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How to Make 2019 Your Debt Free Year

How long have you wanted to be debt free? This is the year! The statistics are bleak: The average LGBTQ family has roughly $12K in credit card debt. We assume 17% more student loan debt than our straight peers—which translates to about $40K—and 79% of queer students have both credit card AND student loan debt prior to graduation. The financial burden of owing money also takes a toll on our mental and physical health, creating additional stress and diminishing our quality of life. So, it’s no...


Bad With Money — with Gaby Dunn - Queer Money ep. 136

Get full notes here: debtfreeguys.com/bad-with-money If someone approached you in a coffee shop and asked about your favorite sexual position, would you be willing to share? What if they wanted to know your bank balance? While most of us are open to the topic of sex, money is considered taboo. Talking about our financial situation is deemed ‘too personal,’ and most of us carry around a lot of embarrassment about our money situation. So, why are we more inclined to discuss sex than money? Why...


9 Money Moves to Rock 2019 - Queer Money ep. 135

Would you like to be debt free by 2020? If financial security is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, we’ve got nine simple moves that will help you WIN the money game in 2019. We start with the concept of a Dinero Detox, explaining how to clean out your ‘money system’ by eliminating discretionary spending for a weekend—or longer! We go on to discuss retirement savings, sharing resources to help you track and grow your nest egg. We also cover credit scores, describing how our free tools...


The Financial Impact of LGBT Discrimination - Queer Money ep. 134

In the queer community, we still run the risk of losing a job or being denied services due to our sexual orientation or gender identity. In fact, there are 30 states where it is perfectly legal to discriminate against an individual because they identify as LGBTQ. And we know that such inequity impacts our quality of life. But have you ever stopped to consider how it might impact our financial health? Leslie Tayne is the founder and lead attorney at Tayne Law Group, a debt solutions law firm...


3 Simple Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store - Queer Money Ep. 133

Sometimes it's the simple changes that we make that have the biggest impact on our lives. When those changes become habits that we put into our daily or weekly lives, the impact can be dramatic. If you're looking to save some money and get ahead financially, look at the things you do every day or every week and ask, where can I make a small change that will have a bit impact? We did this with our grocery shopping and it saved us tens of thousands of dollars a year. Listen to this episode to...


Financial Concerns & Retirement Readiness in the LGBTQ Community - Queer Money ep. 132

What is the financial state of LGBTQ families? Are we as Queer people ready to retire? We invite Lisa Campbell and Stephen Brokaski of MassMutual on the show this week to share the data from two ground breaking studies that look at the state of LGBTQ families and the preparedness of LGBTQ retirees and pre-retirees. The data was pretty surprising, especially for a community that is often perceived by the media and masses as being fabulous and financially set. What we uncover in this podcast...


9 Awesome Gay Travel Apps - Queer Money Ep. 131

It doesn't matter if you're gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or queer, it seems like the travel bug and wunderlust seems to hit us all. Did you know that the LGBTQ community spends upwards of 10% of our income, no not disposable, all income, on travel. With that much being spent, there has to be a way to curb your travel costs. We've come up with a list of 9 gay travel apps and sites that will help you travel cheaper, safer and better. Check out the list.


LGBTQ Family Adoption Options - Queer Money Ep. 130

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. The LGBTQ community is more likely than the general population to be adoptive parents. The costs associated with adoption can range from foster care adoptions with many of the costs being covered by the local foster care system, to infant adoption with a birth mother, which can be much more. How can you prepare? We've invited Adrienne Elliott of Adoption Options to help explain the process and options for prospective LGBTQ parents.


Becoming a Parent Through Foster Care Adoption - Queer Money Ep. 129

There are currently over 100,000 children in the foster care system in the United States. These are children waiting to find a forever home with a mom a dad or maybe two of each. Have you ever considered foster care as the path to creating your family? On this week's Queer Money we kick off a two-week celebration of National Adoption Month. We've invited Jillian Johnsrud of MontanaMoneyAdventures.com to join us. She and her husband have adopted four children, the first when she was just 22....


How to Throw a Fab $99 Christmas Cocktail Party - Queer Money Ep. 128

Love a good holiday cocktail party? I thought so. We've thrown our fair share of parties over the years, some great, some not so great. We've learned that you don't need to spend a ton of money to have a great party. If you're planning a holiday party this year and want to stay within your budget we've got some great suggestions for you. In fact we've got 7 tips that will help you keep your budget under $100. We've also included a grocery list and menu, along with a couple of signature...


Your Credit Score Questions Explained - Queer Money Ep. 127

This week on Queer Money, we focus on explaining the questions you've asked us about credit scores. When asked, you, our listeners and readers, told us that improving your credit score was your #3 financial goal, behind eliminating credit card debt and saving for retirement. We dive into questions like: 1. What’s the easiest way to find my credit score? 2. Why is my credit score different depending on where and when I get it? 3. How many points do hard inquiries take off my credit score? 4....


What is My Business Worth? Why Business Valuation is Important - Queer Money Ep. 126

If you are a small business owner, the value of your business is something that can make or break your ability to stay in business, especially when it comes to getting loans. Your business valuation number will help with legacy planning and even how and who should manage your business when you're ready to take a back seat. On this episode of Queer Money we invite Tracy Shaw, AVP of Business and Market Development at MassMutual Financial Group, to talk with us about how MassMutual is helping...


Navigating Gay Divorce - Queer Money Ep. 125

June 26, 2015, brought gay marriage to the land. June 27, 2015, brought gay divorce. Sadly LGBTQ unions are not impervious to irreconcilable differences. So what is a queer person to do to protect their finances if divorce seems to be looming on the horizon? How can we prevent it from being a colossal financial nightmare? We're joined by Kayla Sloan and Shanah Bell of CashWiseExwives.com to share their respective stories of divorce and how they are now equipping both women and men to be...


2019 Affordable Care Act Update with Policygenius - Queer Money Ep 124

One of the biggest financial concerns of the LGBTQ community is healthcare. Many queer people worry about changes to the Affordable Care Act under the current administration. There is a lot of noise surrounding the Affordable Care Act, and that makes it difficult to distinguish what is true from partisan rhetoric. A recent Policygenius survey regarding the ACA reveals that literacy around the law—and health insurance in general—is distressingly low. So, where can we go for accurate...


Queer Money Questions - Queer Money Ep 123

Queer Money™ this week is all about your questions. We've taken 3 questions from the Queer Money™ Facebook group and are sharing our thoughts with you on these 3 topics. They includ: How to choose a charity to give money to when I am finally done paying off my debt? How much do members of the group spend on dining out each week? How much should I be tipping when I am dining out or at a coffee shop? Queer Money™ is made possible by the support of MassMutual. Please join us in thanking them...


6 Tips to Write the Best Annual Review EVER - Queer Money Ep 122

Many in the queer community, whether they be a transgender woman of color, a lesbian Latina, a bisexual Asian woman or a cis gay man, struggle with feelings of self-worth. All to often these feels of lack creep up in our lives and manifest themselves at the most in opportune time. Especially when we are writing our own annual reviews for work. If you want to write your best annual review ever, then check out this episode of Queer Money™, where we give 6 great tips as well as swipe copy that...


Drag Queens, D&D, Building a Business with Matt Baume - Queer Money Ep 121

Matt Baume, a self-defined geek that is taking the queer community on a fun ride with his podcasts, videos, books and writing on publications both queer and accepting. Ready to get your queer gaming on? Love drag queens and D&D? He's got a fun mix. We also talk about his Sewers of Paris podcast and how he lassoed all of the things "he" loves and built them into a business that helps him live the life he wants. Which of course is the Debt Free Guys definition of a fabulous life. Join us in...


NGLCC Conference Recap - Queer Money Ep. 120

The Pink Dollar is estimated to be $971 billion dollars in buying power. The power of LGBTQ businesses is even more. There are an estimated 1.4 million LGBT owned businesses in the United States alone. The place where many of them come together to learn best practices and connect with Fortune 500 companies that have a mission to include them in their supply chain is at the NGLCC International Business and Leadership conference. This year's conference was a first for the Debt Free Guys and...


Quit Your Job and Travel She Said. Ok I Said. - Queer Money Ep. 119

Two queer women working in the non-profit sector dreaming of traveling the world. Could it happen? What about the money? How would they travel? What would the do for income? How long could it last? Heck yeah! They've been at it since February 2018, with no end in sight at the moment. Find out how Liz and Rachel, a lesbian couple who dreamed of traveling the U.S. as adventure travelers are doing it and their tips on how you can do it too! This podcast episode is sponsored by MassMutual


Successfully Paying Off Debt for Good with Kerrie Roberts - Queer Money Ep. 118

Like many other gay men, Kerrie felt the need to live up to the expectations of his LGBTQ community. He also felt the need to match the lifestyle of the jobs he had. All of this, like your hosts, landed him in tens of thousands of debt. Fortunately for Kerrie, his story is one of success, although not before he had to go on national television and chat with Suze Orman. Which meant he couldn't hide his secret any more and was accountalbe to friends and family to pay it all off. Find out some...