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Webcasts and conversations from Columbia Journalism School in NYC.

Webcasts and conversations from Columbia Journalism School in NYC.
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Webcasts and conversations from Columbia Journalism School in NYC.




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Arts Culture Beat: Musician Garland Jeffreys

On Thursday 25th, the MA Arts & Culture class will be interviewing musician Garland Jeffreys at the radio studio in Columbia Journalism School. Tune in at 10:00AM to listen to the show, and participate in the conversation by calling to 646 716 6968 or sending your questions via Twitter to @ArtsCultBeat. Garland Jeffreys has influenced multiple generations of musicians since the 1970s when he busted onto the scene in 1973 with the hit, "Wild in the Streets," which is making an appearance in...


Saad Khan

Filmmaker Saad Khan discusses his documentary career, which focuses on sexual minorities in his native Pakistan.


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Arts Culture Beat: Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir

Listen in as ArtsCultureBeat talks with spitfire actor, writer, and producer Reverend Billy Talen of Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir and Choir member and activist Dragonfly (aka Miss Justice Jester). For nearly two decades, performance artist Reverend Billy has staged protests in the style of Evangelical sermons passionately agitating against wide-ranging sins such environmental exploitation, commercialism, and police brutality. He's been an NYC mayoral candidate, the subject of...


Arts Culture Beat: Actor Reg E. Cathey

Join us for a lively conversation with wide-ranging actor Reg E. Cathey. Best known for his for his roles as Norman Wilson (right-hand-man to Mayor Carcetti) in The Wire, Freddy Hayes (of Freddy's BBQ) in House of Cards, and Martin Querns in Oz, Cathey also has a rich career on stage, recently starring as Prospero in a production of Shakespeare's The Tempest. Cathey has also been a core participant in the Theater of War project, which presents staged readings of anciet Greek tragedies for...


Brian Williams' Memory and the Credibility of Network TV news

The decision by the NBC television network to suspend superstar news anchor Brian Williams for six months without pay has prompted a closer look at the US network news culture, and the very future of the TV news business. Today, Betsy West teaches journalism at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York. It’s a gentle and prestigious place for aspiring young reporters. But after 30 years as a top-level producer, reporter and documentarian for ABC, CBS and PBS, this 21...


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Arts Culture Beat: Composer Maria Schneider

Join us for a conversation with composer Maria Schneider! Maria Schneider is a multiple Grammy-winning jazz composer. Schneider’s work defies genres. Her most recent album Winter Morning Walks incorporates the work of poet Ted Kooser, in a collaboration with soprano Dawn Upshaw. She talks to Arts and Culture Beat’s Danica Dow and Chris Ip about her work, her inspirations and her views on copyright.


Arts Culture Beat: Singer-Songwriter Jo Lawry

Join us for a candid converstaion with singer-songwriter Jo Lawry! Lawry's music crosses many genres, including jazz, chamber music, skat, folk, and a little something all her own. Her debut album, I Want to Be Happy, was released in 2008 to rave reviews and named among the "Best CDs of the Decade" in Downbeat Magazine. She has also been featured as a guest on numerous modern jazz recordings, including Dr. Lonnie Smith's album Rise Up! and Kate McGarry's Grammy-nominte If Less is...


The duPont Talks: A Conversation with NPR Planet Money's Alex Blumberg

Join Alex Blumberg from NPR's Planet Money's to talk about how he decided to become a t-shirt manufacturer and then tell brilliant multimedia stories about how it is done in Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt. Hear what he has been up to since he won a 2009 duPont Award for The Giant Pool of Money. Alex is a contributing editor for NPR's Planet Money, a producer for This American Life, and served as the executive producer of the television version of This American Life which aired on Showtime. Ask...


Columbia Journalism School Dean Steve Coll: An Introduction

Steve Coll, the new dean of Columbia Journalism School, speaks to Alumni and others, discusses his plans for how he'll shape the future of the school and its programs. He will then take questions from graduates and others. Log-in to listen and send questions via or the online chat or phone in to listen. Prospective students will be welcomed, also.


Fall 2014 Curriculum Info Session

Listen as we provide our incoming students with info about what to expect this coming Fall as you begin the new year. We'll explain more about the newly-restructured Fall Reporting curriculum, selection and registration this summer for Fall courses, preparing for spring and take your questions. 12 Noon EST (New York, USA)


International Class of 2014 Welcome

The Columbia Journalism School invites you to join administrators and recent graduates for a session welcoming you to our programs. We'll share some tips about managing in New York City during your year with us, financial planning and best ways to navigate through our program as international scholars. Recent grads will offer advice on how to thrive at the school and in New York. We'll take your questions about any other issues, as well. 9 a.m., EST (New York, USA)


Pulitzer 2013: Meet some winners

The 2013 Pulitzer Prizes: A conversation with Prof. Sig Gissler (@SGissler), Pulitzer administrator and some winners of this year’s prizes, including Public Service winners Sally Kestin (@SallyKestin), investigative reporter, and John Maines, database editor, of the Sun-Sentinel:; as well as National Reporting winner Elizabeth McGowan, reporter on "The Dilbit Diaster" for Inside Climate News:...


Columbia J-School Academics

If you were not able to make it to Open House or still have questions about the J-School's degree programs, join us on Thursday, April 25 at Noon EDT for a curriculum discussion. Join Tali Woodward, the director of the M.A. program, and Elena Cabral, the administrator of the part-time M.S. program and adjunct faculty member, to learn more about our degree programs. Call in to listen or follow the session online and ask questions via our chat. Hosted by Dean of Student Affairs, Ernest...


Live from the Pulitzer Prizes Announcement

The lives of many journalists, authors, poets, playwrights and composers are changed forever when the Pulitzer Prizes are announced each year. Here's a rare opportunity for you to find out who those folks are at the same time as they do. The 97th annual Pulitzer Prizes are being announced by Columbia University (@Columbia) at 3 pm ET on Monday, April 15, 2013. Here's your chance to listen in as the winners are announced by Pulitzer Prizes Administrator Sig Gissler (@sgissler). The show is...


Financing Your Education

Join us on Friday, April 12 at 12:00pm EDT for a discussion on how to finance your J-School education. Join Associate Director of Admission and Financial Aid Tarin Almanzar, Financial Aid Officer Eric Halperin and Financial Aid Director David Seltzer as they talk about the scholarship and federal financial aid processes. The discussion will be geared toward newly admitted students. Call in to listen and ask questions via our chat.


BOOKS: Meet author Lisa Pulitzer

The student of the MA Seminar in Arts and Culture at Columbia Journalism School are hosting a live radio broadcast on BlogTalkRadio with author Lisa Pulitzer. Lisa Pulitzer is a former reporter for The New York Times and a prolific author of non-fiction books on crime, cults, and religious sects. In the past few years, Pulitzer has co-written several bestsellers, including “Stolen Innocence,” the story of Elissa Wall, who grew up in a polygamous sect and was forced to marry her cousin at 14;...


A conversation with Molly Crabapple

Columbia J-school's MA in Arts and Culture program presents the latest in a series of interviews with intriguing artists in various fields. Join us for a conversation with Molly Crabapple. Molly Crabapple (born Jennifer Caban) is an internationally renowned artist, author and activist. She has drawn cartoons for The New York Times, The Wall St. Journal, and illustrated graphic novels for both Marvel and DC Comics. Her Kickstarter-funded gallery show "Shell Game" opens on April 14. It...


Columbia Journalism: Discussing the Master of Arts Program

Join us on Friday, December 14 at 3:00pm EST for a discussion about the Columbia Journalism School's Master of Arts degree program. Join Dean Nicholas Lemann, Dean of Student Affairs Ernest Sotomayor and professor James B. Stewart as they talk about our M.A. program, including curriculum, admission, and what sets it apart from our Master of Science program. Call in to listen and ask questions via our chat.