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Comics With Kenobi #112 -- Sad Night, Where Is Morning?

Two comics yet four stories -- five if you count the excerpt of Alphabet Squadron -- and numerous new characters along with some familiar faces, too, in the pages of Star Wars: Age of Rebellion -- Special and the start of the new TIE Fighter mini series. This week's episode sparks a lively debate about how serious a Star Wars story should be and whether the Saga as a whole glosses over the loss of life that is the conflict between the Empire and Rebellion. This week's Star Wars comics, out...


Comics With Kenobi #111 -- Something That You Said

We're through Star Wars Celebration Chicago and into the start of the Age of Rebellion Star Wars comics, with the first two issues focusing on Princess Leia and Grand Moff Tarkin. Join us as we discuss news from Celebration, including the new Target Vader mini series featuring Valance the Hunter, as well as plot synopses of this summer's Age of Resistance maxi from Tom Taylor, along with the "official" reveal that Greg Pak and Phil Noto are taking over the flagship Star Wars monthly. This...


Comics With Kenobi #110 -- Badlands

We've got a great conversation with artist Will Sliney, whose tenure on the just-completed Solo: A Star Wars Story adaptation allowed him to flex not just his creativity, but his love for Star Wars, which is fitting, given issue #7 is among the two issues we're discussing this episode. The second title, Star Wars #64, was a thrilling ride, setting the line for when devotion becomes fanaticism, then moving it. This week's Star Wars comics, out April 10, include: Star Wars: Age of Rebellion --...


Comics With Kenobi #109 -- Monsters in the Parasol

Be warned, spoilers abound for Star Wars comics to come, including the flagship Star Wars monthly post-Kieron Gillen and the upcoming Star Wars -- Age of Resistance maxi series. They're in the news section of the show, so proceed with some trepidation. Once you've done that, stay for the vibrant discussion about Doctor Aphra #30 and the absolutely mindblowing Star Wars: Vader -- Dark Visions #2. You'll be glad you did. This week's Star Wars comics, out April 3, include: Star Wars #64Solo: A...


Comics With Kenobi #108 -- Going Under

The tension is building in Star Wars #63 while Solo: A Star Wars Story adaptation #6 offers some new material, along with some stunning art, as we discuss the two comics in this week's episode. We also break down Star Wars comics plans for next month's Star Wars Celebration Chicago, including Charles Soule's admonition that no one miss the Lucasfilm Publishing writer's roundtable on Monday, April 15. (He was quite adamant that you not miss it.) This week's Star Wars comics, out March 27,...


Comics With Kenobi #107 -- Salt in the Wound

It's a pair of endings as we come to the end of Star Wars: Han Solo -- Imperial Cadet, along with the last installment in the Star Wars: Age of Republic titles, and neither did so meekly, but rather with deft writing, dynamic illustrations and lingering thoughts. The ending of Han Solo -- Imperial Cadet #5 sets the stage for a pair of new characters, whose stories we think will come back around sooner than later, while in Age of Republic -- General Grievous, a notorious villain is given a...


Comics With Kenobi #106 -- Devil in the Woods

Three Star Wars comics from different eras of the Saga, each of one solidly executed and featuring some stellar character development, glimpses into stories already told and a rethinking of long-held perceptions of others, too. This week's podcast is focused on Age of Republic -- Padme Amidala #1, Star Wars #62 and Vader: Dark Visions #1 and the conversation is frantic and encompassing. Also drawing our interest is a new 16-page "fan made" comic, Rebel: A Rogue One Story that features a...


Comics With Kenobi #105 -- Seen Your Video

Just a single issue this episode, but it's got enough story beats, action and verve to fill up an entire story, but that's not surprising, given how deliciously weird and wild Star Wars: Doctor Aphra has been since the character's introduction in the pages of Darth Vader, Vol. 1. As such, Doctor Aphra #29 is inarguably the best issue so far of this story arc, and we'll explain our reasoning behind our assertion. Agree? Disagree? That's OK because like this stellar comics series, it's the...


Comics With Kenobi #104 -- East Bound and Down

Just a single issue to delve into in this week's episode, but there's enough material in Solo: A Star Wars Story adaptation #5 to generate some significant discussion about the role adaptations play in the wider Star Wars comics segment. In comics news, we're excited about word that Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet's Star Wars Adventures #22, out in May, will feature a Princess Leia, R2-D2 and C-3PO story set after The Empire Strikes Back as they search for Han Solo. Then there's IDW's...


Comics With Kenobi #103 -- A Well Respected Man

Amid rumors of relaunching and renumbering the main Star Wars title later this year, Jeff and Matt discuss the pros and cons of such a move and whether it would have any significant effect on Marvel's existing titles and their sales. Then there's Star Wars (Vol. 1) #108, the one shot due at the end of May that will serve as a sequel to Vol. 1's Star Wars (Vol. 1) #50. Looking farther afield, there's a conversation about what titles may be announced at Star Wars Celebration Chicago. As for...


Comics With Kenobi #102 -- Carry on Wayward Son

A reflection on doing what's right, even when you're told it's wrong, leads our discussion of Marvel Star Wars comics Age of Republic -- Anakin Skywalker #1, along with knowing when to forgive, but not forget, in Star Wars #61. There are no easy answers to the questions both issues presented, but that's part of what makes such contextual storytelling so dynamic. This week's Star Wars comics, out Feb. 13, include: Star Wars: Age of Republic -- Count Dooku #1Star Wars: Han Solo -- Imperial...


Comics With Kenobi #101 -- The Freshmen

The Star Wars comics this week -- Doctor Aphra #28 and Solo: A Star Wars Story Adaptation #4 -- are emotionally draining yet exhilarating, too, whipsawing readers through a range of despair, elation and betrayal. Why? Great writing enmeshed with superb illustrating to tell these stories. We're also discussing the latest news about Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and wondering what the announced IDW all-ages Galaxy's Edge comic may be about, as well as the rundown of the podcast stage at April's...


Comics With Kenobi #100 -- Man O'Sand to Girl O'Sea

Plenty of discussion about not just Star Wars #60, but A Star Wars Comic #18, too. We're discussing the ongoing Flight of the Falcon story, too, joined by novelist and comics writer Michael Moreci to talk about his contribution to the cross-format story that's been appearing in the pages of Star Wars Adventures. Be sure to check out the fan-made anthologies Moreci had a hand in creating, too. (Volumes One and Two) As for news, we lament the recently announced decision by Jim Mello and Alex...


Comics With Kenobi #99 -- Song Sung Blue

Three stories for $5 as Marvel's Star Wars: Age of Republic -- Special debuts, offering up new insights to characters from Mace WIndu, Asajj Ventress and, yes Captain Rex and Jar Jar Binks, too. There's also news to discuss, including the new TIE Fighter and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge five-issue mini series that start in April, as well as the 2018 and December sales rankings, too. This week's Star Wars comics, out Jan. 23, include: Star Wars #60A Star Wars Comic #18 (Out Jan. 25) Stay in touch...


Comics With Kenobi #98 -- Dual of the Fated

From the satisfying conclusion to IDW Publishing's third and final issue of Star Wars Adventures -- Destroyer Down #3 to the in-depth father-and-son dynamic in Star Wars: Age of Republic -- Jango Fett #1 to a somewhat unexpected, yet utterly satisfying, return of an Imperial villian in Star Wars #59, Jeff and Matt are impressed, to a point, with the comics released on Jan. 9 from Marvel and IDW. Besides the comics discussion, we're also waxing rhapsodic on when and how the monthly Star Wars...


Comics With Kenobi #97 - How Can I Try to Explain, When I Do He Turns Away Again

Last week's Star Wars comics this week were profound wildy adventurous, providing readers with a delicate yet forceful examination of the father-and-son relationship between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in Jody Houser's deftly written Star Wars: Age of Republic -- Obi-Wan Kenobi one shot. In the third issue of the five-issue Star Wars: Han Solo -- Imperial Cadet, Robbie Thompson scripted an endearing story about building camaraderie and never losing sight of those you've left behind....


Comics With Kenobi #96 -- No More Champagne and the Fireworks Are Through

It's our end-of-the-year blowout spectacular special with a less-than-loquacious Jeff comparing and contrasting with Matt what was great about Star Wars comics in 2018 (Doctor Aphra, Poe Dameron and Tales From Vader's Castle), what wasn't so great (questionable editorial decisions) and what was just plain forgettable (looking right at you, DJ: Most Wanted). This year is a fresh start and we're optimistic about what it will bring to Star Wars in all its media iterations. We're grateful you...


Comics With Kenobi #95 -- I See a Red Door and I Want to Paint It Black

The last issue of Darth Vader Vol. 2 was cinematic in its scope, detailed in its delivery and yielded far more questions than answers through the course of its Star Wars homages from the first to final page. In short, it began as it started: Expansive mythology for not just the Sith lord, but Anakin Skywalker, too. As for Solo: A Star Wars Story #3? This issue offered up some compelling details about Qi'ra, Dryden Vos and Crimson Dawn, as readers familiar with the film found new material to...


Comics With Kenobi #94 -- Beat the Devil's Tattoo

A trifecta of Star Wars comics from Marvel's provided an assortent of achievements, and setbacks, for some characters and concepts, yet still advanced the medium of comics as one that is hand-in-glove to television and the cinema, too. The Star Wars: Age of Republic -- Darth Maul one shot was a master class in how this series is focusing on a specific character and expanding our knowledge but, more importantly, advancing a prequel trilogy-era villain's story. In Han Solo -- Imperial Cadet...


Comics With Kenobi #93 -- Deus Ibi Est

Marvel's ambitious, 27-issue Age of... maxi series begins its run with a potent yet divisive first issue, Age of Republic -- Qui-Gon Jinn, while in Star Wars #58, readers are enveloped with some seriously solid character development that has us rethinking our long-conceived notions about Han, Leia and Luke. From IDW comes the second issue of the three-part Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down reprint that proves, again, an all-ages comics can have a real resonance. In news, we break down...