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Andropov’s Cuckoo – Review

This is a review of the multi-faceted novel 'Andropov's Cuckoo', which is a political thriller - romance set in the Soviet Union of the 1970's


Iain Scott

Iain Scott is a Singer, Impersonator and Comedian Extraordinaire. I had never head of him before the gig at O'Brien's, but I am glad I was there...


Ed Benjamin

American author, Ed Benjamin, who is ex United States Air Force (USAF) often writes military - Air Force - dramas. Read more here...


Harry’s War – Review

Harry's War is a novelette on the last combat mission of an F15 Eagle Driver and the first years after his retirement. It is a #mustread...


S. A. Brain Doesn’t Brew Any Longer…

S. A. Brain Doesn't Brew Any Longer or so a Brains pub manager told me the other day, although Wikipedia doesn't mention it...


Our Visit to the Doctor

... and left the doctor's surgery with the strange feeling that there was something he wasn't telling me. We had been in there for fifteen to twenty minutes for two check-ups


Are You Reading A Book Or Story?

I was talking to someone who said that he was reading my book on his tablet. Being a bit of a pedant myself, I had to stop myself from saying something, not least though because I didn't want to stem his adoration of my work...


O’Brien’s – The Community Pub in the Centre of Barry

O'Brien's - The Community Pub in the Centre of Barry - has a terrible reputation among people who don't use it, but is it unjustified? People who don't use O'Brien's seem to have a dreadful fear of the place!


Night In Annwn Audiobook

A Night In Annwn Audiobook It has taken me most of this year so far to get my first audiobook - A Night In Annwn - read as an audiobook, but the process is now complete and you can listen to the first fifteen minutes below free of charge. It does take quite a long time, but this is not really anyone's fault. Rather it is a completely different process and the author has to learn the new role of Director. The Director The Director, not unlike as you see in film credits, is in charge of...


When a Book Costs Less Than a Drink…

When a Book Costs Less Than a Drink... I will admit it straight from the off! I am a writer with an axe to grind and I cannot understand people who complain that books are too expensive. Most books, in the form of ebooks, cost less than the price of a drink! My ebooks cost an average of 8p or 10c per 1,600 words, which means that a coffee costing £2.40 is the equivalent of a 48,000-word book! Let's call it 50,000 words... because many writers use that as the norm these days. Mine are usually...


#FBPE – The Anti-Brexit Twitter Hashtag

#FBPE - The Anti-Brexit Twitter Hashtag Have you ever heard of #FBPE ? No, I hadn't until recently either, but apparently #FBPE is the anti-Brexit hashtag that is sweeping the country amongst those who can't see the sense in leaving the EU. Well, to quote the Animals, "And, God, I know, I'm one..." I have tried and tried, but cannot see any good reason for getting out... I really can't; whether it happens or not. The only plausible argument that I have heard for leaving is 'to return power...


Spamming YouTube

Spamming YouTube YouTube is owned by Google, which I will admit right up front is not one of my favourite companies. In my opinion, Google behaves like most bad, bossy fathers, demanding that you do as they say, not as they do, if you want to do business with them. I also suspect that they are are a data-collection agency for the CIA and would sell out dissidents in any country at a dime a time. Hey, but that is just my opinion... although there are probably a few who would agree with me....


Water Supply

Water Supply I didn't realise it until today, but the local water supply was cut off five days ago. Please don't assume that I don't wash often, it isn't that, we have a water tank with a capacity of a thousand litres and an automatic pump attached to it, so while other households have been without a water supply for the last three or four days days, it has only just hit us. When I bought that tank ten years ago, I had calculated that it would last us five days, or maybe even a week, if...


Being Ill in the Countryside

Being Ill in the Countryside A lump has been growing on my back for the last week or two. I haven't paid it much attention because it didn't hurt and I have had a non-malignant lymphoma removed before. The surgeon who did that in the UK twelve years ago, said that I could get another one there again or somewhere else in the future, so I put it down to that. However, this one burst last night, so I suppose it is some kind of boil instead. My wife suggested going to hospital to get it sorted...


Fourth of July

Fourth of July From the thirteenth of September, 2004 to the fourth of July, 2005, we slept on my mother-in-law's floor in the small, rice-growing village where we live in northern Thailand, while we were waiting for our own house to be completed. However, after a party at a friend's that finished after midnight on the third, instead of going back to Mum, we slept on our own floor. You could say that the fourth of July, 2005, was our own Independence Day. There were no windows or doors yet...


Cruelty to Snakes

Cruelty to Snakes When I arrived at the shop for a beer a few minutes ago, the 'landlady' was in a panic, because a girl had reported seeing a snake entering her shop. I saw it too, but I wouldn't have said anything since it was not poisonous and I knew what cruelty would await it if they found it. Most Thais kill all snakes on sight whether they're dangerous or not, which I think is bloody stupid and their least endearing quality. Often they display the most extreme cruelty during these...


Linguistic Sloppiness

Linguistic Sloppiness As my regular readers will know, I am fascinated by languages, so I have noticed a strange shift in the BBC's reporting. When I was a student of the USSR and Russian in the seventies, we talked about THE Ukraine, THE Caucasus et cetera. Now, as a Russian language speaker, I know that Russian does not have articles (a, an the), so when I heard them dropped in reference to the recent troubles there, it was a surprise more than a shock. However, last night, I heard a UK...


Marketing Your Work

Marketing Your Artwork Marketing, advertising, promoting, publicising... it's all basically the same thing, ie getting the word out there that you have something fantastic to sell. So, where do you begin? This may sound odd, but you should begin before you have anything to sell. Let's say you're a writer, like I am. You could set up a website in the name of your book, with an eye to it becoming a series, and talk about books you like; review books and post articles on events going on in the...


American versus English

American versus English I have had a hard week one way and another, but mostly because of the way different people have a different take on things or even life, I suppose. A lot of it has had to do with language, I think, American versus English and perhaps something to do with gender This last week, I have had 'difficulties' with four American women. Basically, they think that I've been rude to them, and I think that they have overreacted to me. I can furnish examples. A woman responded to...


Site Maintenance

Site Maintenance Site maintenance is an important part of any webmaster's duties and has to be taken seriously, but it is not usually an onerous task. However, in the last thirty days or so, two of the largest players on the Internet, Google and Amazon have decided to force everyone to make huge alterations to their web sites If you make any money from the Internet, the chances are that these changes will affect you. Google says that most people now access the Internet from mobile devices...