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Episode 23 - Vengeance

Be on your guard - while you carry on with your life, others stalk the periphery, VENGEANCE in their hearts. Featuring “Cracking Open a Cold One” written by Taara Rangan and performed by Ari Reider, Taara Rangan, VXN (@nghm15), and Shriya Venkatesh. Music by Eric Matyas. Learn more at


Episode 22 - Rot

When life fades away and death is too shy to step forward, the ROT creeps in... Featuring “Deathless” written by Emma Johnson-Rivard (@finalgirlz) and performed by Lucille Valentine (@severelytrans), Tal Minear (@starplanes), and Shriya Venkatesh; and “After” written by Nicole Calande and performed by Sarah Wheatley (@swheatpodcasts), Kim E., Taara Rangan, Max George (@CrowleyPhoen) of @ScreamKingsPod, Cole Burkhardt (@Kingcoleminer), Maxx Fidalgo (@genimmax), and VXN (IG @nghm15). Music by...


Episode 21 - Grave

Be wary of visiting cemeteries after dark. There can be GRAVE dangers lurking between the mournful markers... Featuring “Digging” written by Charlotte Platt (@Chazzaroo) and performed by Wart Hill, Eric Little, Ari Reider, and Matt (; and “The Man Who Stalks the Space Between the Graves” written by Scott Savino and performed by J.M. Dow. Music by Eric Matyas, Kevin McLeod, Patrick de Arteaga, and DJ Falafel. Learn more at


Episode 20 - Ritual

In unpredictable times, RITUALS can be a lifeline...or a more insidious undertow. Featuring “Proof of Evil” written and performed by Edward Ahern; and “Believe and Be Justified” written by Felix Flynn (@frightfulfelix) and performed by Casey Lucas (@CaseyLucasQuaid). Additional music by Eric Matyas, Kevin MacLeod, David Hilowitz, Blue Dot Sessions. Sound design by Ari Mathae (@Ari_Mathae). Learn more at


Episode 19 - Nightmare

Whether you stray off the beaten path or are faced with senseless death, the line between reality and imagination can blur. Follow us into these living NIGHTMARES... Featuring “The Creature in the Woods” written by Christopher J. Teuton of Filthy and Free Publishing and performed by Ari Reider (Tumblr: hendecagram); and “I Call Him Charlie” written by Nicholas Wunderli and performed by Sheila Begin, Matthew Aranda, and Kai Hudson. Additional music is by Eric Matyas, Bensounds, Geographer,...


Episode 18 - Gothic

Search out the ghastly secrets in this GOTHIC episode, and you may find more than you bargained for... Featuring “Sparrow” written by M. Regan ( and performed by Sheila Begin, Abigail Birkett (@abigailbirkett), Eric Little, Anna Podds, and Della Robertson-Glenn (@dellrglenn). Additional music is by David Hilowitz, Soularflair, Kai Engel, and Jason Shaw. Sound design by Allara Din. Learn more at


Bonus - Interview with Liesl Matzka

In one of our last bonus interviews, our supporting producer and frequent contributor, Taara Rangan chats with author (and former roommate), Liesl Matzka about her piece, Beneath the Surface, which was recently featured in FAIRY TALE. The discuss a formative love for mythology, writing from the perspective of a child, and creating complex characterization. Check it out! Learn more at


Episode 17 - Fairy Tale

Who says monsters can’t have happy endings? Experience the magic in these dark and delightful FAIRY TALES. Featuring “Beneath the Surface” written by Liesl Matzka and performed by Robin Tynan, Christine Nguyen, Abigail Birkett (@abigailbirkett), and Ari Reider (Tumblr: theunstoriesseries) and “No Place for Deals” written and performed by Nicole Penrod (@nicolecpenrod). Additional music by Kai Engel, David Hilowitz, and Eric Matyas. Sound design support provided by Allara Din. Learn more...


Bonus - Live(ish) from PodCon 2

Producers Shriya and Nicole take you inside the many highlights from PodCon 2, including hilarious live events, the wonderful podcasters we met, and even a few steps we are taking to welcome other marginalized voices in our show. Check out our website to find the podcasts and creators we mentioned in our conversation. Learn more at


Episode 16 - Alien

In a universe of mostly empty space, the rare contact with life not of this world can be rife with apprehension, fear, and chaos. However, it can also be a chance for curiosity, wonder, and escape. It’s time to reach out and experience the ALIEN, in all its permutations. Featuring “The Bermuda Tapes” written by producer Nicole Calande (@NicoleCalande) and performed by Sheila Begin, Matthew Aranda, Eric Little, Katie Youmans (@kateryoumans), Liesl Matzka, Janine Carmel (@maryolivervevo), and...


Bonus - Interview with Jeff Baker and Phantom of the Cinema Excerpt

Nicole and recently featured author, Jeff Baker ( have a quick creator chat about his piece, "Something in the Dark," and discuss everyday eeriness, writing what you know, and building a regular writing process. After this mini-interview, we have a quick excerpt from our Patreon movie review of Netflix's "Hold the Dark." Learn more on


Episode 15 - Darkness

DARKNESS gathers around and lurks within the characters in this month’s episode. Will they give in? Or is there still a chance for light? Featuring “O Fortunato” written by producer Nicole Calande (@NicoleCalande) and performed by Ari Reider (Tumblr: hendecagram), with additional voices by Taara Rangan, Matthew Aranda, Eric Little, Nev, Lucille Valentine (@severelytrans), and Della Robertson-Glenn; “Jubilee” written by Perry P. (Tumblr: perringwrites), performed by Max George...


Bonus - Interview with Ari Reider and Nicole Penrod

Shriya sits down with "Carmen Deer" writer and voice actor, Ari Reider (, and voice actor, Nicole Penrod (@nicolecpenrod). Together they discuss existential fears, marginalized identities within the genre and format, complicated queer heroes, and more. Learn more on


Episode 14 - Familiar

As we traverse into our second year of stories, you may think you are in FAMILIAR territory. But as it so often happens, things are not always what they seem. Featuring “Carmen Deer” written by Ari Reider (Tumblr: theunstoriesseries) with performances from Christine Nguyen, Nicole Penrod (@nicolecpenrod), and Julio Urquidi (@itprojulio). Additional music and sound by Hallock Hill, Kai Engel, Eric Matyas, PatrickLieberkind, bigmanjoe, and klankbeeld. Learn more at


Bonus - Interview with Lucian Clark

Creator of (@itsGenderTerror) and recent contributor, Lucian Clark (@TinyAwoo), sits down with Shriya to discuss their piece, "The Bag" and the importance of LGBTQ+ narratives and creators in the horror genre. Learn more about Lucian's work on our website


Episode 13 - Halloween II

Nightmarish spectres, haunted homesteads, gruesome discoveries, and supernatural hijinks—it’s time for our annual HALLOWEEN special! Featuring “Horror Lullaby” written by Tyler Thatcher (Tumblr: written-in-the-margins) and read by by Penn Tynan of Access:LARP; “Coming Home” and “The Three Disciples” from Ross Crean’s (@RossCrean) album, Summerland: A Ghost Story; “The Bag” written by Lucian Clark (@TinyAwoo) and read by Lucille Valentine (@severelytrans); "...and the freaks shall inherit...


Bonus - Interview with Nicholas Vines

How can music TRANSFORM the ordinary to something unsettling? Australian composer, Nicholas Vines, has beamed in from the other side of the world to discuss his recently featured album, "Hipster Zombies From Mars." Together, Nicholas and our producer Shriya, explore how sounds can disrupt audience expectations and celebrate difference. Visit our website for more information about Nicholas' work.


Episode 12 - Transform

Justice through adaptation, safety through change, and maturity through metamorphosis—this month, TRANSFORM with us. Featuring “No Good Deed” written by supporting producer Taara Rangan with performances by Thomas Head, Julian Lopez (IG: Dream_Cradle), Eric Little, Della Robertson-Glenn, and Liesl Matzka; “Terraformation - Soletta,” composed by Nicholas Vines ( and performed by Ryan MacEvoy McCullough; and “Sea and Stone,” written by producer Nicole Calande...


Bonus - Interview with Julian Lopez

Julian Lopez (IG: dream_cradle) is a Portland-based visual artist and writer. His poetry and voice acting have been frequently featured on our podcast, most recently in Episode 11, NATURE. Our producer Nicole and Julian discuss his artistic process, themes of memories and trauma, surrealist imagery, and the complexities of darkness. Learn more at


Episode 11 - Nature

Looking for an organic alternative to your everyday banalities? Well, search no further. Far outside our cities and deep beneath our skins...NATURE awaits. Featuring “Forest Floors” written and read by Julian Lopez (IG: Dream_Cradle), “The Heron Eats Young Crocodiles,” written by Sarah Schaff and read by Katie Youmans (@kateryoumans); “Uncanny Valley,” composed by Nicholas Vines (; “Natural,” written by supporting producer Taara Rangan; and “Squirm,” written by producer...