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WT 116: Technology & Your Kids with special guest Tom Shefchunas

Today’s episode is really important moms and because we wanted to get it right, we called in an expert. Today Tom Shefchunas joins us in the Nest to talk about technology and our kids. We were incredibly grateful he could share his expertise with us and we look forward to hearing more from him as a break-out speaker at this year’s Soar conference!


WT 115: Honoring Dad with special guest Greg Stubbs

In honor of Father’s Day this weekend (hint hint ladies) on Wire Talk today we're answering your questions all about dad! Since we're not dads ourselves, we thought it made sense to bring in a real-life dad to offer up his thoughts, so Greg Stubbs joins Karen and Sunny in the studio today with his thoughts on everything from good Father's Day gifts and traveling for work to how we can communicate effectively with our husbands. Listen in for Greg's wisdom on fatherhood and so much more. If...


WT 107: Handling Conflict With Our Husbands

We are talking all about spouses and how we handle conflict with them today. No biggie right? We’ve got questions on everything from intimacy and discipline to finances. Don't miss the teaser Karen sneaks in about the new curriculum she and Greg are developing!


WT 106: Raising A Child With Special Needs with guest Kimber Burgess

Today we are speaking with Kimber Burgess, a friend of the show and incredible mom who has a child with special needs. We know many of you also have a child with special needs and we hope this conversation encourages you. But even if you don’t personally have a child with special needs, this episode is packed with incredible wisdom for you and ways you can encourage the families of children with special needs in your community. If a mom of a child with special needs comes to mind, share...


WT 105: Is There A Right Way To Be A Working Mom?

There's no "right" way to be a working mom and of course it's not 'wrong' to be a working mom! On today's episode Karen and Sunny take questions from moms about work, work-life balance and all the emotions that come along with navigating this part of life once kids enter the picture.


WT 103: Red, Yellow, Green or Blue? How to Parent the Kids God Gave You

Moms send in more questions about discipline than anything else, but right behind discipline…we get a lot of questions about how to parent according to your child’s personalities. In Episode 103 Karen and Sonny discuss how to parent the child God gave you.


WT 102: How Do I Discipline Well?

We are tackling some nitty gritty questions about discipline today on Wire Talk.


WT 101: Where Did All These Mom Emotions Come From?

Today we're talking about some mom emotions that have totally taken us by surprise. Karen gives practical advice for how to handle the less-than-pleasant mom emotions in your days.


WT 100: A Candid Interview Featuring All of Karen’s Kids

We are celebrating our 100th episode of Wire Talk today!! This podcast is one of our favorite parts of the Birds on a Wire ministry and we hope you enjoy today's special episode featuring ALL of Karen's children as guests.


WT 98: How Do We Get on the Same Page?

Being on the same page with your spouse all the time would be wonderful right? Today Karen tackles what to do when that's not the case and even gives some tips on getting on the same page as your in-laws. Listen in mommas!


WT 97: Navigating the Terrible Twos

Say what you mean and mean what you say, that is THE KEY to getting through the Terrible Twos. Be consistent and follow through moms.