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AGP Episode 4- Wolfenstein: The New Order

For the first text of our two week segment on World War II alternative history, we examine Machine Games and Bethesda's 2014 first person shooter Wolfenstein: the New Order. Before that, we discuss all the media we've encountered over the past few weeks; this comprehensive list includes Everybody's Golf, a pro wrestling documentary, a plethora of Japanese manga, and the end of the Twin Peaks revival. During the Wolfenstein segment, we first outline Machine Games's output of games, and...


AGP Episode 3- The Walking Dead

In our third episode on post-apocalyptic narratives, we discuss Telltale Games's The Walking Dead Season 1. Before that, we elaborate on all the media we've encountered this week, ranging from Marvel's the Defenders to the Lovecraftian RPG Darkest Dungeon. Our conversation on the Walking Dead surveys the game through an ecological lens, Lee and Clementine's relationship in conversation with those seen in the last two texts we've encountered, the rural versus the urban social anxiety in the...


AGP Episode 2- The Road

In the second part of our three week sequence on character relationships in post-apocalyptic narratives, we discuss Cormac McCarthy’s 2006 novel The Road. Before diving into McCarthy, we discuss the media we encountered this week, ranging from The Epic of Gilgamesh to Grand Theft Auto V character roleplay. We then discuss McCarthy’s body of work before diving into the themes of this novel. We elaborate on reading this text as a parable of environmental catastrophe (along with a discussion...


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