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Stay The Night / Hiding My Heart (Part 2)

The homies expound on what chosen family means to them, their mental health triggers, the emotional and mentally stressful rabbit hole of white supremacy, and how important gratitude is to survival.


Stay The Night / Hiding My Heart (Part 1)

The duo talks about what "tickles their kitties" (what traits turn them on--shout out to Peter for the inspiration) and what makes their a**holes yawn (turn them off), the young musical pioneers of this generation, and the concept of love over personal convenience.


In My Feelings (Part 2)

Mr. Haberdashery and Dj StereOtype talk about how triggering white women are, how angering white aspiration is from POC's, and the brilliance of Azealia Banks's draggings and unapologetic willingness to read (and talent, of course). *Correction: Dominique Deveraux was the black character of the famed Dynasty series, played by the legend Diahann Carroll.


In My Feelings (Part 1)

After a summer hiatus, the duo reunite to talk about Dj StereOtype's Off Broadway show "Le Blanc" debuting in during Pride season, the power of self love, body positivity, artistic integrity, and the exploitation of the kindness of black men.


Ball of Confusion (Part 2)

DJ StereOtype and Mr. Haberdashery discourse on whether certain people should sign up for rap battles (Pusha T vs Drake), artists' use of emotionally triggering rhetoric to gain exposure especially at the expense of black people (Kanye, Kim, and co.), prison reform, and accountability/responsibility for EVERYONE.


Ball of Confusion (Part 1)

The duo discuss how CRAZY the past few weeks have been in the media. We talk the cancellation of Roseanne (YAY!!!), the roll back of Spotify's cancelling problematic artists sans Kendrick Lamar's protest, Baby Boomers (our parents and elders) emotional immaturity and lack of accountability, and, oh so much more.


He's Misstra Know It All (Part 2)

Mr. Haberdashery and Dj StereOtype discuss musical/artistic censorship from streaming platforms with reference to Spotify being done with R. Kelly and company. The duo also discourse on the masses holding men accountable for their sins in the court of social media/public opinion and on the fair distribution of "cancellations."


He's Misstra Know It All (Part 1)

The duo discourse on the politics of romantic and sexual preference, if most queer POC spaces are calibrated for people to celebrate or sexually exploit each other, and clarify (or double down on) their personal opinions of pro-Black artists having white partners (à la last episode, "This Is America"). References: Blacks Were Enslaved Well Into the 1960s by Antoinette Harrell. Vice.


This Is America (Part 2): Changes

The beloved duo speaks specifically on Childish Gambino, Kanye West, Jordan Peele, and other prominent black artists who create art specific to the black experience while having white/non-black partners in their personal lives. As black artists who are open-minded to love from wherever it comes, how do they navigate the feeling of responsibility to manifest black love in their private lives, while remaining non-judgmental to others?


This Is America (Part 1)

Mr. Haberdashery and Dj StereOtype are back and in full discourse about interracial dating and the importance of black love in this two part conversation. In this section, they break down their personal experiences with black and non-black lovers, their take on media representation of interracial relations, and their personal approach black love.


Bitch Better Have My Money: I Don't Suck Strange Dick

ISSA CELEBRATION BITCHES! Join the gentlemen on a boozy podcast in celebration of Mr. Haberdashery's BIRTHDAY!!! During this discourse, we talk about the appropriation of gay, Black culture and how this entire society owes the black, banjee, legendary, queer children of the world EVERYTHING!!!! Oh, the celebration of our culture, and the disloyalty to our humanity! They also discuss the origins of their personal queerness, the agenda against bisexuality, the scam of heteronormativity, and...


Perfect Illusion (Part 2)

The guys discuss the repercussions of shame for queer POC. In this discourse, they unpack how Black, Christian, and Conservative values (passed down by White Supremacy) affects relationships, love, and the value that POC place on each other. Do we have to be open-minded in our approach to love in order to manifest it? If so, how do we own our space and accountability? They try to answer these questions by questioning whether POC communities need to be less tribal.


Perfect Illusion (Part 1)

Mr. Haberdashery and Dj StereOtype discuss and unpack "race play," interracial porn, dominance and submission, and the freedom (or lack there of) for Black men to explore having a "sub space". As usual, it gets racial, as they discourse on the healthy aspects "faux wokeness," the denial of Black desire, and the seeming obsession White America has with blackness. Are we collectively being delusional about who and what we are? Is it all just a perfect illusion?


Ring The Alarm (Part 2)

Mr. Haberdashery and DJ StereOtype discuss the impact that looking at muscle bodies in porn and social media may have on sexual attraction, fears of fame and what the culture owes Rihanna.


Ring The Alarm (Part 1)

Mr. Haberdashery and DJ StereOtype discuss the many forms of prostitution may take in the quest for respect, love and commercial success.


Snatch The Cat Back (Part 2)

Mr. Haberdashery and DJ Stereotype discuss strategically avoiding exploitation as black queer artists. The second of two parts.


Snatch The Cat Back (Part 1)

Mr. Haberdashery and DJ Stereotype discuss strategically avoiding exploitation as black queer artists. The first of two parts.


The MASCquerade Is Over

Two beautiful dark-skinned queer artists begin their podcast journey in a small one-bedroom in Brooklyn, New York.