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So, you’re a new lawyer or you’re new to practicing solo. You’ve got your game plan. Now what? First, know that you’re not ‘alone. It’s the fastest growing segment of the legal profession. Welcome to New Solo here on the Legal Talk Network, where you’ll learn a lot about practicing law. SOLO!

So, you’re a new lawyer or you’re new to practicing solo. You’ve got your game plan. Now what? First, know that you’re not ‘alone. It’s the fastest growing segment of the legal profession. Welcome to New Solo here on the Legal Talk Network, where you’ll learn a lot about practicing law. SOLO!


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So, you’re a new lawyer or you’re new to practicing solo. You’ve got your game plan. Now what? First, know that you’re not ‘alone. It’s the fastest growing segment of the legal profession. Welcome to New Solo here on the Legal Talk Network, where you’ll learn a lot about practicing law. SOLO!




Back to Basics: Smart Marketing for Solos Part 2

Legal marketing expert Conrad Saam returns for Part 2 of his conversation with host Adriana Linares to explain why for many lawyers SEO has become the “back cover of the Yellow Pages.” It’s expensive and not right for everyone. So when do you need to work on SEO? Linares teases out some tips: How to evaluate if it’s worth spending money on search engine optimization.Whether your last name should be part of your website URL.Which website platform is a good fit for your practice?How to...


Back to Basics: Smart Marketing for New Solos - Part 1

Marketing is an essential business tool, but many lawyers lack the expertise needed to leverage it in their law firms. Expert legal marketer Conrad Saam joins Adriana Linares in this 2-part series to discuss simple, effective marketing tactics for attorneys. They define the basic marketing terms all lawyers should know and offer practical advice for going out on your own. Conrad Saam is president at Mockingbird Marketing. Special thanks to our sponsors, Clio, Lawclerk, ROSS, and Alert...


Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile with Dennis Kennedy and Allison Shields

Building a better LinkedIn profile can help you increase professional connections, but why should you really care about this platform? Adriana Linares hears tips and tricks from Dennis Kennedy and Allison Shields from their book, Make LinkedIn Work for You: A Practical Guide for Lawyers and Other Legal Professionals. They share how effective participation can help you gain more visibility in your peer community, increase your referrals, and find new professional opportunities. Adriana would...


Law Firm Leadership: Cultivating Positivity in Your Law Firm

Good leadership is invaluable to law firms when they face a major transition, and transitions abound as the profession navigates issues brought forth by the pandemic. Adriana Linares talks with David Holmes about his passion for leadership and his personal experiences as managing partner at the Farr Law Firm. He shares insights on how patience and encouragement can help you as a leader nurture a culture of positivity in your law firm. David Holmes is a business lawyer and managing partner...


Help for Bar Associations: Insights on How to Continue Operations During COVID-19

Many bar associations have struggled to maintain operations during the pandemic, but the San Diego County Bar Association was ahead of the curve during COVID closures. What did they do differently? Host Adriana Linares talks with Jill Epstein and Keith Fisher of the SDCBA about how they managed the transition and the technology that has helped them successfully continue operations. Jill Epstein is executive director of the San Diego County Bar Association. Keith Fisher is deputy executive...


Tips and Tools for Surviving the Shift to Remote Work

Adriana Linares and Brett Burney offer a comprehensive list of useful tips and tools for bettering your technology use in the age of remote work. Recommendations in this episode: TextExpander,TextExpanderForLawyers.comNetDocumentsG SuiteOffice 365Microsoft To Do Analog AttorneyField Notes GoldFynch PST ViewerTunnelBearAppsInLaw.comeDiscovery Buyers GuideLogikcullGoodNotesNotabilityPDF Also, check out...


Going Remote During COVID-19: Tips and Tools for At-Home Legal Practice

As we move deeper into the COVID-19 crisis, many lawyers and firms are still scrambling for solutions for the shift to remote work. Adriana Linares focuses this edition of New Solo on giving struggling lawyers the guidance they need to succeed in this transition and serve their clients with excellence. Adriana welcomes David Holmes, Henry Herrman, and Greg Lambert to discuss their experiences with remote work in firms of differing sizes, specific tool recommendations, and how they have...


Implementing the Right Processes with Ernie Svenson

A new client or matter comes into your office. You need to open the matter, work the matter, and, ultimately, close the matter. Are you doing those steps the best way? New Solo host Adriana Linares sits down with guest host Liz McCausland and guest Ernie Svenson to discuss how Ernie helps lawyers develop systems to avoid disorder and waste. Learn how to use your time better, get more meaningful clients, and use the best tools for the job. They also discuss Ernie’s upcoming 2-day Small Firm...


Learning Blockchain From Those Who Know It Best

You’ve heard plenty about it— maybe you’re watching it from a distance; maybe you think it’s a fad; maybe you’re even making a fortune on it. Blockchain technology is one of those things that gets discussed but it’s hard to pin down exactly how it’ll affect your life and your legal practice. To help demystify the subject, Adriana Linares is joined by none other than Scott Stornetta, one of the co-inventors of what’s now seen as early blockchain technology, and IBM’s Shawnna Hoffman. Together...


Brand New Solo: Legal Tech and Business Tips from Philip Mauriello

Going solo may sound stressful, but it’s exciting! Having the freedom to live according to personal ideals and being creative with the building of a business is both satisfying and rewarding for many solo attorneys. Philip Mauriello was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug while working in the restaurant business, and after entering law school, he knew that utilizing today’s legal technology would allow him to practice law on his terms. New Solo host Adriana Linares talks with Philip about his...


Shifting to Neutral: Kristin Rizzo’s Journey From Litigation to Mediation

As lawyers gain more experience in the profession, some feel the desire to shift their practice into other areas of law or even to mediation, but career shifts are no small task! In this edition of New Solo, host Adriana Linares talks with Kristin Rizzo about her professional journey from litigator to mediator. They talk tips and tactics for pursuing new career goals and walk through the practical details of launching a new business. They also discuss some of the most helpful tech tools...


Did You Really Read Those Terms of Service?

They may be long and tedious, but examining terms of service agreements is the only way to ensure your cloud services are trustworthy places for your data. That being said, many lawyers don’t actually know what to look for as they sift through these documents. In this edition of New Solo, Adriana Linares brings in Daniel Whitehouse to help lawyers understand common red flags in terms of service agreements. Daniel breaks down the terms of several commonly used vendors, explains the importance...


Marco Brown’s Eight Commandments for Getting Paid

The recent Legal Trends Report by Clio showed that the average lawyer only gets paid for 22-28% of the time they put in. Unacceptable! New Solo host Adriana Linares brings in Marco Brown to teach lawyers how to change their mindset and prioritize getting paid for the great work they do. Based on a CLE presentation he gave, Marco outlines eight commandments that help layers rethink the way they handle billing and put themselves, their families, and their firms first. Check out Brown Law...


Money Management 101 for Solo and Small Firm Professionals

Just because your talents as an attorney are beyond reproach doesn’t mean you’re expected to be a financial wizard, too. Host Adriana Linares is joined by Amanda Moore, CPA, to share some indispensable wisdom on handling your practice’s finances, overseeing your bookkeeper, and keeping your account balance in the positive and yourself off the IRS’ radar. Amanda Moore is a licenced CPA in the state of Florida. Special thanks to our sponsors, Clio, Nexa, Lawclerk and


Take Control of Your Work and Life with New Apps, Bots, and Services.

Sitting down with some familiar faces, Adriana Linares is joined by guest co-host Renée Thompson in this conversation with Liz McCausland to discuss the many tools she uses to optimize her work and her life. From services to help in the office, like Fancy Hands, Trello, and Upwork, to others that can help anywhere, like Alexa, Shipt, and Thumbtack, find out how the new landscape of apps and services can help improve both your work and personal life. Renée Thompson is a mediator at Upchurch...


The Journey from a Big Firm to Solo Practice

Making the move into solo practice may seem intimidating, but for some, the transition brings freedom that makes it worth the risk. In this episode of New Solo, host Adriana Linares talks to David Leatherberry about how his work in a niche area of healthcare law led him to start his solo firm. They discuss David’s background in the legal industry and he talks about his current passion for helping behavioral health practitioners with their legal needs. He also shares the story of his move to...


Balancing Solo Practice with Bar Leadership with the Right Tech Tools

Balancing a solo practice while being involved in an overwhelming number of bar committees is only possible thanks to the great tech tools available to lawyers today. New Solo host Adriana Linares sits down with Renée Thompson, mediator and member of the Florida Bar Board of Governors, to discuss what tools enable her to accomplish her goals, to review her accomplishments during her time on numerous bar committees, and to look forward towards her planned run for Florida Bar president (and...


Work and Life: How Two Solo Lawyers Balance Busy Careers, Marriage, and Parenting

Solo lawyers may struggle with work-life balance, but sometimes an uplifting perspective from other solos in the trenches is just what they need to carry on. In this episode of New Solo, Adriana Linares hosts solo lawyers and married couple Renee and Phil Stackhouse. They discuss their individual careers and delve into how they manage their personal lives as a couple and as parents. They go on to discuss how they manage their practices from a business perspective, from office space to legal...


Launching a Successful Practice: Tips from Pro Solo/Small Firm Lawyers

There are so many unknowns when starting a new law practice – what should and shouldn’t new solos do when first striking out on their own? In this episode of New Solo, host Adriana Linares talks to solo/small lawyers Paige Greenlee and Brittany Maxey-Fisher about their career experiences. They discuss what led them to decide to go out on their own and what strategies they have used to grow their practices. They offer tips for solos on technology, practice management, networking, organic...


TL NewsWire’s Top 25 Products Awards

Lawyers, if you’re looking for a new tech product or don’t know what you might be missing, tune in for some great ideas. In this episode of New Solo, host Adriana Linares talks to Neil Squillante of TechnoLawyer about TL NewsWire’s top 25 products awards. The top-25 list, determined by reader interest, gives a wide-ranging look at the most useful and sought-after tech products and services for the legal industry. Special thanks to our sponsors, Clio, Answer1, Lawclerk and