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Life is filled with interesting people. Their hobbies and opinions open up whole worlds for us to explore and enrich our own lives through. On FWIW we step into some of these worlds...

Life is filled with interesting people. Their hobbies and opinions open up whole worlds for us to explore and enrich our own lives through. On FWIW we step into some of these worlds...
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Life is filled with interesting people. Their hobbies and opinions open up whole worlds for us to explore and enrich our own lives through. On FWIW we step into some of these worlds...






Devil’s Advocate (Part 2): Exodus ~ FWIW Episode 30

The second installment of my exploration of The Bible through conversation with my Christian friend Hendrik. For a full introduction to the series, please listen to the intro of Part 1, FWIW episode 27. In this episode we tackle the second book of the Old Testament, Exodus. As before, the starting point for our various discussion points are my questions and struggles with the text which Hendrik addresses from his Christian perspective. Specific to Exodus, we delve into topics such as God...


Q ~ FWIW Episode 29

In late October 2017, a user posted on 4chan, an anonymous forum, or image board. Under the title “The Calm Before the Storm,”. The poster claimed to have a high-level government security clearance — Q clearance to be exact. He…or she said they had been instructed to post intelligence leaks straight to 4chan “in order to covertly inform the public about President Trump’s master plan to stage a countercoup against members of the deep state”. In the months that followed, more and more people...


Donald Trump, Marketer ~ FWIW Episode 28

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump succeeded in his goal of becoming president of the United States and he did it in a way that was unlike anything we’ve seen before. His style and the way he marketed himself was unorthodox and he demonstrated new ways of using digital media which allowed him to spend much less money than his rival. So what can marketers learn from him? What should they emulate and what should they avoid? Has he fulfilled his brand promise? Has he kept control of his brand...


Devil’s Advocate (Part 1): Genesis ~ FWIW Episode 27

Genesis, the first book of the Bible, presents us with some very challenging teachings and accounts. What are we to make of them? Do we interpret the writings literally? What should we make of the sexual acts found in its pages that we would now consider immoral, such as incest and rape, in the context of modern Christian morality? Why does it seem like God gives Man free will, but later is shown to be orchestrating events? To discuss and try to make sense of all of this and more, I’m...


The Money Fight Preview ~ FWIW Episode 26

I’ve experienced the build ups to several high profile boxing matches including the 2015 clash between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio. However, I’ve never seen anything like the anticipation for Mayweather’s next fight which will take place on August 26, 2017 against mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor. The fight will be a boxing match under boxing rules with Floyd as the favourite, none of which has not stopped McGregor from promising a knock out and bets on him winning the fight...


Huge Sleeping Giant ~ FWIW Episode 25

Soccer in North America is starting to pick up in popularity driven by things like the accessibility of digital media and a 20 year old professional league, the MLS. So how did we get to where we are today and how healthy is the state of the game at present? On this episode I was joined by Rudi Schuller, editor at Sporting News and as well as co-host of SiriusXM’s Canada FC to talk footie. We covered everything from the role of the MLS in the North American sports market, the...


The Game ~ FWIW Episode 24

Whether it’s a spouse you seek or a vampire-themed 3-some one night stand, there’s an app for that! To discuss the online dating scene I'm joined by two friends who are/recently were players in the game. Randy, a self-described ‘serial dater’ who has recently taken himself out of the scene because the search has borne fruit…and Alice (not her real name), who asked to remain anonymous on account of many of the rather poor experiences she had to endure while dating online. Together, they...


The Future is Now ~ FWIW Episode 23

Technology is changing the way brands market to us, how companies hire, how our data is captured, and what we think about privacy. On this episode I’m joined by the dynamic account team duo at Toronto agency ZenithOptimedia Group, Ryan Covel and Ryan Woodrow. The guys take me through how Ryan C got noticed by using social media ads to promote himself, as well as their takes on privacy as a currency online, the future of voice search, the internet of things, integration of digital marketing...


On Being a Single Mom ~ FWIW Episode 22

When we’re young, we often imagine what our lives will look like when we’re older…I’m sure few of us picture the challenges that life has a funny way of throwing at us. A common wrinkle in people’s plans is that of becoming a single parent. Raising children is hard enough with someone else, let alone by yourself…so what is it like? What are the challenges, but more importantly, the lessons, if you should find yourself in this situation? And what about advice for young people, especially...


The Alt-Right Is Real ~ FWIW Episode 21

When the opportunity came up to have the discussion you’re about to hear about the Alt Right, I was excited because I anticipated my ideas about the movement to be confirmed – that it was more of a media invention to fit a narrative, and that a clear definition was elusive. I got something completely different, most importantly from Richard, a self-described member of the movement from North Dakota, and Mel, a Canadian ‘ally’, as she put it. Not only was a definition put forward...


No Easy Answers ~ FWIW Episode 20

Events around the world continue to bring Islam and its adherents into the spotlight while average non-Muslim Westerners struggle with how to make sense of what they’re reading, watching, and hearing. This is exactly why I wanted to do this episode for a very long time. I have so many questions…and I don’t feel like Western non-Muslims really know what our Muslim neighbours are thinking. Enter Amine. A friend of mine from Montreal, Canada. He joined me to discuss his take on the various...


Completely Magic ~ FWIW Episode 19

What do you know about puppetry? What inspires someone to devote their talents to this ancient art and what is its place in our modern digital world? To explore this realm and trace her journey, I converse with puppeteer, biomedical computing graduate, and and co-founder of Birdbone Theatre, Aleksandra Brągoszewska. We talk and talk and try to wrap our brains around subjects like the changing nature of human communication, art as political dissent, the artist in and out of the world, and...


Feminism LOL ~ FWIW Episode 18

Diana Davison is a media critic and civil rights advocate focused on feminism and gender issues. She runs a YouTube channel called ‘Feminism LOL’ as well as The Light House Project which is a non-profit organization with the mandate of preserving due process in the Canadian legal system, specifically addressing false accusations of sexual assault. I connected with Diana to discuss her take on the Men’s Rights Movement, rape culture, gender identity, individualism, obviously feminism, and...


Abortions for All! What the Hell's Happening in Poland? ~ FWIW Episode 17

According to the media in the West, since being elected in October 2015, the ruling ‘Law and Justice’ party has curtailed democratic freedoms, run the country in an authoritarian fashion, and attempted to move laws in a socially conservative direction by, for example, proposing changes to abortion legislation. So what IS life and politics really like in Poland in 2016? Well, who better to ask than the average Pole! My friend Mike was born there, emigrated to Canada in 1991 at age 7, and...


Nerd Culture: The World of Comic Books & The Upcoming Release of 'Terminarch' ~ FWIW Episode 16

The comic book industry continues to thrive and attract new readers, flying in the face of some opinions that new and digital forms of entertainment would wipe it out faster than a speeding bullet…so what is it like to bring your idea to life in the form of a comic book? What is it like to promote and distribute it and get it in the hands of readers across the continent and the world? On this episode we will find out all that and more as I host Editor-in-Chief at OSSM Comics, Siike...


Green Propaganda: The Ins & Outs of the Forest Industry ~ FWIW Episode 15

Some of these difficult questions will inevitably turn to forestry, logging, etc: This is where my guest comes in. Marcin Lewandowski is a manager of operations and product development at Ecostrat Inc., a Canadian company which specializes in the supply of wood fiber and biogas feedstock worldwide and the mitigation of biomass supply chain risk. He joined me to discuss forest management including influence exerted by well-funded Environmental Non-Profit Organizations (ENGOs),...


Layman Watching: On the Ghomeshi Trial, Sexual Assault, and Lawyering ~ FWIW Episode 14



Fully Grounded: The Journey and Thoughts of a Gay Catholic ~ FWIW Episode 13

To many, "gay" and "Catholic" seem like contradictory terms...after all, The Church's rules for homosexuals are quite different and more stringent than those for heterosexuals. Furthermore, some clergy and leaders in The church preach a very hard line on the matter and finally, the institution tends to represent traditionalism while open homosexuality is a matter of a modern, liberal society. What is it like, then, to be an openly gay man while remaining not just a practicing Catholic, but...


A Pirate's Tale: Surviving the World's Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise ~ FWIW Episode 12

CORRECTION: I erroneously referred to the cruise as "7,000 Tons of Metal" in the episode. It's actually 10 times better than that: 70,000 Tons of Metal and Apologies! Going on a cruise is the preferred method of vacationing for many people around the world. But, what do you think of when you hear the word 'cruise'? I know I never thought of heavy metal rock music...well, as it turns out, if this genre floats your boat (sorry, I had to), there's an option just for you!...


Like, Share, Subscribe: The Sociology of YouTube as an Entertainment Hub ~ FWIW Episode 11

In its 10 years of existence, YouTube has grown to become much more than the world's biggest online video platform: It is now the number one source of entertainment for many people, especially those 20ish and younger. It has turned the experience of watching television from a solitary one (a small group one, at most) into a connected global community, full of its own rules, celebrities, and loyal fans. To decipher the ins and outs, learn about the biggest stars, hear about what makes the...