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Changing the Course with Atara Twersky is for parents who desire kids who thrive in all kinds of circumstances.

Changing the Course with Atara Twersky is for parents who desire kids who thrive in all kinds of circumstances.


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Changing the Course with Atara Twersky is for parents who desire kids who thrive in all kinds of circumstances.




Mom, Attorney, and Change Maker Faith Fox, Discusses Discrimination in Schools After Her Son was Wrongfully Expelled

Recently featured in the NY Times, Faith Fox is an attorney and single mom who wasn't seeking the spotlight but became someone to reckon with when her son's 9th grade class introduced a book assignment that she felt was inappropriate, especially as he is one of only 2 black children in the classroom. Faith's son was a straight A student and rising basketball star but he was expelled nonetheless. Faith stood up for what she believed was right. What do we teach our children, when we punish...


NYC Mayor Campaign Manager Rick Fromberg talks about election results and more!

NYC Mayor Campaign Manager Rick Fromberg weighs in on our recent election. Rick has been a campaign manager for NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, Hillary Clinton, and others. He has been watching this election carefully and today he weighs on voter counting, voter turn-out and voter-fraud! Listen to this episode if you want to be up on the latest!


Olivia Troye, Former Coronavirus Task Force member Tells TRUTH about White House

Olivia Troye, is brave and honest and real. This former Member of the Corona Task Force and aide to Vice President Mike Pence details what it really felt like working at the White House, during these challenging times. As Mike Short, Chief of Staff to Mike Pence is diagnosed with Covid, Olivia recalls how mask wearing was frowned upon and how the culture of fear in the White House permeated. What led Olivia, a lifelong Republican and person who really cared about her job and the American...


Atara's son and daughter on going to school during Covid!

Do you want to know what in-person school is really like? From real kids? During Corona?!! Listen to Elie and Ari, 2 of my adorable children who are in middle and lower school in person! You will get the real scoop straight from those in the actual trenches! Elie and Ari discuss recess, wearing a mask all day and social distancing in the classroom! Whether your child is learning virtually or in person, you won't want to miss this one!!


Barry Shore: A former Quadriplegic with a story that will make you want to be your best self!

Barry is a serial entrepreneur, who started a movement that has Forbes and Oprah talking about! Find out more about this one-of-a-kind man on this week's Episode!


Nancy Stearns Bercaw- Author, journalist, 17x Olympic Trial Qualifier

Nancy Stearns Bercaw is a seventeen-time NCAA All-American athlete and was inducted into the University of South Florida's Athletic Hall of Fame in 2009. Her writing has appeared in publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Huffington Post, the Korea Herald, U.S. News & World Report, Abu Dhabi's Tempo magazine, and She is the author of Brain in a Jar: A Daughter's Journey through Her Father's Memory and a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living...


Jane Green, 17x NY Times Best selling author! And mom of six!

Jane Green is a NY Times Best selling author, mom of six and all around interesting person. She has been part of the ABC News Time, has had her own show on BBC Radio London and regularly appears on TV and radio. As if that wasn't enough, she is a graduate of the International Culinary Institute of New York , amateur decorator and passionate gardener. As a mom of SIX how does she find the time??? Find out in this week's Episode


Rabbi Marc Schneier Uniting communities around the World

Rabbi Marc Schneier is the founding Rabbi of one of the pre-eminent synagogues in the world. But he is not just a Rabbi. He is a visionary and a leader and he has dedicated his life to finding commonalities and healing divisiveness among the black and white community. Listen to this podcast and you will learn how one man with a vision can be instrumental in bringing about change. You wlll also hear about Marc's acting with Sara Jessica Parker, of Sex and the City, you won't want to miss this...


Angela Williamson- Meet the Real Rosa Parks, the woman who refused to move to the back of the bus.

Dr. Angela Williamson is a filmmaker, speaker, educator and author of the bestselling children's book, My Life with Rosie: A Bond Between Cousins, released on Juneteeth in celebration of the real woman behind the story everyone thinks they know. Dr. Angela is a woman with vision and heart which she brings full force to the work she does and the book she recently authored. Married to Rosa Parks cousin, Angela got an up close- look into the real woman who was at the heart of the segregation...


Winn Claybaugh, CEO of Paul Mitchell Salon Schools, author, philanthropist- must say schools the guy is driving me crazy!

Winn Claybaugh has been CEO of Paul Mitchell Hair Salons Schools for two decades so he knows hair and beauty. But he also knows people and is a man of big ideas, big dreams and a big heart. We can all learn from each other but some of us are natural motivators; Winn Claybaugh has been named by CNN as one of the top motivational speakers! Listen to this podcast and you will understand why. He truly believes in making a difference and his words of wisdom resonate so deeply . I like to call it...


Salva Dut, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan is making a difference!

A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Parks, is a NY Times Bestseller detailing the harrowing walk of an 11 year old boy Salva Dut from his hometown in South Sudan to refuge in Ethiopia. Salva was just a child sitting in a classroom dreaming about lunchtime when his life fell apart. As one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, Salva walked hundreds of miles to safety encountering untold horrors and losses along the way. Salva somehow managed to find the hero inside himself and after coming to America and...


Eli Beer Unites people around the world as he saves lives with his revolutionary approach to Emergerency Response

Eli Beer was just a six year old boy when he witnessed a bombing. The memory stayed with him for a long time and he promised himself that one day he would save lives. Eli is a man who keeps his word and then some. In this week's Episode of Changing the Course, Eli talks about his miraculous recovery from the Coronavirus from intubation to extubation as he retells the chilling memories of being sedated for 30 days. His story is one of hope and of survival but ultimately his story is one of...


In this Episode we speak to a renowned NYS School Principal on her take on what things will look like in the Fall!

Ellen O'Niell is a school prinipical in NYS. She likes to think outside the box and is trying to collaborate with other educators to follow guidelines and safely navigate the new school year for our children. Listen to this Episode and you will get the inside scoop on what goes on behind the scenes and in the minds of those leading the charge!


Jace Chapman- Netflix Child Star in Healing Powers of Dude and a Mountaineer all at age 13

If you haven't heard the name Jace Chapman yet, I promise you will! Jace was the hit of the acclaimed Netflix series, Healing Powers of Dude, which tackles anxiety in children in a whole new way. Jace is a self motivated actor, mountaineer and oldest party of five! He has climbed and reached Summits at age 11, helped save his dad's life and wants to use his influence to help those less fortunate realize their dreams. Where do you find a child like this?? Jace Chapman- we are really excited...


Martino Cartier returns in part 2 find out where he really comes from and more!

Martino is someone who breaks all molds and defies traditional stereotypes. Adopted at birth, he spent much of his childhood with an abusive father. Many years later he will find the opportunity to retrace his roots and go back to where he came from. We are all a product of both our upbringing and our ancestry- listen to this episode and you will be inspired to find out where you are most deeply rooted! You will also get one of the easiest and best curly girl tips ever!!


Martino Cartier: "America’s most sought-after stylist" by W Magazine and Founder of "Wigs and Wishes"

Martino Cartier has been named "America's most sought after stylist" by W Magazine, but even more impressive than his styling abilities are big heart, open mind and extraordinary ability to inspire all those he comes in contact with. As founder of Wigs and Wishes, Martino ensures that ANYONE who needs a wig due to illness, gets one, no questions asked. As creator of innovative and cutting edge hair styling products he has shown us all that sometimes good people are rewarded by finding more...


Egg Freezing: What is it really like? Owner of Jane Do tells us!

Are you single? Worried it may be getting too late to have a child? Wanting to get your life in order and "almost perfect" before you thought about this next stage in life?? Jacey Lambros was just like you. Jacey Lambros is a former Rokette in NYC and now an entrepreneur as the owner of Jane Do. On this week's Episode Jacey opens up about her egg freezing journey. You will get a window into the process behind the scenes, the physical procedure and the emotional turmoil. Listen to the Episode...


Angela Santomero- Executive Producer of Blues Clues and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood!

If you and your kids love Blues Clues and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood- listen to this episode and meet the creator and executive producer! Angela Santomero is so multi talented it's hard to attribute just one or two adjectives to her. But when I think of making a difference and contributing to a positive impact on children, I think of Angela. Angela began her career in the early 1990's at Nickelodeon. Her Talents were quickly and easily identified and she became executive producer and...


Rosie Quinn Makes Face Masks and Teaches kids to Embrace Alopecia!

Rosie Quinn is an 8 year old who is wise beyond her years, adorable in spirit and soul and kind to the core! We had the pleasure of interviewing Rosie and her equally awesome mom Paula, founders of Coming Up Rosies, a non-for-profit that teaches children with alopecia and others with hair loss to embrace themselves just as they are. At Curlee Girlee our mission is to empower girls to love and embrace their unique selves, curly hair or not hair at all. Rosie Quinn embodies uniqueness and...


Dr. Leo Galland, Harvard M.D. sheds light on the coronavirus

Coronavirus has become synonymous with pain, loss and fear. Make no mistake we are in a war. A war that is affecting even those not directly impacted with health complications. Dr. Leo Galland, Harvard educated, author of many bestselling books and recipient of numerous awards is our guest today to help shed light on the latest developments that his research and team is working on. Listen to this episode and you will find out things about this virus you never knew about!