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The podcast for in-depth discussion on film adaptations and the original material they're based on.

The podcast for in-depth discussion on film adaptations and the original material they're based on.


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The podcast for in-depth discussion on film adaptations and the original material they're based on.




Commentary #21: Mulan (1998)

Adaptation gets down to business in this commentary on the 1998 Disney film Mulan! Question of the Week: Which metaphor in this movie is your favorite? Blossoming flowers? Rice? Reflections? The howling mountain? Follow us!


#288: The Highbury Farce

The colors. The music. The farce. There was so much to love about the 2020 film adaptation of Emma and the team gets into it in this episode, but not without a few disagreements along the way. Question of the Week: When do you think Knightley knew he was in love with Emma in this version? In other adaptations? Follow...


Commentary #20: Emma (1996)

Jess, Jenn, and Kendyl watch the 1996 film adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma in what might be the most talk-filled commentary we've ever done. Question of the Week: What is the most important element to get right in retelling Emma's story for you? Follow us!


REWIND #62: Engagingly Clueless Emma

Relisten to this 2013 episode where Jess and Kendyl cover Emma by Jane Austen and what it means to like and root for a main character. Follow us!


#287: Two All the Boys

The team is back to praising Lana Condor's acting while covering To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020), even though they have some fairly big issues with the movie's structure. But who can say no to John Ambrose McLaren? Question of the Week: If you had put something in a time capsule in middle school, what would it have been? Follow...


#286: The Fantabulous Hot Mess of One Harley Quinn

In this episode, Jenn and Kendyl have some differing reactions to Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (2020), from the pacing to the character interpretations. Question of the Week: What characters from this movie are you interested in seeing more from? Follow us!


#285: What Would Stormy Do?

Is there anything like the nostalgia we have for middle school? Can we ever really see ourselves clearly? Will some people be bonded to you forever? Corey, Jenn, and Kendyl dive deep into the world of Jenny Han's To All the Boys universe with the second book in the series, P.S. I Still Love You. Question of the Week: What is the one thing that you’d be devastated if they didn't include in the movie? Follow...


#284: The Daemon of Honk

Jess, Dorin, and Kendyl watched the first series of His Dark Materials (2019) and talk through the timeline, daemon, and character adaptations in this episode. Question of the Week: How did you feel about the prominence of the daemons? Did you ever forget that they were part of this world? Follow us!


#283: The Transformative Little Women

Jenn, Dorin, and Kendyl discuss the 2020 film adaptation Little Women, the important character beats, and how it compares to past adaptations. Question of the Week: What is your interpretation of the final scenes? Was that Louisa May Alcott? Do Jo and Friedrich actually end up together? Follow us!


REWIND #113: Little Women Meet World

Relisten to the 2015 episode in which Jess and Kendyl discuss Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, remembering how they felt reading it in younger years and how their opinions have changed. Follow us!


#282: But I Believe Elsa Can Save the World

It might not technically be an adaptation, but the hosts couldn't resist talking about Frozen II (2019): the emotional new songs, cute new sidekicks, and Kristoff's Best Boyfriend award. Question of the Week: What origins could the other (non-water) spirits have in Scandinavian folklore? Follow us!


#281: What Tin Foil?

In this episode, Adaptation discusses Let It Snow (2019) with hosts that have and hosts that have not read the John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle novel it's based on. Question of the Week: What are your theories about the tin foil? Why does she/he wear it? Follow us!


#280: Seeing Alaska

In covering the Hulu series Looking for Alaska (2019), the Adaptation hosts consider the target audience, who sees Alaska as she is, and the changes the show made to the friendship dynamics from the John Green novel. Question of the Week: For non-readers, what did you think the show was suggesting the countdown was for before the reveal? Follow...


#279: Go Go Rabbit Courage

Covering Jojo Rabbit (2019) in this episode leads the team to discuss the absurdist tone, unlearning prejudice, and the great shifts in plot from the original novel. Question of the Week: Did you have a positive reaction to this film, particularly to the combination of tone and subject matter? If not, why? Follow...


#278: All Together Ooky

With all the love they have for the Addams family unit, we try very hard to find something to love in 2019's animated reboot The Addams Family. Question of the Week: What did you find redeeming about this film? What would you have liked to see from previous Addams incarnations? Follow us!


#277: Is She Real or Not Real?

Jenn, Dorin, and Kendyl try to get to the truth of Caging Skies by Christine Leunens while desperately trying to contain their anger at the main character. Question of the Week: WHAT IS THE TRUTH?! In other words, since we are following an unreliable narrator, what do you think the truth of the situation is in this book? How much do you think Elsa knows by the end (if she is real)? Follow...


#276: The Golden Alethiometer

In this episode, we get into the complexities of the first book in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series, Northern Lights aka The Golden Compass. Question of the Week: What would your daemon be and what does that say about you? Is it the same as your patronus? Follow us!


#275: Free as a Goldfinch

Dorin and Kendyl cover the film The Goldfinch (2019), what it focused on from the very long book, how the themes came through, and how the characters were adapted. Question of the Week: How did the movie's flashback/out-of-order format work for you? Follow us!


#274: IT Takes Two

Dorin, Jenn, and Kendyl discuss the character journeys in It Chapter Two (2019), the adult casting, and how the flashbacks worked with the story. Question of the Week: Which character do you feel had the best journey? Which wasn't done justice? Follow us!


#273: Listen to Alaska

Jenn, Jess, and Kendyl dive into the third John Green novel that we've covered on Adaptation, Looking for Alaska. The group talks through the friendships, the pranks, and seeing others fully. Question of the Week: What do you think happened to Alaska? Follow us!