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The Best Internet Radio. The Future of Talk Radio. It's Web Talk Radio.




Nonprofit Spark – A Nonprofit Spark farewell: Quintessential episode on nonprofit cash flow – 12/30/13

This is my final episode of Nonprofit Spark. Over the three years I’ve hosted the show, I was delighted by my guests who are really good at what they do and so wiling to share it with all of you. I created Nonprofit Spark because I know how fun and even therapeutic conversations can be with others who do similar … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – Six ways to make your case great – replay 12/23/13

It’s Christmas week and so I’m replaying one of the most downloaded shows of 2013 – in fact, in Nonprofit Spark’s history. The episode? Six ways to make your case great, which aired the week of May 13, 2013. My guest is Jennie Winton, a founding partner of Mission Minded, a branding firm that believes that nonprofits, foundations, and … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – Six elements of a nonprofit communication strategy – 12/16/13

When you think about how you’re communicating with your donors, funders, and community, do you wonder whether you’re spending your time and resources well? Do you feel frustrated that you’re communication is scattershot or ineffective? Then you need a communication strategy! My guest this week is James Howe, president of Communicate and Howe based in Kitchener, Ontario. We hone in … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – How fraud happens and how to prevent it in nonprofits like your own – 12/09/13

This week, we look at fraud because it’s been in the news a lot lately. It all started with a series of stories in the Washington Post the fall, and the tales of woe for organizations large to small are heartbreaking. My guest is John P. Langan, a CPA and managing partner with CliftonLarsonAllen, our show sponsor. We discuss … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – Engaging, responsive Global Giving – 12/02/13

It’s coming on Christmas and for this week’s show I’ve tracked down Alison Carlman, the senior unmarketing manager for GlobalGiving, an online marketplace that connects you to the causes and countries you care about. Alison describes how GlobalGiving provides support for people at charities around the world and solutions for people who want to find projects in other countries … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – Project Streamline: Reducing the burden of applying for and managing grants – 11/25/13

Do you ever grumble, “There’s got to be a better way,” when it comes to applying for, managing and reporting on grants? Do you wish you could provide feedback to funders about how dreadful their website and procedures are? Then you’ll be happy to hear my guests on this week’s show discuss Project Streamline, a national program from the … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – Keeping your website out of legal hot water (replay) – 11/18/13

Hi, everyone. I’m getting ahead of America’s Thanksgiving travel rush and taking a holiday this week. I found a show that I wanted to replay for you about websites. Did you ever think of yourself as a publisher? Well, you are one if you have a website. This episode will help you understand a few things about content ownership, copyright … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – Nonprofits Talking Taxes and the Common Good – 11/11/13

This week, I have two guests who discuss taxes and I promise you, this is an interesting conversation that you will want to share with neighbors and nonprofits in your community. My guests this week describe a workshop and toolkit they’ve created called “Nonprofits Talking Taxes,” which is being rolled out this week. Kim Klein, is a principal of the … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – There’s hope: The dual-business model for nonprofits – 11/04/13

This week we explore something called a dual-business model for nonprofits, an idea that is being actively promoted by state nonprofit associations who know their members can think smarter about generating revenue in a highly competitive environment. My guest is Allen J. Proctor, the founder and principal of Linking Mission to Money, the dual-business model to make nonprofits … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – Top time-wasters by nonprofit boards and executives – 10/28/13

This week, we focus on five areas where you can give yourself the gift of time by eliminating some bad habits common to many nonprofit leaders and board members. My guest is Phil Van Horn, the CEO of Align, a Cheyenne, Wyoming nonprofit. His organization provides management consulting and leadership training to help clients become more efficient and effective.… Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – Rob Jackson on volunteer rights

Have you been hurt by the staff of nonprofits you’ve volunteered for? Did you tell your friends about it, blame yourself for wasting your time, turn down other volunteer opportunities as a result? This week’s show focuses on volunteer rights, an idea that bubbled up about four years ago in England, is now being thoughtfully addressed in Australia, and is … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – Donor intent and contributions with strings – 10/14/13

We’ve all heard news stories involving a donor who expected one thing to happen with his multi-million dollar contribution and the university, hospital or other charity who didn’t honor his request. Or perhaps you’ve had a donor approach you about making a contribution in exchange for recognition that you weren’t sure was such a good idea. My guest this week, … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – Kim Klein’s tips for improving year-end fundraising campaign results – 10/07/13

In the fall, many nonprofits are gearing up year-end fundraising campaigns for December, a traditional strategy with proven results. On this show, my guest is Kim Klein who turns that idea on its head. Kim is a principle of Klein and Roth Consulting and an international speaker and author about fundraising. She was kind enough to come on the show … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – Seven steps to a successful non-profit Fund A Need

This week, I’m happy to have back Sherry Truhlar of Red Apple Auctions to talk about Fund a Need, a fundraising tactic that takes advantage of an event where you have a number of people in attendance. Do you have an item you need to buy, like a bus to transport kids, or a specific program you want to give … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – Five things to know about starting a non-profit planned giving program – 09/23/13

I look at a lot of nonprofit websites every month and I have become concerned that too many of you are not encouraging planned gifts. If you have a solid base of individual support, then you need to present these donors with opportunities for greater levels of giving. You don’t have to have a law or finance degree to encourage … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – Making nonprofit collaborations work – 09/16/13

Ever feel frustrated that local nonprofits are doing similar things but aren’t working together on an issue, like literacy? Have you ever wondered what it’s going to take to solve problems you’ve been hearing about for years, like homelessness or improved graduation rates for low-income teens? It turns out, effective collaborations among all kinds of community programs address these concerns. … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – Solving common non-profit finance department problems – 09/09/13

Do you ever grapple with whether you should spend more on your finance department or buy new accounting software? Do you know if the work the staff is doing could be done more efficiently? Well, you’re not alone. My guest this week is Tim Warren, a partner with the national accounting firm of CliftonLarsonAllen. The company has been hosting … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – Saltwater Soldiers gives thrill of deep sea fishing to wounded soldiers, vets – 09/02/13

Get out the Kleenex. In this week’s interview, you’ll hear remarkable stories about deep sea fishing expeditions for wounded soldiers, many who’ve lost their limbs. I encourage you to give your undivided attention to my interview with Michael C. Branson, the president of Saltwater Soldiers. You’ll be moved to tears by the sacrifice of soldiers and by Michael’s relentless … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – Common pitfalls of hiring and managing nonprofit staff (replay) – 08/26/13

I’m on a break this week so I’m replaying a show that really woke me up, even though I managed people for years! In this interview, I speak to two attorneys, Jeff Tenenbaum and Dave Warner of Venable LLP, a law firm based in Washington, D.C. We talk about common pitfalls they see nonprofit managers fall into when hiring … Read more about this episode...


Nonprofit Spark – The one-hour non-profit board meeting! 08/19/13

Can you imagine one-hour board meetings? Is it even possible? Your nonprofit would become a magnet for the best and brightest leaders in your community. On this show my guest, Marilyn L. Donnellan, describes the key components of effective one-hour meetings, like training board members to facilitate them. Marilyn is the founder and president of Nonprofit Management Services, which … Read more about this episode...