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Trans Justice and Sex Ed - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 63

This week, Sara and Jay talk about the difference between "trans-inclusive" sex ed and building sex ed based on a justice framework more broadly. Also discussed, inclusion, virginity, life-long sex ed, and reproductive justice. Transcript: https://otter.ai/s/yxW1Eq_tTeefHcc5G02ZVg Segments: 1:30 - Intro 3:22 - Accountability Corner 17:57 - Word of the Show: Inclusion 25:00 - "The Language of Appeasement" Article Discussion 35:09 - Patreon Message 36:40 - Main Topic Intro 41:41 -...


Genital Torture and Trans Bodies - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 62

Join Jay and Sara as we explore the innies and outies of genital torture play (sometimes called CBT). We'll talk about pain tolerance, dysphoria, safety tips, and give examples of genital torture play you might never have thought about before! Transcript: https://otter.ai/s/Bjuvrzx9T2mvJ37L3CWrAQ Segments: 1:30 - Intro 7:21 - Word of the Show: Pain Tolerance 14:40 - How Do You Find Your Pain Tolerance? 22:40 - Patreon Message 25:57 - What is Genital Torture Play? 29:48 - Why Not Just...


Dysphoria and Sex as a Trans Person - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 61

Sara and Jay jump into the first topic discussion of Season 2, how to navigate sex and dysphoria as a trans person! We discuss strategies, validate the struggles, and give some tips from our experience. Transcript: https://otter.ai/s/FM-xOB1SR4ek6UXYWOjcRg Segments: 1:30 - Intro 2:10 - Word of the Show: Gender Dysphoria 20:09 - Dysphoria Tips 45:46 - Patreon Message 47:54 - Exploring Sex As A Trans Person 59:17 - HRT Effects on Sex and Orgasm 1:19:58 - Final Takeaway Tips Show...


QSE Listener Questions 6 - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 60

Season 2 kicks off with a question episode catching up on your emails to us over the break! We discuss endometriosis, herpes transmission, identity-based humiliation play, and more! We are so excited to be back in your podcast feed with regular weekly episodes again. Transcript: https://otter.ai/s/p3FKnWmQTyS8jynNBQ_Mvw Segments: 2:35 - Season 2 changes to QSE 6:18 - Endometriosis and Testosterone HRT 20:11 - Identity-based Humiliation Play and Slurs 32:26 - Patreon Message 36:32 -...


Body Changes on Hormones - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 59

This week, Jay and Sara spend some time talking about the general changes people can expect when starting testosterone or estrogen, progesterone, and spironolactone as hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Also discussed: muffing, exploring new sensations, and a response to Buck Angel's recent fearmongering about the risks of taking testosterone. Segments: 3:48 - Word of the Show, Muffing 13:13 - Patreon Message 14:46 - Intro to Hormones and HRT 25:21 - Talking with the doctor about HRT...


QSE Listener Questions 5 - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 58

Jay and Sara answer more questions from you, the listeners! Questions include bondage for disabled folks, lower sex drive on SSRIs, period sex, and Fetlife tips. Also discussed: new HHS regulations that discriminate against LGBTQ people. Segments: 3:07 - Accountability Corner 6:22 - New "Conscience Rule" in Effect Now 18:55 - Future HHS Regulation Proposed to Allow Discrimination 28:34 - Rope Bondage and Disability 38:35 - Lower Sex Drive on SSRI Medication for Depression 55:27 -...


Abortion Laws and Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 57

Sara and Jay spend this week's episode discussing the legal and political movement to outlaw abortion in the United States, including the propaganda strategy of CPCs, the history of US abortion law, the current state of abortion rights, and how you can help protect abortion access in your area. Segments: 4:44 - Accountability Corner 8:54 - Word of the Show, Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) 21:08 - Patreon Message 23:43 - Intro to Abortion Rights 26:20 - Pushing Back on Anti-Abortion...


Pervertables and Kink on a Budget - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 56

This week Jay and Sara give tips on doing kink play in free and cheap ways! Also discussed: Pervertables, classism in kink spaces, where to find cheap toys, and kinky craft time. Segments: 3:18 - Word of the Show, Pervertables 8:03 - Kinky Craft Time! 14:34 - Our Favorite Pervertables 26:50 - Pervertable Safety Tips 40:29 - Patreon Message 43:27 - Kink Doesn't Need to Be Expensive to Be Good 58:16 - Planning Your Cheap Kinky Play 1:06:12 - Tips for Exploring Kink Alone, With...


Navigating Consent On Dating Apps (A Dick Pic Isn't Communication) - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 55

This week Sara and Jay are talking about online dating, hooking up, consent communication online, and the culture of dick pics and other boundary crossing online. Also discussed: the male gaze, what app developers could do better, what we can do better as users, and tips for making your online dating focused on consent, communication, and mutually sexy fun. Segments: 5:56 - Word of the Show, Dick Pic 14:55 - How All Men Benefit From Misogyny #yesallmen 22:30 - Why Are Dick Pics So...


The Future of Trans Liberation - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 54

This is the culmination of our four-part series on transgender medicine, focused on what a trans liberation future really looks like. What would it mean for all people to live, express, and love free from shame and the threat of violence? How can we work in solidarity with all marginalized people of intersecting identities to build a future of mutual support, honest communication, and unlimited love? Also discussed: A trans research update from Jay's conference including exciting news...


Biological Sex and Expanding the Trans Medical Model - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 53

This week Jay and Sara dig down into "biological sex" and break down why it's a problem, how it's more complicated than you probably know, and new ways to discuss bodies without binary sex. Also discussed: research impacts of using biological sex, expanding the trans medical model, and how we project gender and sexuality onto animals. Segments: 5:46 - Word of the Show, Biological Sex, Real Sex, or Sex 42:02 - Patreon Message 45:01 - Quick Medical Model Review 48:34 - How Research...


Butt Stuff 101 - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 52

This week Sara and Jay begin their series about everything anal! This show covers the basics of butt anatomy, ass play safety tips, and all of the many reasons we enjoy butt stuff. Future episodes will cover more specific activities, answer your butt questions, and dive further into why there is so much stigma built up around butt sex and ass play. Segments: 3:16 - Word of the Show, Lube 29:43 - Patreon Message 33:19 - Basics of Ass Anatomy (Ass-natomy) 48:05 - Ass Play...


Modern Transgender Medicine - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 51

Jay and Sara continue their discussion of trans medicine by focusing on current barriers to care caused by our medical model of trans identity. Also discussed: transmedicalism, solidarity work, and what non-binary transition can look like. Segments: 4:44 - Word of the Show, Transmedicalism 32:09 - Patreon Message 35:12 - Medical Model Recap 39:18 - How does the medical model influence trans medicine? 1:06:37 - Political and social impact of the trans medical model Show...


The Trans Military Ban and QSE Listener Questions 4 - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 50

Sara and Jay discuss the recently finalized trans military ban, including how we must address the impact of that on our community and still be abolitionist in our criticism of US imperialism and the military as an institution of violence. We also answer listener questions about staying dominant while you are bottoming, and navigating when one partner needs space when the other has abandonment trauma. Segments: 7:36 - Trans Military Ban 30:30 - Patreon Message 34:30 - Question...


History of Transgender Medicine - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 49

Jay and Sara share some of the deep and complicated history of transgender medicine to discuss how physical differences become a medical diagnosis. Also discussed: the "medical model" of trans identities, and the process of medical pathologizing Segments: 8:22 - Word of the Show (Pathologize) 34:59 - Patreon Message 36:48 - A Quick History of Transgender Medicine (Genital Invert, Transvestites, Harry Benjamin, and the DSM) 1:18:05 - What is the "Medical Model" of Trans...


Sensory Deprivation - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 48

This week Sara and Jay discuss different types of sensory deprivation play, including how to do it, what tools to use, and tips for staying safe. The word/phrase/concept discussed at the beginning is Dungeon Master (the kink kind, not the D&D kind). Segments: 2:33 Word of the Show, Dungeon Master 19:07 Patreon Message 20:21 Sensory Deprivation Intro 33:38 Why do folks like Sensory Dep? 46:36 Sensory Dep Safety 1:01:00 Fun stuff, toys, and personal stories! 1:23:21 Negotiation...


QSE Listener Questions 3 - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 47

Happy 2019! The wait is over and we're back to answer your listener questions about sex, family, queerness, fat allyship, and more. Thank you to all the vulnerable people who sent us questions and put themselves out there. We really appreciate your questions and a chance to share your growth with the QSE audience. Queer Sex Ed is going on tour in 2019 and you can bring us to your school, community center, workplace, or local dungeon! Learn more at www.queersexed.org/tour2019 or email...


Audio Article - Protecting Transgender People Is Not A Political Choice - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 46

This is an audio version of Sara's Medium article titled Protecting Transgender People Is Not A Political Choice. Read along here: https://medium.com/@QSE/protecting-transgender-people-is-not-a-political-choice-c5c2187f3773 QSE will be back NEXT WEEK, I promise. Thank you for your patience and understanding <3 You can send your questions to queersexed@gmail.com for us to answer them on future shows. More information about our mission available at www.queersexed.org. This show is made...


Things You May Have Missed in 2018 - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 45

Sara and Jay discuss news stories that you may have missed this year. We also discuss stories to keep tracking in 2019. QSE will be back next year after a short break for the week of New Year's. We hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the last year and finding love, support, and community in 2019. Queer Sex Ed is going on tour in 2019 and you can bring us to your school, community center, workplace, or local dungeon! Learn more at www.queersexed.org/tour2019 or email...


And A Kinky New Year - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 44

Sara and Jay celebrate a new year by looking back at their favorite moments, best sex toys, top kink memories, and a special surprise segment about making mistakes. Also we look forward to think about our intentions for the next year. Join us, and maybe ask yourself or your partner(s) who listen these same questions: What things are you celebrating from 2018? What are you trying to be intentional about in the next year? What things do you think people may have missed in 2018? What...