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A group of semi-knowledgeable geeks read fan-fiction and share When Seb, Tom, and Brandon get together no fiction is safe. The boys from Australia regularly share fan fiction, news, and plenty of banter around a small table, all the while not taking themselves too seriously. Pop your headphones on, grab your figurines, and enter the terrifying world of Attack on Fiction.

A group of semi-knowledgeable geeks read fan-fiction and share When Seb, Tom, and Brandon get together no fiction is safe. The boys from Australia regularly share fan fiction, news, and plenty of banter around a small table, all the while not taking themselves too seriously. Pop your headphones on, grab your figurines, and enter the terrifying world of Attack on Fiction.
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A group of semi-knowledgeable geeks read fan-fiction and share When Seb, Tom, and Brandon get together no fiction is safe. The boys from Australia regularly share fan fiction, news, and plenty of banter around a small table, all the while not taking themselves too seriously. Pop your headphones on, grab your figurines, and enter the terrifying world of Attack on Fiction.




AOF - Episode 46

Show agenda: Zootopia X Lion King Crossover Fan Fiction, Solo movie review, Top 5 latest podcasts Brandon has been enjoying lately Tom’s at work and Ben is running for President this week so it’s another Brandon/Seb duo cast. We open the show with such an obvious crossover we were were shocked we hadn’t done it before. Simba, Nala, Scar, and some hyeanas find themselves in some sort of opening in the ground of Zootopia’s capital, and Judy and Nick are on the case! Combine all of this with...


AOF - Episode 45

Show agenda: Hunger Games X Disney Crossover Fan Fiction, Fictional Name Swap, Joint Top 3 Ficional works which should have ended earlier than they did The crew opens the show by revisiting one of our favourite fan fictions we’ve yet read on the podcast - part three of the Disney Hunger Games. This time around we get a glimpse into many of the characters thoughts as they catch the train into the Capitol. Many are terrified, some are angry at their lovers, and one is very horny. Another...


AOF - Episode 44

Show Agenda - Star Wars Fan Fic (Anakin calls the galactic insurance agency), Drop ins, Top 3 Places to Escape to in the RPO Oasis. After last weeks full panel with Dan thoroughly taking the crew to task, Brandon and Seb forge a new path with a duo-cast. This week’s Fan Fiction is one that asks the question: “Can Anakin claim his robotic arm under his Republic Health Insurance policy?”. Anakin has been through many trials as a Padawan, but facing the Galactic Insurance Agency over the...


AOF - Episode 43

Show Agenda: THE DAN SHOW - Back to the Future x Rick and Morty Crossover Fan Fiction, Dan Rant, Challenge: Make a Beyblade, Joint Top 3 Fan fictions Crossovers we want to see This week we have a very special guest! Dan the Man has graced us with his presence, and has done all the work for us. He has brought the fan fiction, he has brought some complaints, he has brought a challenge, and he has brought a Top 3 topic. This episode is, undoubtedly, the Dan show. The fan fic this week has...


AOF - Episode 42

Show Agenda: Harry Potter Fan Fiction, Batman Fan Fiction, Drop In, Top 3 Favourite Fictional Planets Two short fan fictions open the show this week. The first features a Hogwarts student who has set up quite the business selling muggle items that are vastly superior to their magical counterparts. The second features a very unfortunate Batman who has fallen on hard times. Without his fortune what will he resort to to continue fighting crime? Next we have a new segment we are calling Drop...


AOF - Episode 41

Show Agenda: Rick and Morty X Deadpool Crossover Fan Fiction, Summary of Interview with The Wasp1995, The Wasp1995’s Top 3 fictional universes he hasn’t written in yet. This week was a rollercoaster folks. We interviewed Spencer aka The Wasp1995 from It went really well, had a lot of really great discussion, and when we went to check on the recording we realised we had lost most of it. Gutted, Seb and I decided to summarise it as best as we could. We discuss what stories...


AOF - Episode 40

WARNING: HUGE INFINITY WAR SPOILERS AHEAD Show Agenda: Spoiler Filled Avengers Infinity War Review Today we have another special Attack on Fiction movie review, this time featuring Avengers Infinity War. Seb, Tom, and Brandon discuss the plot points as they occured in the movie, along with some predictions and frequent tangents. Don’t want to give anything away so you’ll have to listen to learn more. Connect with us on Twitter @AttackOnFiction, on Facebook at ‘Attack on Fiction’, or...


AOF - Episode 39

Show agenda: Captain Planet Fan Fiction, Fictional Name Swap - Scarecrows and Captains, Joint Top 3 Favourite Non-Speaking Fictional Characters Back at full strength the Attack on Fiction boys dive back into our usual segments and revist one of our latest creations. First we jump into a universe that has been mentioned a lot on the show but never in a fan fiction, by reading a charcater-development-filled Captain Planet fan fiction. Set after Season 1, Episode 5 the story explores the...


AOF - Episode 38

Show agenda: Crocodile Hunter Fan Fiction, Quicky and Dirty with Solo, Johnny English, and Halo TV Show Discussion, Ready Player One Spoiler Review, Joint Top 3 References We Wished Were in Ready Player One Tom is off trying to catch the bouquet at a friend’s wedding, so Seb and Brandon are left to their own devices this week. Our fan fic features one of Australia’s icons - Steve Irwin. According to theauthor’s vision, the iconic Crocodile Hunter is still wrangling fearsome wild beasts in...


AOF - EPisode 37

Show agengda: The Incredibles x The Avengers Crossover Fan Fiction, Fictional Name Swaps - Harrys and Sams, Joint Top 3 Favourite Non-Comic Villians We open the show with what Seb eloquently stated was “Mass Mole Murdering Mayhem” as The Incredibles and The Avengers team up to deal with the Underminer. This resulted in some cannon fodder moles messing with the wrong group of women. The only person sadder than those moles is Quicksilver, who can’t catch a break while eating some pop...


AOF - Episode 35

Show agenda: Poetry Fan Fictions, Quick and Dirty discussing Infinity War, Fantastic Beasts 2, and the new Tomb Raider, Top 5 book series to live in. Brandon opens the show with two short fan fictions that are of an unusual style - they rhyme! The Oompa Loompas have issued Wonka a warning after their working conditions have not improved, and Star Wars A New Hope has ever been summed up in such a fantastic way. Sure, some of the lines were a bit of a stretch, but both are very...


AOF - Episode 34

Show agenda: Thor x Harry Potter Crossover Fan Fiction, Previous Fan Fiction Follow Up, Duo Top 3 Comedy TV Shows It’s yet another duo cast as Tom continues to stall on his fan fiction, probably. While he was busy with work, Brandon and Seb are trying something new. First a completely different style of fan fiction, as Marvel’s charasmatic Trickster-God Loki makes an appearance as the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. Another Harry Potter crossover I hear you say? No no,...


AOF - Episode 32

Show agenda: Land Before Time Fan Fiction, What ordinary LOTR job would you do?, Joint Top 3 Fictional Characters we would be friends with in Highschool Seb opens the show by taking us to the Land Before Time, but certainly not the land before dinosaur puberty. As the dinosaurs grow up they need to learn about the birds and the bees… or, whatever the prehistoric equivalent is. The fan fic wasn’t quite saucy enough, so Brandon and Tom helped fix that. The crew takes a shallow dip into...


AOF - Episode 31

Show agenda: Brandon’s Build a Fan Fic, Worm Power Challenge, Brandon’s Top 5 Gaming Achievements This week is an almost entirely Brandon show, as he takes us through both his entire fan fiction and Top 5. Seb took our characters on an epic journey across a maze planet, and Brandon sent them all to a highschool house party. If you thought we didn’t have enough fictional characters in our Build a Fan Fic lineup already you are going to love this. Can you spot every reference Brandon...


AOF - Episode 30

Show agenda: Eragon x How to Train a Dragon Crossover Fanfiction, WORM webseries discussion, Dual Top 3 Favourite Anime Movies This week Valentine’s Day has influenced the crew, as Tom and Seb take us on a romantic duo cast. For entree, we all know there is nothing more romantic than some Eargon fan literature, and when you combine it with Hiccup and Toothless you know you are in for a good time. As Eargon and Saphire look for a new home to raise dragons they realise that dragons are a...


AOF - Episode 29

Show agenda: Seb’s Build a Fan Fic part 2, Sneaker Challenge, Top 5 Scenes that Always Make Seb Cry We dedicate this show to Seb’s second half of his colossal Build a Fan Fic submission. In part 1 we met Francine Friction and her crew of Fictional Holographic Projections, who crashed landed on a planet and need to collect multiple items to escape. We left Tommy “Green Ranger” Oliver dead in the snow with Rock Lee having little chance of escape. This time we follow the other two parties...


AOF - Episode 28

Show agenda: George RR Martin x JK Rowling Fan Fiction, Quick and Dirty ft. Ant Man and Dundee, Joint Top 3 Favourite Podcasts Tom has ditched the crew for the week because apparently picking up is more important reading fan fiction, so Brandon and Seb run a duo cast. This week we have a meta fan fiction about what would happen if JK Rowling passed away before finishing The Deathly Hallows and George RR Martin took over without any instructions of how it is supposed to end. We have some...


AOF - Episode 27

Show agenda: Seb’s Build a Fan Fic part 1, Quick and Dirty, Top 5 Most Heroic Movie Deaths This week the AOF boys are finally making good on their promises of completing and reading out their own written fan fictions, as part of the ‘Build-a-fan-fiction’ segment from last year! First up it’s Seb’s turn, as he reads out Part 1 of his behemoth of a Fan Fic! He claim’s that he’s managed to include all but 3 challenge items from the B.A.F.F segment. Can he manage to compile it all into a...


AOF - Episode 26

Show agenda: Ed, Edd, and Eddy x Pokemon Crossover Fan Fic, The Time of The Stripes Book Review, Top 4 Best Movie Adaptations of Classic Literature Tom opens the show with a surprising Ed, Edd, and Eddy / Pokemon cross over. The author can write the three boys well, but how do they go combining the two universes? Tom’s dismay at Seb and Brandon’s lack of Ed x3 knowledge is also clearly evident. Next, Tom and Brandon finally get around to reviewing Amanda Bridgeman’s new book The Time of...