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Webcasts and conversations from Columbia Journalism School in NYC.

Webcasts and conversations from Columbia Journalism School in NYC.
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Webcasts and conversations from Columbia Journalism School in NYC.




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Arts Culture Beat: Musician Garland Jeffreys

On Thursday 25th, the MA Arts & Culture class will be interviewing musician Garland Jeffreys at the radio studio in Columbia Journalism School. Tune in at 10:00AM to listen to the show, and participate in the conversation by calling to 646 716 6968 or sending your questions via Twitter to @ArtsCultBeat. Garland Jeffreys has influenced multiple generations of musicians since the 1970s when he busted onto the scene in 1973 with the hit, "Wild in the Streets," which is making an appearance in...


Saad Khan

Filmmaker Saad Khan discusses his documentary career, which focuses on sexual minorities in his native Pakistan.


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Q&A with @ColumbiaJourn Faculty, Deans and Students - Apr 30,2012

Your chance to ask any questions you like about Columbia Journalism School. Learn more about Columbia by going to And be sure to see the amazing Centennial site and film - celebrating a century of reporting and stortytelling: Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @ColumbiaJourn


#Jan25: A Year Later - Jan 25,2012

Join Columbia Journalism School (@ColumbiaJourn) in the latest of its timely global webcasts about media. This time on the anniversary of the start of the Egypt protests on January 25, 2011, we host a conversation with local & international correspondents & experts about the turbulent events and look ahead about what's ahead for the Middle East and North Africa. Hosting the show are Prof. Sree Sreenivasan (@sree), Columbia J-school digital professor and Dean of Student Affairs and Melanie...


MEET THE J-SCHOOL: The Master of Arts Experience - Apr 27,2011

Columbia Journalism School presents the latest in its "Virtual Open House" series using Master of Arts Program: SPEAKER: Tali Woodward, asst director of the MA Program and an alum of the program; and Kirk Klocke (@citizenkirk), MA student (and MS graduate). More info about the program at Questions to sree at


MEET THE J-SCHOOL: The International Experience - Apr 27,2011

Columbia Journalism School presents the latest in its "Virtual Open House" series using The International Experience... SPEAKERS: Current students Dewi Cooke from Australia (@d3wic); Maria Pataussi from Colombia (@mariapautassi); Connie Preti from Argentina (@conz); Sandro Mairata from Peru (@smairata); Raksha Kumar from India (@raksha_kumar) Questions to sree at


Pulitzer Prizes 2011: Meet winners & more - Apr 20,2011

The 2011 Pulitzer Prizes: A conversation with Prof. Sig Gissler (@sgissler), Pulitzer administrator and some winners of this year's prizes, including Feature Writing winner Amy Nutt '95 (@amyellisnutt), of The Newark Star-Ledger, for her deeply probing story of the mysterious sinking of a commercial fishing boat in the Atlantic Ocean that drowned six men. More names coming soon. See all the winners at * Call-in live to this conversation with Prof. Sree Sreenivasan or send your...


BOOKS: Tom Rachman, author of "The Imperfectionists" - Apr 19,2011

Columbia Journalism School presents a conversation with Class of 1998 alum Tom Rachman, author of one of the most popular books of the last 16 months, "The Imperfectionists." Set in a fictional English-language newspaper in Rome, the novel has received rave reviews worldwide, including being put at the top of NYT book reviewer Janet Maslin's list of top 10 books of 2010. See more at "This book is so good I had to read it twice simply to figure out how he pulled it...


Ira Glass of 'This American Life' - Apr 05,2011

Tuesday, April 5, 5-6 pm ET [ see local time around the world: ] Meet Ira Glass, creator, host and producer of WBEZ's “This American Life.” Columbia Journalism School (@ColumbiaJourn) presents a conversation with legendary radio producer Ira Glass. Glass will discuss his career in public radio, what he looks for in a narrative, the changes taking place in public radio and the future of This American Life. If you have any questions you'd like Ira to answer...


BOOKS: Meet novelist Sam Lipsyte - Apr 05,2011

Columbia J-school's MA in Arts and Culture program presents dialogues with dynamic artists of varying backgrounds. Writer Sam Lipsyte is a unique homegrown treasure, a writer who has been deemed “one the greatest black humorists alive” by Details and whose voice has been termed “repulsive, hilarious and devastatingly self-aware,” by the New Yorker. The author of Venus Drive, The Subject Steve and Home Land, his newest novel, The Ask, a New York Times Notable Book and bestseller, was just...


ARAB REVOLUTIONS: Briefing with Columbia Journalism Alumni - Mar 31,2011

Columbia Journalism School (@ColumbiaJourn) presents a conversation about the unrest in the Middle East and North Africa. Join several J-school alumni who have been covering various aspects of this story from around the Arab world. Speakers: YASMINE EL-RASHIDI ’99 (@yasminerashidi) freelancer in Cairo; ABIGAIL HAUSLOHNER MA’10 (@ahauslohner) of Time in Cairo & Benghazi & Tunis; RAWYA RAGEH J’06 (@RawyaRageh) of Al Jazeera in Cairo and Baghdad; SUDARSAN RAGHAVAN ’93 of the Washington Post...


JAPAN QUAKE: Briefing with Columbia Journalism Alumni - Mar 24,2011

Columbia Journalism School (@ColumbiaJourn) presents a conversation about the latest situation in Japan. Join several J-school alumni who have been covering the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear crises since the moment they happened. They'll discuss what they have been covering, what they have been seeing and what they have been learning. You will be able to call-in live and ask questions. If you'd like to send in questions via email, please email sree at or tweet at @sree...


MUSIC: Meet composer Julia Wolfe - Feb 24,2011

Columbia J-school's MA in Arts and Culture program presents dialogues with dynamic artists of varying backgrounds. Esteemed composer Julia Wolfe is the winner of multiple awards and recognitions including an Obie Award, Fulbright fellowship to the Netherlands and 2010 Pulitzer Prize finalist. Her work is a mixture of post-Modernism with contemporary influences. Her multi-faceted music has been commissioned internationally and experienced from Settembre Musica (Italy) and Theatre de la...


Wikileaks & What It Means for Journalism - Dec 17,2010

Columbia Journalism School (@ColumbiaJourn) presents a conversation about the latest developments in the Wikileaks controversy and what they mean for journalists and journalism. Speakers include Emily Bell (@emilybell), founding director of Columbia's Tow Center for Digital Media and former editor of the Guardian website; Todd Gitlin, Columbia professor of communications; Philip Shenon, a former NYTimes security writer who now writes for the Daily Beast; Ingo Sigfusson, a journalist from...


SOCIAL MEDIA: What We Learned Teaching Social Media - Dec 16,2010

Columbia Journalism School (@ColumbiaJourn) presents a conversation about teaching social media to journalists, based on the school's Social Media Skills for Journalists course. The speakers have all taught these classes at the J-school: Jennifer Preston (@NYT_JenPreston), the first social media editor of the NYT; Zach Seward (@zseward), outreach editor of the WSJ; Vadim Lavrusik (@lavrusik), community manager and social media strategist of Mashable. Moderated by Sree Sreenivasan (@sree),...


Nicholas Lemann on Why J-school Still Matters - Dec 14,2010

Columbia Journalism School presents: "Why Journalism School Still Matters: A conversation with Dean Nick Lemann." Join the dean (and New Yorker writer) as he discusses the journalism landscape and all the changes and activities at the J-school. After the first 30 minutes, others from the J-school will answer practical questions about applying as well as other relevant topics. Or e-mail your questions: (subject line = webcast) and we'll make sure they are answered. You can...


Robert Siegel of NPR's 'All Things Considered' - Nov 16,2010

Columbia Journalism School presents the latest in its series of 75+ conversations with those shaping today's media landscape. In this live episode, Prof. John Dinges, who is head of our radio program and a former managing editor of NPR, interviews Robert Siegel, the host of NPR's "All Things Considered." Siegel, winner of this year's John Chancellor Award (and its $25,000 prize), was selected by the award committee in recognition of his extraordinary career at NPR where he has engaged...


BOOKS: Alex Kotlowitz, Jonathan Schuppe and Jonathan Alter in a Lukas Prize

The J. Anthony Lukas Prize Project and the Columbia Journalism School present a conversation between award-winning writers Alex Kotlowitz and Jonathan Schuppe. Alex Kotlowitz is perhaps best known for the bestselling THERE ARE NO CHILDREN HERE: The story of Two Boys Growing Up in the Other America. He is also the author of the much acclaimed THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER , and of NEVER A CITY SO REAL and has contributed to numerous magazines and and newspapers including The New Yorker and the...


Meet Your Classmates at Columbia Journalism School, Part 4 - Aug 27,2010

Student Affairs Dean Sree Sreenivasan and MA Program coordinator Tali Woodward host a webcast with Columbia Journalism School student co-hosts so that the incoming students can get to know each other. Students are encouraged to call-in (via phone or Skype or via your computer - just hit "click to talk") and introduce themselves. Share your backgrounds and interests! Co-hosts include: Thor Neureiter, Erika Fry, Shira Dicker, Linda Lacina, Alison Becker (friend 'em on Facebook).Columbia...