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Episode #41 - Daniel Bruce Levin

*To support the show and for a Free Month of Stitcher premium go to and enter promo code "blackbelts" to receive 1 month free! Today's guest is Danny Levin. We had a great conversation about his life's journey. He brings so much life wisdom and advice to the episode. He has an inspiring outlook on life and philosophy on how mankind can help better themselves and respect one another, especially our differences. Bio: Daniel Levin walked away from an opportunity...


Episode #40 - Bill Protzmann

*To support the show and for a Free Month of Stitcher premium go to and enter promo code "blackbelts" to receive 1 month free! Today's Life's Black Belt guest is Bill Protzmann We talk about his early life, feeling alone and depressed at times. He says he never "fit in" to any particular group. Music was something required in his household since his mother was a piano teacher. He shares a great story from his childhood about the first time he felt his music...


Episode #39 - Valerie Worthington

(This episode is brought to you by Stitcher Premium. Go to and use Promo Code “BlackBelts” to receive 1 free month of premium services for ad free and exclusive audio content) On today’s episode I sit down with BJJ Black Belt Instructor, published author, PHD College Professor and Certified Life Coach, Valerie Worthington. Valerie discusses her life growing up with two therapists as parents. Having to move to Germany as a teenager with her family and how...


Episode #38 - Dr. John DeWitt

Dr. DeWitt is a Vanderbilt University graduate who earned a full athletic scholarship after his first semester. He went on to become the starting defensive end for the next four years and was awarded The Wade Looney Award for outstanding work ethic. He continued his football career with the NFL Houston Oilers, NFL Europe Champion Scottish Claymores, Montreal Alouettes of the CFL, San Francisco Demons of the XFL, and several teams in the AFL including three seasons with the LA...


Episode #37 - Lorraine Reguly

Lorraine Reguly is an author and English teacher who is now a freelance editor and entrepreneur. Her life journey is motivational and inspirational. Lorraine’s book, From Nope to Hope, is designed to help anyone who wishes to lead a happier life. It contains a built-in workbook and is available on Amazon. Throughout her life, Lorraine has had her share of problems. She was raped at 14 years old, got into drugs, earned money through prostitution and has had suicidal thoughts for years. She...


Episode #36 - Alison Donaghey

Alison Donaghey was a single mom on welfare when she met a guy who relapsed into drug addition. After they moved in together, his addition to drugs and alcohol resurfaced and he died 6 years later. She was on welfare and didn’t know what to do so she started her own house painting business. She now has a great life, her son is taking over the business and she has another business called "Domino Thinking" where she challenges people to think about what they think about. She is the...


Episode #35 - Louis Fuentes

Louis Fuentes is the regional business manager for Phillips Healthcare. He is also a husband and father of 3 beautiful children, a teen son and two younger daughters. We discuss his heritage from Puerto Rico, growing up in the Bronx and then northern NJ. Louis talks candidly about what it was like growing up, losing a best friend to suicide at a young age, learning to mature into a man and climbing the ladder of his career. Louis talks about finding his true love, getting engaged quickly,...


Episode #34 - Chuck Rylant

Chuck J. Rylant is best known for his work as an author, expert witness, college teacher, and a high performance coach. Today, Chuck provides high performance coaching on life, personal finance, and marketing through his books, online training, and one‐on‐one coaching. We discuss his life growing up with two mentally ill parents. Getting out on his own at 17 years old. Becoming a Police officer and Homicide detective of 15 years. Now an author, life coach and expert witness. Chuck shares...


Episode #33 - Daniel Ameduri

Today's Life's Black Belt guest is Daniel Ameduri. Daniel is the CEO and founder of Daniel is a self-made millionaire real estate investor that bought his first property at 18 years old. He reached a high level of success, only to loose it all and end up bankrupt a few years later. He discusses how he and his wife had to make sacrifices like getting rid of their pets, moving to the dessert and much more just to have enough money to get by. Then we review how he...


Episode #32 - Maggie Kelly

Today’s Life’s Black Belt guest is Maggie Kelly. Maggie is a Holistic Lifestyle and Spiritual Wellness Educator, Life coach and the founder of Satsang House, which is a meditation and spiritual healing center in San Diego, CA. Maggie is also the host of the “Life Illuminated” Podcast. Maggie takes us through her story from her childhood, to moving to Spain for a few years, to being a manager in corporate American and a full time mom. She discusses how she was overwhelmed with stress and...


Episode #31 - Helen Owens

Today's Life's Black Belt guest is Helen Owens. Author of "Finding Our She-Compass: 15 Life Lessons For Women Voyaging toward Restoration, Reconstruction, and Renewal." This is an extraordinary story, that's a must-listen-to episode! Helen is an incredible human and someone that empowers women to find happiness, confidence and beauty in their life again. Helen takes us back to when she was a child growing up in the ghetto. She discusses losing her father at 11 years old and at the same age...


Episode #30 - Maura Sweeney

Today's Life's Black Belts guest is Maura Sweeney. Maura is a self-created "Ambassador of Happiness®" and is on a mission to advance the human race. From law school "escapee" to corporate manager to home schooling mom, Maura launched again at midlife to positively impact the greater world. Featured on NBC, BBC, European TV and African press, she’s lectured to aspiring FBI and CIA candidates, spoken at the inaugural Nelson Mandela Day celebrations and joined several celebrities as a spoken...


Episode #29 -Damon Nailer

"Multifaceted", "passionate", and "skilled" all describe today's Life's Black Belt guest, Mr. Damon “DaRil” Nailer. DaRil is a New Orleans native who currently resides in Monroe, LA. Known as a "Renaissance Man" and a "Multi-talented Inspirational Communicator", Mr. Nailer does many things. Among them are mentor, motivate, educate and address people's mental, spiritual, and emotional needs through various means. He writes inspirational books and blogs, he speaks, he coaches, and he even...


Episode #28 - Glen Kirkpatrick, Jr.

Today's Life's Black Belt guest is Glen Kirkpatrick, Jr. Before retiring in 2011, Glen served as southern California law enforcement professional for over 25 years. He is a three-time, thirty-one-year cancer survivor, living with late effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Glen enjoys sharing what he's learned about how to persevere in life, the importance of finding joy in each day, and the significance of living in the moment. Glen writes about faith, family, and overcoming life's...


Episode #27 - Kenny Weiss

Today’s Life’s Black Belt is Kenny Weiss. A Life Coach, Speaker, Author of “Your Journey to Success”, Podcast host and founder of The Greatness Movement. We discuss Kenny’s life and upbringing. How he played two professional sports and also, in his words, his self destruction. He needed to find an answer and discovered something he calls “The Worst Day Cycle.” He created a simple detailed step-by-step plan that gives you the tools to see where it is coming from and how to stop...


Episode #26 - David Moadel

Today's Life's Black Belt guest is Mr. David Moadel. David proudly serves as the Chief Analyst and Opportunity Researcher for His YouTube channel educates and informs a loyal crowd of followers on topics ranging from cryptocurrencies to stocks, options, precious metals, bonds, futures, and other areas of finance. With a master's degree in education and decades of investing experience, David has the financial know-how and a passion for teaching that has boosted the...


Episode #25 - Caleb McAllister

Today's Life's Black Belts guest is Caleb McAllister. Now a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Caleb has been a martial artist his entire adult life. He represents the Renaissance Academy of Martial Arts under Jamie Ridgeway, part of the Pedro Sauer Association. Caleb is a former professional MMA fighter and also actively competes as a professional submission grappler. As always, we go deeper throughout our conversation to learn more about Caleb's upbringing and how he established his...


Episode #24 - Emily Kwok

Today's Life's Black Belt is 3-Time BJJ World Champion, Co-Owner and Master Instructor of Princeton Brazilian Jiujitsu, Professor Emily Kwok. Emily is a pioneer of the sport of BJJ and a great ambassador for women’s jiu jitsu through her work with Groundswell Grappling Concepts, as well as through the “How to Defeat the Bigger Stronger Opponent” series produced with Stephan Kesting. Emily is also a highly demanded instructor, traveling the world teaching seminars to hundreds of students each...


Episode #23 - Amberly Lago

Today's Life's Black Belt is Amberly Lago. What an honor it was to interview her and have her share her amazing story with our listeners. The advice, inspiration and incredible strength she shows in this interview is priceless. This is a must listen to episode. Amberly was a professional dancer, fitness coach/model and even was featured in MC Hammer's "You Can't Touch this Video." Having grown up in Texas in a small town dancing and eventually teaching dance, Amberly wanted to pursue her...


Episode #22 - Raana Zia

Today's Life's Black Belt is Raana Zia. Raana is corporate executive/CFO turned spiritual self-help author of the book "Your Hidden Light: A Personal Guide to Creating Your Desired Life." Raana's passion for developing others and her own personal growth journey has led her to writing a book that synthesizes ancient spiritual wisdom into practical application today. The purpose of the book is to awaken people up to the powers they already possess to fulfill what is in their heart. When the...