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Janae Fletcher through solocasts and interviews deliveries up practical and magical ideas for your personal and professional life. Learn how to create a self care lifestyle that you love by saying YES and sometimes NO with equal amounts of enthusiasm. She dives into a variety of topics centered around Simplicity, Abundance and Embodied Living.

Janae Fletcher through solocasts and interviews deliveries up practical and magical ideas for your personal and professional life. Learn how to create a self care lifestyle that you love by saying YES and sometimes NO with equal amounts of enthusiasm. She dives into a variety of topics centered around Simplicity, Abundance and Embodied Living.


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Janae Fletcher through solocasts and interviews deliveries up practical and magical ideas for your personal and professional life. Learn how to create a self care lifestyle that you love by saying YES and sometimes NO with equal amounts of enthusiasm. She dives into a variety of topics centered around Simplicity, Abundance and Embodied Living.






EP 37 Simplicity, Abundance, Embodiment

Have you ever wanted more, simplicity and ease in life, feel more abundance, while listening to the cues from your body? It feels good on the inside and the outside. In this episode three questions are presented to ask yourself, before making decisions. The idea is to take yourself closer to where you want to be and how you want to feel, one step and choice at a time, all while listening to what your body is telling you. It's the Self Care Passport process in action. Your decisions and...


EP 36 Turning Pain Into Power With Savanah Clements

This episode of the Self Care Passport Podcast touched my heart as the girl I was long ago, and who still resides within to who I am today. There is so much to share and dive into when talking about suicide and mental health awareness. As Savannah Clements of, Keep Choosing Life a non profit confirms, there is no one size fits all when talking about mental health. In this episode we talk about forgiveness, grace, helping others and how to keep choosing life everyday. May is Mental Health...


EP 35 Current Perspectives

A view from my world about our current health crisis, the need to feel all the emotions, hailing simplicity as a helper and finding gratitude, even when it's hard earned. More details mentioned in the podcast can be found at Meditation Library Access: Other Info:


EP 34 Personal Evolutions

Personal Evolutions That sounds amazing, right? Personal Journey, Personal Evolution. You feel good at the end of each day and don't question yourself! You can live a rich, luxurious life and keep it simple. Yes, simplicity rules and does not have to make life more complicated. Ask yourself what you really want, use some specific questions, align and go forth! Questions that can help you out: Is this essential or non essential in this moment? Does this decision or step support my...


EP 33 How To Take Care Of Yourself When You Don't Feel Like Yourself

It is hard to take care of yourself when you are not feeling like yourself. Whether it's a planned event, surgery, injury, vacation or more there are ways you can prepare. I took this to heart when I recently underwent a major surgery. I prepped physically and emotionally, allowed help and looked within. Listen in to hear my ideas about how to go through this process with a plan to help yourself while resting, healing and moving forward. Life is not always easy but we can make it easier...


EP 32 Take a Break!

This is a short and sweet episode about taking a break, looking to what is important in the moment and beyond. "Is this essential or non essential in this moment? Such a helpful question to help you say yes and no with equal amounts of enthusiasm. Take a deep breath and enjoy the show, inspiring you to take that needed break, rejuvenate and come alive again. Meditation Library


EP 31 Jump In With Janae Fletcher and Anna Willard

This is a repurposed podcast from a time I was featured on Anna Willard's podcast, The Spirituality of Strength Training, EP 12 I love this episode. It is fun, inspiring and hits the spot just like a tall drink of water. Here is what Anna has to say about this episode: Janae and I jump right in the discussion about water sports and the lessons water teaches us. Janae being a fresh paddleboard instructor and me a former water skier you will learn . . . . Janae Fletcher, Self Care Architect,...


EP 30 Simplification & Energy Management

Simplification and Energy Management Opening up space within yourself and in your schedule is vitally important to living a life you love. Your memory space and physical body can get exhausted if we take on too much. It creeps up on us sometimes. We may actually enjoy what we are saying yes to, but too much input is confusing, causes stress and lack of lustre so to speak. We dull ourselves with too much. There is a lot out there in the world to explore. This episode is dedicated to all the...


EP 29 Exploring Your Vision with Christie Love

In this episode, Janae Fletcher talks with Christie Love, The Happy Girl Boss, about business vision and transitions, moving to a new part of the country and the physical and emotionally challenges that arise. They discuss ideas for navigating through business and life with grit and grace even when depression and anxiety surface. Setting up systems and structures for yourself, help your personal and professional life flow with more ease and focus. They also talk about starting over, new...


EP 28 Nurture, Blossom, Flourish With Ann Miszczak

In this episode I have the pleasure of talking with Ann Miszczak. She inspires me in my business and personal life to Nourish, Blossom & Flourish, as she has through, creating rituals, routines; setting goals and dreams into motion. Her path from creative and wide eyed girl to virtual assistant and business mentor, all while living through a traumatic upbringing is inspiring. Her journey as a young mother, amazing parent of 3 and now an early learning advocate in Washington State, speaks to...


EP 27 Creating A Meditation Routine That Feels Right

In this episode I discuss my meditation journey. Finding what is right for me, be it a structured practice, taking a pause with a deep breath, allowing thoughts or getting out in nature to calm the mind and allow focus. Be sure to check out my Meditation Library, inspired by my desire to order up a life just like I would my favorite latte. Learn about how I got there in the process through embracing Transcendental Meditation, my own version of meditation and more. Creating a practice that...


EP 26 How to Move Through Disappointment with Janae Fletcher

Janae fletcher discusses what to you do when you are feeling disappointed, bummed and slighted pissed? This happened to her recently, when she was set up to record a podcast that, did not go as planned. She turned it around by sitting with it, allowing the emotions and moving her body. This turnaround time was made easier by creating foundations for herself, a personal back up plan. In this episode she goes into the nine foundations of the Self Care Architect series within the podcast, EP...


EP 25 Defend Your Greatness With Kirk Nurmi

Have you ever wanted to unchain from your past story and live into your true nature? This episode will inspire you to do just that. Learn how Kirk Nurmi, defense attorney and lead counsel for one of the most despised women in the world, got from point A to point B. His personal story that includes bouts with infamy, cancer and the process of unchaining himself from his past story, allowed him to connect with a new purpose, get healthy and speak his truth. He uses happiness as his beacon and...


EP 24 Balance and Flow

This podcast was originally an episode that I recorded with The Badassery Podcast, It was fun, inspiring and a step out of my comfort zone, being a guest on their show. It was the first time ever I heard my voice on this format. I'm excited to share this in reverse. The Badassery team graciously shared their audio with me. I loved doing this collaboration. The Badassery theme is, Community is our Passion. This certainly is portrayed in this episode and in its original form. Here is what...


EP 23 Self Care Architect Series: Clarity

Foundation: Clarity In this episode I talk about how I gained CLARITY by diving into the 9 Self Care Architect foundations with prompts such as Be, Be Courageous, Surrender, Be Loving and Allow. The Self Care Architect foundations discussed are supported by the entire Self Care Architect series, starting at EP 11. This practical approach to life and how I make choices came out of my desire to live a life I loved, moving through past trials and tribulations, anxiety, depression, healing...


EP 22 Self Care Architect Series: How We Consume

Foundation: Consumption; How We Consume In this episode I talk about how we consume: DigitallyEmotionallyNutritionally How I thought about life and my desire for simplification and less clutter, both physically and emotionally, came to me with new insight, when I thought about it, as how I consumed life. This episode addresses many ways to live into that process. Please join us for the daily prompts during the week this episode launches, in the Self Care Passport, private facebook group,...


EP 21 Self Care Architect Series: Creativity

Foundation: Creativity In this episode I talk about how creativity can be a way of life not just how we typically view creativity. It's a great way to extend more joy to the world and within yourself. The Self Care Architect series is a set of solocasts (just you and me) within the Self Care Passport podcast. It's 9 episodes that can help you BUILD, CREATE, NURTURE a Self Care Lifestyle that you love. These are the foundations that help me maintain and sustain my Self Care Practice. The...


EP 20 Intention and Focus

In this episode with Janae Fletcher, Podcast Host and Self Care Enthusiast, shares a variety of ideas to help you find focus and clarity in the new year. Setting intentions and choosing a word of the year are part of this equation. Questions to ask yourself: What strength have you used in the past to do something; how can you take that feeling to a new decision or action in your life?What makes you lose track of time? THAT Feeling! The Self Care Architect, series of foundations,...


EP 19 Uncover Your Best You with Lifestyle and Branding Photographer Stacy Pierce

During this 19th episode of the Self Care Passport podcast, Janae Fletcher, self-care architect, quiet leader, personal and professional mentor, creator of the Self Care Passport process, and host interviews Stacy Pierce, lifestyle personal and business branding photographer based in Orlando, Florida. Stacy and Janae talk about what it takes to get out of a job that is not fulfilling and have the guts to start over as a beginner. For Stacy, the realization came with several health scares...


EP 18 Self Care Architect Series, Health in Body, Mind & Soul

Foundation: Health In this episode, Janae Fletcher, Self Care Architect, personal and professional mentor, adventure seeker and podcast host, shares how health is a combination of Body, Mind and Soul. How can we address our individual needs and all of these elements? Create a Self Care Cocktail with the perfect ingredients for you with reality, gratitude and positivity at your side. Listen in to learn more. Resources: Self Care Architect Daily Sheet Self Care...