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Rampant Pirate S3E3: A Vehement Welcome and Hot Barbers that CASH YOU OUSSIDE

Season 3, episode 3 Matt Martin of Vehement Knives drops by to hang out with Jim and talk about some absolutely relevant pop culture topics and we have a great F***ing time! Gaza Barber and his…Blowtorch? CASH ME OUSSIDE HOWBOWDAH, is literally as retarded and sad as you think it is. Also Dr. Phil is […]


Rampant Pirate S3E2: Golden Butts and Judge Doody, Bacon Shortage, and Funny Porn!

The Rampant Pirate Season 3, Episode 2 Golden Butts and Judge Doody resides over an Ocean’s Eleven style Gold Heist gone anally wrong! The Puck? Bacon Shortages have the potential to plague us all, according to our hyperbole. And of course, FLORIDA MAN STRIKES AGAIN….and again…and again…. We round out the episode with Funny Porn […]


Rampant Pirate S2E10: Season Finale! What is up with animals?!

The UK has a ton of weird stuff going on, drunk seagulls and all. But, it’s a global animapocalypse! What the hell is going on with the animals? Drunk Seagulls Dog Drives Car Guy Steals Pidgeon (apparently to have sex with according to our conjecture) Music: Ross Bugden Email: THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Rampant Pirate S2E9: Pirates 5, Birth of the Dragon, Sex Toy Assault, and FLORIDA MAN

The Rampant Pirate S2E9: We break down the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and the Birth of the Dragon trailer. We’re huge Bruce Lee fans, so you get to hear us gush. A man assaults a woman with a sex toy, and a new FLORIDA MAN! This week’s links: Wolverine 3: Logan Butt Cocaine gone […]


Rampant Pirate S2E7: Loving yourself and having it your way, Sex with Vans, and Bad Improv!

Rampant Pirate S2E7: Loving yourself and having it your way, Sex with Vans, and Bad Improv! THIS WEEK on the RAMPANT PIRATE! We welcome back our show from a small hiatus in style with a slew of dumb topics! Man has embarassing video, tries to destroy the internet Guy loves himself Uses own wanted poster […]


RP S2E6: Star Wars Rogue One Trailer Leaks while we are recording, Pokemon Go, and so much more!

The Rampant Pirate Season 2, Episode 6: We hear it first, the new Star Wars Rogue One Trailer drops while we are recording and we totally geek out. Then we talk about Pokemon Go and how morons are still, inexplicably, being morons with something. Plus A LOT more! This week! GIVEAWAY! Email us at RAMPANTPIRATE@GMAIL.COM […]


Rampant Pirate S2E5: Pharma-Bro’s MTG Quest and the History of Tentacle Porn

Season 2 Episode 5: This week, Jim, Nick, and Jacquie talk about Pharma Bro’s new quest, Pokemon Go and it’s zombifying effects, Ken Ham’s Dino-Ark, and an impromptu history lesson of Tentacle Porn! Pharma-Bro wants Magic Cards: Pokemon Go makes you a zombie:...


RP S2E4: Game of Thrones Woes, Pirates under Playgrounds, Mace Windu and MORE!

The Rampant Pirate S2E4: Jim, Nick, and Jacquie talk about the *spoilers!* the last 2 seasons of Game of Thrones. Also, a potential slightly assumed dead Pirate is enough to make this show because we are Pirates as well! Mace Windu might be Alive, James Cameron says some dumb things and we cap it off […]


The Rampant Pirate S2E3: Beards, Guns, Pansy Journalists and Word Replacement!

The Rampant Pirate Season 2, Episode 7 The Rampant Pirates discuss the week! Beards, Guns, Pansy Journalists that claim PTSD, and we play the Word Replacement game with dirty words! This week on THE RAMPANT PIRATE! Pansy Journalist I refuse to give the New York Times the link. Eff those guys for giving credibility to […]


RP S2E2: – Pig People, Policeman Break up a fight then Karaokes in a Gay bar, and the Acronym Game!

More Pig people Policeman gets called to Gay bar to end Fight, ends up singing I will Survive Friends use Dead Friend to Catch Fish Monster Mike Lewis drew up the Featured Image! Thanks Mike! Acronym Game! John Goes First! Music is by Ross Bugden Website: Email...


RP S2E1: Additional Host, Gorrillas, Zoos, Babies, and A sexy Went to Market

Rampant Pirate Season 2, Episode 1 Introducing John as a Rampant Pirate in our Season 2 premiere! Other Hosts of Nick and Jim talk about how the Internet is now Gorilla and Zoo Experts and we play a sexy variant of I Went to Market. Won’t you join us in our F***ery?! We had a […]


RP Ep 10: Assassin’s Creed Trailer, Captain America Civil War and the new Spiderman and video games!

Episode 10: Nick and Jim discuss the freshly new Assassin’s Creed Trailer, Captain America Civil War and the New Spiderman, and essentially why games like Destiny can’t compare to Battlefield 4/One, when it comes to sustainability in content! Hosted by: Nick and Jim Website: Assassin’s Creed Trailer Civil War Trailer! Battlefield One Music by […]


RP Episode 9: Madison Comic-Con 2016!

RP:S1E9 We recount our adventures at Madison Comic con from April 8th-10th! We met Kristin Bauer from True Blood and Once Upon a Time! We met David Tennant and Alex Kingston from Doctor Who and the recounting of great stories from Comic-Con that lie within one of the best episodes OF THE RAMPANT PIRATE!Won’t you […]


Rampant Pirate S1E8: Episode 8 – Marvel’s Civil War discussion, Deadpool wins R ratings and MORE!

THIS WEEK on The Rampant Pirate Episode 8: We talk about Marvel’s Civil War, how awesome Deadpool is and how it CRASHED THE RECORDS and MORE! Website: Email us! Music is by Ross Bugden


Loose Joystick 1: Destiny’s April Updates thus far!

3/30/16 – S1E1:The video game podcast debuts with a strong episode on Destiny’s upcoming April Updates. 335 Max Light! New Items! New Ship! New Armor Sets! We’re excited and we know you are too! Join us!! Check out Bungie’s second livestreamHERE Music: Ross Bugden Thanks!


PREMIERE: Loose Joystick EP0!

We’re adding more crap to do! In this podcast premiere of THE LOOSE JOYSTICK, Jim, Nick, Michiel, and Jacquie discuss Destiny and some of our best experiences and tips! In the future of this podcast, you can expect details of our favorite and currently played video games, news, media, and convention information….ALL ABOUT VIDEO GAMES! […]


RP7: Spiderman in Civil War Trailer, Chumlee, The Postman’s Illegitimate Children, The Tick gets a Pilot, and MORE!

This week! We discuss a story of a very Johnny Cash-like-in-the-60’s retired postman, Spiderman, The Tick and Chumlee from Pawn Stars! Hosts: Nick & Jim Email us! Music by Ross Bugden:


The Rampant Pirate Episode 6: The Oscars, RENT, Welfare Fraud, Jim’s Stripper Story, Nick’s Stories and MORE!

TODAY on the RAMPANT PIRATE, we give you an early episode this week due to some overseas trips that Jim, Jacquie, and Abby are going on! In this episode,The Oscars leads to a conversation about how Jacquie was offended by the Wolf of Wall Street. Nick liked the Live Performance of RENT and Jim describes […]


The Rampant Pirate Episode 5b: Rumble at Castle Tentakill…THE FINALE!

Today on THE RAMPANT PIRATE! The Exciting Conclusion of The Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards 2: Rumble at Castle Tentakill! If you haven’t heard Episode 5A yet, I highly suggest going back and listening to it first as Episode 5B will make a hell of a lot less sense without the context of […]


The Rampant Pirate Episode 5a: Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards 2: Runble at Castle Tentakill!

Today on THE RAMPANT PIRATE: Jim, Nick, Jacquie, and Abby play Epic Spell Wars 2 in an epic PART ONE of TWO! It was just seriously too long to put up as one episode. So, I’ve split the episodes into Parts 1 and 2 and I’ll be releasing them at the same time! Lucky you! […]


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