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Learn Polish Now! A podcast for intermediate learners.

Learn Polish Now! A podcast for intermediate learners.


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Learn Polish Now! A podcast for intermediate learners.




Polish to Polish: Lekcja 15 (Zdjęcia)

In this podcast we are trying to tell you about everything that has happened in last 10 years. We obviously fail but hey, at least we do it in Polish so see how much you can understand.


Polish to Polish: Lesson 14 (Dzieci)

We're back, so if you can't here our new podcast go to

Polish to Begin with: Lesson 26 (plural forms of nouns and adjectives)

In short: if it's a neuter noun then the ending in plural form is -a (1 piwo - 2 piwa) if it's a masculine or feminine noun: - and the last consonant is k or g then the ending in plural form is -i (1 wódka - 2 wódki) - and the last consonant is ń, ni, sz, cz, rz/ż, l, j, c, dz, ś, ć or ź than the ending in plural form is -e (1 tokaj - 2 tokaje) - and the last consonant is any other letter then the ending in plural form is -y (1 miód - 2 miody)


Polish to Polish: Lesson 13 (Przesądy)

Lesson 13 couldn't be on time obviously! So we talk today about superstitions in Polish culture.

Polish to Begin with: Lesson 25 (past tense)

Here is a short explaination of past tense in Polish. Wesołych Świąt, smacznego jajka i mokrego śmigusa-dyngusa!

Polish to Begin with: Lesson 24

Complain a bit about your health and get a nice sympathetic reaction from your Polish friends! Listen how to do it.


Polish to Begin with: Lesson 23 (New Year's resolutions)

As it's high time for New Year's resolutions we talk a little about future tense in Polish. For imperfective verbs you need these forms to create future tense: będę będziesz będzie będziemy będziecie będą (And we are thinking about some nice way to make the transcripts available - just give us some time!)

Polish to Polish: Lesson 12 (Andrzejki)

About a week ago was 29th of November - Andrzejki. Do you know what Andrzejki is all about?


Polish to Begin with: Lesson 22

Today we talk about our weekend. It's not very exciting, really. Actually, our weekends are quite boring. Surely yours are much more interesing, so tell us all about what you do on weekends... in Polish :)

Polish to Begin with: Lesson 21

Where you can learn all about Polish verbs in present tense.


Polish to Polish: Lesson 11 (Przeciętny Polak)

Today we talk about avarage Poles. What do they eat? What's their favourite colour? And other really strange statistics.

Polish to Polish: Lesson 10

Today we talk about Polish cuisine. Here are some interesting links with Polish recipes. And below you will find Anna’s recipe for „Pierogi ruskie”.,87561,,Kotlet_schabowy,,52084007,9495.html Pierogi ruskie Pierogi ruskie are dumplings everyone in Poland knows. It takes some time to prepare them. Actually, I have an impression that in...


Polish to Begin with: Lesson 20

Here you can learn how to pay compliments in Polish :) You look great today. = Świetnie dziś wyglądasz. Thanks and the same to you. = Dzięki nawzajem. Really? = Naprawdę? This colour really suits you. = Naprawdę do twarzy ci w tym kolorze. What a fantastic haircut. = Ale świetna fryzura. Seriously? = Serio? obviously = jasne It really suits you. = Bardzo ci pasuje. Well done. = Dobra robota. Keep up the good work! = Tak trzymaj! Your eyes are like stars. = Twoje oczy są jak gwiazdy Oh, you...

Polish to Polish: Lesson 9 (Wakacje)

In this Bloggy Polish to Polish podcast we are talking about holidays. As we are planning holidays ourselves there will be some silence at Bloggy Polish for a while :)

Polish to Begin with: Lesson 19

Today we are talking about Piotr's family. Here is the vocab: family = rodzina sister = siostra brother = brat mother = matka father = ojciec mum = mama dad = tata bye-bye = pa pa

Polish to Begin with: Lesson 18

This podcast is for you to check how much you have already learnt. You should be able to understand most of it – if not, go back to our previous lessons and see which parts you have missed. Co za dziwny zbieg okoliczności = What a strange coincidence!

Polish to Begin with: Lesson 17

Today: all phrases you need when eating :) bon appetite = smacznego the same to you = nawzajem. Have a nice weekend. = Miłego weekendu. cheers = na zdrowie Tea or coffee? = Kawa czy herbata? Coffee, please. = Poproszę kawę. Tea, please. = Poproszę herbatę. Tea with milk but without sugar, please. = Poproszę herbatę z mlekiem, ale bez cukru. Tea with lemon, please. = Poproszę herbatę z cytryną. Do you take sugar? = Słodzisz? No, thank you. = Nie, dziękuję. One spoon of sugar, please. = Tak,...

Polish to Polish: Lesson 8 (Internet)

słówka: addiction = uzależnienie addicted = uzależniony website = strona internetowa pożyteczne = useful browser = przeglądarka check email = sprawdzać mejle to have access = mieć dostęp ciekawe strony: gazety polskie:,0.html biblioteka internetowa śmieszne strony

Polish to Begin with: Lesson 16

Today we are talking about food and we introduce the first case - Accusative. We have lots of food. = Mamy dużo jedzenia. fridge = lodówka What’s in our fridge? = Co jest w naszej lodówce? milk = mleko jam = dżem ham = szynka meat = mięso vegetables = warzywa carrot = marchewka radish = rzodkiewka onion = cebula cabbage = kapusta potatoes = ziemniaki fruit = owoce apple = jabłko banana = banan orange = pomarańcza orange juice = sok pomarańczowy In the fridge we have vegetables and fruit. = W...

Polish to Begin with: Lesson 15

At last we have our 15th Bloggy Polish podcast for beginners. Here it is: I love. = Kocham. You love. = Kochasz. Loves. = Kocha. We love. = Kochamy. You all love. = Kochacie. They love. = Oni kochają. to watch = oglądać In the evening I watch tv. = Wieczorem oglądam telewizję. to run = biegać At the weekends I run in the park. = W weekendy biegam w parku. to swim – pływać On Saturday I swim at the swimming pool. = W sobotę pływam na basenie. to ask – pytać to eat – jeść I eat = Jem. You eat....