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Thank You For Listening To Season One

Thank you so much for listening to Season One! Season Two will be back in January. What now? Re-listen to episodes and ask your friends to subscribe. Hi, this is Brian from Hiatus. I want to thank you so much for listening to Season One of Hiatus. Over the past few months we published 20 episodes of poetic mindfulness. I hope you enjoyed listening to them as much as I enjoyed making them. I love making Hiatus for you and I will be back in January with more episodes. If you are...



How do we become the people we are? Listen to this reflection about the influence of others. i am a container filled by the influence of others and my own choices i am humble before the wisdom from those i have chosen to keep in my memory Sound and words by Brian Cauley (background sounds recorded at the 2018 Women's March in Toronto) Music by Chris Zabriske Cover photo by Jake Hinds Learn more at http://hiatuspodcast.com and subscribe to our newsletter.


Top Of Nova Scotia

A meditative poem about what the author discovered on their odyssey to the top of Nova Scotia. in the Summer of 2015 we headed to the top of Nova Scotia after sleeping on the side of roads we wound our way past rocks that could slice through tires flesh to deflate their souls we uncovered hidden economies at the end of electric stations and a drained lake we made friends before departing and accepting timeless isolation somewhere in the deep woods after unexpected...


Walk With Me

An ode to moments of falling in love while two lovers walk through the wilderness. come walk around with me in the night sky like we did when we met. our thoughts echoed by our footsteps our thoughts carved by the things we see. the nature and the lights they overtake our memories and we can’t help but think of deeper feelings we dare not speak. Sound and words by Brian Cauley Music by Poddington Bear Cover photo by Tyson Dudley Learn more at http://hiatuspodcast.com...


Opportunity Calling

Is there a calling inside you can't deny? What opportunity are you are waiting for to answer? i hear footsteps in my heart beat and they won't stop. i hear fantasy in my dreams that go on. it's an endless wave and i'm all wrapped up. it's amazing what i choose to see and you can see too. come on this journey with me or go alone either way the train is leaving and i think you'll want to go. Sound and words by Brian Cauley Music by Broke For...


While Writing On Paper

Explore the relaxing and enticing feeling of paper on your finger tips in this ode to writing's canvas. i love the texture of paper (at least the right hand) beneath my fingers - beautiful with its soft fibres and gentle sounds invitations for a world of play i indulge for time lost and unmeasured Sound and words by Brian Cauley Cover photo by Kira auf der Heide Learn more at http://hiatuspodcast.com and subscribe to our newsletter.


A Poem For An Artscape Residency

How do the places we visit transform us? Listen to a poem reflecting on the impact of an island during an artist's retreat. so long my beautiful love your welcoming body in it I made art you invited me let me play take my time to get acquainted then reflect you patiently waited while I discovered allowing me a private solitude enough to dismantle barriers to myself and shed layers i hid from so many i will leave you but not...


A Guided Meditation to a Special Place

Go on a journey in this guided meditation that will take you to a special place of tranquility and peace. today i want to try something different with you i want us to go on a journey together this will be your journey and I will be your guide i want you to start by focusing on your breathing focus on breathing in and out feel how the breath comes in to your body feel how the breath leaves your body breathing if you choose you can...


Portfolio Day 8

The display of art work of an art school's graduating class can be a moving thing. Here is how one person felt while attending Etobicoke School of the Art's Portfolio Day 8. Sound and words by Brian Cauley. Music by Poddington Bear. Cover photo by Danny Howe. Learn more at http://hiatuspodcast.com and subscribe to our newsletter.



Do we need everything we buy? Why do we shop so vigorously? One person reflects on the holes they try to fill with shopping. i have deep holes i try to fill with empty purchases and lost experiences holes i so desperately want to understand where they come from? and what they tell of who I am? the holes are deep and mine and i can tell i'm lost i want to be found and realize something deep within me i want to be there and know and feel fulfilled not empty. i want more and more and I want...



As two people get closer the intimacy between them can be like electricity. Learn more at http://hiatuspodcast.com and subscribe to our newsletter.


While Biking Through The City

Thoughts caught in the middle of a bike ride through the city. sometimes life is lived so fully around i'm frozen in silent tears crying me to a stillness i bike through streets passing windows filled with other lives being lived i wonder and then it all stops and I'm caught up in the heavy Sound and words by Brian Cauley Cover photo by Hannah Wei Learn more at http://hiatuspodcast.com and subscribe to our newsletter.



Is there a voice inside you that you can't ignore? For some that voice is creativity and answering it's call can be terrifying yet unavoidable. - something lives inside me deep inside some dormant potential it rumbles at moments and i question if i dare awaken the beast truly, it may not be as great as I hope and for that i stay quiet - i tip toe around when I enter the cave during frequent and unexpected moments of introspection i wonder what I'm doing here looking...


Old Town

On long drives we often pass through unexpected towns that are either abandoned or on the verge of abandonment. Here are some questions asked on one of those drives. who lived there once in dens of blue - and green? oddities imagined while passersby unknowingly were characters in a theatre unseen damaged cords and cable dotted the stalwarts of property these persons could not bind or hold/ these prisons could not bind or hold Sound and words by Brian Cauley Music by...


Thoughts In The Middle Of A Workout

worn hands stuck stuck to ground and feet like temporary displacement the calluses grow and sting from hanging on like weathered memories and permenent stains it all seems imposible at the worst moments and then you’re cut and bruised but somehow still around and after the pain it’s just you and truth and death, or life - choice - Sound and words by Brian Cauley - Learn more at http://hiatuspodcast.com and subscribe to our newsletter.


At The Women's March

Some thoughts from one participant's perspective during the historic Women's March of 2017. --- i joined women and others marching for progress in a system grown old and tired we hoped marches would no longer be needed still we danced on feet for more things than celebrated it was heavy and dancing became hard as lofted feet made loud sounds on soft ground forged by others in a system we refused to recognize --- Sound and words by Brian Cauley Music by...


Vacation To A Cabin

Take a journey through memory, into the woods, to a small cabin. Reflect on time once spent on a vacation with deep meaning. that very special place it moved me to gratitude and patience. showing me another life in the woods in solitude. smells and satisfaction came over over days and in my head i wept for the grace i had witnessed. that tiny cabin i found home with love and cats and apple pie; with reading and writing and new ways of life. i placed in it a trust which it gave back that...


Cold Coffee

A poem about cold coffee and a reminder of the delights of this delicious drink. cold syrup drips tongue cheek mouth throat it coats teeth taste buds toffee candy cherry liquorice chocolate plum exotic intoxicating crop of farm to cup slow contemplation early morning routine social adventure better than tea. Sounds and words by Brian Cauley Music by YACHT Learn more at http://hiatuspodcast.com and subscribe to our newsletter.



A poem about the intimacy of holding hands. why the hand? becuse the hand it touches it feels it senses to touch to feel to sensualize it all begins with the hands their clasping, grasping reaching to connect two hands meet to spark to feel around to ignite their possibility to ignite an excited lingering potential, arousal, suspicion anticipation, erection of rigid fingers wrapped with soft palms moist with nervousness and desire they meet and meet again one...


What I Wish To Be Told

Do you ever have moments where you feel like you're completely loosing it? This poem reflects on some of the things we'd like to hear in those moments. i love you so dearly and everything will be OK. what's now is alright and understood and accepted without judgement. i am here with you and I am staying. Sound and words by Brian Cauley Music by Celestial Aeon Project Learn more at http://hiatuspodcast.com and subscribe to our newsletter.