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36: Economics and Liberty with Steve Horwitz

Today, I am joined by Steve Horwitz! Steve is the Distinguished Professor of Free Enterprise in the Department of Economics at Ball State University in Muncie, IN. Listen as Steve and I discuss a number of economic topics, starting with an in-depth discussion on minimum wage, universal basic income (UBI), automation, and artificial intelligence. Next, we discuss trade in the era of Trump, focusing specifically on the differences between “free-trade” vs “fair-trade” and the dangers of...


35: Democratic Party NYS Assembly Candidate Keith Rubino

Today, I am joined by Keith Rubino! Keith is the Democratic Party candidate for the 118th Assembly District in Northern New York. He has a degree in communications from SUNY Oswego and he's been employed by A.R.C. Herkimer, Upstate Cerebral Palsy, and currently working at Central New York DSO to care for people with special disabilities. Yes, Keith a Democrat… a Bernie Sanders supporting Democrat at that! But that didn’t stop us from having an absolutely phenomenal discussion about the...


34: The Free State Project and LBRY with Jeremy Kauffman

Today, I am joined by Jeremy Kauffman! Jeremy is the founder and CEO of and recently joined the Board of Directors of The Free State Project. Listen as we start off our discussion by focusing on is Jeremy’s New Hampshire-based blockchain company that produces and maintains a decentralized content sharing and publishing platform. We also touch on Jeremy’s previous venture, TopScore, which is a startup Jeremy founded that processes millions of dollars monthly in event...


33: Rand Paul Endorses Gary Johnson, Trump Foreign Policy, and the Kurdish Independence Movement with Elias Atienza

On today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show, I am joined by Elias Atienza. Elias is a fourth year history major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, who is an opinion writer for his school newspaper Mustang News. He interned at the Daily Caller News Foundation and YAF's National Journalism Center over the summer where he wrote primarily on politics and foreign policy. His writings have appeared in TheBlaze, Red Alert Politics section of Washington Examiner, Independent Journal Review, Daily Caller,...


32: Republican Liberty Caucus Executive Director Alexander Snitker

On today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show, I'm joined by the Executive Director of the Republican Liberty Caucus, Alexander Snitker! Libertarian Party versus the Republican Liberty Caucus... no, it's not a binary decision, but listen as Alex and I discuss the respective roles of the Libertarian Party and the RLC. We also tackle the question as to which organization is better at advancing liberty, the need for the Libertarian Party to take itself seriously, the issues with current LP...


BONUS:'s "The Right Side"- Libertarian in a Binary World with Brian Nichols

This episode first appeared on's "The Right Side" podcast with Andrea Ruth and Kimberly Ross ( This week Brian Nichols of The Brian Nichols Show joins Andrea and Kim to discuss the many facets of libertarianism, including the growing number of pro-lifers among their ranks. Follow Brian on Twitter @BNicholsLiberty.


31: What on Earth is the LNC Doing? with LNC Vice Chair Alex Merced

On today’s Episode of The Brian Nichols Show, I’m joined by the Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee, Alex Merced! God bless Alex for coming on my show after the past few days of controversy coming from LP National. Listen as Alex and I have a respectful, yet intense back-and-forth as we discussed the messaging coming from LP National about Austin Petersen and his candidacy for the GOP nomination in the Missouri GOP primary, the leadership and messaging coming from LP National...


30: 71 Republic & New Media with Matt Geiger

On today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show, I am joined by founder and CEO of the 71 Republic, Matt Geiger! 71 Republic is one of the fastest-growing independent political news organizations in the country. Launched in June of 2017, 71 Republic features many different voices that span the political spectrum. Their work has been shared by Jordan Peterson, Glenn Beck, John McAfee, Austin Petersen, Silvio Schembri, and Lew Rockwell, amongst others. Today, 71 Republic publishes content from...


29: Collectivism in America with Jeffrey A Tucker

On today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show, I am joined by the Editorial Director at the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), Jeffrey A. Tucker! This thought provoking episode covers all the bases, as we discuss the rise of collectivism from the left and the right, Jordan Peterson and his role in advocating individualism and being an "Alt-right killer through education", the dynamic between immigration and the welfare state, Trump's economic nationalism, and predictions for...


28: Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty with Hannah Cox

On today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show, I am joined by the National Manager of Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty, Hannah Cox! Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty (CCATDP) is a nationwide group of conservatives questioning whether capital punishment is consistent with conservative principles and values due to the system’s inefficiency, inequity, and inaccuracy. Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty is a project of Equal Justice USA, a national,...


27: Caleb Franz & MilLiberty

On today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show, I am joined by the host of MilLiberty and founder and executive director of The MilLiberty Initiative, Caleb Franz! Listen in for a fun-filled episode discussing his show, his new liberty-based non-profit, and more! Follow Caleb on Twitter: @CalebFranz & @MilLiberty Follow Caleb's non-profit :


26: US Congressional Candidate Charles Hargrove

On this episode of The Brian Nichols Show, I'm joined by Libertarian Congressional Candidate Charles Hargrove, who is running for the 11th congressional district in New York. Listen as we discuss his candidacy, his experience as a radio communications leader, and the changing media landscape. You can learn more about Hargrove's campaign at Follow Hargrove on Twitter: @CJHargrove_SI


25: Michael Johns

On today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show, I'm joined by conservative commentator, policy analyst and writer at the Heritage Foundation, former speechwriter for President George H. W. Bush, and National Tea Party movement co-founder and leader, Michael Johns! Johns, a conservative Republican leader and strong supporter of President Donald Trump, views the Tea Party movement and the election of Trump as a truly redefining moment in American politics and in the Republican Party. Listen as...


A Movement for Liberty with Brian Nichols- from "Bills" with Luke Scorziell

This interview first appeared on "Bills" with Luke Scorziell found at 2016 changed how the world viewed politics. This change gave prominence to the libertarian, limited-government ideology. Brian Nichols is an adamant supporter of libertarianism and the philosophy of “Don’t hurt people. Don’t take people’s stuff.” We sort through the Republican Party’s flaws, the dangers of big government, and the importance of...


24: Interview with NYS Assembly Candidate Philip Paige

On today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show, I'm joined by former St. Lawrence County Deputy County Administrator and current candidate for the 188th Assembly District in New York State- Philip Paige! Listen as we discuss Philip's experience across the campaign trail, the importance of being a genuine candidate based on principles, and his platform as a libertarian-Republican seeking the Republican nomination. You can follow Philip at:


23: "The Libertarian-in-Chief", Todd Hagopian

​ On today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show (BONUS EPISODE!), I am joined by the "Libertarian-in-Chief", Todd Hagopian! Todd is a libertarian activist, successful businessman, and has made it his goal to end the liberal fiscal policies of both major parties. Listen as we discuss the Libertarian Party, the greater libertarian movement, and the dig into the upcoming 2020 presidential election and who should lead the LP as the nominee.


22: The Farm Bill, Charles Krauthammer, and Respect

On today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show, I'm riding solo! Listen as I discuss the farm bill and explain why subsidies are bad. Then, listen as I discuss the passing of Charles Krauthammer and the importance of us treating others, despite political differences, with love, compassion, and respect. Check out the WAL Episode Mentioned Here:


21: How To Grow the Liberty Movement - with Shane Hazel

On today's episode, I am joined by United States Marine Corps Veteran and former Georgian 7th Congressional District candidate Shane Hazel. Shane, a libertarian-Republican, and I discuss how those within the liberty movement can make real headway in seeking elected office, be it as a Libertarian, Republican, or other. Also, we chat about how we can reach out and educate others, young or old, to help advance liberty beyond traditional libertarian circles. You can find Shane on Twitter at...


20: Stay Away From The Libertarians! with Remso Martinez

On today's episode, I'm joined by the author of "Stay Away From The Libertarians!", Remso Martinez. Martinez is best known for his podcast, the "Remso Republic", and today we discuss his book, "Stay Away From The Libertarians!". Together, we discuss some key elements of his book; Why do people hate libertarians? Who are libertarians? Why have regular Americans been told to avoid libertarians and their ideas? Pre-order an autographed copy of "Stay Away From The Libertarians!":...


Brian Nichols on the Otters Talking Politics Podcast

This episode can originally be found over at Otters Talking Politics: "In a Special Episode John is joined by Brian Nichols of the Brian Nichols Show, a libertarian leaning podcast with the goal of educating, enlightening, and informing. Follow Brian on Twitter @BNicholsLiberty & Facebook Listen to The Brian Nichols Show on all major platforms as well as:"