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Weeding the Client Garden and Avoiding Unnecessary Headaches [LGE 037]

For many lawyers, making the decision to take on a new client doesn’t require much thought. After all, all paying clients are great clients, right? Not necessarily. There are a number of reasons why you should want to be selective when weeding through leads and potential new clients. In this episode, I share stories and insight on how to spot trouble clients from a mile away and what to do to best protect yourself against possible future bar complaints. What I Cover in This...


Improve Profits and Lower Expenses By Outsourcing Legal Work with Kristin Tyler [LGE 036]

When you’re overwhelmed with work and the paperwork on your desk keeps piling up, that’s usually a good indication that you need help! Being busy is certainly better than the alternative when you’re running your law practice but in order to be the most effective and competent attorney you can be, you need help. That’s where outsourcing and delegation come into play. My guest today is Kristin Tyler. Kristin is the Co-Founder of LAWCLERK, a service that helps attorneys hire freelance lawyers...


The Power of Building Your Network and How to Do It Effectively [LGE 035]

They say your “network is your net worth.” This is especially true in the legal profession. Surrounding yourself with the right people and building your network can prove to be crucial to your success and career longevity. It’s important, then, for lawyers to get outside of their offices and meet others. But what’s the best way to approach network building? I share my insight on how and why it’s important to meet new colleagues and surround yourself with the right people. What You’ll Learn...


Ethics Issues in the Development of Innovative Legal Products with Erin Levine [LGE 034]

For many lawyers with innovative ideas for their practices, those ideas rarely get a chance to blossom because of certain restraints in the ethics rules, unfortunately. If you’re looking to implement new services or develop legal products and are unsure of what the ethics rules allow or disallow, you’ll truly enjoy this conversation. More importantly, you’ll learn how you can work through your fears of violating the ethics rules to cultivate your genius idea. Joining me today is Erin...


Law Practice Lessons Learned on the Race Course (Live Keynote) [LGE 033]

Just like with obstacle course races, lawyers’ careers are long, tough, and full of unforeseen obstacles. In this replay of my recent keynote presentation for CEB’s The Basics conference in California, I share lessons learned on the race course that lawyers can apply to their own lives and careers. What I Cover in This Keynote: Thank you for listening! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the show to receive every new episode delivered straight to your podcast player every Tuesday. If you...


Breaking Down the Duty of Technological Competence with Ivy Grey [LGE 032]

ABA Model Rule 1.1 states that a lawyer shall provide competent representation to a client. While this duty has existed for a while, the more recent addition of Comment 8 to Rule 1.1 makes it essential for lawyers to “keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice, including the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology[.]” This demands a shift in the way lawyers approach their understanding and use of technology in their legal practices. Joining me today to discuss the...


When Your Conduct Outside the Practice of Law Affects Your Bar License [LGE 031]

Lawyers are charged with upholding the law and abiding by the ethics rules while we’re practicing as well as when “off the clock.” The ethics rules govern lawyer conduct anywhere and any time. So what conduct, behavior, and activities outside of the practice of law could potentially get you in trouble and affect your bar license? That’s what I delve into in this episode. What I Discuss In this Episode: Resources Mentioned: ABA Model Rule 8.4 Thank you for listening! Don’t forget to...


Delivering Bad News to Clients the Ethical Way with Kathleen Havener [LGE 030]

No one wants to think about it but there might come a time in your legal career where you have to deliver bad news to your client – whether it’s due to a lawyer error or otherwise. How can you deliver this news to your client swiftly and ethically? Joining me is Kathleen Havener, a lawyer at The Cullen Law Firm in Washington DC. Kathleen’s practice focuses on complex commercial litigation. In this episode, Kathleen shares her insight on a lawyer’s responsibility when it comes to informing...


Twitter for Lawyers: Confidentiality, Advertising, and What to Post [LGE 029]

Social media can be a great place to connect with colleagues and grow your law practice, when used correctly. For many lawyers, however, the thought of posting and engaging on social media platforms generates as much fear as it does questions. In this episode, I’m focusing specifically on Twitter and sharing a few important ways you can and should be using the platform. My hope is that I address some of the fears and questions you might have about using this platform. What I Cover in This...


From Addiction and Disbarment to Law School Professorship with Kenneth Lawson [LGE 028]

Kenneth Lawson went from running a successful practice in Ohio to having his license revoked because of misconduct while addicted to prescription painkillers. He joins us to share his remarkable journey to redemption. Ken Lawson is the Co-Director of the Hawai‘i Innocence Project and an Associate Faculty Specialist at the William S. Richardson Law School where he teaches Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, Professional Responsibility, Evidence, and Hawai‘i Innocence Project. What Kenneth...


10 Tips for New Lawyers Entering the Profession [LGE 027]

If you’re a new lawyer just starting out in your legal career, you’ll want to tune in to episode to hear my top 10 tips (and 1 bonus one!) to help you succeed. If you’re a more seasoned attorney, I’d love to hear your best tip for new lawyers. Tweet me @zaviehlaw My top 10 tips: And one bonus: Take care of yourself! Thank you for listening! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the show to receive every new episode delivered straight to your podcast player every Tuesday. If you enjoyed this...


How to Delegate Effectively with Lori Gonzalez [LGE 026]

You’re a busy lawyer and some days make you wish you could multiply yourself. Well, until that day comes, you must learn to delegate. But where should you begin? What factors are important when it comes to delegation, and what are the potential challenges and benefits of delegation? I’m joined by Lori Gonzalez is the President and Founder of the RayNa Corporation, outsourced administrative and back office support for lawyers. Lori and I discuss the reason why many lawyers find delegating...


Avoiding Mental Illness Treatment Out of Fear of the Moral Character Application with Margaret Hannon and Katherine Silver Kelly [LGE 025]

Many law students fear seeking the necessary attention and help for their mental health issues because they know they’re likely to have to report it on their moral character application. Even though few applicants are denied admission based on mental health treatment or diagnoses, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding seeking help. So what are law students and lawyers applying anew for their moral character application to do? I’m joined by two wonderful guests, Margaret Hannon and...


Applying the Essentialist Mindset to Your Law Practice and Life [LGE 024]

We’re all trying to do too much. From having too many commitments, to too many activities, and too many work projects - we’re all doing way too much. As a result, we don’t do anything half as well as we could. It’s time to reduce and let go of certain tasks. But how do we make that decision? What needs to go? That’s what I answer in this episode. I’m currently reading a wonderful book called Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown and it got me thinking about lawyers...


How to Make Completing Your CLE’s Less Painful [LGE 023]

Completing your CLE’s might not be the most exciting part of practicing law but it is mandatory. If you don’t take them seriously and complete them, then you can find yourself in a lot of trouble with your State Bar if audited for compliance. Use the tips I provide in this episode to help complete your CLE requirements with more ease. What You’ll Learn in This Episode: Resources Mentioned: Avvo's Lawyernomics Clio Cloud conference ABA Techshow CLA Summit CEB Basics Conference Thank...


CEO or Expert: Which One Should You Be in Your Law Practice? with Mike Whelan [LGE 022]

For many solo practitioners, they believe they need to be the CEO’s and the experts of their law practices. After all, more often than not, it’s just them running the show. But is that necessarily the best way to grow your business? My guest today is Mike Whelan, operator of the Lawyer Forward conference, soon-to-be author, and legal consultant. Mike believes lawyers need to choose one or the other and he supports his claims in this fascinating conversation. What We Discuss in This...


How to Create Compelling Marketing Content, Ethically with Nick Rishwain [LGE 021]

Content marketing presents a great opportunity for lawyers who wish to increase their visibility online and grow their practices. Through blogging and video creation, lawyers can begin to establish genuine relationships with potential clients online. But, of course, there's always that fear of crossing ethical rules. That's what my guest and I discuss in this episode. I’m joined by Nick Rishwain, Vice President of Client Relations and Business Development for, an online...


10 Things Every New Lawyer Needs to Know [LGE 020]

Whether you’re a new lawyer or you’ve been practicing for many years, this is a great episode that will serve as advice (or as a reminder) for how to make the most of being a lawyer and be the best you can be. The Top Ten Things Every New Lawyer Needs to Know: What advice do you have for brand new lawyers? Tweet me @zaviehlaw or email me at megan[at]zaviehlaw[dot]com with your advice. Thank you for listening! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the show to receive every new episode delivered...


How to Help Your Family Deal With Your Malpractice Suit [LGE 019]

If you’re involved in the discipline process, a lot of that stress you're dealing with carries over and affects your family too. So how can you help them handle the stress that comes along with dealing with malpractice suits? That's what I discuss in this episode. What You’ll Learn in This Episode: Thank you for listening! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the show to receive every new episode delivered straight to your podcast player every Tuesday. If you enjoyed this episode, please help me...


Why We Need Data Driven Ethics Reform with Erin Gerstenzang [LGE 018]

The legal industry has been stagnant when it comes to making any sort of ethics reform. For the states that are making changes to their ethics rules, those changes are typically based on opinions and arguments but not on data. The data is out there; we need to collect it and organize it in a way that will help regulators make better decisions. I’m joined by criminal defense attorney and legal ethics enthusiast, Erin Gerstenzang. Erin and I are leading the charge on the Data Driven Ethics...