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Robin Ince and Josie Long have returned shamblier than ever in a brand new podcast, Book Shambles. Proudly presented by Cosmic Genome, Robin and Josie will be joined by all sorts of amazing guests using their love of books as the jumping off point.

Robin Ince and Josie Long have returned shamblier than ever in a brand new podcast, Book Shambles. Proudly presented by Cosmic Genome, Robin and Josie will be joined by all sorts of amazing guests using their love of books as the jumping off point.
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Robin Ince and Josie Long have returned shamblier than ever in a brand new podcast, Book Shambles. Proudly presented by Cosmic Genome, Robin and Josie will be joined by all sorts of amazing guests using their love of books as the jumping off point.




Sue Nelson and Dallas Campbell

When we originally announced we were doing a Book Shambles Live at QED Con in Manchester we were supposed to be joined by Mercury 13 and aviation legend Wally Funk, but sadly she had to pull out due to last minute illness. So joining Robin is author of Wally Funk's Race for Space, Sue Nelson and doing his best Josie Long impression, co-host for this week is Dallas Campbell. They chat about women in space, books that have not quite predicted the future so accurately and, of course, the great...


Neil Gaiman - Live from the Edinburgh Fringe

Another episode we recorded live at the Edinburgh Fringe, Robin is joined by the great Neil Gaiman, author of Sandman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane and countless other classics. They chat extensively about the late Harlan Ellison, his life and work, as well as Neil's own views on creativity and looking back on his own work. There's also chat of Gene Wolfe, Alan Moore and much more besides. Patreon supporters of The Cosmic Shambles Network will get an exclusive extended edition of this,...


Anna Savory

In our second Halloween special this year, Robin is joined by guest co-host Natalie Haynes and comedian, horror enthusiast and heir to Dennis Wheatley's library of occult books, Anna Savory. They chat about said library, favourite horror films and books, Agatha Christie's lack of respect, Shirley Jackson, MR James and why goats are upsettingly easy to kill. Extended edition, plus other goodies, available for Patreon supporters. Visit


Jeremy Dyson

The first of two Halloween specials, Robin is joined by co-creator and co-writer of The League of Gentlemen and Ghost Stories, as well as many other things, Jeremy Dyson. Recorded live at the Ilkley Literature Festival they chat about what authors drew them into both horror and comedy and influences on the League. Plus there's talk of Stephen King, Robert Aikman, Arthur C Clarke and much more. If you support the show on patreon you'll get access to extended episodes and other goodies too....


Ian Rankin - Live at the Edinburgh Fringe

International best selling author Ian Rankin returns to Book Shambles for a special episode recorded as part of our live run at the Edinburgh Fringe. He chats to Robin about Rebus, great music novels, being asked to ghost write Sean Connery's biography and how crime writers seek revenge on ex-lovers... Support the show by leaving a review at Apple Podcasts or pledging as little as $1 a month on Patreon at


I'm a Joke and So Are You

A couple of days before Robin's new book I'm a Joke and So Are You hit shops, we went to a Waterstones in London where Robin and Josie had a chat about the book with a lovely audience. No guest, just Robin and Josie, popping by with new daughter, to chat about comedy, wit, the birth of Book Shambles and more. Robin also did a 15 minute intro and short stand up set that is available exclusive to Patreon supporters. Become one and help us out here


Barney Farmer and Alan Moore - Part 2

In Part 2 Robin, Alan and Barney continue their chat. They delve into the Alan's final comic book EVER, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Tempest, try to work out what consciousness is, chat about Robin's new book as well as John Higgs, Camus and more. Also everyone misremembers a BBC theme tune. If you become a Patreon supporter you could listen to another exclusive extra 15 minutes for Part 2 which means a whole extra half hour of Alan Moore, Barney Farmer and Robin Ince with Part...


Barney Farmer and Alan Moore - Part 1

Since today is publication day for Robin Ince's book I'm a Joke and So Are You we've got a very special double episode. In a front room in Northampton Robin is joined by Alan Moore, subbing in as co-host for Josie Long this week, to chat with author of Drunken Baker Barney Farmer. They chat about all their new books, accents, Viz, Laurence Scott, HP Lovecraft and a whole lot more. Part Two will be out very soon. As always, thanks to our Patreon supporters who have a a whole 15 minutes of...


Ben Caplan

Canadian singer-songwriter Ben Caplan is on tour in Europe at the moment with his band and new musical Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story, so he dropped by the studio to chat with Robin and Michael Legge, subbing for Josie again whilst she's on maternity leave. They chat of Jewish refugees, squeezing philosophy lines into songs, great music biographies by hard rockers and much more. And Michael does an ad for Mercedes for which we very much didn't get paid for. Extended edition for Patreons as...


Sofie Hagen and Martin Mor - Book Shambles Live

Another of our live shows from the Edinburgh Fringe and this time Robin is chatting to Sofie Hagen and Martin Mor. They talk about Sofie writing her own book at the moment, Martin's favourite counter culture magazines of the 1980s plus dinosaur erotics, Oliver Sacks, Hunter S Thompson and plenty more. This was the first of our live shows in Edinburgh and there was a bit of an issue with the sound in the venue that wasn't fixed in time for the show. As such there's some distortion and hiss in...


Alex Edelman and Jen Brister - Book Shambles Live

Another episode recorded live at the Edinburgh Fringe, this time Robin is joined by comedians Jen Brister and mere hours after finding out he was nominated for the Comedy Award, Alex Edelman. They chat about which books inspired their comedy, Jane Austen, Janne Teller, graphic novels, lesbian fiction, Jewish fiction and how Robin helped Alex through a medical crisis many Edinburgh's ago... Support the podcast by pledging at and get extended episodes and more. For...


Kiri Pritchard-McLean and George Egg - Book Shambles Live

First episode of six recorded live at Edinburgh Fringe, in this episode Robin chats to comedian and co-host of All Killa No Filla, Kiri Pritchard-McLean and comedian and DIY chef George Egg. They chat best books about serial killers, favourite cookery books, the precarious crossover of the two and home made Russian antennas. Support the show, and The Cosmic Shambles Network at Lots of great rewards including extended episodes. There's an extra 15 minutes of this...


The Magick of the Future

Recorded live at Latitude, it's a Book Shambles - Science Shambles crossover. Robin Ince hosts a discussion about The Magick of the Future, which is to say, what scientific discoveries and technological advancements are so incredible they seem like magic? Robin is joined by author John Higgs and scientists and broadcaster Dr Suzi Gage and Dr Lucy Rogers. You can support the show at Book Shambles will be on a short hiatus for a couple of weeks now as the entire team...


Mat Oxley

With Robin out of the country, and Josie on maternity leave, producer Trent Burton is taking up the hosting duties for a week. Which is appropriate as our guest for this Book Shambles Extra is author and journalist Mat Oxley. Mat is one of the world's leading motorcycle writers, and motorcycling racing is Trent's 'other world'. They chat about Mat's books including his latest Speed: The One Genuinely Modern Pleasure, as well as some of the great books and authors of fiction to tackle...


Latitude Special #2

Our second special from this year's Latitude Festival, again recorded backstage at the Speakeasy tent. Robin chats her Ladybird Guide to Consciousness with Dr Hannah Critchlow and science books with Dr Michael Brooks of Science(ish). We catch up with Matt Haig about Notes on a Nervous Planet and Jen Brister on her new Edinburgh show. As before, being a festival, there can be some background noise in some of these chats. Like Gospel choirs at full tilt. Support the podcast at...


Latitude Special #1

It's the first of a number of specials we recorded at this year's Latitude Festival. On this first episode we've got a bit of a focus on poetry. Robin chats to host of The Verb, Ian McMillan, poet Luke Wright, the Octavia Poetry Collective, punk poet, musician and Josie Long's primary school classmate Brigette Aphrodite and comedian and author Jonnie Bayfield. There's chat of Dylan Thomas, Melvyn Bragg, Dostoevsky and astrophysics based poetry. As always with the interviews we record at...


Hannah Fry

Our second episode recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall, Robin is once again joined by guest co-host Sarah Kendall, with this week's special guest mathematician, author and broadcaster Dr Hannah Fry. They chat about Hannah's upcoming book Hello World, books on AI and the internet, air crash investigations, butter, baby food and making bad decisions based off of junk maths. Hear an extended edition of this episode, and almost all our other episodes too, plus bonus episodes and more by...


Remembering Barry Crimmins

One year ago, we were doing Festival Shambles at Latitude with the great Barry Crimmins who sadly passed away earlier this year. Previously only available as a Patreon exclusive, here is the chat he had with Robin that night as part of one of our live shows. Sign up and pledge at


Adam Buxton

The last recorded, but the first released, of the four episodes we recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall in June. Robin is joined by guest co-host Sarah Kendall and special guest comedian and broadcaster Adam Buxton. They chat about David Bowie's top 100 books, Viz, faking a book report, Judy Blume and more. A bonus 20 minutes of this chat is available exclusive to Patreon supporters. Sign up and pledge at


Dallas Campbell

This week Dr Helen Czerski plays the role of Josie for the second time alongside Robin as they're joined by author and actual proper broadcaster Dallas Campbell to talk about space books, including his own recently released Ad Astra. From HG Wells to Jules Verne and Ladybird books of space the three discuss all manner of books, space travel and why people buy into conspiracy theories. Patreon supporters get a bonus fifteen minutes this week. If you'd like to become one head to...