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Comics With Kenobi #57 -- OK, Who Left the Water Running?

All it takes is a spark to light a Rebellion, but a tidal wave goes a long way, too. Such was the lesson learned from Darth Vader #14, while in Thrawn #3, readers learned up close and personal how to succeed in politics when you don't mind leaving behind a trail of human wreckage. Looking ahead? We're excited about what Rodney Barnes told about his writing next month's Star Wars: Lando -- Double or Nothing mini series, which sets up the character nicely ahead of his appearance in the...


Comics With Kenobi #56 -- Everybody Poops in Star Wars

We learned something new about Star Wars from this past week's comics: Everybody poops. The Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer came out just before we began recording. Our thoughts? "I've got a good feeling about this." We had good feelings about Star Wars 46 and A Star Wars Comic 14, too. March's Star Wars comics orders, they weren't so low, either, with Star Wars 44 ranked No. 14 on Diamond's Top 100 orders for March, followed by issue 45 at 17 and Darth Vader 13 at No. 18. Doctor Aphra 18...


Comics With Kenobi #55 -- A Weird World for Doctor Aphra

There's a soap-opera style appeal to the latest issue of Doctor Aphra, the lone Marvel Star Wars comic that Jeff McGee and Matt Moore sat down to discuss in detail in this episode. Also in the fray with issue 18? Weird but wonderful horror and bio-warfare experiments never seen before.{C} As for news? Jaxxon's back in canon and he's bringing Amaiza with him! While we were aware the Lepi's return was imminent, writer Cavan Scott shed a great deal more light about the character bouncing back...


Comics With Kenobi #54 -- Love and Marriage and Milk

Marvel's Star Wars comics have a new group editor, while Charles Soule has offered up some splendid detail about the Poe Dameron series in an interview at about its past and its future, making our discussion of Poe Dameron #25 that more involved. In Star Wars #45, Kieron Gillen was very prescient about the role milk plays in the life of Luke Skywalker. We also want to be sure you're aware of the Looking for Leia project, an edifying and entertaining docu-series that should -- we...


Comics With Kenobi #53: Let's Do the Time Warp Again

We're doing the time warp as Star Wars continuity takes a hit, then course corrects (at least digitally) as we dive into Darth Vader #13 and see Imperial philosophy up close and personal in Thrawn #2. There's even a mystery Jedi that has us pondering the events of Christie Golden's Dark Disciple novel. Not included? News that inaugural line editor Jordan D. White is stepping down to take over as group editor Marvel's X-books. Taking his place as Star Wars group editor is Mark Paniccia. A...


Comics With Kenobi #52: A Steady Stream of Star Wars Comics Departures

A flood of departures washes over Marvel and IDW comics, including long-time editor Heather Antos of Marvel and IDW chief creative officer Chris Ryall PR guru and super scribe Steven Scott. Meanwhile, there's news to be had about Star Wars Adventures' Free Comic Book Day offering, LINE's decision to adapt Claudia Gray's novel, Leia, Princess of Alderaan, for its web site starting in May, Star Wars' comics return to the industry's monthly Top 10 sales charts and some conjecture about...


Comics With Kenobi #51: Later Vader Haters

Vader tells his haters "Later!" and learns a lesson about what it means to not just hold power, but be its fist, too, (here's a hint: Friend are hard to come by), as Comics With Kenobi tackles Star Wars: Darth Vader #12, talk about the news of Jaxxon's return to the canon and toss out some recommendations for those seeeking to dive deeper into the Dark Horse Comics-published library of Star Wars comics. The new Star Wars comics out this week include: Star Wars Adventures #7Star Wars #44...


Comics With Kenobi #50: Nifty, Nifty, We've Reached Episode Fifty!

Doctor Aphra's feeling conflicted and Hera Syndulla finds herself in a dangerous situation as Comics With Kenobi celebrates its 50th episode by doing exactly what we've done since we began back in 2015! Jeff McGee and Matt More breakdown the events of Marvel's Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #17 and discuss the edifying interview that Newsarama's Chris Arrant did with Marvel Star Wars comics editor Jordan D. White. The new Star Wars comics out this week include: Star Wars: Darth Vader (Vol. 2)...


Comics With Kenobi #49 -- Thrawn's Locks, Vader's Lonely & Terex Is Loopy

Terex has a bolt loose, Vader's got a price on his head and Thrawn's locks are luscious. We're beyond head canon in this episode of Comics With Kenobi as Jeff McGee and Matt Moore dive into Star Wars: Poe Dameron #24, Star Wars: Darth Vader #11 and the much anticipated debut of the first issue of the six-issue Star Wars: Thrawn adaptation of Timothy Zahn's 2017 novel. We also break down the reveals about comics from Marvel and IDW Publishing that tie in to May's release of Solo: A Star...


Comics With Kenobi #48 -- A Not-So-New Hope for Marvel's Star Wars Comic

Kieron Gillen's first arc on Marvel's flagship monthly Star Wars title comes to an end and sets the stage for something more hopeful going forward. With just one issue to discuss, that gives us time to address some listener mail and what great questions we got from Ryan Sime, Cameron Kieffer and Sam Bradbury, too. We think you'll like what they asked and what we answered. The new Star Wars comics out this week include: Darth Vader #11Poe Dameron #24Thrawn #1 (This is the first issue of a...


Comics With Kenobi #47 -- Keyser Söze, Aphra's Kiss and Rose's Grand Plan

IDW Publishing's Forces of Destiny draws to a close, readers find out what, exactly, got DJ into that jail cell in Canto Bight and Doctor Aphra proves that yes, Watts, she can deliver a kiss that kills. Join us for the latest episode as we examine the ins and outs of Star Wars: The Last Jedi -- DJ: Most Wanted, Doctor Aphra #16 and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny -- Rose & Paige. In news, we discuss the announcement of The Last Jedi six-issue mini series adaptation of the film, noting, with...


Comics With Kenobi #46: The Poe, Plo, Padme and Ahsoka Show

Three issues, including the now bi-monthly A Star Wars Comic. Poe Dameron wings closer to The Force Awakens and Ahsoka learns when to adapt in Forces of Destiny. Mon Cala features in April's issues of Star Wars and Darth Vader. Matt Leahy asks: Should there be more opportunities for tie-in stories, such as the Vader Down crossover event? Free Comic Book Day is May 5 and IDW will release a Cavan Scott-penned and Derek Charm-illustrated Star Wars Adventures story featuring bounty hunters...


Comics With Kenobi #45 -- Han's Captain Now & Hera Leads the Leaders

It's a pair of powerful stories as both Marvel and IDW Publishing's Star Wars comics deliver potent writing that ties into ongoing events in Star Wars: Rebels and builds a bridge to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Writers Kieron Gillen and Devin Grayson have penned separate yet equally weighted missives on on what it means to lead and be led in the pages of Star Wars #42 and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny -- Hera. In news, checkout the interviews that action-figure variant cover artist John...


Comics With Kenobi #44 -- A Conversation With Delilah S. Dawson

From Phasma to Porgs, writer Delilah S. Dawson is a fan favorite among Star Wars literati and, now, thanks to her work on IDW Publishing's Star Wars Adventures and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, comics, too. A writer of renown and long-time Star Wars fan, she joined us to talk about her stories in Star Wars Adventures #5 and #6, as well as the upcoming Forces of Destiny -- Rose and Paige, along with her career putting pen to paper to create such stirring stories. So sit back and enjoy this...


Comics With Kenobi #43: A Milestone, the Future Is Forced and a Rey of Light

Marvel's team behind Darth Vader Vol. 2 delivers a knockout punch, a history lesson and road map for the future in the pages of issue #10, while in IDW Publishing's latest Forces of Destiny offering focused on Rey suffers no sophomore slump. In news, we mark the third anniversary of Marvel's Star Wars comics (visit Jedi Bibliothek for more detail). We also learn who those Force-sensitive kids in Darth Vader #10 are, whom they were inspired by and why such Easter eggs are in comics. The new...


Comics With Kenobi #42: The Forces of Star Wars Destiny Are Strong

IDW Publishing makes a strong debut with the first of its five-issue Star Wars: Forces of Destiny series, while in the pages of Marvel's flagship Star Wars monthly, Luke Skywalker's bright light dims as he tackles a very real vestige of the dark side on the Jedha moon in issue 41 of Star Wars. In news, comics fans who enjoy reading head canon should take a look at the latest offering from Sam Bradbury, a budding comics writer and artist from Manchester in the U.K. The first issue of his...


Comics With Kenobi #41.1: Young Padawans Edition

Luke goes missing and Leia goes undercover, while Emil Graf shares stories about how bullies can be overcome not by force, but by compassion, and gives us a history of ... PORGS! The Young Padawans -- Emily and Micah -- join Amy, Jeff and Matt to talk about the tales told in IDW Publishing's Star Wars Adventures #4 and #5. Both issues feature stories written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, Landry Q. Walker and Delilah S. Dawson, with art by Eric Jones, Annie Wu and Arianna Florean, colors by...


Comics With Kenobi #41: That Time Tex Hex Took on the Rebel Alliance

Bravestarr's Tex Hex makes his Star Wars Saga debut, while Mace Windu gets a lesson in humility -- or does he? -- in the Marvel-published Star Wars comics that were released Dec. 27. Were they worth the time and money? Listen as Jeff and Matt discuss each issue' pros and cons, as well as news that A Star Wars Comic will begin is second year on Jan. 25 with issue #13. The comics we read this week include: Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic -- Mace Windu #5The Last Jedi: Storms of Crait The new...


Comics With Kenobi #40: Doctor Aphra 15, Poe Dameron 22 and A Star Wars Comic 12

Crooks, cons, mercs, ne'er do wells and a loving tribute to Carrie Fisher on the first anniversary of her untimely passing. It's all that, plus details about Star Wars: Rebels' Hera Syndulla's upcoming appearances in IDW Publishing's Star Wars: Forces of Destiny mini series and March's Doctor Aphra #18, as well as the Loot Crate-only edition of Star Wars Adventures' Destroyer Down 60-page comic book. The comics we read this week include: Doctor Aphra #15Poe Dameron #22A Star Wars Comic #12...


Comics With Kenobi #39

This week's episode brings us news about the upcoming The Last Jedi: Storms of Crait one shot out Dec. 27, some decidedly nonspoilery talk about Star Wars: The Last Jedi film as well as conversation about the preceding week's Star Wars comics from Marvel and Jim Mello and Alex Ray's first-ever annual for A Star Wars Comic. Comics reviewed this week include: _ Star Wars #40 _ Darth Vader #9 _ A Star Wars Comic Annual #1: The Last Jedi Stay in touch by following us on Twitter and Facebook or...


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