At Booked. we've been reviewing books, interviewing authors, and more for eight years.

At Booked. we've been reviewing books, interviewing authors, and more for eight years.


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At Booked. we've been reviewing books, interviewing authors, and more for eight years.




513 - Labyrinth of the Dolls by Craig Wallwork

We're back with a review of Craig Wallwork's Labyrinth of the Dolls, the second in his Tom Nolan detective book series. Not gonna be shy about it, we both really enjoyed it. Check out what we had to say, and support us on Patreon to hear our spoiler talk once you've read the book yourself. Or if you just love having the plots of books spoiled. It's okay, we don't kink shame.


512 - Piranesi by Susanna Clarke

We're back after a week off while Robb moved into his new place. This episode, we're bringing you a review of Piranesi, the second book by acclaimed author Sussanna Clarke. We really enjoyed the book, so check out what we liked about it. Also, support us on Patreon and you can hear our spoiler discussion of the book as well, where we talk about the ending of the book, the interesting take on reality and the things that were being withheld from our protagonist. It was a spoiler talk that...


511 - Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

We're back with a review. Silvia Moreno-Garcia is at the tip of everyone's tongue lately because of her latest book Mexican Gothic, which everyone is raging about. We had a hearty conversation about the book, and went really into depth in spoiler talk as well. Be sure to support us on our Patreon at the $2/month level to get access to our Spoiler Talk about this book, as well as all other spoiler talks we've done!


510 - Stephen Graham Jones interview

July was an amazing month for books, and because of that, we've been lucky to land a bunch of great interviews. After six or so long years, we finally got back together with Stephen to talk about The Only Good Indians, and other stuff as well. Spoiler: fans of Justified and Hannibal will probably enjoy when we go off on tangents. For our supporters on Patreon, we also have about 20ish more minutes of interview, talking about spoilers of The Only Good Indians, Night of the Mannequins, and...


509 - Josh Malerman interview

We're back with an interview with Josh Malerman! This time around, we chat a bunch about his recently released Malorie, maybe inspire a spin off book or two, talk about horror music, being prolific, and much more. If you want more Malerman, anybody who supports us on Patreon gets access to a bonus spoiler interview. It didn't take much arm twisting to get Josh to explore the more spoilery parts of Malorie and the Bird Box world, so you're not going to want to miss that!


508 - Zoje Stage interview

We're back with one of a few interviews that we'll be sharing in the coming weeks. Join us for a wonderful conversation with Zoje Stage about her latest killer book, Wonderland, as well as Baby Teeth, what's coming next, audiences & reviews, and much more. And for our supporters on our Patreon, at any level of support, you get access to even more conversation with Zoje, in our first ever Spoiler Interview!


507 - The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones

It's another book review! This time, join us for a discussion about the latest by Stephen Graham Jones, the much anticipated The Only Good Indians! And if you want to hear a deeper discussion about the ending, and all the fun stuff we couldn't talk about in the regular review, you can hear our Spoiler Talk over on our Patreon if you're a supporter at the $2/month level or higher!


506 - Malorie by Josh Malerman

Check out our review of the long-awaited sequel of Bird Box... Malorie, which is the latest book by longtime friend of the podcast Josh Malerman. If you haven't yet, we very much encourage you to read Bird Box and/or watch the Netflix movie... and you can also dig through our older episodes to find our review of Bird Box, as well as a couple interviews of Malerman as well. Also, Spoiler Talk was recorded and will be available for all Patreon supporters at the $2/month or higher tiers.


505 - Paul Tremblay interview

We're dropping a mid-week bonus for you all, an interview with Paul Tremblay! We very recently reviewed his book Survivor Song, and he agreed to come back on to talk about it and some exciting upcoming books too! Enjoy!


504 - Wonderland by Zoje Stage

We're back with another book review! This time around, it's the long-anticipated second book by Zoje Stage, Wonderland! We've had copies of this book for more than half a year, and we finally got to dive into it. Check out our review for our thoughts, and head over to our Patreon and support us for $2/month if you want to check out our spoiler conversation about this book and dozens of others!


503 - Survivor Song by Paul Tremblay

We're back after a little hiatus, and some technical difficulty, to bring you our review of the hot-off-the-presses new Paul Tremblay book Survivor Song! We've been looking forward to getting into this book for quite some time, probably since he was telling us about it in our interview with him last year. Boy, we were not disappointed. Check out what we thought in this review, and don't forget to support us on Patreon at the $2/month or higher tier to access spoiler talk for this book, and...


502 - Max Booth III Interview

We're back with an interview! If you missed it, we just did a review and spoiler talk for Max's book Touch the Night earlier this week! Be sure to go back and check those if you haven't already, go to your favorite book seller and pick up your copy of Touch the Night, and if you're the kind of person that likes to draw things, send us a drawing to if you want one of our Advanced Review Copies of Touch The Night. We'll pick a couple people randomly and send them out!


501 - Touch the Night by Max Booth III

We're back with a book review! This time we're talking about the new book by Max Booth III. It's been hyped up by multiple guests since its announcement, so we were very much looking forward to reading it and seeing if Richard Chizmar's comparison of Booth to Richard Laymon was an apt one. Check out our review to see, and don't forget to check out our Spoiler Talk about the book, which is available for everyone at the $2/month or higher tier over on our Patreon page.


500 - Max Brooks interview

We're excited to share with you about an hour of discussion with World War Z & Devolution author Max Brooks! Max joins us in promotion of his new book Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre which drops next Tuesday, June 16th. It was a great discussion that spans everything from the new book to his work with think tanks, Minecraft, and the pandemic we find ourselves in. We hope you enjoy, and be sure to get Devolution when it drops next week!


499 - Devolution by Max Brooks

In the immortal words of David James Keaton quoting notorious scumbag publisher Tony Giangregorio: "Bigfoots are blowing up!" We're back after taking a week off, to bring you a review of Devolution by Max Brooks, which will be available to the world next week, June 16th! I know the episode is a week early, but it's because in a couple days, we are interviewing the author, and wanted to get the review out before we got Max on to continue the discussion. Enjoy the book discussion, and...


498 - Kiss Me Judas by Will Christopher Baer

Changing things up a bit, this is NOT a review of a book, but rather a discussion. The big differences being that we approached talking about the book in a more relaxed fashion, and we discussed spoilers throughout. It was actually pretty challenging to get over our normal aversion to spoiler discussion. If you plan to read the book and don't want it spoiled, please avoid listening to this episode! If you want to see the video version of this episode, you can find it on our...


497 - Interlude Live Lockdown Edition 2

We're back with another interlude! Livius should be acting pretentious, eating brie and drinking wine in France right now, but due to a very inconsiderate global pandemic, we're both stuck at home riding it out. So, we didn't have books planned for this week, and we're coming off a ton of content over the last few months, so we figured we would subject you to more of Robb's guessing games. We hope you enjoy!


496 - Interlude Live Lockdown Edition

No, we're not in prison, we're just being dramatic. Here's our first interlude episode in over two months. We decided to go live on Facebook without announcing it to anybody, and try out some new games that we cooked up. Beyond that, we finally spend a little time talking about the pandemic that is causing turmoil around the world, and complain about podcasts constantly talking about the pandemic that is causing turmoil around the world. We also talk about some exciting updates to our...


495 - Christopher Moore interview

Hot off the presses, here's a little over an hour of conversation with the legend himself, Christopher Moore. We just dropped our review of his upcoming release Shakespeare for Squirrels, so if you haven't listened to that, be sure to do that too. And grab a copy of Shakespeare for Squirrels when it releases on May 12th!


494 - Shakespeare for Squirrels by Christopher Moore

We're always excited to get to read some new Christopher Moore. His latest effort sees the return of Pocket, the lovable fool. This time around, he finds himself amidst some midsummer night's fuckery. Check out our review, and come back later this week for our interview with Christopher Moore himself!