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57 - Drive and Focus with Author Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn is an inspiration to the writing community, especially to those of us drinking from the fire hose, trying to understand all that comes with getting published. I've admired her drive and focus for nearly two years now--so I decided to sit down and talk to her about it. Find out: - Is your ladder against the wrong wall? - Does she think drive/focus are inherent traits or developed? - Where hers comes from & how she sustains it. - Why she said, "find your true...


56 - The Writer Businessperson w/Author and Entrepreneur Dave Chesson

I landed a superstar! Dave Chesson of Kindlpreneur comes on the show to talk about the tricky balance of being a creative and being a businessperson. Dave was, "sure I'd never be a writer," and is now making a full-time living from his writing business. Patrons, of course, you get the exclusive "Get to know you" segment of the show, where Dave shares an exclusive with us. So check that feed. Thank you for your constantly amazing support of everything I do! The next...


55 - Introvert, Extrovert, or Other

We're told writers are introverts. But is that correct? And what kind of damage can/does it do? Attending writing conferences is scary. How does an introvert get through them? What about the fixed mindset and how damaging that can be? Where's an extrovert's place in all of this? I talk about this and more! Please leave a 5-star rating & review if you haven't already. It helps the show be found by others. Check out all my fiction (well, most of it) and sign up for my...


54 - Addicted to Wrting

The newest episode of Horrible Writing deals with the ugly reality that this stuff, writing... it's damn addicting! I have some tips, tools, and tactics to help! If you enjoy the show, please support it by donating any of these 3 ways or by checking out 12 Deaths of Christmas or Chasing the Demon. Everything goes back into producing my podcasts. Thank you!


53 - Fighting Things That Frighten Me with Author and Audio Dramatist Jamie Killen

Jame Killen of Spines sits down with me and we discuss the things she's afraid of, her approach to horror, why it's all her father's fault, and whether or not she's every stopped herself from writing something because it frightens her. Become a Patron and hear the extended version. Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for you 'hard to buy for' horror fan in the family? Pre-order "12 Deaths of Christmas" and have it well before you find yourself sitting around the tree wondering...


52 - Pre-Order Success?

To put your book up for pre-order or not? That is the question. I share how Chasing the Demon did on pre-order and whether or not I'm going to do it again for 12 Deaths of Christmas. If you're a fan of the show and a writer, you need to be in the brand new Facebook group for the show. We're building an impressively interactive group there (and there's even homework!): https://www.facebook.com/groups/289974291594891/ If you're enjoying the show, please rate and review it on...


51 - Spurred to Write Beyond MS and Military Life with Author MK Chester

I sit down with author MK Chester and we talk about how she keeps getting back up and writing when life knocks her down, including moving, instant families, military deployments, and even multiple sclerosis. Listen to find out why she tells listeners to "find their why." She writes "The Brighton Books" and other works that you can find at http://www.mkchester.com. Please rate and review the show if you haven't already to help others find the show. Tell a friend about these...


50 - Staying Focused

Too often I hear writers talking excitedly about why they stopped working on their current project to pursue this "new, great idea." And I'm here to tell all of you to STOP DOING THAT. Here's why... Looking for a thriller? Pick up "Chasing the Demon" today at https://www.amazon.com/Chasing-Demon-Subject-Found-Book-ebook/dp/B07CGT1SYK


Special - Inside These Walls

Ann Creed was dying, forgotten in a home for the elderly, until she was given the chance to live again. But will she change with her new lease on life? Don't forget to pre-order your copy of "12 Deaths of Christmas" when it becomes available on August 31, 2018! You can find the full version of my story on The Lift.


49 - Using Writing to Communicate When You Can't with Poet Cheyenne Bramwell

A SPECIAL episode this time! For a couple of reasons. First, I interviewed one of our very own Fiction Family--Cheyenne Bramwell has been a Patron for a long time. She's is so supportive online and, more importantly, a hell of a poet. She talks about her speech impediment and how it has impacted her throughout life. She also discusses how writing has helped her. Warning: there is a brief mention of abuse and PTSD in this episode. Also, for the first time ever, Patrons will be gett...


Special - The Snowman

Chelsea wants to escape her abusive boyfriend and her drug-hazed life. But what price is she willing to pay? Content warning: This is an explicit episode that deals with adult language, themes, and contains violence. Want to be informed as soon as the book is available? Sign up for the newsletter, become a Patron, or join my Author Paul Sating Facebook Group. Enjoy!


48 - Believe In You

I overwrite. I posted that comment in a writer's support group when The Scales was doing its best to deflate me. The response I got was amazing ... and I share it here. Enjoy! Pick up a copy of my Bigfoot thriller, "Chasing the Demon" today! Don't forget to rate & review the show if you're enjoying it. Every (good) rating helps!


47 - Procrastination with Audio Dramatist Erik Saras of Marsfall

Erik Saras of the scifi audio drama, Marsfall, comes on to discuss procrastination and how it impacts him. He shares some amazingly raw stories in this, the longest episode of the show, to date. You won't want to miss this. Even if you don't procrastinate, I push him for ways that proactive people can work with procrastinators. Check out his stuff: @eriksaras and @marsfallpod on Twitter. Or at www.eriksarasmusic.com or www.marsfallpodcast.com. Please leave a rating and review for the...


46 - Getting Discovered Part 2

The new episode continues the upstart series about getting yourself (as a writer) discovered. I share tips, tools, and tactics from my experience, in hopes that it will help you. If you enjoy the show, please give it a rating and review on your podcatcher. Looking for something to read on the beach? Pick up a copy of "Chasing the Demon" and help me continue to fund this podcast.


45 - Self-Deprecation with Audio Dramatist Anthony Oliverie

I'm joined by Anthony Oliverie of the 2298 audio drama & we commiserate over what it's like to be self-deprecating creators. He answers why he does it, how it serves him if he's constantly self-deprecating and more. In fact, for the 1st time (not the last time) ever, you are getting content that will not be released to the public! Anthony stayed after and answered questions that only Patrons will receive. You can find him on Twitter. This will be the last episode until July...


44 - Getting Discovered Pt 1

Is using podcasting as an avenue to launching your book a feasible idea? Let's explore that. Please leave a rating and review for the show. Help it get found by others. Want a new thriller to read? Pick up my debut novel, "Chasing the Demon" today. Here's that screenshot I talked about in the episode. Pretty cool, huh? Don't forget to check this episode out on YouTube if you want to see how goofy I look.


43 - Building Empathy with Audio Dramatist Paul Bae

Paul Bae (The Big Loop, The Black Tapes) joins me to talk about building empathy, why it's important, and how he does it in his storytelling. We have a raw, candid conversation about his past & he provides tips to help others build empathy. There's also a few exclusives for fans of The Big Loop & The Black Tapes. You can find his work here: The Big Loop The Black Tapes You Suck, Sir The Big Loop Patreon Do you enjoy the show? Please leave it a rating & review to help...


42 - ACRs to the Rescue

The advantage of using the help that kind people offer to launch a stronger book. Pre-order "Chasing the Demon" during the promotional window! Support the show by picking up a copy of my new horror short, "The Plant." And if you still have energy left, I'd love a rating and review for the show on your favorite podcatcher. Thank you!


41 - Being Brave Using Cultural Experiences with Author Aditi Wardhan Singh

Author Aditi Wardhan Singh and I talk about what it means to be brave using your cultural experiences in your writing. She was a wealth of quotes and brought her kick-ass attitude. A passionate humanist who wants to make the world a better place, she walks the walk by running Raising World Children. We talk about why you should put your stories out there. The 1 thing you should never ask an Indian woman (yes, I asked it), and why it's your job to make sure your culture is represented. You're...


40 - Swimming in the Amazon

Publishing on Amazon wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be. Please leave an Apple Podcast rating and review if you find this show helpful. Thank you to those of you who do. Speaking of Amazon, head on over to Amazon and pick up my new short story, "The Plant" while you're pre-ordering "Chasing the Demon." Thank you for always supporting me! Peace, Paul