Episode 18 - Days of Friendsmas Past

It’s a throwback this week to the episode we recorded while we were all together in Dublin over the holidays!


Episode 17 - Happy Holidays with our Lord and Savior, Macklemore

This week Andy, Mairead, and Shane talk about the Thank You Next music video, Mairead getting a shout out from Louis Walsh, their Christmas traditions, coping mechanisms for queer people heading home for the holidays, and all the controversy around THAT Irish Christmas song. If you want to suggest some topic for 2019 get in touch on twitter @unmasced or anonymously through the website https://www.unmasced.com/contact-us/ or via gmail unmascedpodcast@gmail.com


Episode 16 - O' Canada!

Recorded at the beginning of November, our first international podcast is here. Shane recounts his entry into Canada and Andy talks about America in the run up to midterm elections.


Episode 15 - The Church is Uncool?

This week the boys discuss how the catholic church has impacted their lives and their childhoods in the wake of Pope Francis' visit to Dublin. For more information on anything we've discussed click here - https://www.unmasced.com/things-we-mentioned/

Episode 14 - I Don't Need Friends To Get Dressed

This week the boys catch up on where they've been, the latest queer content, and their Pride antics.

Episode 13 - Few Rainbows, Be Grand

Happy Pride Month! This week it's all about Pride as the boys recount their Pride stories and talk about what it means to them and where it all began.


Episode 12 - So Sorry To Catch You On Your Mobile

The boys are finally back! This week they chat about where they've been, give an update on Eurovision and RuPaul's Dragrace, and chat about being LGBT in the workplace. For full details of anything discussed in the episode click on the following link - https://www.unmasced.com/things-we-mentioned/


Episode 11 - Feeling Repealing

TRIGGER WARNING - This episode contains a discussion on the upcoming eighth amendment that some listeners may find uncomfortable. This week the boys are joined by Siona Cahill, President Elect of USI to learn all about the upcoming referendum on the eighth amendment and why it’s important to vote yes.

Episode 10 - Tens Across The Board

This week Andy and Shane reach into the world of astrology. Shane discovers he's only compatible with other Taurus and Andy get's a crash course in reading Tarot Cards. To find information on anything mentioned go to unmasced.com or click here - https://www.unmasced.com/things-we-mentioned/

Episode 9 - Masc For Beyoncé

This week the boys talk about the struggle of the Easter break, queer spaces in Northern Ireland, and the intersection of Masculinity, Self Body Image, and the LGBT community. To top it off it's all recorded while both physically and emotionally hungover. Prepare for the struggle.


Episode 8 - Transgender Day of Visibility

This week the boys discuss all aspects of Trans* Visibility with a particular focus on Transgender Day of Visibility which took place on March 31st. They also discussed Andy's birthday who has now finally hit 25 and 5! As always full details of everything discussed can be found at www.unmasced.com


Episode 7 - A Thirsty Bitch For Likes

This week the boys finally catch up on their Paddy's Day Weekends and Shane rants about his college nemesis.

Episode 6 - Shane's Mic Finally Broke

This week after three attempts to record a podcast Shane's mic finally broke. But don't adjust your headsets because the conversation is just too good as the boys discuss what they've been up to, who their ideal partners are, and all the RuPaul controversy. (High quality mics return next week)


Episode 5 - Our First Guest

It's a very special day as the boys discuss representation with their very first guest - Katie Noone! Also delved into this week is RuPaul tweeting in Irish, All Stars 3, and Shane butchers a description of voguing.


Episode 4 - Coming Out

I'm Coming Out! This week it's all about Coming Out. Shane and Andy discuss their experiences Coming Out and also give their tips when it comes to Coming Out. Also discussed is Tom Daley's baby announcement, Adam Rippon at the Winter Olympics, and the reboot of Queer Eye on Netflix. For information on support services for Coming Out or anything else discussed in this episode please go to https://www.unmasced.com/things-we-mentioned/


Episode 3 - Pizza Man Of Dreams

On the eve of Valentine's Day Shane and Andy discuss the history of Valentines, their own experiences with the holiday, how they feel the LGBT+ community are catered to by the holiday, and how you can get free pizza on Valentine's Day.

Episode 2 - Boys Can't Commit

This week Andy and Shane wade into the messy topic of dating and all the gloriously awful baggage that comes along with it. They talk about dating as a trans person, the problematic question that is "Are you Masc?" and somehow end up reviewing RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 3.


Episode 1 - Stop Interrupting My Story About My Husband

UnMASCed is an Irish queer podcast. In this episode we start from the very beginning with introductions for our two hosts Andy and Shane, and the story of how they first met. They discuss pronouns at Halloween, Troye Sivan's new music, Britney Spears' going on tour, the Gender Recognition Act Review, and "What's Queer Around Here". Full details of any topics raised can be found at www.unmasced.com