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WT 144: Managing Your Family’s Schedule

These days moms work more hours than ever and are usually the primary keepers of the family schedule. Grocery shopping, doctor's appointments, preparing dinner, driving carpool, buying birthday gifts, folding laundry and oh yeah, for many of us there's a little thing called work, too. We're often looking at our calendars and scratching our heads, wondering how we can control them instead of being controlled by them.


WT 142: Delighting in the Holidays

It’s our last episode of 2018 and this year we are doing something we have never done before. Wire Talk is taking some time off! We wanted to take the advice we are always giving moms, and take a break from our usual routine so we can spend the time in between Christmas and New Year's Day resting and enjoying our families. Enjoy this episode all about the holidays and we'll see you back here in 2019!


WT 141: Parenting With A Spouse Who Is Often Away

Being on the same page with your spouse is never simple, and when one spouse is frequently away from home, things get even more complicated. On Wire Talk today, Karen and Sunny answer questions about how to squash resentment, smooth out the re-entry process, and even get dinner on the table when you're flying solo.


WT 140: The Emotional World of Kids with special guest David Thomas

Maybe your teenage daughter suddenly bursts into tears at the drop of a hat or maybe your 9 year old son is constantly slamming the door over math homework. The variety of emotions our kids express in one afternoon can leave us confused and exhausted. David Thomas, one of our most popular break-out speakers at this year's Soar conference, joins Sunny today to address the questions so many of us have when it comes to our kids' emotional needs. We cover when to lean in and when to back off,...


WT 139: Surviving the Chaos of the Toddler Years

Meal times, temper tantrums, their constant desire for your undivided attention ... it seems we can't do enough episodes on how to survive the toddler years! Many of you are asking, how can I survive the chaos and maybe even enjoy a little bit of these fleeting years? Today, Sunny and Karen are addressing your questions and hopefully giving you hope that you CAN do this!


WT 138: Can You Help Me Navigate The Grandparents?

Just in time for the holidays! On today's episode we're answering your questions on how to handle those awkward, messy, and sometimes frustrating situations that occasionally (okay, maybe often) pop up with the grandparents. Karen and Sunny address boundaries, holiday travel and child care questions. So tune in on that long drive to see your family and we hope you feel ready to engage your family in a healthy way this year.


WT 137: Teen Mental Health & Suicide Risk Factors with special guest Debbie Causey

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among students today. As a society we are clearly in crisis, and as mothers, we are fighting on the front line in this battle. Today one of Karen's best friends, Debbie Causey, joins us to talk about her own journey as the mother of a child with mental health conditions. As a mental health professional, Debbie also shares her wisdom on warning signs we can be looking for and the steps we can take to fight for our children's lives. Even if you have...


WT 136: Help! My “Blue” Kid Is Making Me Melancholy

Organized, thoughtful, loyal, precise. Our "blue" kids will grow up to be incredible leaders one day. The only problem is ... today may not be that day. In this episode of Wire Talk, Karen and Sunny address questions from listeners all about the blue, or melancholy, temperament. From how to balance their need for quiet with your family's activities to addressing their mood swings without catering to them, this is one episode packed with practical advice for all you moms of little Eeyores!


WT 135: How Do I Teach My Kids Gratitude?

How many times have you coached your child to say, "thank you" during the younger years? While teaching a two year old to respond politely is one task, teaching a 14 year old to be grateful for opportunities and possessions is entirely another. On today's episode Sunny and Karen answer your questions about instilling gratitude in our children's hearts. Make sure you have your close-toed shoes on mommas, Karen may step on a few toes in this one!


WT133: What Do I Do About Mean Girls?

We may love to quote Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, but no one thinks it's funny when you encounter a mean girl in real life. On Wire Talk today Sunny and Karen answer your questions all about girl drama. From playdate peer pressure to the high school hierarchy, how do you equip your daughter to handle mean girls and the yuck that inevitably comes along with some female relationships? Whether your daughter is 3, 13 or 30, tune in to hear Karen's thoughts, and be encouraged that you can mother...


WT 132: Gaining Understanding of Our Greens

Peaceful, easy-going, conflict-avoiders ... however you describe them, to a parent who doesn't understand their motivations, 'green' kids can be a mystery. Today Karen and Sunny discuss teaching our greens to take responsibility for themselves when they are younger and how we can help them handle the pressures that come along with high school when they get older. Whether or not you have a green child, we think you'll learn something new when you tune in.


WT 131: Intimacy After Babies with special guest Dr. Mike Sytsma

Joining us today on Wire Talk is Dr. Mike Sytsma, a certified sex therapist and ordained minister who is passionate about helping couples find true intimacy in marriage.


WT 130: How Do I Create A Peaceful Home? [RE-AIR]

We often talk about bringing peace to the world, but what about bringing peace to your home? On the last of our month-long series of re-broadcast episodes today, Karen doles out advice on everything from creating a family routine and what do when the kids come to you with the dreaded, "I'm bored!" to how to handle differences between you and your spouse when it come to chores and household maintenance. As always, we hope you take away a nugget of practical advice that helps you maintain the...


WT 129: How Do I Re-Connect With My Spouse After Kids? [RE-AIR]

When children enter the picture, your life changes forever. Your sleep habits change, your diet is changed, your schedule is changed and the amount of laundry you do definitely changes. As your child grows, some of these areas in your life get back to normal, except for your laundry ... that continues to build! The addition of children changes your marriage too. So how do you balance life with children and your spouse? It's hard to do, and let’s be honest, sometimes our spouses are put on...


WT 127: How Do I Overcome Mommy Guilt? [RE-AIR]

Moms, the feelings of guilt are REAL. We feel guilty being late to get our kids at daycare and guilty for not staying late at the office. Guilty for taking them to Chick-fil-A for dinner and guilty that we DIDN'T take them to Chick-fil-A for dinner! That's why we love what Karen has to say about guilt and how we can shake free of what can feel like a constant burden to us as mothers. We hope this episode gives you a practical way to overcome your mommy guilt and leaves you encouraged!


WT 125: How Do I Handle My Sweet Little Liar?

Lying is one thing we never teach our kids how to do and yet somehow they figure it out all on their own. On today's episode Karen shares her thoughts on how to discipline when you're not sure which child is lying, what the difference is between tattling and confessing and how to encourage honesty between teenagers. Like what you heard? Visit www.birdsonawiremoms.com for more encouragement in your daily walk of motherhood.