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Comics With Kenobi #79 -- Tell 'Em What Your Name Is!

In the last issue of The Last Jedi Adaptation #6 there's a redemption that plays out so well, it should have been in the film it was adapting. In the pages of Darth Vader #21, there's an image of Anakin so horrifying that you'll need to pour bleach on your brain. We're also beginning a new segment: A letters page. Ben Lewitt joins Jeff and Matt to talk about character representation in the pages of Doctor Aphra Annual #2. It's an intriguing discussion. This week's Star Wars comics include:...


Comics With Kenobi #78 -- The Captain(s) of Our Heart

Nock this one down for the ages: Doctor Aphra Annual #2 was a true gem, not just because of Winloss and Nokk, but as a prime example of how an annual can advance a regular series, too. Similarly, the action in Star Wars #53 did not disappoint, with the hyper pace akin to jumping into hyperspace. Join Jeff and Matt as they explain why in the latest episode of the podcast This week's Star Wars comics include: The Last Jedi Adaptation #6Darth Vader #21Star Wars: Thrawn Trade Paperback (Collects...


Comics With Kenobi #77 -- Holding Out for a Hero

The Poe Dameron Annual #2 is a solid story that shows why an annual is such a stepping stone for a comics series' wider storytelling reach. Lando: Double or Nothing #4 remains a great example of serial storytelling that blends earnest intent with delusions of grandeur. Find out why we think so in the latest episode. This week's Star Wars comics include: Star Wars #53Doctor Aphra Annual #2 Stay in touch and up to date by following us on Twitter and Facebook. Like what you hear? Go to iTunes...


Comics With Kenobi #76 -- Only Love Can Break Your Heart(s)

Sheev plants the shiv deep into Vader's back while Doctor Aphra contends with a troubled past and a very uncertain future as we discuss the events of Darth Vader #20 and Doctor Aphra #23. There's also news about the addition of Poe Dameron artist Angel Unzueta to the flagship Star Wars monthly title and a second Solo: A Star Wars Story-inspired mini series that starts in November. This week's Star Wars comics include: Lando: Double or Nothing #4Poe Dameron Annual #2Star Wars Adventures...


Comics With Kenobi #75

From the backstory of Solo: A Star Wars Story's mercurial Tobias Beckett to Charles Soule holding nothing back in the penultimate issue of Poe Dameron, this past week's Marvel Star Wars comics delivered action, daring and an ominous undertone of dread. Join Matt Moore and Jeff McGee as they parse the multilayered intricacies of the Beckett gain in the pages of the wonderfully wrought Star Wars: Beckett one shot, as well as the grandeur and glory of Black Squadron -- that final page! -- of...


Comics With Kenobi #74.1 - Young Padawans Edition

Han Solo and Chewbacca face down a deadly droid outbreak while Lando Calrissian offers up some some solid life lessons for a young wanna-be galactic gangster in the pages of IDW Publishing's Star Wars Adventures. Join the Young Padawans -- Emily, Jerry and Micah -- as they go through three full issues of Star Wars Adventures (Free Comic Book Day, #10 and #11) to talk about the lessons learned and why a good idea can help you overcome a desperate situation.


Comics With Kenobi #74 -- Day Care With Darth Vader? What Could Go Wrong?

The much-vaunted and eagerly flaunted "Fortress Vader" story arc begins and it holds nothing back as Darth Vader's descent into despair gains speed. It's an unsettling but enjoyable start to this storyline and is filled with great promise. Just don't get too attached to anyone in the book. This week's Star Wars comics include: Star Wars: Beckett One ShotPoe Dameron #30 Stay in touch and up to date by following us on Twitter and Facebook. Like what you hear? Go to iTunes and leave us a rating...


Comics With Kenobi #73 -- From Protocol Expert to Probe Droid

From contextual additions to canonical contemplation, Star Wars #52 and The Last Jedi adaptation #5 provided a host of stellar moments for the Saga, seamlessly blending events from the films into the pages of the comics that were deftly arranged and exploited with satisfaction. Find out why the protocol droid is more probe and how Jyn Erso's sacrifice is etched not just in history, but borne aloft on X-Wings. This week's Star Wars comics include: Darth Vader #19Star Wars #50 (2nd...


Comics With Kenobi #72 -- Bors, Spores and So Much More

We're so deep in smit with Doctor Aphra right now it's not even funny. The latest issue, #22, found Jeff and Matt enjoying the rollicking tale, despite the awkwardness of having not one but two lovers show up! The same with Lando: Double or Nothing #3, which is proving to be a worthwhile addition to Lando's long history and is required reading. Did we mention that the latest A Star Wars Comic hit us in the feels? Listen to find out why as we discuss Jim Mello and Alex Ray's latest creation...


Comics With Kenobi #71 -- Woe Is Poe, Han's Got Flow and Vader's Gonna Blow

The woes of Poe are compounded by Black Squadron's inability to rally allies to the cause in this, their most desperate hour in the pages of Poe Dameron #29, while Han Solo proves his mettle, skill and pluck as the best pilot in the Galaxy in Star Wars #51 in what portends to be a head-to-head duel with Darth Vader. Finally, in the pages of Darth Vader Annual #2, writer Chuck Wendig weaves associated elements of Star Wars lore from film and the printed page to tell an engaging, if not...


Comics With Kenobi #70 -- The Hunted Was Always Hunting the Hunter

This time it's really Episode #70 and we've got a spirited discussion about Thrawn #6 and whether it should have been six more issues. We're also talking about Darth Vader #18, predicting it may well be the next Star Wars comic to garner an Eisner nomination. Jeff and Matt also wax rhapsodic about what sort of Star Wars comics announcements could come out of San Diego Comic Con this week. A Clone Wars series? The Solo: A Star Wars Story official comics adaptation? Maybe a tie-in to this...


Comics With Kenobi #69 -- Hope Is a Four-Letter Word

There's a sublime yet stellar feeling through out the milestone Star Wars #50 as readers' notions of hope, and all that word portends, takes a sinister turn. In the pages of The Last Jedi Adaptation #4, we're entranced with how the creative team has added some complex context to that film's story without detracting from the action in the slightest. We're also keenly interested in how Poe Dameron's actions in The Last Jedi film will play out during his mock court-martial at San Diego Comic...


Comics With Kenobi #68 -- Evil Is as Evil Does or Who Let the Droids Out?

There's a sense of wonder and mystery among this week's Star Wars comics -- Lando: Double or Nothing #2 and Doctor Aphra #21 -- as their namesake characters live up to their reputations in all the right, and wrong, ways. We're also giving shout outs to those of you who so kindly share your digital codes so that we can offer them up on the Twitter feed. Sharing is caring and y'all care so much! Finally, be grateful we don't do this podcast as a video. It was so hot when we were recording, we...


Comics With Kenobi #67 -- When Droids Gather, Stories Will Be Told

It's as if thousands of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Well, not so much silenced as they learned that Marvel's Star Wars: Poe Dameron series ends its run in September with issue 31, bringing the title that debuted in April 2016 to its conclusion. As fate would have it, Poe Dameron #28 is the topic du jour of this week's episode -- Hey! Thanks, fortuitous timing! -- and if "The Awakening, Part III" is any indication of how the series will end, it's in very good hands....


Comics With Kenobi #66 -- Who Ordered the Blackened Fish?

A darkly disturbing yet satisfying end to the "Mutiny at Mon Cala" story arc in the pages of Darth Vader leaves Jeff and Matt in a reflective mood, while the appearance of Nightswan -- again! -- has them wishing Thrawn was more than six issues long. Also of note is the belated news that Doctor Aphra is getting the exclusive treatment at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, coming as a 3.75" figure and joined by Triple Zero and BT-1. Plans for her individual action figure are still on, too....


Comics With Kenobi #65.1 -- Young Padawans Edition

In the latest gathering of the Young Padawans -- Emily, Micah and Jerry, along with Amy and Matt -- we revel in the return of Jaxxon and Amaiza to Star Wars canon as well as the beginning, again, of a beautiful friendship between C-3PO and R2-D2. Join us as we talk about Star Wars Adventures 9 and the 2018 Annual, too. It's the most fun you'll have today. These two issues help emphasize what IDW is doing with the series, providing all-ages fun for readers with a wide assortment of characters...


Comics With Kenobi #65 -- We Could Be Royally Messed Up

The Empire's hosting a fish fry and everyone is invited, especially if you're part of the Rebel Alliance (and, likely, a traitor, too!). Such is the discussion of Star Wars #49, a fitting, if not startling, end to the "Mutiny of Mon Cala" arc that sets the next story, "Hope Dies" in issue #50 of Marvel's flagship monthly Star Wars title. Meanwhile, in The Last Jedi Adaptation #3, readers are on the receiving end of some important character development courtesy not just of Luke, but Reylo,...


Comics With Kenobi #64 -- No Droids Were Harmed in This Podcast

Suave, shifty and morally ambiguous, Lando Calrissian is a complex character. Writer Rodney Barnes, whose eight-issue run of Falcon raised the bar, captures the essence and flair of the self-described scoundrel in Marvel's latest Star Wars comics mini series: Lando: Double or Nothing. Join us as we break down the first of this five-issue series, which is off to a stellar start in every conceivable way, ensuring that we are steadfast "Lando 4 Life." Join us as we break down the first of this...


Comics With Kenobi Episode 63.1 - Young Padawans Edition

After too long of a hiatus -- elementary and middle school can do that to you -- and so much adulting, it's long past time to reconvene Comics With Kenobi's Young Padawans for an illuminating and quite entertaining discussion of those Star Wars Adventures comics from IDW Publishing. Join the Padawans -- Emily, Jerry and Micah -- along with Matt and Amy, as they talk about issues 6, 7 and 8, and revel in the simple fact that Star Wars was, is and always will be for the young and young at...


Comics With Kenobi # 63 -- None Is Better Than One, Or When the Fish is Fillet

Doctor Aphra's gone to jail, Mon Cala's king gets charred, Rey finds her balance and Sana Starros and Luke Skywalker encounter a very miffed, but nostalgic Darth Vader as the Sith rule of two gets tossed out the window to better avoid Palpatine's wrath. Meanwhile, an old friend from the now-Legends Heir to the Empire trilogy sees the best in Han Solo and Chewbacca. Such are the previous week's Star Wars comics, as well as our contained reaction to Solo: A Star Wars Story, news about Marvel's...