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Hockey, Cows, Cheese Curds, and Bucky On Parade: Welcome To Madison, With Kate Dale, EPISODE #28

If you haven’t listened to the I Love Madison Show lately, you haven’t listened to the I Love Madison Show! Episode 28 may go down as the historic episode “where it all started…” Caleb Jahr joins the show as a regular host, alongside Neil Mathweg, and the show has a whole new format for you to enjoy! Laugh along as Caleb recounts his experience of taking on a bunch of professional hockey players at the Capitol Ice Arena in the Caleb vs. Madison segment, find out where you can get your...


Tracey Hasz Is A Social Connector Who Wants To Help You Flourish In Madison, EPISODE #27

If you are new to the Madison area, we hope this episode will be a total blessing to you! This week, Neil interviews two Madison residents who moved here by chance, and are not just surviving, but thriving! Here in this city on an isthmus, we want to connect people to great communities, business networks, and groups that love to do the same things as you! As you will hear on this episode, there is no excuse not to flourish in a community as vibrant and connected as Madison,...


Lights, Camera, Madison!: A Lifestyle Snapshot With Ruthie Hauge, EPISODE #26

Ruthie Hauge, an award-winning photographer joins us today to give us a snapshot of what it’s like living in Madison! Ruthie’s roots are in photojournalism and art. After graduating from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, where she majored in photography and minored in drawing, she launched her photography business and in 2006, and was hired as a Staff Photographer by Sun-Times Media. She has an impressive resume of places she has traveled and famous people she has photographed,...


The Piano Gal Is Here To Connect The Community Through Music, EPISODE #25

Once again, the I Love Madison team is back with another great episode that highlights the amazing community of Madison, Wisconsin! In the “On Mission” segment, Chris Sorensen talks with a foster care champion about her family's experience of helping to love and nurture foster care kids in the community. Her story is an inspiring one! You'll enjoy hearing the perspective of a brand new resident in the “My Move” segment from Chris Reese, then Neil Mathweg interviews The Piano Gal Marta...


The Happy Bambino Is Here To Make Your Parenting Journey A Little Easier, With Sarah Smith, EPISODE #24

If you are a mom in the Madison area, you need to listen to this episode! Ashley Jacobs interviews Sarah Smith from Happy Bambino, a pregnancy and early parenting resource center here in Madison that is helping parents connect, learn and explore alongside other parents. They say “it takes a village,” so Happy Bambino’s mission is to create that village, so to speak. This episode also features an interview with David Lippiatt, the founder of WE International, an organization that is...


Donald Driver Shares 3 Secrets To Live Your Best Life, The Princeton Club Needs Your Help To Change Lives Locally And Globally, And The “Wonder Women” Are Here To Save The Day, EPISODE #23

Welcome to this incredible episode of the I Love Madison Show! Today’s show is a rare treat, featuring several outstanding guests. Former Green Bay Packer and Dancing With The Stars Champion Donald Driver joins the show to talk about how determination, discipline, and drive can help you live your best life! Andy Haugen, the president of the Princeton club also joins the show to talk about two life-changing missions that you can support here in Madison, and the “Wonder Women” Carrie Anton...


This Madison Startup Is Revolutionizing How Undiscovered Artists Share Their Music, With Max Fergus And Elijah Isenberger, EPISODE #22

There are always exciting things happening in the city of Madison! Think of the I Love Madison show as your tour guide to all of the great places this city on an isthmus has to offer! If you are looking for great food, outstanding entertainment, outdoor recreation activities, business connections or just a community to call home, look no further than Madison, Wisconsin! On this episode, host Neil Mathweg interviews two Madison Start-up entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing how undiscovered...


Madison Moms Get A Day Off, With Ashley Jacobs, EPISODE #21

The I Love Madison Show is your one-stop shop to discover the best that Madison, Wisconsin has to offer! The hosts will be your guides to find the best meetups, restaurants, networking groups, festivals, concerts and community events you don’t want to miss! If you are new to the area or you have lived here your whole life, there is something for you! This week, Ashley Jacobs joins Neil Mathweg on the show to talk about an event she is planning that caters to hard-working moms in the...


One Introvert & Trailing Spouse Shares How She Is Connecting In Madison,With Aubree Javaherian EPISODE #20

Madison, Wisconsin is often described as a “big small city.” There are hundreds of places to visit, no matter what kind of adventure you are looking for. Do you want to hit the downtown scene for some amazing restaurants and live music? Madison can help. Are you looking for ways to connect with other business professionals? The business community in Madison is thriving, and would love to connect with you! It’s a big city, but a small community! On today’s episode, the team is back to bring...


Connect To Your Community Via LinkedIn With Cathy Yerges, EPISODE #19

If you are looking for great places to eat, community events, business connections and recreational activities around Madison, WI, then you have come to the right place! The I Love Madison Show wants to help you connect to all of the great people and places this city has to offer. On today’s episode, Chris Sorenson highlights an amazing foundation that is working tirelessly to support the adoption of older orphans from Europe, Chris Reese interviews Nick Lenzendorf, a Madison local who...


Nobody Does Play Better Than The Madison Children’s Museum, EPISODE #18

The hosts from the I Love Madison show want you to experience all of the amazing restaurants, shops, museums, theaters, parks and culture that Madison has to offer! They also want to make sure you get connected to a thriving community of people who dream big, play hard and love sharing life together in Madison! Today, Chris Sorenson highlights an amazing organization that is working to address the problem of homelessness for single moms and their children in the community, and Neil Mathweg...


Eric Baillies Is Using Antique Photography To Inspire Wonder And Connect People In Madison, EPISODE #17

This episode of the I Love Madison show is packed with heartwarming content from all over the city! Chris Sorensen highlights an amazing mission organization that regularly meets to serve people a free meal, Chris Reese interviews a local mom who moved into the community with her husband to plant a church, and Neil Mathweg reconnects with an old friend who is using 19th century photography methods to inspire wonder and creativity, and connect the community in Madison. Thanks for listening,...


I love Monroe Street, with Laura Strickland, EPISODE #16

This week on the I Love Madison show, the team is back to highlight several great places around Madison you need to visit, as well as a few individuals who are making an impact in the community! Neil Mathweg says the game of magnets is underway, so don’t forget to check that out! Chris Sorenson invites his parents onto the show for the “Mission” segment to talk about how they are joining in the fight against human trafficking through an organization called Zeteo, then Laura Strickland...


Adam Rostad is building community in Madison through storytelling, EPISODE #15

Highlighting awesome individuals who live in Madison is one of the best parts of the I Love Madison Show, and this week is no different. Neil Mathweg and the team are back with another inspiring episode! If you are looking for great places to eat around Madison, they can help! If you just moved to the city and looking for ways to connect to the community, look no further...On this episode, Neil gives more details on the Madison Food Tournament, as well as the Game of Magnets. Chris...


A Box of Balloons: How Nicole Moll Is Bringing Joy To Kids Across The Nation, EPISODE #14

Welcome back to another great episode of the I Love Madison Show! On this episode, Chris Sorenson highlights how Madison is “on-mission,” and Chris Reese interviews Dan Tinder, a local Madison resident who has a lot to say about why this city is an amazing place to live. Neil Mathweg interviews Nicole Moll, the founder of A Box of Balloons, a non-profit she started to make sure each child feels special and celebrated on their birthday! Check out this I Love Madison episode for all the...


Create a Lifelong Foundation of Health And Total Wellness With Tim O’Brien, EPISODE #13

If you are a regular listener to the I Love Madison Show, welcome back! There is so much great content in this episode you won’t want to miss. If you are a new listener, welcome to the podcast that highlights everything Madison, Wisconsin has to offer! The hosts will keep you well-informed on community meet-ups, the best restaurants to visit, popular outdoor activities like the farmer’s market and area concerts, and a ton of personal and business development events. On this episode, host...


How One Madison Foodie Is Connecting Great People to Madison Restaurants, EPISODE 12

Welcome back to the I Love Madison show, where the goal is to help people living in Madison connect with great businesses, find great places to eat and meet new people! This week we crown the Madison Food Tournament Champion, we explore another awesome Madison meetup and foodie Chris Attaway is in the house from Epicurean Chronicles to talk food with Neil Mathweg! This is one tasty episode you don’t want to miss! How can you get connected in Madison? Moving to a new city can be a tough...


Women Who Are Actively Advancing Their Careers While Raising Children AKA Boss Moms with Ashley Quinto Powell, EPISODE #11

There is so much going on in Madison, and the team here has all the coverage for you! The Madison Food Tournament final round is coming up, so get ready to have the best hamburger in the city! Also on this episode is a great interview from Neil Mathweg with special guest Ashley Quinto Powell, a Boss Mom, leader, and speaker who is empowering women here in the Madison community. This episode is packed with great stuff you don’t want to miss! Check out the Madison food tournament final...


Fueling Dream Chasers and Another “My Move” Story, with Chris Rudolph - Episode #10

Are there people in your life you would consider to be Dream Chasers? You know, those individuals who are motivated to go for it when it comes to some outlandish dream they've concocted? If so, and they live anywhere close to Madison Wisconsin you have got to get them to listen to this episode. Neil talks with Chris Rudolph of the American Family Insurance Dream Bank. Chris calls himself a Dream Curator and his goal is to provide an environment and place that Dream Chasers can go to meet...


Eat Your Way Through The City on a Madison Food Tour with Brittany Hammer, Episode 9

Whether you're on the isthmus or strolling down Willy Street, the dining scene in Madison is going to blow you away. There is a remarkably wide range of dining options available, from great diners you can share with the whole family to elegant fine dining perfect for impressing. On this episode of the I Love Madison Show, the focus is all about food! Where can you find the best burger in Madison? Are you wondering where you can find the best burger in Madison? If so, listen to the show....