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A podcast about Clive Barker and the folks at Occupy Midian.

A podcast about Clive Barker and the folks at Occupy Midian.
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A podcast about Clive Barker and the folks at Occupy Midian.








Breaking News From The Reef: 2018, September 17

I wanted to let our listeners know that Clive has been interviewed for the Folsom Street Fair Guide for their September issue. Just click on the link that’s provided by Clive Barker: Revelations Facebook page and use the scroll bar to go to page eight where the interview starts. Here’s the link to upload the magazine if you want a digital copy for yourself: I’ve also attached...


194 : Cyclonus, The Warrior

Thanks for subscribing to the Clive Barker Podcast. The only podcast dedicated to the imagination of Clive Barker. In this, episode 194, Jose and Ryan are joined by Markus, and we go over a lot of Clive Barker news including a new interview with Clive in Fight Magazine, convention appearances, the Hellbound soundtrack, screenings, and news about Clive Barker TV shows, Nighbreed and Weaveworld. Please check it out! Call to Action: We at the Clive Barker Podcast are working hard on our...


193 - Galilee

Thanks for joining subscribing and listening to the Clive Barker Podcast. The only podcast dedicated to the imagination of Clive Barker. In this episode, 193, Jose and Ryan (me) talk about Clive's 1998 novel, Galilee. This episode is sponsored by Visit their Etsy sitefor cool horror themed enamel pins and T-shirts. Discussion: Galilee, 1998. Clive Barker...


Breaking News from the Reef, 2018, September 2

You can get 40% offon the rare Hellraiser Anthology comics by Seraphim Alumni and Clive himself,Labor Day only at Tom Holland's Terror Time Of course the coupon code is good for everything on the site, but we're especially excited about Hellraiser Anthology. When you get to the site, use the coupon code "laborday" and tell them BarkerCast sent you. That second part is optional. Blogpost:…raiser-anthology/


BarkerCast Presents: Remembering Lord of Illusions

This past week Clive Barker’s final directorial effort Lord of Illusions turned twenty-three. To celebrate the occasion, I wanted to share an older interview with actor Scott Bakula that he did with the website ScreenRealm back in 2016. While most of the conversation centers around the popular show Quantum Leap, he had some very kind words to say about working with Clive and the movie itself. As many of our listeners know, he played the popular occult-detective Harry D’Amour. The one and...


Breaking News From The Reef September 1, 2018

WWE look out! While the Podcast was attending the Cenobite Panel at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2018, actor Doug Bradley let the crowd know that he would be joining a wrestling promotion sometime in the near future. He didn’t elaborate on it any further at the time, but we were all very curious to know where this was going. The wait is over as horror website Bloody Disgusting recently let it out of the bag that the Hellraiserstar has joined the wrestling promotion known as Blackcraft...


192 : Musclebound Pinhead

Thanks again for subscribing and listening to the Clive Barker Podcast. The only podcast dedicated to the imagination of Clive Barker. This is episode 192. We catch up with all the latest news from the Reef, including convention and screening appearances, new Hellraiser toys, and some feedback on our last episode with Cenobium's Ed and Nina Martinez. From the Reef Chris McCorkindale - For The Love of Horror UK Convention. 10/20 - 21, Manchester. Funko Savage World Pinhead Ryuhei Kitamura...


Breaking News From The Reef August 25, 2018

Looking over an older report at Bloody Disgusting, director Ryûhei Kitamura talked to fellow filmmaker Mick Garris about the horrible mistreatment of his American film debut, The Midnight Meat Train on the podcast Post Mortem. I’m sure of lot of listeners know that the film was literally dumped into a very small number theaters by the distributor Lionsgate because of a regime change at the company. Kitamura had this to say about the situation: “It was very heartbreaking because it was my...


191: Ed & Nina Martinez – Remembering Cenobium

Thanks for subscribing and listening to the Clive Barker Podcast, the only podcast dedicated to the imagination of Clive Barker. In this, Episode 191, Jose and I talk with Ed and Nina Martinez about the Clive Barker Fanzine days, and particularly their work with Cenobium, collaborating with Clive Barker and many other friends of the show. We also talk about Ed's special effects work. This episode took some planning to pull it off, and we'll probably have to have them back again for a part...


Breaking News From The Reef August 16, 2018

Another day, another Clive Barker alumni report. According to the UK horror convention For the Love of Horror they’ve recently announced that Shuna Sassi herself, Christine McCorkindale will be making an appearance at this year’s event. The convention lasts from the 20th-21st and will take place in Manchester. General entry tickets along with autograph and photograph tickets can be pre-ordered below: We hope all of our UK listeners get a chance to...


Breaking News From The Reef - August 11, 2018

We always love to plug the work for anything that former actors that have worked with Clive Barker over the years. Today the podcast would like to share a trailer for the film Heretiks which stars Hellraiserand Hellbound actress Claire Higgins. She plays the role of Reverend Mother. It also stars Hannah Arterton, Michael Ironside, and Rosie Day. The film is directed and co-written by Paul Hyett who also made the werewolf thriller Howl and The Seasoning House. From Arrow In the Head: The...


190 : Ghoulish Cola

Thanks for subscribing and listening to the Clive Barker Podcast. The only podcast dedicated to the imagination of Clive Barker. In this, episode 190, Jose and I (Ryan) talk news. Where you can get the Hellraiser anthology, some Clive Barker acting alumni are cast in new movies and a Hellraiser brownie recipe? From the Reef Anthology Vol. 2 at Tom Holland Terror Time Dark Regions CB book sale Craig Sheffer movie Claire Higgins movieDon’t forget The TorturerHellraiser Cookies Glen Hirshberg...


Breaking News From The Reef August 8, 2018

Nightbreed alumni and actor Craig Sheffer will be starring in a new horror film called Widow’s Point according to Variety. The film is based on a supernatural novel co-written by Richard Chizmar and his son Billy. The film is being directed by Gregory Lamberson from his own screenplay. It’s good to see Sheffer starring in a new movie. The Clive Barker Podcast wishes him the best of luck. Widow’s Point depicts the tale of an author who spends a weekend locked in a haunted lighthouse as a...


Breaking News From The Reef - August 5, 2018

Publisher Dark Regions Press is having a massive Clive Barker book sale on their site. A lot of them have sold out, but they’re still plenty here for collector’s to get their hands on like the Everville deluxe special edition and The Last Illusion limited numbered hardcover. Follow the link below to see the rest for sale. Clive Barker Thanks to Dark Regions Press and Ryan Danhauser.


BarkerCast Presents: Rare Image From “The Forbidden” Surfaces

Author and screenwriter Peter Atkins has shared a rare photograph from the Clive Barker directed short film, The Forbidden on his Twitter page today. It was supposed to show up in what Atkins describes as a “psychotic moment” in the film. They both certainly look crazy. Too bad they couldn’t edit the scene back into the film’s release back in 1998 because I would’ve liked to have seen it. I wonder what the scene would’ve been about? Maybe Atkins could share some details if he reads this...


189 : Marvel Hellraiser Part 8

Thanks for subscribing to the Clive Barker Podcast. We do this for you! This is the only podcast dedicated to the imagination of Clive Barker. In this episode, 189, Jose and I (I'm Ryan) conclude the series dissecting the Marvel / Epic Hellraiser comics. We cover the Dark Holiday Special, the Summer Special and the and the Poster Book. Recently we had an email asking about the progress of the Interview Books from last year's Kickstarter. What we can tell you is that we're about halfway...


BarkerCast Presents: Did You Know?

While looking over past news articles at the horror site Bloody Disgusting, I came across an interesting new factoid that some of our listeners might not know about. Originally, there was a different screenwriter that was going to pen the script for Hellbound: Hellraiser II and that was Beetlejuice writer and novelist Michael McDowell. Sadly, he had to leave the project due to tragic circumstances involving the death of his partner at the time. Of course we know Peter Atkins came on board...


Breaking News From The Reef 20180729

If you've been hunting for the elusive Hellraiser Anthology, both Volume 1 and Volume 2 have surfaced at Tom Holland's Terror Timeweb site. Volume 1 enjoyed a successful limited run, but Volume 2 didn't seem to have the time to sell properly, due to the Real Clive Barker web site going down just as they were going on sale. Now's your chance to get one of these.Volume 1 is a trade paperback for $14.99 and Volume 2 in Hardback for $25.00. With comic stories from the in-house Seraphim Crew,...


188 : I Hear You're Looking for Candyman B*tch

Thanks for listening to the Clive Barker Podcast. The only podcast dedicated to the imagination of Clive Barker. We hope you have subscribed and rated us! In this, episode 188 Jose and Ryan discuss all the latest news from the Reef - including Halloween mask, the new Candyman release, a Books of Blood TV show, and the latest on the novel formerly known as Scarebaby. Sponsor: Don Bertram's Celebrate Imagination From The Reef Uncle Frank Mask Archive Clive Barker art notebooks Scream...


Breaking News From The Reef 20180726

At the excellent custom mask site Cellar Door FX they’re selling a pretty cool mask of Uncle Frank. This would be perfect for Halloween! The price is $120. Also, don’t forget to explore the site and check out all the other cool masks they have for sale. Original Blog Post