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Join the Fletcher Brothers weekly on Black Podcasts Matter with discussions on all things relevant and not so relevant. We ain't gon' lie to ya, providing the other sides perspective on the lower frequencies. It's the best time you'll ever spend...maybe!

Join the Fletcher Brothers weekly on Black Podcasts Matter with discussions on all things relevant and not so relevant. We ain't gon' lie to ya, providing the other sides perspective on the lower frequencies. It's the best time you'll ever spend...maybe!
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Join the Fletcher Brothers weekly on Black Podcasts Matter with discussions on all things relevant and not so relevant. We ain't gon' lie to ya, providing the other sides perspective on the lower frequencies. It's the best time you'll ever spend...maybe!




Ep 47. Mucusless Diet w/Professor Spira (Going Plant Based)

In this episode I speak with Professor Spira Ph.D author of Annotated Muscusless Diet and Spira Speaks about the importance of what food choices we make as a society. We speak about what foods are detrimental to producing mucus and slime in the body which leads to sickness and diseases. Transforming one's diet is the link to overall health and wellness. Professor Spira can be reached at...


Ep 46. Protest Is In Our DNA

In this episode I talk with Dre about some history of protest in sports, the black community, and the country. We delve into whether football protest is sustainable or will it crumble over time. Listen as we explore deeper into this subject.


Ep 45. Trump Absolutes

President Trump made a press conference addressing the nation for an hour and seventeen minutes. We break down his absolutes. Either things are the best ever or the most horrific events to ever happen. Also in this episode we talk about the 59th Grammy Awards and congratulate Chance the Rappers win of three grammy's. Kevin Hart has a new show that he's developing for Black History Month due in part to his daughter. We talk about the most recent unimpressive UFC 208 card, legislative bills...


Ep. 44 Alternative Facts

In this episode we talk about Kelly Anne Conway's most recent news blunder/quotable stating "Alternative Facts"...A.K.A. (Lies). We discuss the movie La La Land compared to BET's recent 3 day made for television movie The New Edition Story. We give our recent dumb shit installment, plus more in topics in the news. Subscribe, Rate, and Review Subscribe to the YouTube Channel!


Ep 43. Is Hip Hop Dead? Part-Two

Here is the second installment of Is Hip Hop Dead. We conclude this episode finishing the comparison between the hits from 1993-1996 versus the billboard chart topping hits of 2013-2016. We apologize in advance for any surprise duds. Subscribe, Rate, and Review


Ep 42. Is Hip Hop Dead? Part-One

Who's your top 5 Hip Hop/Rap recording artists. A Tribe Called Quest...Busta Rhymes...Rakim? Or did you pick cliche responses like Biggie or Pac. No judgement, we picked them too. In this episode we explore the question, is Hip Hop dead? If it is, can it be resurrected? We also compare the top Hip Hop Billboard hits from the 90's against the Billboard hits of the 2010's. You be the judge which decade won. This show is filled with lots of throwback jams. Subscribe, Rate, and...


Ep 41. Conscious Brother Beef

Most recently Dr. Umar Johnson, a well known educational psychologist, and even more known staple of the Black Conscious Community, released a half hour video rant against another black conscious associate. What made this newsworthy is Dr. Johnson is talking completely out of character. This "out of pocket" tirade has lots of people questioning his true nature. Also in this episode, C.I.A. exposes Russia as part of the computer hacks on the presidential election. Rebecca Ferguson agrees...


Ep 40. Questions, Comments, Queries, Concerns, & Thoughts

After another hiatus, long lost original member of the show Khary finds his way back to the mic with his latest rumination. We play an old game called male or female, guessing the guilty gender of underage school crimes. We find out what rapper YG's song called "FDT" means. Lots of recent Donald Trump news from the president-elect not attending the intel briefings and the Cleveland Cavaliers boycott of Trump Towers when they play in New York. Also, we discuss the douche baggery of Dana...


Ep 39. A Post Trump/Post Truth America

In this episode Tyrae and Thomas discuss A Tribe Called Quest new album making the Billboard charts. We talk about America post-Trump election and what statement that made for half of the population that voted for him. We give the definition of post-truth and debate what's more important, pro-business or pro-human rights. Also: Minnesota cop is charged in the shooting death of Philando Castile and Kanye rants at his concerts. Subscribe, Rate, & Review on iTunes and Stitcher...


38. Building Black Dollars

In this episode I speak with Compton, CA native Mr. Low Rider himself Thomas "TJ" Loftin on fabrication car parts and restoring classic vehicles. Some of which were featured in the summer blockbuster hit movie "Straight Outta Compton". We also speak about the importance of supporting black businesses whether they are in your neighborhood or online. We discussed his move into the real estate development industry that has brought him other revenue streams and the importance of managing your...


Ep. 37 Are We Living In A Warzone?

This episode Tyrae speaks with friend of the show Brother Thomas in Khary's absence. We talk about the most recent police shootings of Terrence Crutcher in Tulsa, OK by Officer Betty Shelby. Another unarmed shooting of Keith Scott in Charlotte, NC, and the questionable fatal shooting of Alfred Olango with a history of mental illness in El Cajon, CA. Also in this episode we give our take on coaches penalizing players for protesting like Colin Kaepernick, Richard Sherman discusses why he...


Ep 36. Anniversary Show

In this episode we're giving away free Black Podcasts Matter t-shirts to the first 3 individuals that correctly answers trivia about the show. Email your answers to ...listen for details. We talk about the opening of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture, it's importance, it's long awaited opening, and it's Nascar like sponsors. We touch on the most recent presidential debates between Clinton and Trump with Trump's over emphasis on...


Ep 35. Support Your Own Self Interest

Our biggest Shout Out's go to the few players in the NFL that are willing to potentially sacrifice their endorsements if they remain silent, over backing Colin Kaepernick. The fall season for black television shows and movies have arrived. From Lebron James' Springhill Entertainment Company selling their 1st scripted television show to NBC, to Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) new show on FX titled "Atlanta", and more. A little shade is thrown on Hillary Clinton for nearly passing out at...


Ep 34. Taking a Social Stand (Calling on Colin Kaepernick)

With all the recent talk about Colin Kaepernick not standing for the National Anthem, we delve into the history of sports and politics. It appears that prominent athletes have made a stand for injustices and human rights in the past. Which begs the question is this 2016 or 1968. Also in this episode MTV's VMA commentary and Yung Joc's "Soul Glo". Email: Website: Twitter: Facebook:...


Ep 33. From Prison To Ph.D

In this episode we speak with Dr. Mark Richardson about his troubled past. From being a convicted felon, serving time in New York state prison, to becoming a respected Ph.D in his profession. We discuss his journey avoiding the pitfalls of recidivism, and his new endeavor aiding children k-12th grade receive the resources they need to become successful. We also converse how his program prevents the school to prison pipeline. Thanks for your support, and continue rocking with...


Ep 32. The Fam is Back!

Finally, the Bros Fletch are back together to provide you everything you've been missing... And more! Thank you for rocking with us. In this episode: Trump steps in it again, MMA fighter vs. local CT police, and Dumb Shit! Subscribe, Rate, and Review!


Ep 31. How Legitimate is the 2 Party Voting System?

Love it or hate it, having two political nominees running for president of the United States that no one wants to vote for has changed the discussion. Are these 2 party voting systems all we have to look forward to in the future? Will there be be a change that will include all people without leaving anyone out? Can we have more than 2 systems in democratic country? Friend of the show Brother Marcus and I discuss along with other issues regarding this topic. Thanks for listening,...


Ep 30. Alton Sterling (LA) and Philando Castile (MN) Murdered by Police Officers

In the one week (July 3-9), two African American men (Alton Sterling in Baton Rogue, LA & Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, MN) were gunned downed by the police. As two Black men living in America, we are forced to cope with this harsh reality of American life. But we are not alone. In this episode we discuss the "despicable" murders of Sterling and Castile with Thomas Montgomery (long time friend) and Keith Cooper (Louisiana native and host of Basketball and BS podcast). Recorded on...


Ep 29. O.J. was an A**hole

After watching the five-part documentary, "O.J.: Made in America" the Bros Fletch come to a similar conclusion... O.J. was kind of an asshole! We fully breakdown our personal entry point to the "Trial of the Century" and discuss how O.J. was lucky to be a man of color and wealth at that particular time in L.A. Also in this episode: Trump in hot water (AGAIN), Jay-Z in talks with Apple for the rights to Tidal, Another BPM game of "Male or Female," and much more! Thanks for...


Ep 28. Slave Movie/Shows: Too Many or Not Enough?

What happens when one of the Fletcher Bros can't make it to record? The show must go on! In this episode Tyrae explores the world of slave movies and television shows. Are Black people only portrayed in films as slaves? Is Snoop Dogg right when he says we should "boycott" the remake of "Roots" that recently aired? Roland Martin chimed in on this, and so does Tyrae. What do you think? Let us know on Twitter: Also in this episode: R.I.P. Muhammad Ali,...