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NGLCC Conference Recap

The Pink Dollar is estimated to be $971 billion dollars in buying power. The power of LGBTQ businesses is even more. There are an estimated 1.4 million LGBT owned businesses in the United States alone. The place where many of them come together to learn best practices and connect with Fortune 500 companies that have a mission to include them in their supply chain is at the NGLCC International Business and Leadership conference. This year's conference was a first for the Debt Free Guys and...


Quit Your Job and Travel She Said. Ok I Said.

Two queer women working in the non-profit sector dreaming of traveling the world. Could it happen? What about the money? How would they travel? What would the do for income? How long could it last? Heck yeah! They've been at it since February 2018, with no end in sight at the moment. Find out how Liz and Rachel, a lesbian couple who dreamed of traveling the U.S. as adventure travelers are doing it and their tips on how you can do it too! This podcast episode is sponsored by MassMutual


Successfully Paying Off Debt for Good with Kerrie Roberts

Like many other gay men, Kerrie felt the need to live up to the expectations of his LGBTQ community. He also felt the need to match the lifestyle of the jobs he had. All of this, like your hosts, landed him in tens of thousands of debt. Fortunately for Kerrie, his story is one of success, although not before he had to go on national television and chat with Suze Orman. Which meant he couldn't hide his secret any more and was accountalbe to friends and family to pay it all off. Find out some...


How to Retire Early with Real Estate

Want to retire early? Chad Carson joins us on Queer Money to talk about he was able to retire early and support his family with real estate investments. He also shares with us the 5 keys to making it happen. For full show notes, check it out here: https://debtfreeguys.com/early-retirement-real-estate/


LGBT Networking with Outburo.com

Does the queer community need it's on LGBT networking platform? That's the question that Dennis Velco of Outburo.com asked when he started the LGBT Professionals group on LinkedIn. After a massive 45K+ LinkedIn users joined his group and began networking he launched the site OutBuro.com and changed the name of the group to OutBuro on LinkedIn. OutBuro's mission is to help LGBT professionals network and provide them with a place to not only connect but rate the companies they work for the...


Landon Foster on Gays in Sports

What is it like for a gay man in college sports? Can LGBT players at both the college and pro level successfully be themselves or does the stigma of being queer still weigh heavily on players. Landon Foster, the former punter for the University of Kentucky, is on Queer Money to share his story, why he didn't come out when he was in college and what he hopes for other young players. This episode of Queer Money is being brought to you by MassMutual.


5 Unique Ways To Save Money Dining Out

There's no doubt about it. The LGBTQ community spends a fair chunk on dining out. Yours truly are no exception. We used to spend $400/wk dining out and still spend hundreds per week on gourmet groceries. It was part of our path to $51k in credit card debt. If you're trying to pay off debt, save money for something special or load up your retirement accounts, then you'll love the 5 unique ways we've come up with to cut your dining out spend. Give them a try and let us know which work for you.


How Social Security Offsets Could Ruin Your Retirement

On this Queer Money™ we uncover a topic that could impact hundreds of thousands of LGBT teachers and government workers across the U.S. Kimberly Shockley & David Freitag of MassMutual join us to discuss the two rarely discussed sections of the tax code that could literally ruin your retirement if you don't plan ahead. For complete detail head over to the show notes page: https://debtfreeguys.com/social-security-offsets


Tax Breaks and Benefits for the LGBTQ Community

Gay taxes don't have to be difficult If you are a same-sex married spouse, the IRS may owe you money! A recent Credit Karma LGBTQ tax study found that 35% of same-sex married couples are unsure about their filing status. If you are among the 35% and you filed as single, head of household or married filing separately, you may not have received all the tax breaks and benefits you deserve. But the good news is, can file and amended return and get that cash back! Christina Taylor is the Senior...


5 Smart Money Moves For Queer Teens

Queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans, we've all got concerns about money, especially as teens growing up in non-supporting families or communities. We were both the same way. This week we provide some advice to queer teens from a highsight is 20/20 perspective. Advice we would have given our younger selves when we were struggling with coming out. If you are a queer teen or know someone who is then please share this episode with them and help them prepare for a better life, both financially...


John Roberts

Resources: https://debtfreeguys.com/workplace-equality-index/ When you think of an activist, what comes to mind? Marching in the streets? Are there other ways to promote LGBT rights, advocating for workplace equality and social change? John Roberts is the creator of the Workplace Equality Index, an equal-weighted index of companies that support LGBT equality in the workplace. He also serves as partner and portfolio manager with Denver Investments, where he has managed portfolios screened for...


Return on Equality with Todd Sears

Show notes: https://debtfreeguys.com/return-on-equality/ Todd Sears’ Return on Equality Out Leadership is on a mission to engage the world’s top corporations in implementing inclusive policies and advocating for LGBTQ leadership and equality. So, how can the LGBT community and our allies support those businesses that use their power for good, adopting diversity as a core business value? Todd Sears is a recovering investment banker turned LGBTQ equality entrepreneur. He established Out...


Mental Health and Money

Full show notes: https://debtfreeguys.com/mental-health-and-money/ Is there a connection between mental health and money? Do you worry about money? A recent survey of our community revealed that 82% of LGBTQ couples worry about money at least once a month, with 58% of respondents admitting to feeling anxious at least once a week! So, what exactly is getting us down? How is the stress impacting our mental health? And what can we do to improve the situation? Is there a solution to better...


NGLCC's Champion Jonathan Lovitz

Show Notes Here: https://debtfreeguys.com/nglcc/ We Are #LGBTBIZ Family with Jonathan Lovitz Being an entrepreneur is hard enough. You need a solid business plan as well as access to capital and connections with potential partners. A lot of things need to go right to make a new venture successful. Unfortunately, the LGBT-owned businesses who need the collective strength of the community most tend to live in places where there is little access to services. That’s where the National LGBT...


Why We Chose to Live Debt Free First

Full Show Notes Here: https://debtfreeguys.com/live-debt-free/ Live Debt Free was the Obvious Choice Why did we choose to live debt free over making more money? For some, this seems like the stupid mistake but listen to the podcast this week and find out why. Our First Choice More, more, more. Buy, buy, buy! It’s the American dream, right? It’s in all the pictures we see on Instagram, Facebook and Tumbler. Everyone wants that social medial picture-perfect life. The one that seems to breed...


Building Money Confidence in the LGBTQ Community

🏳️‍🌈 Show notes: https://debtfreeguys.com/money-confidence/ 🏳️‍🌈 Does the LGBTQ community lack money confidence? Are you following all the traditional advice on money, but you still feel stuck? The missing piece may be money confidence, a mindset critical to financial success. So, how do you develop money confidence? What is the connection between financial confidence and your ability to earn? And how might a money confidence coach serve us in the LGBTQ community? Jen Hemphill is an...


A place for LGBTQ teen entrepreneurs

Complete show notes here: https://debtfreeguys.com/lgbtq-teen-entrepreneurs/ A place for LGBTQ teen entrepreneurs Forty-two percent of students, including LGBTQ student, in grades 5-12 plan to start their own businesses one day and 3% are entrepreneurs already. Is there a place for these LGBTQ teen entrepreneurs to connect and build community with other teenpreneurs? Where can aspiring LGBTQ teen entrepreneurs (and their parents) go for guidance? Meet Eva Baker, the Teenpreneur Conference...


7 Day Debt Freedom Challenge

🤑 Get full show notes here: https://debtfreeguys.com/debt-freedom-challenge/


Flourish with Facebook Ads

📱 Get full show notes here: https://debtfreeguys.com/gay-facebook-ads/ Helping LGBTQ Entrepreneurs Flourish with Facebook Ads Facebook has been in the news for the wrong reasons lately. But even with the #DeleteFacebook movement, the platform still has more than two billion active users worldwide. And the same data that was used for evil in the Cambridge Analytica scandal can be used for good to help entrepreneurs find their ideal customers. In fact, for LGBTQ solopreneurs and small...


How to Live a Great Social Life Without Breaking the Bank

Get the Fabulous Social Life Planner Here: https://debtfreeguys.com/100 Make your great gay life greater Living fabulously for gay men means having a great gay social life, but a fabulously gay life can mean a fantastically small bank account! Have a great gay life and a thick bank account with the Fabulous Social Life Planner.