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Episode 36 - The Secret of Platform 13, by Eva Ibbotson

The Secret of Platform 13 by Eva Ibbotson is an injection of joy into a weary life. After opening on a wondrous island filled with adorable-beyond-belief mistmakers, we’re traveling to the most magical place of all - London! Join Madeleine and Grace as they fantasize about gigantic sundaes, shop for bladderwrack online and engage in some truly terrible British accents (apologies to our UK listeners). The gump is open and the rescue mission is on! This episode was a listener request -...


Episode 35 - Thud!, by Terry Pratchett

It’s time for the Dragon Babies Election Day special featuring a discussion of racial prejudice and police biases in fantasy literature. Terry Pratchett and Thud! provide plenty of parallels to discuss between Sam Vimes’ approach to troll and dwarf tensions in the city of Ankh-Morpork and human rights violations and inequities in our own society. Listeners can also enjoy an argument about math, discussion of bacon as a lone food source, and a background on Madeleine’s love of vampires. This...


Episode 34 - The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman

We FINALLY managed to read our alethiometer correctly and were told it was high time we covered The Golden Compass! We joined Lyra, Pantalaimon, Iorek (Grace’s new Favorite Bear) and a couple of the worst parents we’ve encountered in fantasy to transcend this universe and eat a ton of raw seal meat along the way. Discussion ranges from the religious controversy surrounding His Dark Materials to how Lyra offers a fresh take on a child hero to our own analysis of why we weren’t huge Compass...


Episode 33 - The Raven Ring, by Patricia C. Wrede

Disclaimer: Not our original copy, check out the 80’s fantasy cheese cover that we loved so much below. We’re rereading The Raven Ring, by Patricia C. Wrede! Travel with us to Lyra, where there’s a super engaging fantasy murder mystery afoot and endless D&D-esque quests popping up in your path. Have you ever attempted to leave a city again and again, only to be beset by thieves, sworn mortal enemies, and an annoyingly persistent lord? You’ll relate to Eleret as she applies careful logic to...


MINI EPISODE - Coraline (2009)

This is a mini episode for your mini enjoyment! We rewatched the 2009 film adaptation of Coraline, directed by Henry Selick - and we chatted about it! Check out our full-length Coraline episode for an in-depth discussion of Neil Gaiman’s superbly creepy novella. Shout-out to the Ink to Film podcast, who happened to be covering Coraline at the same time as us and who also happen to be pretty cool dudes whose stuff we think you’ll enjoy!


Episode 32 - Coraline, by Neil Gaiman

It's time to take a trip through a bricked-up door, armed with only a rock to ward against unspeakable evil... that's right, we're rereading Coraline, by Neil Gaiman! Don't be tricked by the delicious roast chicken dinner - Other Mother is up to no good, and the souls trapped behind the mirror aren't the only clue. We discuss the importance of ordinary kids represented in children's literature, indulge in a mountain of eerie pretend food, and try to articulate why this story frightens us...


Episode 31 - Lirael, by Garth Nix

Content Warning: Suicide We're celebrating the two year anniversary of Dragon Babies with a return to the series that started it all! While those who have been listening since our first episode will note our marked improvement in podcasting quality, they will be delighted to learn that our fervor for Garth Nix's Abhorsen books remains the same. Naturally, we want to spend every waking moment with Lirael in the The Great Library of the Clayr, but as adults we have much more compassion for...


Episode 30 - Spindle's End, by Robin McKinely

It's official: Robin McKinley is a master of fantasy and we didn't appreciate her nearly enough when we read her books as kids. Today, we're ready to gush over Spindle's End. This perfect inversion of the Sleeping Beauty story offers a princess who saves herself (and really doesn't sleep much at all), as well as her motley crew of loyal animals and a very grumpy fairy. Faithful listeners may be disappointed by the briefer than usual Pretend Food, but will enjoy the new addition of "Just,...


Episode 29 - Crown Duel, by Sherwood Smith

Head into battle with the ragtag Dragon Babies crew! We're discussing Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith, and loving on Meliara in all her furious, revolutionary glory. Join in as we slog through the mud, sleep underneath ferns, and throw wine in corrupt barons' faces, all with a seriously messed up ankle and a raging fever. Plus: fantasy tea appreciation. When you're not quite ready for your Flower Day. And: can court decorations ever be trusted? This episode is a listener request - thanks,...


Episode 28 - Tempests and Slaughter, by Tamora Pierce

This is a Very Special Episode about Tamora Pierce's newest gift to us all - Tempests and Slaughter, aka Baby Arram's Book! We just had to depart from our usual fantasy nostalgia approach because this is too exciting to miss. This marks our fourth Tamora Pierce episode - if you're a new listener interested in checking out our others, choose your favorite heroine below! Episode 2 - Alanna: The First AdventureEpisode 6 - Emperor MageEpisode 26 - First TestSPOILER ALERT AHEAD for anyone who...


Episode 27 - The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame

But why is Otter NAKED We're celebrating the glorious arrival of spring with a look back at the The Wind in the Willows! Hop into your tiny canoe and watch Toad be a complete sociopath, revel in the many miniature English teas, and wonder where the heck the female inhabitants of the river and wood have disappeared to. Plus: how Beatrix Potter, A.A. Milne and Kenneth Grahame created the anthropomorphism mold; Disney's take on Toad, Mole and Rat and how it scarred us; celebrating Ernest H....


MINI EPISODE - Seeing A Wrinkle in Time

Our favorite of the movie Mrs. - Mrs. Who, played by Mindy Kaling This is an ultimately-not-so-miniature MINI EPISODE about A Wrinkle in Time (2018)! We may not be the intended audience for this film, but we are still going to talk about it! Spoilers ahead, so please listen after seeing the film if you're interested in checking it out for yourself (we do recommend it to any fan of the book. And if you're here, on dragonbabiespodcast.com, reading this, let's be real - you're a fan of the...


Episode 26 - First Test, by Tamora Pierce

Really, just the best bowl cut around We're completing the Tamora Pierce *Holy Trinity* by following up our episodes on Alanna & Daine with the stoic Keladry of Mindelan! Discover why Grace and Madeleine think Kel is the most relatable of Tortall's warriors, and fall in love with this wise-beyond-her-ten-years hero all over again. This book is surprisingly prescient, and Kel's personal war against hazing, misogyny and outdated values within the knighthood is sure to resonate. PLUS: Our...


Episode 25 - The Two Princesses of Bamarre, by Gail Carson Levine

Are Madeleine and Grace the two princesses? Definitely not - but we are still honoring them with one of our most tangent-heavy episodes yet. We are thrilled to discuss our favorite Gail Caron Levine book, The Two Princesses of Bamarre. Find out why we prefer this book to Ella Enchanted, listen to us argue over whether Vollys is a great dragon or a terrible dragon, and learn even more about how spiders ruin lives. Whether you're a cowardly princess or a courageous princess (or even a bishonen...


Episode 24 - A Tale of Time City, by Diana Wynne Jones

Featuring our protagonists: Vivian, Jonathan and Jonathan's pigtail A book so perfect for our podcast mission that it has actually been requested by multiple listeners, A Tale of Time City burst into our lives with all the force of a butter-pie being poked into your eye. Listen in to hear us gush over Diana Wynne Jones' fascinating sci-fi/fantasy time travel extravaganza, and then argue over what a butter-pie might be like in real life for far too long. As inhabitants of an unstable era, we...


MINI EPISODE - Rewatching Neverending Story Adaptations

To follow up our episode on The Neverending Story, we rewatched The Neverending Story (1984) and an episode of The Neverending Story: The Animated Adventures of Bastian Balthazar Bux (1995). This episode features our brother Patrick! We have a lot of thoughts about these adaptations! DISCLAIMER: We love fantasy literature and most of our episodes are unflinchingly positive. This is not one of those episodes. This is a highly critical review of Neverending Story-inspired media by three...


Episode 23 - The Neverending Story, by Michael Ende

Strange character choices for the cover but what can ya do Falkor. Atreyu. BBB aka Bastian Balthazar Bux aka Boo... Bad Bro (okay we're reaching but stick with the alliteration please). All your old friends are living on forever in Michael Ende's The Neverending Story - but that's a story for another time. Listen in as Grace grows furious discussing hungry heroes on quests, Madeleine creates the Giant Spider Meter and both of us manage to forget nearly every character's name (but the sheer...


MINI EPISODE - Howl's Moving Castle at the Book-It Repertory Theatre

This is a Very Special Episode about Seattle's Book-It Repertory Theatre production of Howl's Moving Castle! If you're in the Seattle area, we urge you to check out this show ASAP - it's about to close. Beautiful, creative, and totally faithful to the book, this musical adaptation was everything we could have asked for. Disclaimer: this episode was recorded on our mom's couch and in the throes of a Christmas-candy induced sugar high. Production quality not guaranteed. Check out our Howl's...


Episode 22 - Dragonsong, by Anne McCaffrey

If there's a painting that provides a better distillation of "80's FANTASY MADNESS," please share it with us Dragonsong has every permutation of our own dang podcast name we could ask for - dragon babies, baby dragons, and even baby dragon babies (we've never been more on brand). But that's not the only reason we've loved this book since Grace stole our copy from her 5th grade classroom. By turns triumphant and devastating, Anne McCaffrey's classic novel about a gifted, determined and...


MINI EPISODE - Visiting the Terry Pratchett Exhibition

We saw Terry Pratchett: HisWorld at the Salisbury Museum - and we have thoughts! In all honesty, this is much more stream-of-consciousness gushing than fully formed analysis but hey, that's basically our brand at this point. This episode features Grace and our mother, Elise! Madeleine was not able to join us on the trip but she was there in spirit. Enjoy! The exhibition is open until January 14th and we HIGHLY recommend it if you are in England or will be visiting at some point soon! Tell...