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40 - Swimming in the Amazon

Publishing on Amazon wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be. Please leave an Apple Podcast rating and review if you find this show helpful. Thank you to those of you who do. Speaking of Amazon, head on over to Amazon and pick up my new short story, "The Plant" while you're pre-ordering "Chasing the Demon." Thank you for always supporting me! Peace, Paul


39 - Mindset with Author Chris Fox

I idolize what this writer does, so it was an honor to get to chat with Chris Fox. He comes on to talk about something very empowering (to all of us, writers or not), that can change our lives. Even if you're not a Horrible Writing fan, I encourage you to give a listen to what he has to say. We talk about mindset, depression, & he shares tips to removing toxicity from your life. You can find his work at http://www.chrisfoxwrites.com. He also mentions the book, "Mindset," by Dr....


38 - Cocky with Author Kevin Kneupper

What is #cockygate? What's the controversy? 'Cocky' is 'just' a word, after all, isn't it? Writer/screenwriter/lawyer Kevin Kneupper filed a Cancel Petition with the Trademark office & comes on the show to talk about why this is a situation, why writers (and readers) should care, and what he's doing to help us. Note to Horrible Writing fans: this is a SPECIAL episode and does not follow the typical theme of the show. Please support Kevin for the good work he's doing for the community....


37 - Listener Email - Community

Two listener emails discussed themes central to the community, so I address why a healthy community can be the difference for a writer. Pre-order "Chasing the Demon." Join the official Facebook Group. Peace, Paul


36 - Motherhood with Lorna Rose

Poet Lorna Rose comes on the show to talk about how becoming a mother changed her writing life. We discuss things like balancing parenthood with the itch to writing, when real life creates other demands. Please check out her work (http:www.lornarose.com) and her Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/bigthings2). I'd love the Horrible Writing community to help me launch my own published author career now that "Chasing the Demon" is available for pre-order on Amazon. Order your copy...


35 - Clever Writing, Not So Much

Don't try to outsmart yourself in your writing. Trust me. I'm not as clever as I pretend to believe I think I may be. Also, Chasing the Demon, is available for pre-order on Amazon and I've sold copies ... so that makes me an AUTHOR! Need to change the show tags now!


34 - Dyslexia with Christopher Gronlund

Author Christopher Gronlund joins me to talk about how dyslexia has affected him and his writing. He also shares how he was able to cope with early-life bullying, find a love for reading, and write novels. You won't want to miss this. Are you signed up for my newsletter to get the latest information on my books & audio dramas? Sign up at http://www.paulsating.com & enjoy the No-Spam Guarantee. If you enjoy the show, please review on your favorite podcatcher. Thank you!


33 - A 100 Word Day is Okay

Rewarding yourself after staying true to the 3 Ds of writing. Sign up for my newsletter at http://www.paulsating.com so you never miss an update on the books. You will NOT be spammed. I swear it.


32 - Connecting Through Comedy with Thoreau Smiley

Comedian, writer, and audio dramatist Thoreau Smily of Attention Hellmart Shoppers joins me to talk about how he connects with people through comedy. He also shares tips, tools, and tactics to writing successful and effective comedy. Sign up for the newsletter at http://www.paulsating.com to get the latest news about the two books. Please leave a rating and review for the show!


31 - Trusting Yourself, Trusting Your Writing

This episode, I answer an amazing email from a listener about how I know certain things about my writing. Email me; go to http://www.paulsating.com and use the Contact tab. Sign up for the newsletter while you're there so you don't miss any news about upcoming books and projects. Please leave a Rating and Review for the show on Apple Podcasts.


30 - Being Bipolar with S. Evan Townsend

Spec-fiction author S. Evan Townsend joins me to talk about what it's like to be bipolar and how it affects his writing. You can find him at http://www.sevantownsend.com. Want to be interviewed? Use the Contact tab at http://www.paulsating.com and pitch me! Sign up for the newsletter to be sure not to miss any breaking news about upcoming audio dramas and my novels. If you enjoy this show, please leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts.


29 - Get Back in Your Hole

For writers, when it enough too much? How does doing too much negatively impact and your ability to watch the marketplace? How much are you standing in your own way? Please leave a rating and review for the show if you're enjoying this! And don't forget to sign up for the newsletter for all the scoop on upcoming books and audio drama! Enjoy!


28 - Finding Your Voice Through Anger with Daniel Foytik

Here is the newest Horrible Writing with friend and fellow podcaster/storyteller, Daniel Foytik of The Lift. We chat about anger and darker thoughts. You can find Dan's work at http://www.thewickedlibrary.com and http://www.victoriaslift.com. If you like this show, sign up for Paul's newsletter by going to http://www.paulsating.com and dropping your email. He promises a 'no spam' guarantee!


27 - The Year of Editing

I talk about what happened after I got my manuscript for "Chasing the Demon" back from my editor. Gulp! Sign up for my newsletter at paulsating.com to never miss important news!


26 - Writing Will Not Save You with Kay Kenyon

I met Kay at two writer's conferences last year and was so impressed by her. To be able to get her on the show was an awesome experience for me, and a timely topic too. Are you seeking fulfillment and happiness through writing? I sure am. So you may need to be willing to have your heart broken. You may need to learn to identify when you're life is imbalanced. Kay shares tips for restoring balance, looking for the true you, and answers whether or not the writing struggle gets easier...


25 - It's Okay to be You

In this new episode, I talk about my recent experience at a conference and how it led me down a path to analyze (and question) how much I'm willing to invest in my writing. It was an insightful journey and I share it with you in hopes that it helps you prepare when doubt inevitably creeps into your brain. If you enjoy me, consider signing up for my newsletter to stay up-to-date about my books and audio dramas.


24 - Meditation with Susan Kaye Quinn

You get to hear me fan-boy as I interview one of my writing idols, Susan Kaye Quinn. Susan comes on to talk about how meditation has changed her writing. Check out her books and other work here. I wouldn't be as far as I am down the path to becoming published if it wasn't for Susan. It was such an honor to interview her! Other resources Susan shared in the interview: Headspace App Brene Brown's "Daring Greatly" Love the show? Please rate & review it! Love...


23 - The Waiting Game

Sigh ... I'm still waiting to hear from my editor (as of the recording) ... and it's starting to mess with my problematic ego ... something I discuss in this episode. Sign up for the newsletter if you want to stay up to date with the things I'm doing.


22 - Anxiety with Tim Niederriter

In this episode I speak with author Tim Niederriter about how anxiety impacts him and his writing. You can check out Tim's work on his website. I was also interviewed on his show a few months ago and you can here it at Alive After Reading.


21 - New Year, New Me

Happy 2018!!! The first episode of Horrible Writing is all about me sharing the shifting of focus (I hope) toward a positive focus. May this year bring the show to an entirely new level! Thank you for supporting me into the new year! Please leave a 5-star rating and review & help this show grow in 2018. Peace, Paul


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