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Are you tired of partisan politics? Do you want to hear the news without the media narrative? Do you want to be more "well-rounded" as a person? Do you want to get to know and learn from noted entrepreneurs, elected officials, C-level executives, economists, & more? Look no further. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Are you tired of partisan politics? Do you want to hear the news without the media narrative? Do you want to be more "well-rounded" as a person? Do you want to get to know and learn from noted entrepreneurs, elected officials, C-level executives, economists, & more? Look no further. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.


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Are you tired of partisan politics? Do you want to hear the news without the media narrative? Do you want to be more "well-rounded" as a person? Do you want to get to know and learn from noted entrepreneurs, elected officials, C-level executives, economists, & more? Look no further. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.






232: Wokeism on the Loose -with Kenny Cody

Cancel culture. Identity politics. Wokeism. However you feel about the push for "social justice", it's hard to deny the manner that wokeism has grown from being only on college campuses, as it now permeates our modern discourse. Kenny Cody returns to the program and makes his case on why we need to fight back against this progressive ideology and embrace an attitude of rebellion. Find Kenny Online: Find the Show on YouTube!...


231: Sunday Candidate Highlight Series- New Jersey Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Gregg Mele.

New Jersey was one of the hardest hit states by the COVID pandemic, and the government's response to COVID likely ended up causing more pain than the virus alone. Governor Phil Murphy even went as far to say that worrying about the Bill of Rights was "above his pay grade" when being pressed on his administration's lockdown tactics. Gregg Mele decided that enough was enough, and announced that he was seeking to unseat Phil Murphy as governor under the Libertarian Party. Gregg joins the...


230: Good Intentions Aren't Enough -with Nolan Gray

"The goal of the proposal is ...." Now, to judge how a proposal did, one would want to look at the actual outcomes of said proposal, versus just looking at the intentions of the proposal. And yet, when it comes to government programs and policies, it is the intentions that lawmakers seem to focus on. Nolan Gray is a housing researcher at UCLA, a former NYC city planner, host of the YouTube "Pop Culture Urbanism" (where he dissects housing & city questions from famous movies & TV shows), and...


BONUS: Words Matter -with Britt from The Freckles and Britt Show

A special sneak-peek into the new video format of The Brian Nichols Show, as today I'm joined by Britt from the Freckles and Britt Show! Starting on Monday, the program will be debuting each episode both via podcast and YouTube! To start things off, Britt joins the program to discuss the way words have lost their meaning, and why definition of words matter! (This episode co-airs with the launch of the YouTube video at 8pm EST) Find Britt Online- Show:...


229: LP Unity and the Redacted Caucus -with Trent Ortner

"You're not a real libertarian." Heard that one before? Whelp, if you're listening to the program, then not only have you likely heard that before, but you're also likely done with that mindset, as our goal here is to bring liberty to people's lives now. To help more things forward, a surge of "libertarian unity" has been sweeping the party. Today's guest is Trent Ortner from the Redacted Caucus, who joins the show to outline why a unified LP is an LP that can be dangerously successful in...


228: Out of Sight, Out of Mind- Why Marketing is Just as Important as Messaging (with Chris Goyzueta)

How often have your gone out of your way to purchase a can of RC Cola? Not too often, eh? (unless you're one of those RC Cola fanboys)... Now, if I were to say, "think of a brand of soda", Pepsi and Coca Cola are likely the first to pop into your mind? Why? Enter the world of marketing. Yes, what you say matters. But if you're out of sight, you're out of mind. That's why today's guest has made bringing professional marketing to the liberty movement. Chris Goyzueta (Making it with Chris G)...


227: Sunday Candidate Highlight Series -Tim McMaster for Pennsylvania State Senate

For those outside of the major urban areas, life during the COVID pandemic has been, all things considered, more or less, the same. But in those greater urban areas (and Democratic states, candidly) life is still on pause, with many government restrictions still in place. Joining the program is Libertarian Party PA State Senate candidate Tim McMaster, who has made standing against the lockdowns one of his main campaign goals. Listen as Tim digs into his vision for Pennsylvania, plus what...


226: Everything is Infrastructure! -with Brad Polumbo

The Biden "Infrastructure Bill" is out, and guess what... EVERYTHING IS INFRASTRUCTURE! Roads and Bridges? Yup! Childcare!? YUP! Climate Change!? YUP!!! Sound a bit... much? Don't worry, you're not alone in that feeling, as Brad Polumbo from the Foundation For Economic Education (FEE) returns to the program to dig into all the dirty details about the new infrastructure bill. Find Brad Online: Find Brad on Twitter: Podcast:...


225: Let's Talk Bitcoin -with JW Weatherman

At this point, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that the US Dollar will continue to lose value as the Federal Reserve continues to print money en masse, along with countries losing the "full faith and trust" in the US government that used to pad the value of the dollar. Enter #Bitcoin. Bitcoin has shown to be both an investment (of sorts) and a means of exchange, with large entities like Tesla starting to do transactions in Bitcoin and Paypal offering crypto alternatives. JW Weather...


224: Can We Fix Our Broken Cities? -with Scott Beyer

The government lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic absolutely decimated small businesses. On top of that, major cities across the US were already seeing mass exoduses due to increasing cost of living, increased taxes, and the fact that cities are losing their initial appeal as hubs of commerce and activity. Scott Beyer returns to the program to outline how a "Market Urbanism" approach to handling our cities woes could help put those cities back on course. It's getting government...


223: Sunday Candidate Highlight Series: Joe Evans for Congress (Idaho)

Happy Easter! Continuing with our Sunda Candidate Highlight Series, today we're venturing our west, as we chat with Joe Evans, Libertarian running for Congress in Idaho! Joe joins the program to outline why he's running for Congress, why foreign interventions are still an important issue to focus on, and how libertarian solutions can help bring Americans together. Find Joe Online- Website: Twitter:


222: Libertarian Populism -with Joshua Smith

We've spoken on Republican and Democratic populism over the past month or so, but what about Libertarian populism? How can Libertarians tap into that energy that runs rampant through the populist appeal? Where can Libertarians help bridge the gap between left and right populists? Joshua Smith returns to the program to give his take on Libertarian populism, discuss his new Youtube show "Break the Cycle", and then talk the future of the Libertarian Party. Give a listen! Find Josh Online-...


221: A Sea of Misinformation -with Donnie Gebert

We all accept that the government doesn't tell us certain information. Now, government will say it's due to "national security" or some other reason, but what about the government using the media apparatus to actively misinform the public? Donnie Gebert is a former government insider who outlines the extent that government goes to misinform the public, and how a "Direct Republic" could help solve a lot of our problems. Find Donnie Online- Website: Twitter:...


220: Selling Liberty to New Jersey -with Michael Rufo (NJLP VP of Political Affairs)

2020 brought a lot of unprecedented challenges, with dozens of states taking unconstitutional actions to "protect" their citizens. One such state is New Jersey. With the crackdown on civil liberties in response to the COVID pandemic, Governors like Phil Murphy unintentionally fired up activists all around the country. In New Jersey, the pro-liberty movement is alive and well, and that's in large part due to today's guest: Michael Rufo (NJLP VP of Political Affairs). Mike ran for office as a...


219: Sunday Candidate Highlight Series: Nicholas Magner for New Jersey Assembly (LD 4)

Freedom. Passion. Principle. That's what Nicholas Magner, candidate for New Jersey's 4th Legislative District, promotes as the underlying values of his campaign. Nick joins the program to outline what he is running for assembly as a Libertarian, and why Second Amendment rights, drug decriminalization, bodily autonomy, lowering taxes, and "Defending the Guard!" are the tops priorities of his campaign. Find Nick Online- Website: Twitter:...


BONUS: The Ugly Truth About the Lockdowns (Time to Reopen Society) -with Nick Hudson from PANDA

The data, facts, and realities of COVID were far away from what the media and public health institutions were presenting to the world at the advent of the pandemic. And while the controlling narrative was that of lockdowns and fear in response to COVID, organizations like PANDA have been working with some of the top minds in public health, focusing on the hard data and analytics of the pandemic to help save lives. Returning to the program is Nick Hudson, co-founder of PANDA, who just gave an...


218: How the Fairness Center Protects Public Sector Employees -with Nathan McGrath

Bill is a public sector employee. He is represented by a public sector union. Bill wanted some more information about his union and their contracts, but Bill was told "Don't worry about that." If you're Bill in this situation, what would you do? The first step should be giving a call to the team at the Fairness Center. Today, Nathan McGrath (President & General Counsel) of the Fairness Center joins the program to outline how the Fairness Center can help public sector employees like Bill when...


217: Who is Governor Ron DeSantis? -with Anna Zeigler

Did you state lockdown in response to the COVID pandemic? And if it did end up locking down, did your state follow the science data and reopen once government lockdowns were shown to have no impact on the virus? Joining the program is Anna Zeigler (The Federalist) who joins the program to put the spotlight on one Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Listen as we did into DeSantis' skyrocketing to national prominence over the past year, how he was one of the first executives at a state level who...


216: Why is Free Speech So Important? -with Fredrick M. Lawrence

Free speech is one of the fundamental cornerstones in American society. However, in recent years, we've watched as free speech rights have been focused on and attacked by those saying speech can be dangerous. But do they have a point? After all, can't hate speech lead to hateful actions? Joining the program is Frederick M. Lawrence, 10th Secretary and CEO of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, Distinguished Lecturer at the Georgetown Law Center, and former President of Brandeis University, Dean of...


215: Sunday Candidate Highlight Series- Meet Martha Bueno, Libertarian Candidate for Miami-Dade District 10

It’s never too early to start thinking about the 2022 elections, and that's why Martha Bueno is joining the program to discuss her candidacy for the Miami Dade District 10 Commissioner. An area in Florida that encompasses, West Kendall, Kendall Lakes,Fonatinebleau, Horse Country, Westchester, Westwood Lakes, Olympia Heights and Sunset, listen as Martha outlines her vision for Miami-Dade as one of pro-liberty and opportunity. Find Martha Online: