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Episode 14 - Familiar

As we traverse into our second year of stories, you may think you are in FAMILIAR territory. But as it so often happens, things are not always what they seem. Featuring “Carmen Deer” written by Ari Reider (Tumblr: theunstoriesseries) with performances from Christine Nguyen, Nicole Penrod (@nicolecpenrod), and Julio Urquidi (@itprojulio). Additional music and sound by Hallock Hill, Kai Engel, Eric Matyas, PatrickLieberkind, bigmanjoe, and klankbeeld. Learn more at


Bonus - Interview with Lucian Clark

Creator of (@itsGenderTerror) and recent contributor, Lucian Clark (@TinyAwoo), sits down with Shriya to discuss their piece, "The Bag" and the importance of LGBTQ+ narratives and creators in the horror genre. Learn more about Lucian's work on our website


Episode 13 - Halloween II

Nightmarish spectres, haunted homesteads, gruesome discoveries, and supernatural hijinks—it’s time for our annual HALLOWEEN special! Featuring “Horror Lullaby” written by Tyler Thatcher (Tumblr: written-in-the-margins) and read by by Penn Tynan of Access:LARP; “Coming Home” and “The Three Disciples” from Ross Crean’s (@RossCrean) album, Summerland: A Ghost Story; “The Bag” written by Lucian Clark (@TinyAwoo) and read by Lucille Valentine (@severelytrans); "...and the freaks shall inherit...


Bonus - Interview with Nicholas Vines

How can music TRANSFORM the ordinary to something unsettling? Australian composer, Nicholas Vines, has beamed in from the other side of the world to discuss his recently featured album, "Hipster Zombies From Mars." Together, Nicholas and our producer Shriya, explore how sounds can disrupt audience expectations and celebrate difference. Visit our website for more information about Nicholas' work.


Episode 12 - Transform

Justice through adaptation, safety through change, and maturity through metamorphosis—this month, TRANSFORM with us. Featuring “No Good Deed” written by supporting producer Taara Rangan with performances by Thomas Head, Julian Lopez (IG: Dream_Cradle), Eric Little, Della Robertson-Glenn, and Liesl Matzka; “Terraformation - Soletta,” composed by Nicholas Vines ( and performed by Ryan MacEvoy McCullough; and “Sea and Stone,” written by producer Nicole Calande...


Bonus - Interview with Julian Lopez

Julian Lopez (IG: dream_cradle) is a Portland-based visual artist and writer. His poetry and voice acting have been frequently featured on our podcast, most recently in Episode 11, NATURE. Our producer Nicole and Julian discuss his artistic process, themes of memories and trauma, surrealist imagery, and the complexities of darkness. Learn more at


Episode 11 - Nature

Looking for an organic alternative to your everyday banalities? Well, search no further. Far outside our cities and deep beneath our skins...NATURE awaits. Featuring “Forest Floors” written and read by Julian Lopez (IG: Dream_Cradle), “The Heron Eats Young Crocodiles,” written by Sarah Schaff and read by Katie Youmans (@kateryoumans); “Uncanny Valley,” composed by Nicholas Vines (; “Natural,” written by supporting producer Taara Rangan; and “Squirm,” written by producer...


Bonus - Interview with Venus

Returning contributor, Venus, discusses her works "Lossless" and "It Gets Better." In a powerful and honest conversation, she and our producer, Nicole, address the homophobic discrimination that inspired her second piece. Their conversation covers emotions as ranging as monstrous anger, frustration with consolation, and gay righteousness. Learn more at


Episode 10 - Reclaim

The heroines in this month’s episode are out for vengeance, justice, and the power they deserve. Witness, as they RECLAIM their stories and find their voices in the ever-evolving horror genre. Featuring "It Gets Better", written by Venus and read by B (@afoolofatook); “RIP - a kirtan”, written by Shriya Venkatesh and performed by Taara Rangan; and “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, written by Nicole Calande (@NicoleCalande) and read by Lindsay Holt (@LHoltRVA). Music and sound by InspectorJ,...


Bonus - Interview with Ada Dela Cruz

From Filipina moms, campus cats, and misunderstood monsters—our producer, Nicole, discusses our latest featured piece "Little Leap of Logic" with author and student Ada Dela Cruz ( They discuss the inspirations of the piece, the characters, and possible web comic adaptations. Consider submitting your work today. Check out for more details.


Episode 9 - Liberate

Life, but not as we know it… Area 51’s finest minds join an unexpected fight for freedom and find a little freedom for themselves along the way. Featuring "Little Leap of Logic" written by Ada Dela Cruz, and performed by Lara Elaine, Zach Wells (IG @zachwellz), Lucille Valentine (twitter: @severelytrans), Eric Little, and Sam Andico (twitter: @samidoriya, IG: @sambajuice. Music by Kai Engel, and Sci-fi Laboratory Ambience by Iwan Gabovitch under CC-BY 3.0 License with sounds by wolick,...


Bonus - Interview with Lindsay Holt

Our producer Nicole talks with "Song of Serena" author Lindsay Holt (@LholtRVA), who was featured in our May episode, CREATURES. They discuss the horror of Animorphs, mermaid world building, and owning your bisexuality. Consider joining the #MonsterMob today by submitting your own work to the podcast! Learn more on our website


Episode 8 - Creatures

It is time to celebrate beings both unique and strange, natural and supernatural. Our episode takes us beneath the waves, into the forest, and beyond to encounter the curious creatures within. Featuring “Song of Serena” written by Lindsay Holt, read by Rachel Shaw (; excerpts from “Cryptid Shindig” written by Richard Stevenson (, read by Janine Carmel (@maryolivervevo); and "Hunting Season" written by producer Nicole Calande, read by Julian...


Bonus - Interview with Taara Rangan

Taara Rangan is a repeat MOutC contributor, as both a writer and a voice actor. She and our producer Shriya discuss her most recent piece, the audio play, "Lossless" from our most recent episode HAUNT. In a very giggly interview, they cover Bury Your Gays, South Asian LGBTQ+ identity, crying while voice acting, and more. Our next full fiction episode, CREATURES, will be released May 29th.


Episode 7 - Haunt

Art and obsession collide, their effects lingering ominously as characters find themselves haunted things they are unable to leave behind. Featuring “The Music of Erich Zann” composed by Michael Evans; and "Lossless" written by Taara Rangan, concept by Venus. Performances by Taara Rangan, Pen Tynan (Access:LARP), Anna Podds, and Danielle Williams. We are still currently seeking submissions for our June and July episodes. Consider submitting today! Find out more on...


Bonus - Producer Q&A

Halfway through our first podcasting year, producers Nicole and Shriya answer some listener questions about the Babadook, production workload, and some of the surprises and favorite moments from the last six months. Consider supporting us on Patreon, and contributing content for future episodes. Visit for more details.


Episode 6 - Journeys

A Grindr date turns into a roadtrip through the zombie apocalypse. Some of the best journeys are the unexpected ones... Featuring "Swipe Left for Zombies" written by producer, Nicole Calande, and performed by Max George (@ScreamKingsPod), Matthew Aranda, and BRG (@afoolofatook). Sound design assistance was provided by Lucille Valentine (@severelytrans). Find out more on


Bonus - Interview with Lucille Valentine

Lucille Valentine (@severelytrans) is a voice actor ("The Six Disappearances of Ella McCray," forthcoming), writer, sound designer, and soon-to-be producer of audio dramas. Her audio play, “Garden” was recently featured in our latest episode, SECRETS. In her interview, Lucy discusses podcasting, representation, and the feminism of witches with our producer, Nicole.


Episode 5 - Secrets

A secret that keeps a family apart, and a secret that dooms an intolerant community. A secret kept, a secret hidden—both made with binding love. Featuring "Drifting" written by Elana Stein and read by Nicole Calande; and "Garden," written by Lucille Valentine (@severelytrans), and performed by Katie Youmans (@kateryoumans), Kiku Marie (, and Eric Little. Music by Ross Crean, David Hilowitz, and Kai Engel. Additional sound design was provided by Lucille Valentine....


Bonus - Interview with Cero Lopez

Following our episode on FATE, our producer, Shriya, talks with featured author Cero Lopez about astrology, sexually transmitted monsters, and DnD. Get involved with our show - consider submitting your LGBTQ+ horror fiction to be featured on our show! We are currently seeking submissions for JOURNEYS due March 4th. Visit for more details.