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The show from the User feedback organisation that discusses real life issues.

The show from the User feedback organisation that discusses real life issues.
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Bristol, United Kingdom




The show from the User feedback organisation that discusses real life issues.




Kate with Bob Schroeder

Author of Solving The UFO Enigma: How Modern Physics is Revealing the Technology of UFOs. Topic: Can the technology behind the UFO phenomenon now be explained by modern physics and by a close examination of the more credible UFO reports?


Kate with Earl and Freeman: UFOs and Radar

Topic: Radar tracking evidence in UFO investigations. Ardent contributors to both Viewpoints and the Kate Valentine UFO Show Earl and Freeman come on the air to discuss the role radar has played in UFO investigation. Freeman from the UK and Earl from the New York area will share their insights with us. You can read insightful posts by both of them on our the comments page.


Kate with Preston Dennett

Topic: UFOs Over New Mexico: A True History of Extraterrestrial Encounters in the Land of Enchantment. Preston Dennett began investigating UFOs and the paranormal in 1986 when he discovered that his family, friends and co-workers were having dramatic unexplained encounters. Since then, he has interviewed hundreds of witnesses and investigated a wide variety of paranormal phenomena. He is a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a ghost hunter, a paranormal researcher, and...


Kate with Sean Kotz STRANGE COUNTRY

Sean Kotz STRANGE COUNTRY: A Different Kind of UFO Documentary explores the Wytheville UFO flap of 1987-88 and its effects on reporter Danny Gordon.


Kate with Scott & Suzzane Ramsey

The 1948 Aztec crash. In their book The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon they present to the public their findings about the 1948 disc recovery. Since their marriage, the Ramsey's have traveled to 26 states, gathering documentation, interviewing witnesses and searching archives for secrets relating to Aztec. Scott's 30 years in the electrical magnetic industry and Suzanne's background in media have led them to explore areas previously uncovered, including 55,000 plus related documents.


Kate with Jim Strait

Jim Strait the author of Weird Missouri www.weirdmissouri.com , spent eight weeks, drove 8500 miles, visited several hundred venues, spoke with hundreds of Missourians, and took 2700 photos in an effort to find odd, strange, outrageous and extraordinary people, places and things in the Show-me-State. Jim will talk extensively about all things paranormal, ghostly, crop circles, cattle mutilations, and UFO based stories and incidents to include a UFO incident in 1941...six years before Roswell.


Kate with Michael Murphy- Chemtrails

Michael Murphy’s new movie, “Why In The World Are They Spraying?” answers the question “why” they are spraying and who stands to gain from this manipulation of the atmosphere.


Kate with Susan Swiatek

Susan Swiatek has lectured and created artwork for several of book projects such as Richard Hall's The UFO Evidence--PartII (2001 and the Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia (2001) compiled by Ron Story. She is currently active with the Fund for UFO Research and is the Virginia State Director for MUFON.


Kate with James Bouck and Frank Soriano

UFOs Above the Law is a collection of UFO reports from law enforcement officers and other government officials that prove that UFOs are not only real, but that they are here!


Kate with Peter Robbins

Topic: In remembrance of Budd Hopkins and Len Stringfield both of whom passed on to a higher density or dimension this past year. Peter Robbins His lectures have been sponsored by numerous local chapters of MUFON, BUFORA, and other grass-roots organizations, private groups, schools, universities, libraries, scientific organizations, educational foundations, as well as Cambridge Hospital in Boston (under the sponsorship of Dr. John Mack). The revised and updated edition of Left at East...


Kate with Nigel Kerner

Topic: Who are the transhumanists? The question Nigel asks is do we want our children to face a future in which their natural humanity is sacrificed for the sake of artificial enhancement. Nigel Kerner author: ‘The Song of the Greys’ published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1997. This serious work on the subject is now noted world-wide for its radical view on the phenomenon. His latest book, ‘Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls’ published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Company is the second in a...


Kate with Gerard Aartsen

Topic: ET visitation here on Earth and Gerard Aartsen's new book HERE TO HELP: UFOs and the SPACE BROTHERS Gerard Aartsen has been a student of the Ageless Wisdom teaching for over 30 years. He has a Master of Education degree from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands, where he has held a teaching position in the department of secondary education since 2001.


Kate with Jason McClellan

Jason McClellan is the Producer of Open Minds Radio, Associate Producer for Open Minds video projects, and Co-Producer of Open Minds Events. He is an editor and contributing writer for both OpenMinds.tv and Open Minds Magazine. Topic: What is happening at Open Minds. The upcoming 2012 UFO Congress who will be there and what we can expect of the exciting program.

Kate with Lisa and Stan Romanek

Stan and Lisa Romanek: Stan has released his new book: "Answers" which documents his recent journey of abductions and contact with xtraterrestrials. His wife, Lisa Romanek also just released her book "From My Side of the Bed" which is an amazing story, offering the perspective of a wife of famous abductee.

Kate with call-ins and comments

Kate talks about some of the latest developments in the UFO world. New sightings, sounds and other findings.

Disclosure: Kate with Steve Bassett

Stephen Bassett is a leading advocate in the nation for ending the 61-year government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. This show is about the state of disclosure and what you can to to motivate the government through the media to disclose!

Kate with Author Tony Sivalelli

Born in Detroit, MI. Tony Sivalelli has looked into the possibility of what he refers to as Not-of-this-Earth Intelligences for nearly 20 years. In this book Tony explores the main theme from a variety of angles in which he feels the sum is greater than the parts. This exploration includes, but is not limited to: science, scientific theories, the mind, technology, alleged close encounter events, science fiction and human potential––an area of his own personal metaphysical studies and in his...

Kate with Author Aaron Kaplan

Aaron's Book: Deep Analysis: Frightening Conclusion exposes a universal plot where the governing bodies, historical scriptures, and clandestine operations all reveal one thing—-an alien DNA/genetic experimentation performed through abductions on a massive scale that could leave humanity abandoned and then meet its demise in the year 2012.

Kate with Andrew Arnold: UFOs Down Under

Andrew Arnold Australian Ufologist and Victoria UFO Action Committee founder, talks to us about Australia's most famous UFO cases, the Frederick Valentich case, and the Westall 1966 event, as well the most most recent cases and sightings, Pine Gap- Australia's Area 51, and a breakaway civilization's parallel existence.

Patterns and Portents part 2

December 23rd & 30th, Fahrusha listed as one of the 20 best psychics in Woman's Own Magazine and as one of New York's Psychic Superstars in New York Magazine. Patty Greer shares 30 years of stunning Crop Circle, UFO and Orb cinematography. Janus 2011 saw the release of his long awaited for Rendlesham album, and currently older works from his back catalouge of recordings are being digitally remastered.