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NGLCC's Champion Jonathan Lovitz

Show Notes Here: https://debtfreeguys.com/nglcc/ We Are #LGBTBIZ Family with Jonathan Lovitz Being an entrepreneur is hard enough. You need a solid business plan as well as access to capital and connections with potential partners. A lot of things need to go right to make a new venture successful. Unfortunately, the LGBT-owned businesses who need the collective strength of the community most tend to live in places where there is little access to services. That’s where the National LGBT...


Why We Chose to Live Debt Free First

Full Show Notes Here: https://debtfreeguys.com/live-debt-free/ Live Debt Free was the Obvious Choice Why did we choose to live debt free over making more money? For some, this seems like the stupid mistake but listen to the podcast this week and find out why. Our First Choice More, more, more. Buy, buy, buy! It’s the American dream, right? It’s in all the pictures we see on Instagram, Facebook and Tumbler. Everyone wants that social medial picture-perfect life. The one that seems to breed...


Building Money Confidence in the LGBTQ Community

🏳️‍🌈 Show notes: https://debtfreeguys.com/money-confidence/ 🏳️‍🌈 Does the LGBTQ community lack money confidence? Are you following all the traditional advice on money, but you still feel stuck? The missing piece may be money confidence, a mindset critical to financial success. So, how do you develop money confidence? What is the connection between financial confidence and your ability to earn? And how might a money confidence coach serve us in the LGBTQ community? Jen Hemphill is an...


A place for LGBTQ teen entrepreneurs

Complete show notes here: https://debtfreeguys.com/lgbtq-teen-entrepreneurs/ A place for LGBTQ teen entrepreneurs Forty-two percent of students, including LGBTQ student, in grades 5-12 plan to start their own businesses one day and 3% are entrepreneurs already. Is there a place for these LGBTQ teen entrepreneurs to connect and build community with other teenpreneurs? Where can aspiring LGBTQ teen entrepreneurs (and their parents) go for guidance? Meet Eva Baker, the Teenpreneur Conference...


7 Day Debt Freedom Challenge

🤑 Get full show notes here: https://debtfreeguys.com/debt-freedom-challenge/


Flourish with Facebook Ads

📱 Get full show notes here: https://debtfreeguys.com/gay-facebook-ads/ Helping LGBTQ Entrepreneurs Flourish with Facebook Ads Facebook has been in the news for the wrong reasons lately. But even with the #DeleteFacebook movement, the platform still has more than two billion active users worldwide. And the same data that was used for evil in the Cambridge Analytica scandal can be used for good to help entrepreneurs find their ideal customers. In fact, for LGBTQ solopreneurs and small...


How to Live a Great Social Life Without Breaking the Bank

Get the Fabulous Social Life Planner Here: https://debtfreeguys.com/100 Make your great gay life greater Living fabulously for gay men means having a great gay social life, but a fabulously gay life can mean a fantastically small bank account! Have a great gay life and a thick bank account with the Fabulous Social Life Planner.


Tim Gill

🏳️‍🌈 Full Show Notes Here: https://debtfreeguys.com/lgbtq-advocacy/ LGBTQ advocacy with Tim Gill As a member of the queer community, should you focus on business or LGBTQ advocacy? Should you first ‘make it’ in your career to have the means to give back later? Or, is it best to put your efforts into LGBTQ activism today? Tim Gill on career and LGBTQ advocacy Tim Gill is a software entrepreneur and philanthropist based in Denver. He created the Gill Foundation in 1994 to advance equality...


1 Secret to Better Gay Sex

🏳️‍🌈 Get the full show notes here: https://debtfreeguys.com/better-gay-sex/ Want better gay sex? ‘Talk dirty to me’ may take on a new meaning when you learn that discussing money with your partner leads to a stronger relationship, a better gay sex life (and lesbian, and transgender and straight sex) and greater happiness. How to have better gay sex? We partnered with Honeyfi for a recent survey that revealed that queer couples who track and discuss a shared budget were 81% more likely to...


5 Tips to Living Fabulously

🦄 Get your FREE journal here: www.debtfreeguys.com/97 🦄 Living fabulously every day Are you tired of getting the same results day in and day out, year in and year out? Today, on Queer Money™, we’re sharing the five mental and spiritual exercises that we practice for living fabulously every single day. For help, click here to get your free Living Fabulously Daily Journal. 5 daily habits for living fabulously every day Meditate on living fabulously Every successful person Tim Ferriss knows...


LGBTQ Student Loan Debt

LGBTQ student loan debt There’s a student loan debt crisis in our country. In fact, the $1.4 TRILLION in outstanding student loans has officials worried about significant economic consequences. Sadly, the LGBTQ student loan debt crisis is more severe. Miranda Marquit and her colleagues at Student Loan Hero were curious about the LGBTQ student loan debt crisis, so they conducted an exhaustive study and shared it with us on Queer Money™. Miranda Marquit, Student Loan Hero and the LGBTQ...


Even Unicorns Need Business Insurance

🦄 Show Notes Page: https://debtfreeguys.com/business-insurance/ 🦄 Business insurance for small business owners Even a blogger in their PJs has risk – it’s less risk than a landscaper, but an unhappy client or threat of copyright infringement are risks nonetheless. That’s why every entrepreneur needs business insurance. The new good news about business insurance Pogo Insurance is making it easy to secure business insurance coverage—and it’s a lot less messy than you think. Hannah and Jade...


Ep. 85 - The Cost of LGBT Discrimination

Download the email copy to help end discrimination in Ohio here:https://debtfreeguys.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Ohio-Business-Competes-Swipe-Copy.doc LGBTQ Discrimination Didn't End June 26th, 2015 If you live in a place that affords legal protections to our community, you may not realize the extent of the LGBTQ discrimination that goes on in other areas of the country. There are 29 states that do not consider sexual orientation as a protected class, and three states go so far as to...


Ep. 84 - Finding Your Elton John with Melissa the Coach

Get complete show notes here: https://debtfreeguys.com/finding-elton-john-melissa-coach/ Finding Your Elton John If getting your money in order is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, having a reason – finding your Elton John – to be debt free makes all the difference. Finding Your Elton John and Finding Financial Freedom For Melissa Thomas, having the money to go to as many Elton John concerts as possible—and get front-row seats! — gave her the motivation to pay off the $43,000 in...


Ep. 82 - QM 2017 Year in Review

Our favorite LGBT podcast episodes on Queer Money™ Year after year, we learn more and more about queer money in the LGBT community. These are our favorite LGBT podcast episodes in 2017 on Queer Money™ about queer money. Inspiring LGBT podcast episodes about queer money 2017 was a great year for Queer Money™. We had some amazing guests and learned so much about money and queer money. Here’s a highlight of some of the best of the best LGBT podcast episodes of Queer Money™ about queer money.


Ep 81 - Your Late Retirement Catch Up Plan with Teresa Mears

Get your Late-Stage Retirement Calculator & Checklist: https://debtfreeguys.lpages.co/magic-money-late-retirement-checklist-thank-you Late-stage retirement planning If you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s and have yet to put money away for retirement, you’re probably feeling anxious and have a thousand questions. Get answers to all your late-stage retirement planning questions on this Queer Money™, and get the Late-Stage Retirement Calculator & Checklist. Will you need to work past 80? Are...


Ep 80 - Reach Financial Independence & Retire Early

Get the Early Retirement Checklist here: https://debtfreeguys.lpages.co/early-retirement-checklist/ Financial independence & retire early Imagine a life in which you work because you want to, not because you have to. A life that affords you the freedom to escape ‘cube life’ in pursuit of your passion. That’s FIRE—Financial Independence & Retire Early and what Queer Money™ is all about today. Get the Early Retirement Questionnaire & Checklist and follow along. Reach financial independence &...


Ep - 78 - DIY.Fund Helping You Invest Like a Pro

Get your Super-Simple Investing Guide here: https://debtfreeguys.lpages.co/super-simple-investing-guide/ DIY.FUND and Newbie Ivestors Talking Wall Street feels intimidating, but Wendy and Eric Nissan of DIY.FUND, who have both worked on Wall Street, help us help you get started with investing. Who is DIY.FUND? We befriended Wendy and Eric Nissan at FinCon in San Diego in 2016. Both Wendy and Eric had careers on Wall Street where they learned the ins and outs of that world. The Nissans came...


Ep. 78 - Is a Postnuptial Agreement Right for You?

Get the resources for this podcast here: https://debtfreeguys.com/postnuptial-agreements/ Postnuptial agreements for those without prenups Before ‘I do,’ have an honest conversation with your partner about money, children and prenuptial agreements should your relationship end. If ‘I do’ is already ‘I did,’ here’s what you should know about postnuptial agreements. Pre and postnuptial agreements & divorce with Jennie Wray Jennie Wray is a partner with Denver’s Harris Law. One of the firm’s...


Ep. 77 - How to Score Your Best Credit Score

Get the FREE Credit Score Checklist here: https://debtfreeguys.lpages.co/credit-score/ If you have yet to find a Sugar Daddy willing to pay off your debt, you may be forced to figure out your finances on your own—and knowing how to get the best credit score is the very first step. The best credit score and thick credit report Collin Brennan is a Senior Editor at Credit Karma. Today Collin covers the basics of credit scores and credit reports, explaining how scores are determined and why it’s...