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As the most-read gay-sports publication in the world, Outsports has broken numerous national stories including the coming out of former professional athletes John Amaechi and Wade Davis, the coming out of the first Div. I transgender athlete, Kye Allums, the NFL's prohibition of the word "gay" on custom jerseys, Jeremy Shockey's anti-gay comments and many others. We touch on all of this and more in our podcast.

As the most-read gay-sports publication in the world, Outsports has broken numerous national stories including the coming out of former professional athletes John Amaechi and Wade Davis, the coming out of the first Div. I transgender athlete, Kye Allums, the NFL's prohibition of the word "gay" on custom jerseys, Jeremy Shockey's anti-gay comments and many others. We touch on all of this and more in our podcast.
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As the most-read gay-sports publication in the world, Outsports has broken numerous national stories including the coming out of former professional athletes John Amaechi and Wade Davis, the coming out of the first Div. I transgender athlete, Kye Allums, the NFL's prohibition of the word "gay" on custom jerseys, Jeremy Shockey's anti-gay comments and many others. We touch on all of this and more in our podcast.






Podcast: Recapping the Aaron Rodgers and Chris Kluwe sagas

The Aaron Rodgers "gay" speculation and Chris Kluwe's pointed accusations against the Minnesota Vikings stole headlines to start 2014. We recap the stories and share our insights on rumors and homophobia in the NFL. Listen: Podcast - Recapping the Aaron Rodgers and Chris Kluwe sagas


Podcast: Looking back at the big LGBT sports stories of 2013

LGBT issues are set to dominate the Olympics...until the competitions start. And a slew of comings out in sports dominated the year. Listen: Podcast - Our big stories of 2013 It was another big year for LGBT sports stories. The impending Olympics drove a lot of the conversation, built up even more in the final month of 2013 by the selection of out athletes to represent the United States. We also talk about of favorite and most-impactful stories of the year, revolving around some athletes...


Podcast: Tom Daley comes out, dates Dustin Lance Black?

We talk about the process of British diving sensation Tom Daley coming out as bisexual. Sort of. Mostly. Tom Daley came out publicly as bisexual (though he didn't use that term) this week in a personal video talking about dating a guy and still fancying girls. It was an interesting choice to make a big announcement like this, rather than doing it in an interview or a well-produced TV segment. Does Daley's choice -- along with how Robbie Rogers chose to come out -- mark a shift in how...


Podcast: Coach fired for gay slur, trans coach beloved

While Eastern Michigan fired coach Ron English for a gay slur (and for having a terrible record), a Rhode Island high school has embraced trans coach Stephen Alexander Eastern Michigan fired its head football coach after he used gay epithets in a rant directed at players following a loss. But was he fired for the slur, in an act by the school to defend the LGBT community -- or was he fired because his team had a terrible record and he was an inept head coach? By the way, they won their...


Podcast: Gay Bowl XIII, Portland teams support marriage, Fallon Fox's fight

Jim and Cyd were at Gay Bowl XIII in Phoenix last weekend to watch the San Diego Bolts win their second consecutive Gay Bowl championship, this time over the Washington Generals. And with Cyd's shift to officiating, Jim became the only person to play in every single Gay Bowl. Pretty impressive! As a gay-marriage ballot measure builds momentum in Oregon, three pro-sports teams -- the Trail Blazers, Timbers and Thorns -- have all expressed team support for marriage equality. It's a huge step...


Podcast: Kordell Stewart gay speculation, rainbow laces campaign falls shor

A betting company and an LGB organization teamed up to create a campaign to end homophobia in English soccer. But the reaction has been mixed at best, with many questioning the tactics of the campaign that didn't engage the Premier League before they rolled out the campaign. Our friend and longtime Outsports community member Mark Karishared his story about contracting ALS. He talks in the article about how his life is changing since symptoms from the debilitating disease began showing up....


Podcast: Fallon Fox gets an apology. Can Kerry Rhodes get a job in the NFL?

NFL free agent safety Kerry Rhodes has been the center of public gay rumors and speculation for the last few months, stemming largely from claims by a man that the two had a relationship. Now some NFL writers are claiming that Rhodes can't get a job in the NFL because he may be gay.We cast some doubt on that speculation. When trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox came out publicly in March, a whirlwind of commentary from the mixed martial arts world followed. UFC fighter Matt Mitrione contributed...


Podcast: Tom Daley isn't gay, but NFL's new pants make you glad you are

For years we've heard wishful thinking passed of as rumor about diver Tom Daley's sexual orientation. Most of it came from the facts that he 1) is most famous for wearing nothing but a speedo, 2) doesn't mind tweeting pics of himself in said speedo, and 3) is pretty cute. Daley addressed the speculation recently, saying that he's not gay but that he really loves his gay fans. This was far from Mike Piazza's public statement of heterosexuality years ago. After a couple weeks in the NFL, one...


Podcast: Our NFL expectations have Seahawks flying high...or crashing

It's like Christmas here at Outsports, as the NFL season begins! Outsports got its start covering the NFL in 1999 when Doug Flutie was a big headline. Times have changed, but our love of America's most popular sport has not! We loved printing our list of 62 current NFL players who have said positive things about gay people, gay athletes and gay rights in the last couple of years. That's up from just 28 a year ago! We included 49er Chris Culliver, who seems to have had a change of opinion....


Podcast: Supporting Blake Skjellerup. Can Stanford stop Alabama's run?

Last week Outsports joined several other LGBT organizations in creating a fundraising campaign for openly gay speed skater Blake Skjellerup. The Olympic hopeful needs funds to bring his coach and physio therapist to the Olympic qualifiers. In just a week, the LGBT community has gotten behind Skellerup to the tune of over $23k. That's an incredible show of support and reflects the desire so many people feel to do something concrete about the anti-gay laws in Russia and the impending Olympic...


Podcast: Track athletes rebuff Russian gay law. Pro wrestler comes out.

There's been plenty of talk about the Russian Olympics, but few in the LGBT community focused on the Track & Field World Championships until 800m runner Nick Symmonds dedicated his silver medal his gay and lesbian friends. The action, and his statements against the anti-gay Russian law in the following days, could have landed him in jail. Instead, the Russian authorities have left him alone. Is this a sign that Olympians will be free to speak on the issue? With Darren Young coming out, the...


Podcast: Jason Collins not signed yet, MLB issues clear gay policy

While Jim is in Los Angeles, Cyd reports from Reykjavik, Iceland, where he's cooling off after two long weeks touring Limerick, Paris and London as a site inspector for the Gay Games. Today we talk about what it means for gay athletes that Jason Collins hasn't been signed in the first three weeks of free agency. What's more important: The fact that's he's gay, or that he's a 12-year veteran who will be the 11th or 12th man on a roster? Major League Baseball unveiled their new...


Podcast: The Supreme Court's ruling and sports

With the Supreme Court's decision on the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8, we take a look at the effect the rulings can have on the sports world, and how the efforts to open the sports world to LGBT people are affecting the fight for same-sex marriage rights. We also talk about Jim's column that says the sports world is lagging 15 years behind the rest of the culture on LGBT equality. He makes a distinction between people coming out and the reaction of the sports culture to LGBT...


Podcast: Should sports reporters reveal gay rumors?

LZ Granderson recently wrote a column for ESPN The Magazine about the trepidation many sports reporters have covering rumors about potentially gay pro athletes. Like many, including us at Outsports, LZ has long avoided stories about gay rumors and has held very close to the vest secrets about the true sexual orientation of some athletes. But as sports is transforming, and the risk for out athletes decreases, he has started to wrestle with the wisdom of holding those secrets. While he isn't...


Podcast: Unexpected trailblazers in soccer and basketball

Two big, historic news items this week in soccer and basketball. Robbie Rogers became the first openly gay athlete to play in a Major League Soccer game on Sunday, then Jallen Messersmith became the first active college basketball player to come out publicly. Are these guys changing the face of sports or a reflection of change that's already happened? Whichever it is, they're providing inspiration for others looking for the courage to come out in their own lives. Listen here: Outsports...


Podcast: Gays and Christians finding common ground in sports

The last couple of weeks have brought together several sports stories involving the intersection of religion and LGBT issues. When Cyd talked to Pittsburgh Steelers rookie quarterback Landry Jones, the devout Christian said he doesn't condone a gay lifestyle, but that he would warmly love and welcome a gay teammate. Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt also talked about his shift on gay issues as he's spent more time in Major League Baseball; His life experiences have overcome his Christian...


Podcast: Swimmer Sean Mulroy on being openly gay at USC

Openly gay USC swimmer Sean Mulroy joins the Outsports podcast to talk about being openly gay on his Pac-12 team. Sean isn't afrait to be out, and he's not afraid to be way out there with his team. He talks about introducing his team to weekend brunch and turning said weekend brunch into a "production." He also shares his fascination and admiration for drag queen Sharon Needles, whose face he put on a swimsuit he used for competition. Listen here: Outsports podcast May 16, 2013


Podcast: The role of activism in the releases of Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ay

When Brendon Ayanbadejo was released by the Baltimore Ravens, some questions arose about whether it was because of his LGBT activism. When Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe was cut this week, you would have thought the NFL declared war on West Hollywood. Headlines on gay blogs and sports sites accused the Vikings and NFL of homophobia for letting Kluwe go. We talk about the fallacy of those arguments, and how these two men are being treated like every other NFL player who has to deal...


Podcast: Where does Jason Collins rank in important LGBT sports moments?

How important was the coming out of Jason Collins? Many seem to paint it as the most important moment in the fight for LGBT equality in sports. We talk about that this week. While Jim agrees, saying the moment could become even more important in a few months, Cyd says it doesn't compare to the top three moments in our list of the 100 most important LGBT sports moments, and it might not be in the top 10. We also talk about the reaction, including current players from Collins' high school...


Podcast: Behind the story of Alan Gendreau

Earlier this week we published the story of gay former Middle Tennessee State kicker Alan Gendreau. But we at Outsports have known about Gendreau since 2009. In those four years we watched his games and followed his stats. Like we have with so many other athletes who have confided in us over the years, we kept Gendreau's secret despite wanting so much to share with the world that a gay athlete was kicking winning field goals and playing into contention for a major national award. Today we...