindfulness. A podcast for anyone who feels like the odds are stacked against them.


Series 2: Episode 2 - On Undiagnosed Mental Illness

With the sharp increase in self-harm and other mental health problems in the UK amongst teen girls, UIO: On Undiagnosed Mental Illness is a timely podcast. Sonja Lewis has an honest conversation with mental health campaigner and author Eleanor Segall on living with mental illness. Diagnosed with bi-polar disorder at age 16, Eleanor shares the ins and outs of her moving story, talks about the battle with stigmas, and offers encouragement and inspiration as well as expert advice to anyone...


Series 2: Episode 1 – Your Identity Inside Out

Questions about identity? What does gender, sexuality and all the rest have to do with who you really are? And what does identity have to do with sense of belonging? In the first podcast in the new UIO series, Sonja Lewis has a genuine conversation with co-founders of social enterprise, Sisterhood, to unravel the complex topic, identity. Rachita Saraogi and Rebecca Thomson talk from personal and professional experience, offering heartfelt advice and tips. A podcast for all anyone,...


Episode 12: Your Online Wellbeing Inside Out

In a special summer edition of UIO, Nicola Morgan, author of 100 books and authority on the adolescent brain, talks with Sonja Lewis about what the brain has to do with our obsession with smart phones and being online all the time. The author shares insight on why overdoing it might be breaking our concentration, robbing us of sleep and all the rest. But she doesn't leave it at that. She offers hot tips on how to put it all into perspective. A podcast for teens and adults alike.


Episode 11: Rocking Ur Teens 2018 Teen Girls Conference

Sonja Lewis covers the Rocking Ur Teens 2018 Teen Girls Conference, and captures the flavour of the event in this episode. Highlights include memorable moments with Capital Xtra's Remel London and spoken word poet, Sophia Thakur, as well as vox pops with several of the teen girl participants.


Episode 10: Peer Pressure Inside Out

In a candid interview with Sonja Lewis, Full Circle Author Natalie Savvides offers teenage girls and women tips on how to deal with peer pressure in their own space. From stressing the importance of self love to the expression of individuality, the author speaks from her own experience. The last in the 2017 pilot series, UIO: Peer Pressure Inside Out is a thought provoking and enjoyable aid for managing peer pressure.


Episode 9: Your Family Inside Out

Sonja Lewis chats with Helen Lewis of Literally PR about modern day family matters and why having good family ties matter most during the teen years. The two women explore why boundaries matter and how different generations can overcome communications barriers and related challenges. UIO: Your Family Inside out is a thought provoking aid for improving relationships between adults and teenagers in general.


Episode 8: On Sex and Sexuality

In this special episode of UIO, Sonja Lewis chats with Rachel Gardner, founder of the Romance Academy, an organisation that empowers adults to have significant conversations about relationships and sex with their young people to encourage better decision making about sex during the teenage years. As well as looking at the physical risks of pre-mature sex, the two women talk about its emotional aspect and offers advise to help teenage girls navigate life in a highly sexed culture. Also,...


Episode 7: Your Values Inside Out

Sonja Lewis chats with awarding winning coach and best-selling Amazon author Jenny Garrett about the importance of having a strong base of values to navigate the teenage years. The episode looks at self management and how to take ownerships for a better life, which often means bucking unhealthy trends, and also offers tips on how to communicate effectively with adults and peers, and how to to use social media positively. As mother of a teenage girl herself, Jenny offers her views on how...


Episode 6: Your Mind Inside Out

New York Psychoanalyst Dr Jane Goldberg and her 23-year-old daughter, Molly, who is training in the field, talk to Sonja Lewis about why open and honest communications is key to managing anxiety and depression. The pair point out that an emotional illness such as anxiety is not actually a feeling but a defence mechanism against facing feelings. Lots more tips for teenage girls on how to manage emotional upset right in the space that they are in and plenty of inside information for parents...


Episode 5: Your Hair Inside Out

Sonja Lewis chats with London hair stylist Joy Miller about hair--the long and the short of it. Co-owner of the iconic Junior Green Hair and Beauty Salon, Joy gives her take on what hair has to do with both physical and mental well-being. What does hair have to do with self-esteem, for example? Also, Joy challenges the good hair, bad hair theory and gives tips on how to keep hair healthy while enjoying the latest trends and styles, regardless of race, nationality or even hair texture. In...


Episode 4: Your Body Image Inside Out

Personal trainer Laura Miles shares her story with Sonja Lewis: how she tackled obesity and learned to embrace her body. Having started her journey some thirteen years ago, Laura reminisces on the importance of recognising the signs of having a negative body image, which can be dangerous, and also offers honest, sustainable tips on how to overcome for a happier, healthier body, beginning with changing perceptions. This episode, focusing on Body Image, covers a giant topic, not only for...


Episode 3: Your Skin Inside Out

Skin care goes far beneath the surface. Sonja Lewis and Jenny Hawkins, owner of The Skin Retreat in Fulham, London, talk about what lifestyle has to do with having healthier skin.


Episode 2: Your Body Inside Out

This episode talks about your body, specifically the importance of exercise and nutrition. Discover some remarkable facts about your growth and health as a teenage girl and how to make sense of it all with tips on the best foods to fuel your body. Also, find out how to keep your burgers and pizzas healthy. And have fun exercising, too.


Episode 1: Your Confidence Inside Out

Self-confidence and self-esteem are two of the most helpful and handy qualities that a teenage girl can have. And who better to talk about it than a confident successful business woman. Sonja Lewis chats with Cheryl Grace, one of Black Enterprise's 50 Most Powerful Business Women in 2017, on how to get self-confidence and how to use it to fuel self-esteem.