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Episode 59: SLP Isolation & Advice for CFs

In this podcast episode, the cohosts share advice for early career SLPs. The cohosts share their favorite parts of being an SLP. They share what they did wrong, what they wish they’d done instead, and advice for moving forward. The cohosts also answer a listener question about SLP isolation. For full show notes, visit: www.slphappyhour.com/show-notes/59 For the freebies that go with our episodes: www.slphappyhour.com/newsletter


Ep. 58: The Other Side of the Mic - The Husband Interview

The cohosts ask their husbands: What three words describe your wife? How would you describe in your own words what an SLP does? What is the most challenging part about being married to an SLP? What is the best part about being married to an SLP? What is it like to be married to an entrepreneurial SLP who always has new ideas and passions? What is it like to be married to an SLP student? What can you expect? What is it like to be married to a CF? As SLPs, how can burnout and fatigue...


Ep. 57: Our Favorite Books 2020

In this episode, the cohosts share books they love, advice for SLPs who feel like sometimes they are “too nice” and their current SLP struggle. For full show notes, visit: www.slphappyhour.com/show-notes/57


Ep. 56: Self Care is for Everyone with Rachel Archambault

This interview episode with Rachel Archambault from The PTSD SLP discusses five tips for being proactive with your mental health. For full show notes, visit: www.slphappyhour.com/show-notes/56


Ep. 55: Science-Backed Happiness Habits That Work & Flow Fridays

In this episode, the co-hosts discuss Happiness Habits that Work and their experiment with 50% Fridays, and what that means. For full show notes (and all the links) visit: www.slphappyhour.com/show-notes/55


Ep. 54: How to Chill Out This Winter Break

Are you looking for advice for having your best winter break yet? Want to be able to slow things down and have more fun this Winter Break? This episode - How to Chill Out This Winter Break - contains SLP advice for having your best break yet. Want more from SLP Happy Hour? (www.slphappyhour.com/newsletter)


Ep. 53: Should I Be a Generalist or a Specialist?

In this solo episode, Sarah shares why you might want to re-consider being a generalist as an SLP and the pros and cons of keeping things general. Want more SLP Happy Hour?(www.slphappyhour.com/newsletter)


Ep 52: Down with Productivity

In this solo episode Sarah shares her experience with trying to be more productive, and how it has given her more stress, more overwhlem, and more to dos. So we say - down with productivity! The book that inspired this episode was Company of One, and are things Sarah has learned about productivity: 1. Multitasking doesn’t work 2. Task switching wastes time 3. We work harder than previous generations (and longer), and aren’t getting more work done Do you have a tip for getting more...


Ep. 51: How to Choose Your Values for the Coming Year

This podcast episode is all about preparing for the year ahead and winding down from 2019. How was 2019 for you? This year has been a doozie for both of us - and we discuss details of that in this episode, as well as what we are looking forward to in 2020. Also in this episode: -what to do when you feel burnout over too many house guests -a lazy lesson to teach children to be a gracious receiver of gifts -what are you "tolerating"? And, a self-care challenge to get rid of low-level...


Ep. 50: 10 Easy Lessons (Part 2)

In this episode, the co-hosts share 10 easy lessons focused on older learners - specifically middle school students (although these lessons are great for Grade 3+). Want a printable of these lessons? They will be emailed to our newsletter list as the episode airs, and then they will go in our freebies vault for newsletter subscribers to access at any time. If you aren’t on the list, get on it here: www.slphappyhour.com/newsletter Review us https://apple.co/2PuZc8c Our Facebook Group...


Ep. 49: Change Takes Time

In this episode, Sarah talks about navigating change and taking your time. This episode is a great listen for: SLP students New SLPs SLPs considering a job or setting change SLPs starting a side gig or side hustle There’s also a freebie that goes with this episode for newsletter subscribers - a list of our favorite quotes about growth and change. To get access, sign up for our newsletter. Want more SLP Happy Hour? For behind the scenes info and freebies:...


Ep. 48: 80% Happy with Rebecca Reinking of Adventures in Speech Pathology

In this episode, we interview Rebecca Reinking of Adventures in Speech Pathology. In this conversation, we discuss: -What it means to Rebecca to be 80% happy -Her work in Samoa, Australia, and the US -What it’s like to work in another country -Rebecca’s secret love of _______ (she’s got them all over her house!) -Starting a side gig, and giving it time For more on Rebecca, visit her blog at: http://adventuresinspeechpathology.com/ Want more SLP Happy Hour? For behind the scenes info...


Ep. 47: On Millennial Burnout

This episode explores how the productivity, efficiency, multitasking, and optimization mindset can impact burnout for the millennial generation at work. How can being a Millennial impact your happiness at work? What are your strengths and weaknesses at work? By understanding some common traits of this generation, you can better understand how you can be happier at work and home. Discussion topics include: Millennial errand paralysis Social media and this generation Being bored and...


Ep. 46: From SLP to Mystery Author with Ellie Alexander

In this very special interview episode, we interview author Ellie Alexander about her journey from SLP to mystery author. In this interview, Ellie shares why she left the profession, how she got started writing, and a self care challenge for you. Want to connect with Ellie Alexander? On Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ellie_alexander/?hl=en On Facebook https://www.facebook.com/elliealexanderauthor/ On YouTube https://bit.ly/2KVRcbO The First Book in Ellie’s Bakeshop Mysteries: Meet...


Ep. 45: Caring for Your Own Mental Health as a Caring Professional

In this podcast episode, the co-hosts share times when caring for their own mental health has been difficult, and tips for maintaining your own mental health as a caring professional. Listen in for heartfelt stories about mental health in this profession and some tips that have helped the cohosts focus on their mental health -and times when they haven’t. This episode also includes a question for potential perfectionists. What type of perfectionist are you?...


Ep. 44: How To Move Forward Through Self Doubt

This episode explores self doubt for SLPs, and how to get more efficient at lesson planning. The co-hosts describe times in their career where they’ve felt self doubt (including setting changes and first jobs). Review us on Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/slp-happy-hour/id1342995231?mt=2 The co-hosts also answer a listener question - How can I (as a new SLP) save time lesson planning and get faster at it? Mentioned - the Fly Lady Cleaning Checklist...


Ep. 43: How To Deal with Impostor Syndrome as an SLP

Introducing SLP Life Happens a solo episode series with Sarah! In today’s episode Sarah is talking about imposter syndrome. Have you ever experienced self-doubt, feeling like somehow you are a fraud or not good enough? Most of us feel imposter syndrome at some point in our profession. Sarah shares about times when she has experienced these feelings and offers tips to deal with these feelings when they pop up.


Ep. 42: 2019 Goal Check In: How Are We Doing?

Did you meet your goals for 2019? Did Sarie and Sarah? In this episode the cohosts follow-up on how they’re both doing with meeting their goals for 2019. Spoiler alert: neither got 100% and they get real about it in their discussion. What follows is a collection of listener favorite segments including lazy lessons for phonology and articulation, SLP life hacks, and lessons gone wrong! Review us: https://apple.co/2PuZc8c Newsletter and Freebies: www.slphappyhour.com/newsletter


Ep. 41: Sarah Talks Adoption

This episode starts with a discussion of what’s up what’s down. Sarie talks about a change in school assignments for next year, and Sarah talks about the joy of sending voice text messages that are pep talks to friends. Sarie also shares an SLP Life Hack to improve your physical and mental health - and your relationship with your sweetheart. Sarah is adopting and is ready to talk about it on the podcast! This is a very special and personal episode for SLP Happy Hour. Sarah opens up to our...


Ep. 40: Our Struggle With Overwork & Saying Your Best Yes

How do you know when it’s time to quit your job? This episode discusses what to consider if you are contemplating a job change, and explores compassion fatigue - and how to tell if you have it. The cohosts also share 5 tips to consider so you can say your best yes (and say no to everything else) and talk about their experiences with burnout and what they are saying YES to this year. For behind the scenes info and freebies: www.slphappyhour.com/newsletter If you enjoyed this episode,...