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Episode 8: Paralegals as Access to Justice Champions

The Law Society of Ontario assumed responsibility for the regulation of paralegals in 2007 making the province the first jurisdiction in North America to regulate paralegals. Today, nearly 9000 paralegals are licensed in Ontario providing consumers with more choice, protection and improved access to justice. This episode helps to mark a decade of paralegal regulation by featuring a range of voices from this professional community. • Robert Burd, Bencher and Chair of the Paralegal Standing...


Episode 7: Improving Health, Improving Service

Recent research indicate that lawyers are at a higher risk for anxiety, substance abuse and depression than those in the general population. This susceptibility begins in law school and eventually has an impact on society by affecting people who rely on lawyers to manage their everyday legal problems. This episode will speak with a range of access to justice advocates about status and mental health in the legal profession. • Patrick Krill, Principal and Founder of Krill Strategies • Doron...


Episode 6: Millennial Influence

At 37% millennials are currently the largest generation in the workforce. They make over a quarter of the population in Canada and the most educated among them are women – they make up the majority in professions. In 2019, millennials will make up the largest block of voters. This generation is shaping our expectations around technology and convenience. In this episode we look at how they are influencing the justice sector. Last year we worked with Abacus Data to publish a report that...


Episode 5: Beyond Tweets

Recent high profile cases have sparked new dialogue about sexual violence. High profile cases, mandatory training for judges in sexual assault law and the role of social media in accelerating conversations all point to a significant shift towards survivor informed paths to justice. But what does that mean? Current discussions have focused on sexual violence at home, at work, on public transit and everywhere in between indicating that this issue is a concern for the majority of the...