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(11) Part Time / Seasonal Work and Workers' Compensation

When listening to our podcasts on North Carolina Workers' Compensation, you may assume that we're speaking about people who have full time jobs. You may ask, is there any difference if I have a part time or seasonal job? Managing Partner and Workers' Compensation Specialists, Ben Cochran, answers this question in our short and sweet Episode 11.


(10) Workers’ Compensation Weekly Checks

If you’ve been injured and you’re out of work, you may be receiving weekly workers’ compensation checks. Many clients and potential clients of Hardison & Cochran have many questions about the workers’ compensation checks, so we decided to dedicate a whole episode to the subject. In this episode, North Carolina Workers’ Compensation attorney Ben Cochran answers questions such as “How is the check calculated?” and “What happens if the check is late?”


(9) What Happens When I Call Hardison & Cochran For A Free Consultation?

The fear of the unknown. It's a powerful thing. Even when the thing could be very beneficial to you. We feel it's a reason some people may not contact a lawyer for a 100% Free Consultation when they may be looking for a lawyer for an accident injury, workers' compensation injury or representation for a disability claim. So let's make the unknown known. In Episode 9 of the Hardison & Cochran Podcast, Ben Cochran explains everything about the Free Consultation to help knock down the...


(8) What Happens After I Hire H&C for a Personal Injury Claim?

Hiring a lawyer for representation in a personal injury claim is not a regular occurrence. So it goes without saying that many people feel a lot of anxiety when looking for one and even after they have signed up with one. Each step from signing to the end of the case, is a new experience for the client. To help alleviate some anxiety, we created this podcast to discuss how Hardison & Cochran handles personal injury cases. Ben Cochran discusses what him and his legal team do for their...


(7) 5 Myths of North Carolina Workers' Compensation

Like most things in life, Workers' Compensation Claims have myths about them that simply aren't true. Maybe it's something a friend told you. Maybe it's something a coworkers told you. It may even be something a boss or someone in Human Resources told you. In this episode of the Hardison & Cochran Podcast, Managing Partner Ben Cochran, who is also a Board-Certified Specialist in NC Workers' Compensation Law, addresses the top five myths he hears from injured workers in his practice.


Team Autism NC Series 6: Nancy Popkin from Autism Society of NC | After School

In episode 6 of the Team Autism NC Podcast Series powered by Hardison & Cochran Attorneys at Law, Nancy Popkin joins us once again. In this episode, Popkin discusses the years after school and transitioning into adulthood for those with autism.


Team Autism NC Series 5: Nancy Popkin from Autism Society of NC | School Years & Autism

Nancy Popkin of the Autism Society of NC joins us in Episode 5 of the Team Autism NC Podcast powered by Hardison & Cochran Attorneys at Law. In this episode, Popkin covers what you need to know about Autism and the School Years.


Team Autism NC Series 4: David Laxton from Autism Society of NC

David Laxton of Autism Society of NC joins us again to talk about a November 3rd conference in Raleigh, NC. The conference, which is being lead by Dr. Peter Gerhardt, explores the transition to adulthood for individuals with autism. The conference will be held at North Raleigh Hilton on Wake Forest Rd. from 9am to 3:30pm on November 3rd.


Team Autism NC Series 3: Jaime Marcum from Autism Society of NC

Jaime Marcum, who is the Associate Director of Services for the Autism Society of North Carolina joins us this episode of the Team Autism NC podcast. In this episode, Marcum explains the wide range of support services offered by the Autism Society of NC. She also explains how these services are paid for and who is eligible for them.


Team Autism NC Series 2: Kim Tizzard from Autism Society of NC

Kim Tizzard, the Director of Family Support at the Autism Society of North Carolina, joins the second episode of the special Team Autism NC Podcast Series. In this episode, Tizzard shares how most families are feeling after an autism diagnosis and the best path to take to calm the overwhelming feeling of the diagnosis.


Team Autism NC Series 1: Aleck Myers and David Laxton from Autism Society of NC

Aleck Myers and David Laxton from the Autism Society of North Carolina cover the basics of an autism diagnosis and also what the Autism of Society of North Carolina can offer families and individuals affected by autism This podcast is the first in a series of podcasts were doing exploring the topic of autism along with the help of the Autism Society of North Carolina. For more information on our partnership with the Autism Society of North Carolina, please visit


(6) Medical Providers and North Carolina Workers' Compensation with Ben Cochran

North Carolina Workers' Compensation Board-Certified Specialist and Hardison & Cochran Managing Partner, Ben Cochran tackles the topic of dealing with medical providers in North Carolina Workers' Compensation claims. Most people are confused when they have been injured at work and are told their medical care is going to be directed by the insurance company. You may be wondering if you can see a doctor of your choosing. Ben covers that topic and more in this podcast. TRANSCRIPT:...


(5) Social Security Disability Basics with Blair Biser

Partner and Social Security Disability Attorney Blair Biser fields some basic questions about Social Security Disability. If you're just starting out and looking for information about the Disability Process, this podcast is a good place to start as it gives a general overview and touches on some common misconceptions about the system. Blair Biser is a North Carolina Board-Certified Specialist in Social Security Disability Law and have been representing North Carolina claimants for over...


(4) North Carolina Workers' Compensation Surveillance with Ben Cochran

If you have been injured at work are there people watching you? NC Workers' Compensation Board-Certified Specialist Ben Cochran weighs in on the subject on who and why some people who are receiving workers' compensation benefits may actually have someone watching their every move. The interview with Cochran also covers how people may be using your social media to keep tabs on you, too. Ben Cochran is the Managing Partner of Hardison & Cochran and also Board-Certified by the NC State Bar...


(3) Hardison & Cochran Auto Accident Client Phyllis

Phyllis, a former auto accident client of Hardison & Cochran, joins the podcast to share her experiences of working with the firm. In both of Phyllis' accidents, she was in a vehicle that was rear ended by a driver who was not paying attention. Both accidents required he to seek medical care. Phyllis' attorney was John Paul Godwin.


(2) Hardison & Cochran Workers' Comp Client Karen

Karen, a former workers' compensation client of Hardison & Cochran, joins the podcast to share her experiences with a work injury and also her experience working with Hardison & Cochran. Karen was represented by North Carolina Board-Certified Workers' Compensation Specialist and Hardison & Cochran Partner, Jack Hardison.


(1) North Carolina Workers' Comp Basics with Ben Cochran

Hardison & Cochran Managaing Partner, Ben Cochran joins the podcast in this episode to answer five basic questions about North Carolina Workers' Compensation Law. Cochran is a Board-Certified Specialist in Workers' Compensation Law in North Carolina. TRANSCRIPT:


Hardison & Cochran Podcast Intro

Welcome to the Hardison & Cochran Podcast. This is an introduction on what to expect going forward with our podcast. We hope you become a dedicated listener and enjoy.